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Kate Wears Beulah in Bucklebury During Weekend Visit

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Good morning! Another snap of Kate shopping has emerged to brighten the day!  I use the term loosely. Perhaps it is better to say out and about, as it is not entirely clear what activity she is undertaking. A German newspaper has published this pap shot of Kate, which Melissa was kind enough to alert me to this morning:

Unfortunately, other than the year of German in grade-school, from which I remember little beyond Guten Tag and Wie Gehts, I don't understand a word of the language, and so I can't give you scrutinized details from this little blue information tag. Translations are welcome...

Many thanks to Ilka and Sonja who have weighed in on the comments with the translation, as has Christiane via email:
“With a hearty-sweater over her bump, without make-up, her hair casual undone:Here we see Englands Duchess Kate (32 years old, 6 month pregnant) shopping in a supermarket. Without a big entourage she was out and about in the only “Spar”-supermarket in her hometown Bucklebury (2066 residents). Royal normal – and very likeable!”
This explains why we haven't seen these photos on UK papers. They were taken of Kate shopping in Bucklebury, presumably this weekend. Kate is a regular customer at the Peaches Spar supermarket. She even invited the owners, Chan and Hash Shingadia to her wedding. According to The Daily Mail, the couple asked Mike Middleton if it would be ok to wear their traditional Indian garb, to which the answer was a certain yes. 

On the fashion side, Bella D suggested, and I concur, that Kate is wearing Beulah London's "Delaney" heart jumper. This sweater top features Beulah's signature white heart on a dark knit of 70% wool and 30% cashmere, and retails for £125 down from £250.

Kate regularly wears Beulah London. She has chosen the brand for very public events, like on tour in South East Asia:

To personal events such as private weddings:

Most of you are aware that Natasha Rufus Isaacs is (stunning, and) the founder of Beulah. In addition to being a good friend of William's, she is married to Rupert Finch, Kate's ex-boyfriend from St. Andrews. 

I was not aware, but Bella pointed out, that Donna Air, James Middleton's girlfriend, has also worn the Delaney sweater. (A photo here) It certainly is a small royal-fashion world!

Meanwhile, all is quiet on the Cambridge front. It is January 20th today, and it won't be long before the Middletons are jetting to Mustique. This past weekend that they spent in Bucklebury could suggest the couple do not plan to join the tropical holiday this year. I am more hopeful, however, that it means only William will sit it out, but that Kate and George will still go. We don't have long to wait... 


  1. Hey :)
    I'm German and I'll try to do my best to translate it. I hope you understand what I mean as my English isn't perfect ;)
    It's only the usual Blah-Blah:

    "We are seeing duchess kate (32, 6 months pregnant) shopping in the supermarket wearing a sweater with little hearts on it and no makeup, showing off her baby bump, her hair cadually undone.
    Without any ballyhoo, she's shopping in the 'spar' supermarket in her hometown Buckelbury. A normal royal. Totally likable!"

    Do you know the name of the magazine?
    I hope I could help^^

    1. Oooh! Thank-you! Much appreciated. The Magazine is Bild. Apparently, there are more photos of Kate if you are interested! :)

    2. I'm always glad when I can help :)
      I'm a great Kate fan. Since I watched the wedding of the swedish crown princess Victoria with my grandmother, I am really really interested in European Royals (especially in Kate because she is just goregous and seems to be such a nice person with a fabulous style!!).
      Unfortunately, not many people at my age seem to understand that (i'm in 10th grade and English is my favourite subject), except 2 of my friends :D
      I love reading your blog and I'm always excited when I see that there's a bnew post. My favourite one was 'Did Kate plan to marry William' - that's what makes your kate blog so special. Not only writing about her public engagements

    3. I agree with our young friend-your think pieces are always so well thought out. You look at things with a kind and intelligent eye, and all your work is much appreciated!

    4. So true! Every time I read a post on from berkshire to buckingham, it feels like you would know Kate so well.
      I hope she will go to Mustique with her family. But isn't it dangerous to fly if you're 6 months pregnant? I think I heard somewhere that some aurlines don't let you fly if you have reached a certain amount of weeks in your pregnancy (but how many? )
      Jane, what do you think?

    5. Maggie - MinneapolisJanuary 20, 2015 at 10:05 PM

      It's absolutely safe to fly until you're 36 weeks. Some airlines won't let you after 28 weeks, which is during/the end of your 7th month, so she's still good to go for awhile (if I'm correct in thinking that she's in her 6th month now). Not to mention that I'm sure for the Duchess of Cambridge, certain airlines would make an exception as long as her doctor cleared it. Going to Mustique is a little risky just because of the danger of premature labor, but usually there are warning signs for women who are at risk for giving birth early, so I'm sure her doctors know if she has them or not. That being said, it's definitely riskier for Kate because her child will be in the line of succession for the throne and so it really needs to be born in England. But anyways, the risk isn't really the flying so much as being out of the country for a week.

    6. Hi Sonja: Thanks for your sweet comments! Super glad that you come here to royal watch with me and the FBTB community. I have noticed that your age range does not follow Kate as closely, but you are not alone! I have met some girls who, just like you--you'll find them, they are out there. :) In the meantime, you can point out to your friends how fun the royals are!

      I am a little late responding to this, and by now you are aware that the Cambridges have indeed flown to Mustique to holiday with the Middletons. I am not surprised. I predicted last year that Kate would go, even though she would have to leave William at home, and I again thought this year that they would make the trip. Barring the few exceptions over the years, due to an overwhelming commitment or unavoidable conflict, I expect them to always make this holiday. It is THE Middleton family holiday and I think it is very important to them, as a tradition. It must be loads of fun! Kate really got lucky and is still within the safe-flying zone.

      Maggie, I agree, her doctors gave her a thorough check-up and I am sure everyone was comfortable with the arrangement before she left

  2. Dear Jane,

    the text in the German newspaper means:

    > Sweater with hearts covers the babyjoy.
    No make up, hair “eau nature” that´s how we see the duchess of cb leaving a spar market in bucklebury. Without making any fuss she doing some shopping, “royal normal” and very pleasant! <

    Have a nice day with best regards from freezing Munich!

    1. It's great to see that other people from my region being a kate fan!
      Best wishes from a small town about 50 minutes from Munich (it's also freezing here) :)

    2. Thank you so much for the translation! I very much appreciated the help!! xoxo, Jane

  3. Wow, Rubert Finch's bride looks so much like Kate! He is very good-looking. Do we know anything about him and why they broke up? I'm assuming it wasn't because of William.

  4. @ IP Rupert and Kate dated in her freshman year at university; he was in his last year. Neither have ever spoken about it--at least not publicly. Rumour has it that they broke up simply because he left school to train for his bar exams in London. (He is now a fully-fledged lawyer.) Rumour also has it that once the coast was clear, William made his move--and the rest, as they say, is quite literally history.


  5. @JC, thanks, sounds like a plausible scenario.

    1. Sorry for my delay. JC covered this one well. :)


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