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Dieting Like the Duchess...Sort Of

Monday, February 23, 2015

Well, a week or so ago I gave an overview of all the various tidbits of info on Kate's food preferences and the known fitness regimens that she has tried. This Monday, we are going to be a little more practical, and because Kate didn't ring me up over the weekend and give me the absolute rundown on her routine, this post will, by default, tend to be something you might find on a personal blog. I am going to give you my own theories on the whole weight loss/fitness chat and what works for me, but keep in mind that I formed a lot of these theories from the info I gave in the last fitness post. Do I need to add a disclaimer that I am neither a doctor nor a dietician? Hopefully, you know that... Let's get started. 

The Food/Fit Ratio

Don't Eat the Whole Cake at Once

It has been my experience that everyone has to find the kind of lifestyle balance that works for them. When it comes to your ideal weight and fitness level, two factors have to play harmoniously: caloric intake & activity output. The proportion on these two will change from woman to woman.  Every day you take in a certain number of calories and every day you expend a certain number in activity. If you take in a little more, a lot more, or far more than you expend, those calories are fat. That's where the balance comes in. If you are going to burn those calories, then you can eat more. If you don't plan on being that active, you don't need the calories for energy and shouldn't consume them. 

I myself finally admitted one day that I just don't love the gym. I shrink from the thought of spending even half on hour on the elliptical, bored and thinking about what I want to do next. I am a more sedentary type, I read and I write, etc, so for me, I eat less. If you are someone who loves their hour long spin class three times a week, you can indulge more than I!  This seems very simple, but I think it can be one of the hardest aspects to really refine. 


Kate clearly watches what she eats, works out, but also incorporates activity that helps her to keep fit without always being in the gym. This part is very personal because there are so many, many iterations that humans can get active and stay fit, from the seemingly unending options at a gym, to the myriad of outdoor activities and the it-workouts that come and go. Ballet barre workout, anyone?

I had certain fitness goals. I wanted to be leaner, longer, stronger--I didn't want to bulk up. I also wanted a very effective workout that would target all my major muscles without wasting my time. I am always in a hurry, so I wanted something efficient. The answer for me was Pilates. As I mentioned in the last post, Pippa Middleton is a big Pilates fan, and we think that Kate also practices Pilates and yoga.

I take reformer (machine) pilates twice a week, and when I can three times. That twice a week, though is set in stone. I am accountable to a teacher and I have professional who moves me through an hour long routine, to get every major muscle group. She also switches it up so muscle memory doesn't begin to render the workout less and less effective, and lastly, she is very flexible to my body's needs. If something hurts, or I have damaged my knee, or whatever it might be, she works around whatever the body is presenting as a problem. I think Pilates is an incredible workout for women. It is gentle, but at the same time it can be as challenging as you want to make it.

I either squeeze in a reformer in the middle of the week, or I take a mat Pilates if I need a third workout. Taking inspiration from Kate's have "fun and be fit" theory, I take tennis once a week. Tennis is very cathartic for me physically and intellectually. I take very early in the morning, so the courts are almost empty, and quiet and relaxing.

If the weather is nice, I walk a local park on a Sunday afternoon. That's pretty much it. I know a girl who hikes an hour a day. That's her fitness routine.  Everyone is different. 

Food (+ Water)

You have heard this before, but: water, water, water. Drink lots of it. 

I am not going to walk through my diet, because that would be boring. Kate has been spotted shopping and buying, among other things, bananas, chicken, milk, potatoes, Kellogg's Start cereal, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, lettuce, orange juice, oranges, grapes.... You see where this is going. Normal food, like normal people.

I shy away from processed food. Processed foods, even the items that claim to be healthy, can often have hidden calories and a host of additives your skin and body don't need. It's easier to get something packaged, but if you have the time, try and make something from scratch. The more basic your meal plan, the better off you are.

We have seen Kate veer toward healthy choices as well. The Duchess told students in Newcastle that she was growing her own potatoes, Carole Middleton took George through a market where she was spotted picking up organic produce, and even the Cambridges' staff party is often held at Bumpkin, a London restaurant that prides itself on locally sourced and seasonal (fresh) ingredients. 

My secret weapon is soup. I search for low-calorie recipes and then enjoy a large bowl for lunch, or as a light dinner with a side salad. Soup is warm, filling, and nutritious, but guilt-free if you avoid the creamy or buttery recipes. In the fall I love a sweet potato soup with crumbled cheese, but right now I am all excited about White Bean and Kale. Kale is a super food and deliciously flavorful when cooked, and the beans make the soup thick and creamy without adding any butter or cream at all.


Obviously, a major calorie pitfall. When Kate was young it was reported she was a heavy drinker, and I say that in the sense that she liked a few cocktails and could hold her drink. She reportedly loved a special drink at Boujis called Crack Baby: raspberry liquor, passion fruit, champagne, and vodka. As time moved forward, though, reports of Kate's habits changed. She drank less and chose either low-cal cocktails, ordered white wine spritzer, or stuck with water. Now, she tends to drink wine in private. Sweet cocktails are usually loaded with calories--a meal's worth of calories. If you only have a sweet cocktail every now and again, it probably won't factor one way or the other, but if you are regularly dining out or have a busy social circuit, you may want to keep in mind that liquids can crash a diet faster than anything else.


Kate likes to indulge in the occasional cookie from Starbucks, Pret A Manger croissant, or Haribo sweets. She usually order the skinny latte, though, so she doesn't go all out crazy. :) I do watch my calories, so I try to choose my sweets carefully, and really savor them, but certainly I don't believe in denying yourself entirely. I watch my carbs throughout the week, but I like to indulge on Sunday morning. It makes the day off special and cozy, and it is something I can look forward to. Since it is a set day, it makes it easier to say no at other times when I shouldn't be eating sweets. I never eat a dessert that is subpar, either. I almost always shun the cheap cheesecake at conferences--much better to swing by a lovely bakery when you have a free afternoon next and enjoy something really great for the same caloric cost. In short, you shouldn't always say no, but make smart choices.

General rules:

  • Try not to eat after a certain time at night. If you are still craving food, brew yourself a relaxing cup of decaf or herbal tea, and drink a glass of water. Better not to fill up right before heading to bed when you won't need all that energy anyway.
  • Never eat on the go. Food should be something you enjoy. Sit down and eat slowly, taste and fully savor. You will be more satisfied with less, and you won't consume as many calories as you would if you multi-task.

Weight isn't just a number, but in the big scheme of things, I don't think it is a a particularly healthy way to mark your success. I very rarely step on a scale. I measure my fitness by how I feel. Do I feel healthy and fit or do I feel a little paunchy and lethargic? The best motivation to workout and watch your diet is to be a healthier and happier you--wherever that is. Worrying about two or three pounds in one direction or another doesn't play well in that scenario.

Do you have a favorite trick to maintain your ideal fitness level, but still enjoy life's little pleasures? 

Helicopter Whisks Duchess of Cambridge To Pottery Factory and Children's Centre

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kate has been on a crafting streak, and today she continued it with a visit to a pottery factory where she painted a bit, and learned more about the process that brings about Emma Bridgewater crockery. The Princess flew from London in the Queen's helicopter to visit the Stoke-on-Trent factory today.

Kate was promoting the collection she helped facilitate and, apparently, even collaborated on, although the extent of her involvement is not entirely defined. We already saw the pottery last month when Kate inspected it at EACH Capital Appeal launch in Norfolk. 

Today appropriately marks the day you may pre-order your own piece of the collection (here). This Ladybug Line will benefit EACH's Nook Appeal, a project near and dear to Kate's heart.

BBC Radio Stoke
Kate tried her hand at painting Ladybirds on pottery. I believe that Ladybirds are one and the same as Lady Bugs. (Many thanks to all of you who IDed her representation of the America's Cup last week, by the way. ;))

Kate appeared to leave with plenty of gifts, doubtless things for herself, and...George.

David Wilkinson
Kate's Range Rover whisked her back to her trusty helicopter, in which she then flew to Smethwick for her next event at Action for Children's Cape Hill centre, of which the Queen has been Patron for over 50 years. Kate removed her coat at Cape Hill and inspected art projects the children had made, participated in sing-alongs, and chatted with families:

Sophie Jamieson @SophieJam

The coat was on the only new piece today, but it gave the fashion community quite the run-around. The Palace announced the piece was Max Mara, but until a reader at Kate Middleton Style chimed in, we were stumped. Apparently, this coat is from SportsMax, an "urban" line under the luxury label's umbrella. Max Mara, yes. SportsMax...does that remind anyone of Sports Authority or OfficeMax? It just goes to show what a responsibility it is to name a company. We digress. This coat is gorgeous! 

Kate recycled her Séraphine Florrie dress, which was great since it is so very flattering and we didn't get a fair shake the first time.

She accessorized with her L.K. Bennett Frome clutch and Georgia Jimmy Choos we just saw on the 12th in Portsmouth. Of course, with such a lovely symphony of blues, she completed the ensemble with her sapphire and diamond drops. 

Verdict: An obvious win. Kate looks beautiful in blue.  According to the Duchess, it isn't her favorite color--that would be white---but, it has certainly been documented as her most frequently worn hue. Today she put together a blue ensemble that was quite literally picture perfect. I love this muted blue. Blue with a little grey blended in... And her hair. Could it be shinier or bouncier? The half&half style on Kate is so often just what she needs. It allows us to see all those tumblings, curling waves, but it keeps it off her face. Likely, it also hides her roots a little better, too, so it is a win, win. 

Kate currently has nothing else on her calendar, and I wonder if we will be waiting until March to see her again? I suspect that Kate will not undertake engagements while William is in Asia so as not to battle for press coverage with him. That puts us in the second week of March before she might make another appearance, which is really pushing up against her maternity leave, for lack of a better word. As strange as it seems, I suspect we only have a few more engagements left before Baby Cambridge #2 makes his or her arrival. 

picture update coming... 

Kate Releases Video for Mental Health Week in Jaeger Dress

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good evening, All. I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. Just breaking in here to let you know that a video message from The Duchess of Cambridge has been released. As we mentioned on the blog last week, Kate visited the Bethlam and Maudsley Hospital School to spend time with patients of the hospital who are educated at the school. It now turns out that Kate also recorded a plea on behalf of Place2Be and Mental Health Week while on her visit.

In terms of poise and delivery, this was excellent. I felt Kate's confidence was strong and her delivery natural...a real improvement from her debut during Chidlrens' Hospice Week. She seemed very in control of the message. I really enjoyed seeing the transformation. 

In terms of fashion, never say never. We thought it unlikely we would get to know what Kate wore, and yet, here we are with the info. The Duchess wore her Kiki McDonough amethyst earrings and chose Jaeger's "Silk Tile Print Shirt Dress" retailing at £250.

Kate's hair and make-up were flawless. That was the good news. The bad new is the Fashion Verdict: I hated it. In theory it looks fine on the website, but it did absolutely nothing for beautiful Kate.  It added weight she isn't actually carrying, and gave her a shapeless potato bag look. Honestly, since this is only a half shot, she should have worn a structured, jersey jacket, like a Ralph Lauren piece, and swept her hair up into a chic chignon.  She didn't. C'est la vie.

I won't needlessly prolong the post. You now have the pertinent details. Maybe this dress could work in a  full shot, but I highly doubt it. Auction it, send it to Goodwill...burn it. Let's just not see it again, eh? Thankfully, the message was the strongest element of the video--may that be the lasting impression.

See you in the new week!

Kate Banishes Portsmouth Gloom in White Max Mara for The 1851 Trust

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A busy day for The Duchess of Cambridge. In a white and blue ensemble, Kate brightened up the overcast weather in Portsmouth this afternoon as she made her first appearance since Mustique in support of Ben Ainslie and The 1851 Trust, of which she is also patron.  In the morning, Kate was in Whiteley on a  private visit to Ainslie's offices to hear all about his new yachts.

Kate's first stop was the construction site of the initiative's new hub. Waiting for her was this mural, painted by pupils from local schools, in addition to some 70 youngsters excited to see the Princess. 


I love shots of the waiting photographers with their high-powered cameras! This snap shared by royal photographer Mark Stewart. 

After greeting her hosts and some of the students, Kate added finishing touches to one of the sail boats, providing the white detailing you see here: (I have to admit I haven't the faintest notion what that might be...)

And, as you can see from her finished product below, some red striping to the sails...all without getting any on her beautiful Max Mara coat! Richard Palmer reported that Kate told students that Prince George loves to paint, and the two were painting together just yesterday. 

As mentioned, the mural was at the construction site of what will be Ainslie's new racing hub. Press Association, via the Daily Mail, reports:
The headquarters of Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR), which was granted £7.5 million of Government funding, will initially employ 90 people and act as a focal point for the design, construction and development of the team's boats for the America's Cup as well as provide a visitor centre showcasing the sport.
Kate graciously undertook an impromptu walkabout before joining more students and guests waiting for her at the Spinnaker Tower, a 170 meter building designed to look like a billowing sail. A Spinnaker sail is a particular kind that balloons in front of a boat, catching wind blowing at a 90°-180° angle off the bow.  As a girl with sailing background,  I am sure Kate very much appreciated the clever architecture. 

James Franklin 

Portsmouth is a British town with lots of fun history. King John established it as a naval base because of its advantageous proximity to France. John had his eye on Normandy, and while Henry III and Edward I used the port as a launching point to attack France on multiple occasions, the French got a bit of their own back a few reigns later when a French raiding party torched the town almost entirely to the ground. You can easily see why there is such warmth between the two nations. France continued to raid and harass the port until Henry V--that glamazon of the 100 Years War-- began permanent fortifications. Henry VIII established his Royal Navy in Portsmouth and then my knowledge in history ambles across the Channel to Versailles for a couple hundred years.  My interest picks back up again with Nelson and Wellington, but I haven't finished the bio I am reading on that period, so further fun facts on Portsmouth must wait until the next time Kate visits...and I have finished my book. 


So much for sailing and history; let's jump into the fashion. Kate tapped Max Mara and debuted the 100% wool Villar, featuring a fitted bodice and flattering flare. The belted coat was £580 and is currently reduced to £345.

House of Fraser

This coat is marching in lock-step with the successful Séraphine from last month. I absolutely love it. I think Kate's tan, enhanced right now thanks to two weeks in Mustqiue, always looks fantastic paired with whites and creams. 


It is so very similar to the Emilia Wickstead Kate has worn twice to St. Patrick's Day. This is a style that really works well for Kate when not pregnant, and now we find it works exceptionally well in the maternity department, too. 

Looks like boys are being boys in this shot below. I can see Kate giving George this face...

As has been widely reported, Kate is not the first royal to wear this coat. Her cousin, Princess Eugenie, wore it on Christmas morning at Sandringham and looked absolutely lovely. I remember thinking I wouldn't mind Kate in that coat...voila. Kate does seem to like to take inspiration from her relatives. As we have discussed, Zara Phillips favored Madderson while pregnant with Mia, and Kate had a very successful appearance in their Naomi dress. 

Inside the Spinnaker Tower, Kate took off her coat. In the past, Kate has almost always left her coat on, but just recently, we have seen her start to take it off more often. Today, she revealed a Somerset by Alice Temperley dress underneath, with a very appropriate sail-boat motif. 

via Emily Nash 
The dress is very much in the shift style Kate favors while pregnant, and I found the dress particularly flattering. It was only £99 and available in all sizes this morning when it was IDed, (remarkably, from just the smallest peak by the talented @LiveLoveLaughvr) but quickly sold-out entirely. Kate rules the fashion faves!

[I am going to amend this: after looking at hi-quaility photos, the pattern of the dress is such and the sky is sufficiently overcast, that next to the dark navy of her accessories, I think she got away with the color clash...because it didn't clash. On a purely conceptual level, I don't like these colors together, but in practice, today I wouldn't have noticed.] The minor "but" I would inject here is that again, Kate mixed her blue and black in a way I don't love.  Her arrival ensemble, if we can split the outfit in two, was white and navy. She accessorized with her Georgia pumps from Jimmy Choo, her Frome clutch from LK Bennet, and her sapphire and diamond drops. It was nautical perfection, and echoed the summer ensemble she put together for her first appearance for the America's Cup initiative:

Once inside, though, and we were dealing with a black dress, the shoes didn't quite match. Is this nitpicking? Yes. And I would rather have the blue with the white, to the detriment of the dress later in the engagement, but I mention it as the only issue with a flawless appearance. It was a fun day, and I am sure Kate has plenty to tell William tonight. Below, she uses a simulator to virtually look over one of the yachts:


As always, George made off with plenty of gifts, including this BAR shirt from Ben Ainslie, which Kate was pictured holding with her clutch. An excited fan snapped this photo of the moment:

Kate has already had a busy week. She made a private visit to a hospital that caters to disabled children, and followed that up the next day by hosting an afternoon tea reception at Kensington Palace to meet with professionals in palliative care. Both events were private. We will see her again shortly, as she has a busy day of engagements on the 18th! 

Post will updated with more pictures...

Pippa & James at British Heart Foundation Fundraiser + Kate's Private Visit For Place2Be

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tonight was the Roll Out The Red Ball fundraiser hosted by the British Heart Foundation in London, and it looks like Pippa has once again scored the "Belle of the Ball" category. The lovely brunette was all smiles as she walked hand-in-hand with her now longtime (cough, cough) boyfriend Nico Jackson. Fresh from Mustique, where she was recently photographed looking pretty fantastic in a jade green bikini, Pippa chose a red, lace cocktail dress and coordinating accessories for the glamorous night out.

Is Nico the tallest man on earth? Sometimes I feel he is when I see these shots.  I would love to have Nico stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Security and see who is taller. In any case, the couple joined James and his girlfriend Donna Air at the party. James, aka George V, was giving Pippa's beau a run for his money in the Dapper Stakes. Both these guys looked pretty great tonight--certainly Nico, and I think James, too, were wearing velvet jackets. Well done, boys.

Pippa's lace dress has not yet been IDed, although there is a pretty nice alternative at Ted Baker. @LiveLoveLaughvr has IDed Pippa's scarlet shoes as L.K. Bennett's "Fern Suede Point Toe" pumps, just in case any of you are rushing to do last minute Valentine's Day wardrobe shopping. They retail for £195.

L.K. Bennett "Fern" Pumps

Pippa is an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation, pictured below when she announced the "patronage" in June of 2014.

British Heart Association

The British Heart Foundation was one of two charities for which she raced across the United States (with James). She donated her bike to be auctioned to benefit the charity after the race.

British Heart Foundation Facebook

While Pippa got prepared to party the night away, The Court Circular has noted that Kate had a private engagement today. The Duchess spent over an hour and a half with students and staff at the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School on behalf of her charity Place2Be. The school is tailored to students between 4 and 19 who are patients at the hospital. According to Kensingtopn Palace:
This visit was arranged through Place2Be, of which HRH is Royal Patron, after learning about their work during the Place 2 Reflect conference last year to further develop her knowledge of the sector.
Kate attended a mental health forum hosted by Place2Be in late 2013, when, you may recall, she was so interested in the presentations, she extended her stay to hear more about cyber bullying, the terrible damage of sexting, and more. 

I think the Palace is referring, however, to the private visit Kate and William made to a conference held at the Royal Society of Medicine in June of 2014. I did not report on that event, one of the few things I have missed in the past three years. Kate was wearing a busy, paisley dress from American label Tory Burch for that conference. You can see pictures of Kate wearing it here.

I thought it a fun look at the time. Busy, as I say, but the silhouette was very clean, which helped. I would have liked to have had a clear shot so as to really have a full idea of the look of the ensemble. This would have been nice with her navy Prada pumps. It is a dress better served by hair that is swept up and away from the face and neckline. Again, the pattern, the trim...there is a lot going on, so better not to compete. Back to today, there is no way of knowing if we will get photos. Sometimes we do, but often, particularly with this sort of event, we do not. Time will tell. 

Photos of William, Kate, and George Leaving Mustique

Monday, February 9, 2015

I was just thinking it was high-time we got the usual pictures filtering back from Mustique and had almost resigned myself to the possibility the mid-vacation shots were all we would get, when...Popsugar saved day:


At first glance, these look like shots taken several years ago as the Middletons and Cambridges left Mustique, but the addition of the bouncing, blond tot should set your mind at ease: these are new photos!  The royals were snapped at the St Lucia airport catching their connecting flight back to Britain. Is that Mr. Security? Someone has suggested it is, but he doesn't look tall enough to me. I don't know. 

You can see a collection of all the holiday shots, including new snaps of Michael and Carole, at Popsugar here.  William and Kate left on Friday the 6th, which means they were on vacation for a solid two weeks. Kate should be tanned and relaxed for her day with Ben Ainslie this week...

In random royal news as we wait for Kate's next engagement on the 12th, Katie Storey, a reader of this blog (I think? I hope!) has launched a weekly podcast that takes a humorous angle on royal stories. There is a very clever guy who is the funny man, and they have several different polite perspectives on the monarchy. This morning I had it playing in the background as I made my coffee and oatmeal and puttered through emails. It is a bit edgy for the average royal crowd, I think, but I really found myself laughing quite a bit. It's fun, you should check it out. You can read more about it here, and you can download it for free on iTunes here

Duchess Kate's Fitness and Diet

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Well, my friends, it is February. This means two very important things. One, 'tis Valentine's Day season, which is almost a national holiday for me, but is swim-season prep time. Yes, summer is "just around the river bend" and if one wants to be ready, one must get cracking now.

This is going to be a two-part chat. In this post, we will just have an overview of what we know about Kate's routine and food preferences, and in the second, I will break it down more practically.

Like most of us, Kate has gone through more than one stage. In university, she was a little fuller, perhaps attributable to her time in Italy during her gap year, surrounded by all that delicious Italian comfort food or her penchant for pub food with William on cold Scottish nights. She now favors a more boyish figure. I have loved all her looks, but at all times she kept the focus on activity. (Below, Kate enjoys a lasagna night with friends while at St Andrews)

Kate has always been very sporty, and I think right off the bat that factors into her workout and fitness level. Kate is naturally athletic and likes to be be active, which is a real boost. She walked and biked in her time at university. She is an avid tennis fan and played regularly, as well as her calorie-scorching ski holidays.

While William and Kate were at university, they were insulated from the press. The British media had agreed to give Prince William a certain amount of space during this time, and they were pretty respectful of that privacy. Obviously, we were all interested in Kate and whether they were an item, but they weren't under the same microscope as when they graduated and started their "real lives" in London.  Once Kate graduated and was chucked into the public domain, she followed the natural path of a woman who is photographed simply putting her trash in the dustbin--her physical appearance was a bigger issue and Kate began to lose her baby fat--or freshman 15--or whatever you choose to denominate it.

Kate Middleton Putting out the Trash

Already living an active lifestyle and already fit and slim, this was not something too hard for her to accomplish, and it was frankly probably almost subconscious as she made more careful and calorie conscious meal choices. When William and Kate would sneak away to a quiet pub for evening meals, he would often order a calorie loaded entrée, while Kate reportedly stuck to light fish dishes baked rather than breaded with a glass of white wine. Kate was particularly fond of white wine spritzers, bubbly and refreshing, but calorie reducing. At Mahiki, she began ordering a reduced calories cocktails, too.

December 7, 2006

In 2007, when William broke up with Kate she not only threw herself into nightlife, she was persuaded by a friend to join the group "The Sisterhood" in racing a dragon boat across the English Channel. Crack of dawn practice on the Thames and accompanying workouts five days of the week really changed her body. (I wrote a little more on this and its influence in her clothes on a fellow blogger's space, here) All you need to do is Google around and you will learn that rowing, even just a rowing machine at your gym or in your basement, is a fat blaster. It provides an overall workout and increased cardiovascular health. Pilates was a supplemental element of her fitness regimen, and the Pilates promise is,  "in 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body." That is certainly how it worked for Kate.

William and Kate reconciled, but her fitness routine only intensified. It was reported that Kate worked out at least an hour every day, and in early 2008, William had a gym installed in Clarence House for Kate's use. The equipment was customized for her, top of the line, and of course, it was entirely private. She could sweat it out without fellow gym-goers watching her or press packs snapping her photo through the window--much to my disappointment. :)

Diana Leaving The Harbour Club with William and Harry

That being said, Kate also joined the Harbour Club, the same gym of which Diana was a member and frequent visitor . An article not long before the wedding said:
Miss Middleton has recently been seen working out and dining at the club in Chelsea Harbour, west London, which boasts three swimming pools, indoor tennis courts, a beauty spa and a hair salon.

A member of the club, said: "Kate was in the gym last week exercising with a friend for more than an hour. She looked in great shape – incredibly fit and slim. After her workout, she stayed on and had dinner in the club's restaurant."
Obviously, at this exclusive club, there would be no worries of paparazzi shots or star-struck clients. At the same time, it is important to remember that Kate was not denying herself in any unhealthy way. On a lunch date with Camilla before the wedding, her selections were reported as, foie gras terrine, sea bass and pistachio soufflé and ice cream.

Lunch with Camilla

Kate and her family have been patrons of the Old Boot Inn in Berkshire for years, and the innkeeper reported Kate's favorite dishes:
"Her favorite [dishes] are the pate on toasted brioche or the roast figs on parma ham with spicy apple chutney, followed by the tiger prawn and wild mushroom linguine," he adds. "And for the [dessert], her favorite is sticky toffee pudding. It's moist and spongy."
In September of 2011 the newlyweds were pictured leaving a gym in London together. Kate had been using the elliptical to get a cardio workout. We haven't seen that since, which either means the couple have found a way to get in and out of their gym discreetly, or I suspect more likely, they seek out fitness measures closer to home.

It was reported that she took Pilates while pregnant to stay fit. I suspect that habit also helped her get back into shape quickly. Pilates is easy to do at home either with a home reformer machine, or simply practicing mat.

In summary, Kate is a normal and sensible woman, and has a history of loving her comfort food. From her time in Italy during gap year when she feasted on pastas and pastries, to the pub grub she likes to indulge in at home, to the American burger joint that the royal couple enjoy frequenting, Kate has always shown that she likes a hearty meal. Nevertheless, she has also shown she has significant discipline in limiting items that are too high in calories, like sugary alcoholic drinks, and making careful choices day to day. She works out religiously, probably a mixture of Pilates and some form of cardio, in addition to her naturally active lifestyle. Think of how often we saw Kate striding through Kensington Palace gardens with Lupo, and pushing the pram with George as she takes an afternoon walk?

Next post, we will chat a little bit more about how Kate incorporates fitness into the natural rhythm of her lifestyle, and then we will get down to brass tacks and discuss the practical measures we can take to apply this fitness routine to our own lives and our own schedules.