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Pippa & James at British Heart Foundation Fundraiser + Kate's Private Visit For Place2Be

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tonight was the Roll Out The Red Ball fundraiser hosted by the British Heart Foundation in London, and it looks like Pippa has once again scored the "Belle of the Ball" category. The lovely brunette was all smiles as she walked hand-in-hand with her now longtime (cough, cough) boyfriend Nico Jackson. Fresh from Mustique, where she was recently photographed looking pretty fantastic in a jade green bikini, Pippa chose a red, lace cocktail dress and coordinating accessories for the glamorous night out.

Is Nico the tallest man on earth? Sometimes I feel he is when I see these shots.  I would love to have Nico stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Security and see who is taller. In any case, the couple joined James and his girlfriend Donna Air at the party. James, aka George V, was giving Pippa's beau a run for his money in the Dapper Stakes. Both these guys looked pretty great tonight--certainly Nico, and I think James, too, were wearing velvet jackets. Well done, boys.

Pippa's lace dress has not yet been IDed, although there is a pretty nice alternative at Ted Baker. @LiveLoveLaughvr has IDed Pippa's scarlet shoes as L.K. Bennett's "Fern Suede Point Toe" pumps, just in case any of you are rushing to do last minute Valentine's Day wardrobe shopping. They retail for £195.

L.K. Bennett "Fern" Pumps

Pippa is an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation, pictured below when she announced the "patronage" in June of 2014.

British Heart Association

The British Heart Foundation was one of two charities for which she raced across the United States (with James). She donated her bike to be auctioned to benefit the charity after the race.

British Heart Foundation Facebook

While Pippa got prepared to party the night away, The Court Circular has noted that Kate had a private engagement today. The Duchess spent over an hour and a half with students and staff at the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School on behalf of her charity Place2Be. The school is tailored to students between 4 and 19 who are patients at the hospital. According to Kensingtopn Palace:
This visit was arranged through Place2Be, of which HRH is Royal Patron, after learning about their work during the Place 2 Reflect conference last year to further develop her knowledge of the sector.
Kate attended a mental health forum hosted by Place2Be in late 2013, when, you may recall, she was so interested in the presentations, she extended her stay to hear more about cyber bullying, the terrible damage of sexting, and more. 

I think the Palace is referring, however, to the private visit Kate and William made to a conference held at the Royal Society of Medicine in June of 2014. I did not report on that event, one of the few things I have missed in the past three years. Kate was wearing a busy, paisley dress from American label Tory Burch for that conference. You can see pictures of Kate wearing it here.

I thought it a fun look at the time. Busy, as I say, but the silhouette was very clean, which helped. I would have liked to have had a clear shot so as to really have a full idea of the look of the ensemble. This would have been nice with her navy Prada pumps. It is a dress better served by hair that is swept up and away from the face and neckline. Again, the pattern, the trim...there is a lot going on, so better not to compete. Back to today, there is no way of knowing if we will get photos. Sometimes we do, but often, particularly with this sort of event, we do not. Time will tell. 


  1. Methinks Pippa would be better advised to support the prevention of skin cancer; her year-round mahogany tan suggests that she not only enjoys many vacations in the sun, but that she is a prime candidate for ageing badly, at best, and that, at worst, she will suffer from skin cancer. However, Pippa strikes me as a very much live-in-the-moment woman--and to hell with the consequences of her ill-considered decisions.

    Loathe that cheap--at least, I hope it was cheap--cotton dress Kate wore in 2014. I had one like it myself, wore it twice, then trashed it. Far, far too busy. Nobody looks good in such dresses; the only contest which applies is who wears it worst.

    Looking forward to Kate's next official appearance--and I hope to God that miserly Charles managed to find enuf spare change out of the approx. 20 million Brit he receives annually, c/o the Duchy of Cornwall, to pay for ( yes, Charles is responsible for clothing William, Kate and Harry when they attend officially sanctioned engagements) a decent outfit for Kate.


    1. JC - have a lovely day! I genuinely hope no one talks to you the way you talk about these women and their choices :-)

    2. Anon 5:08, thank you for your gracious response to JC. I appreciate Jane's blog for the informative dish and joyful tone as well as the interesting remarks from her community. Comments like yours do much to distinguish her blog from others, and I appreciate that you are able to articulate your views with kindness. Thanks. Susan

    3. I tend to agree with JC. Pippa's body looks awesome, but what she is doing to her face, this amount of tan and orange colour frightens me. Seriously, one should be more careful about this.

  2. Can you explain the comments (cough, cough) when describing Pippa's boyfriend? Yes, she has had a few and she is over 30, but better she take her time than settle for someone she regrets marrying. Let's face it, because she is Kate's sister, she will always be in demand.

    I hate the lace dresses - yuck. I remember when Kate wore a black lace and a nude lace, they were gorgeous. These.. Not so much. And the pic of Kate in the blue dress (yes, I know it is old) makes me cringe. If she e wants her skirts that short when going out in private, fine. But when every camera in the world is flashing away, you have to have some modesty. I will never understand her thinking on this subject.

    1. I would be happy to, but it seems you have interpreted my comments very faithfully. I have no problem with multiple boyfriends or with taking one's times--I indulge in both. I also agree you don't want to make a mistake in a lifelong commitment. These two are old enough, however, have dated enough people, and have been together long enough, that seems they should their minds. So, in short, to answer your question: (cough, cough) means I am very excited to see a ring in the near future, and a fantastic Middleton wedding following shortly after that. :)

  3. Maybe this will put a stop to the people who say she does not do thing behind the scenes.

    1. She has exactly two working days scheduled for February, two. Taking a meeting or two in private is nothing. She is a SAHM. Nothing wrong with that and something to be proud to do, but she doesn't work, in any real way.

    2. The depends on your definition of 'work'. Many people consider being a stay at home mom to be a lot of work indeed. Im sure this is where the naysayers will jump in to say that as she has a housekeeper and a nanny she isn't doing much work at home either, but none of us know her life, how she spends her days and we can only conjecture. Projecting ones's own definition of what "real work" looks like onto a person none of us really know is unfair and judgemental.

    3. Shelby- Nobody said that she she does not do things behind the scenes. The question is the amount. All the yeahsayers should give this a second thought too. Just because not everybody adores Kate, I find an intelligent arguement welcoming.

    4. I agree with Anon 5.44. Working 2 days out of 20, really a respectful amount. Yeahhh let's celebrate.

    5. Ciara-

      Please read my post again. I said being a SAHM is something to be proud of. But when many wax on about Kate's work duties within the royal family and she calls the year after George was born her maternity leave (a quote from her office), I think her "work" can become a topic. I don't think this is unfair or judgemental.

      I also think we do know a lot about her life, much of what we know is't conjecture. I think it is safe to say that when someone has a chef, nanny, and housekeepers, they don't spend their day scrubbing bathrooms. That's not exactly a leap.

    6. I sometimes wonder if Kate's limited real world working experience has set her up to not fully understand that her duties are not in any way relatable to other Moms who work outside the home. She is very lucky be a SAHM. But, when she compares herself to a "working" Mom, that's when it gets insulting.

      I am not saying she should take on more royal duties, I simply question how she and her office describe her situation. Now they are saying she wants to get "back to work" as quickly as possible after the baby. Their words... Does that mean other Moms should try to return to "work" as quickly as possible? Of course not, because they will literally be leaving their baby and returning to real work, an actual job, with a boss, where they could be fired, etc.

    7. Everyone has made legitimate points. I agree that we have to keep our definitions clear. SAHM is a lot of work, but the discussion is centering around her work out of the house. I think Kate is a public figure, which means that a lot of lines are blurred between personal and public time, between "on the clock" and off. I don't think a lot of comparison is helpful in anyway. I work full-time, but I sit at a desk in a climate controlled building. Other people labor in fields. I still have the right to say I work, even though my work might be less trying than the field hand's. You see where this goes. So, I think the Palace has the right to refer to these various things in the "work" vernacular, even though Kate's position doesn't match every other person's working routine. Mostly, though, Kate has the right to live her life as she chooses, to balance her work/home ratio as she sees fit, and I think we really need to respect her prerogative to do so. (No need to bring up the whole taxpayer money, she owes xyz--we have been over that and my position on that is clear.) I don't think the Palace is trying to deceive the public by using a certain vocabulary to describe Kate's calendar.

    8. Of course Kate has the right to live her life, just as she has the right to wear whatever she pleases. But that doesn't mean we don't have opinions about both, that is the trade-off for living a very public life.

    9. Came across this quote the other day "Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding." By Bill Bullard

    10. Isn't this blog about our opinions? I think it really depends on who is giving the opinion, the quality of their opinions. Life is really about opinions.... Some you ignore, some you value.

      In my opinion, for whatever that is worth, suggesting readers use empathy when discussing a royal fashion blog really misplaces the true meaning of empathy.

  4. Thanks Jane for this quick post. Love the coverage of Pippa and James. Love the red lace dress. Yes Jane you are right!! Nico is really tall. I know Pippa is tall, but the top her head is barely over his shoulder!

  5. Pippa and Nico are still together! I was starting to wonder. Sounds like a fun, somewhat family affair.

    Glad to hear Kate is back to the grind working, getting her time in before maternity leave. Won't be long till the next royal baby comes along!

  6. Pippa, James and their partners look great! Both Pippa and James seem to have that coloring that goes tan and stays there with 20 minutes of sun. My Mom was the same way, and I was endlessly envious. And if I had Kate's legs, I'd have that navy outfit in every jewel tone available.

  7. Yay!!!! Another Pippa post!!! I love your blog, and when it's so quiet on the royal side, it's always lovely to have some news from the Middleton side ;)
    Pippa looks stunning, and will be a beautiful bride (cough cough cough cough)!!!!! Although, a forty years old bride is a little bit sad, at least for me... so they'd better hurry up.
    Thanks for your amazing job, Jane!!!

  8. Carmen, The NetherlandsFebruary 11, 2015 at 3:39 AM

    I love the dress Pippa is wearing! It looks great on her and she has a beautiful figure, but in the picture where she is standing next to her bike I really don't like her arms. Too manly maybe?
    By the way, I totally agree with you Jane. It's about time Nico popped the question. No one is getting any younger :) and we are all dying to see Pipps in a weddingdress!!!

  9. I have to say - I love Pippa, I think she is absolutely wonderful, but she needs a stylist and someone to redo her hair - desperately. I've only seen a few outfits that actually flatter her body type, and also a few hair styles that bring out her features. Style maven, I think not. BTW - did anybody see the pinky ring that she was wearing on her left hand with that red dress? It looked like some sort of a diamond ring that she was trying to keep hidden. How has no one commented on that?
    As always, Jane - keep up the good work!

  10. Hi, Jane,

    Thank you for the post on the Middletons. Always happy to see these when Kate happenings are few and far between.

    Just a few thoughts:

    Nico is total "man candy". He looks awesome in evening dress. Is there still talk of his job taking him to Geneva?

    Pippa's face is very tanned as several people have commented. I worry about it being far too hard on her skin as she gets older. Is she someone who maybe looks sallow if she isn't tanned? I admire her commitment to fitness.

    I wish James would lose the beard. It looks like a hedgerow. I think he's very handsome and it would be nice to see his face since the paps will follow him whatever he grows/wears.

    Taking the "Three Bears approach", Donna's lace dress is too much and Pippa's is just right. Is lace a trend that may be getting a little done or is it just me?

    A Middleton wedding would be fun to see-either James's or Pippa's. Do you think there would ever be any chance that either of them would marry on the Q.T.-with only friends and family attending-in order to duck the press frenzy? It seems that they might be able to pull it off, given how many friends they have who have access to private settings such as tropical villas,etc.

    Just musing to pass the winter hours. Looking forward to seeing HRH tomorrow. Wishing a great day to all!


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