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Fashion Week Chat + Kate Middle-Toe from ChattyFeet!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It is Paris Fashion Week, (I like to say fashion saves the best city for last, bien sûr) and thats always gets me jazzed.  While PFW is fairly irrelevant in this Kate space--although Roland Mouret shows today!--it does return me to my fashion groove and thinking back to NYC and London, the two weeks at which many of Kate's labels present. Given how regularly Kate patronizes some of these designers, those two Fashion Weeks essentially give us a preview of much Kate's coming wardrobe. Even when Kate wears a custom piece, which is often if she is wearing McQueen or Packham, she pulls from various runway elements.  I am just going to comment on three of her heavy hitters, although many familiar names showed. Grab some coffee, and let's sit around for sartorial speculation... (If Fashion Week isn't exciting you, don't miss the ChattyFeet Kate Middle-Toe Giveaway at the the end...)

Jenny Packham. Jenny P presented an edgier collection than usual, most apparent in the extreme--and sometimes clashing--textures, but also in the unusual color palette. While Kate can usually pull directly from Jenny's runway, this year, it is more likely that Kate will look and like an element that will then be customized for her. The evening gowns, which are obviously of particular interest, ran the gamut, from great potential to...not quite sure what happened there. Left to right: I was really drawn to this simple gown, primarily because its style reminded me very much of Kate's gunmetal Issa. The plunging neckline is daring, although that is an element that will attract Kate, too. I could see Kate toning down (or up) the neckline and choosing a better color. Beautiful dress.  The middle gown isn't doing much for me as it is, but I was attracted by the train. Kate just surprised us all with her blue multi-length Jenny Packham at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. I would be interested to see her take this detail and incorporate it into a custom evening gown. Far right: how did this get on Jenny Packham's runway? Moving on.

The dress that struck me most was this white gown. The illusion peplum, v-neckline, and front slit are all elements toward which Kate gravitates, while the structured fabric is a little unusual for a Jenny Packham gown, which makes it fun. I thought it was very interesting, and I can certainly see Kate tweaking this and wearing it.

Overall, there were many, many elements from which Kate could draw inspiration, but it will demand she be a bit more creative. Kate doesn't shy away from bling, (think of the sparkly Tusk dress she wore in late 2013) but the collection made liberal use of rust and orange, two colors I can't really envision Kate wearing. Most intriguing about this presentation was its deviation from the usual territory and the possibility that Kate will incorporate some of this into her future fashion. Obviously, Kate trusts the style sense of her top designers, and it stands to reason that she will give some of these elements a go. I am excited to see how she does it, and how well she pulls it all off. I think we have a fun fall to look forward to! 

Temperley's line-up got off to a rocky start for me, and when this particular look hit the runway, I was really getting worried:

But the very next look gave hints of promise. This grey coat needs to find its way onto Kate:

I still felt like I was watching the wrong collection, as we moved through some tribal prints in neon colors, but then this look walked out and we were back on track for the majority of the show:

It was usual Temperley fare. Some designers tend to be very literal in their collections. What you see on the runway is what you will get in the store, and others practically are knocking on Haute Couture's door in their fanciful creativity, which will then be more conservatively interpreted for the stores, and some fall in between. Temperately falls in between.  I really loved so many details that I saw, and can't wait to see what Kate chooses in the future. The blacks and golds, the delicate blouses, and the chunky maroon knits with swirling back patterns. So much diversity of style, it was a visual feast. These embroidered floral patterns really caught my eye and reminded me of Oscar de la Renta. Mmm:

Nothing could jump straight from the runway to Kate's closet, but that almost never happens with Temperley. We will have to see how these pieces change between the runway and the actual racks.

Oh, Erdem. Where to begin. So much was happening in this collection, as usual. So many colors, patterns, textures... It was very well done. Kate doesn't shy from Erdem's brighter prints, as we have seen in the past, and now just recently at The Goring, and I have to say that both of these were very cute. While I think these patterns might be a little too large for her, I would enjoy seeing Kate in either one:

A lot of Erdem's signature elements were featured, and ones we have seen Kate incorporate in the past. This dress, in another color scheme and a few tweaks, could fit well in her penchant for embroidered and lace, structured-sheath dresses:

I love everything about this dress, especially the scalloped neckline, except for the leather. I can't quite see Kate going for leather:

Then, for all of you who love animal print as much as I do, I was thinking that Kate could get a rush order on this and wear it for her final appearance this month. It would be a nice continuity between her farewell appearance before George's and this pregnancy.

I am entirely joking. Il y a des limites. :)  Those were the heavy hitters, but if you are super into fashion, you probably have browsed the collections, and if you are only mildly interested we have covered the big bases. I welcome your thoughts on any of the collections, discussed, or otherwise. 

If you do love fashion, then I can't resist sharing this trailer for Dior & I. I love Dior. I love their clothes, accessories, I use their Airflash foundation, which is amazing, and I love how they spend their money. Dior funded renovations at Versailles's Petit Trianon, the hamlet of Marie-Antoinette.  Dior jumped in again last summer on roof repairs to parts of the main palace, which should be finishing up this month. Versailles remains one of my favorite historic destinations and I am thrilled that Dior was part of preserving it. Raf Simons incorporation of that magical world was brilliant. Can't wait to watch this:

On to ChattyFeet!


Around Christmas--actually, it was Christmas morning--I was browsing my Twitter feed and I stumbled upon some lucky girl who had received socks that were made to look like Kate. I loved them! You may have seen them when I retweeted but I was very disappointed to find they were sold out on the only site I could find them. That was my Christmas disappointment, but it has a happy ending.

Gil from ChattyFeet got in touch with me a month or so ago, and apparently there are plenty of Miss Middle-Toes to go around. ChattyFeet is a boutique sock company created by pals Gil and Humberto. They have designed a range of socks featuring all number of characters and celebrities, including, the fabulous Duchess of Cambridge:
Kate Middle-Toe is the hottest Sock on the planet right now. Super pretty and oh so sophisticated, she’s a regular in the glossies and on the news – even more so than her famous granny! Her style is guaranteed to make the plainest of feet become the talk of the towns’ toes…
Anything Kate-related is almost guaranteed to be a hit with me, but I am particularly charmed by these socks. I have been wearing them to the gym for Pilates where they always get a compliment. They also motivate me when I am huffing and puffing my way through the Hundreds. Toes in the air, there is Kate smiling down at me as if to say, "Keep working; I do."  They are a great conversation starter and I suspect I will find them some of my favorite little gifts.

ChattyFeet sell Miss Middle-Toe for £7, but this week, they are giving away ten pairs for free. The giveaway begins today, March 5th and ends on March 12th. The 10 lucky Kate fans will be announced on the 13th. You can enter to win here: ChattyFeet Kate Middle-Toe Giveaway.

Best of luck to you all! Tweet me your ChattyFeet if you win, or if you buy a pair for yourself as a consolation prize! 


  1. Hello Jane!
    Hope you're fine :) I am sorry, but I do not understand how to enter the giveaway, could you suggest anything please?
    X Gaia

    1. Hi Gaia:

      Ok, follow any of the pink links that say "ChattyFeet Kate Middle-Toe Giveaway" just click the pink text, and it will take you to ChattyFeet's giveaway. There you have to either press the Facebook image and allow the app to access your email, or sign up directly with email. That will enter you in the contest! Let me know if you have anymore trouble!

      xoxo, Jane

  2. What a great post Jane. I love it. Kate Middle-toe! I'm glad to see all the creative genes that I didn't get went to someone else who put them to great use.

    1. Thanks, Jane! Aren't they the cutest! I was so excited when I found out I could still get a pair...or many pairs. :)

  3. Hey Jane thanks for this cute article! They do deliver to France in fact...I was afraid it was an American company which always makes difficult regarding the taxes IF they actually ship overseas ...and so frustrating if they don't 5Baublebar is one )! So I've entered the contest! I find these socks awesome!

    1. PS- Jane by the way, you said you love Dior... (and so do I ;-) ) have you tried any of their nail polish? They have a gray one which is THE Dior gray... how about Miss Dior (the first original one), or Dune... Everything Dior (make up and perfume) remind me so much of my late beloved grandma... And Natalie is such an embassafor for the is Marion... and I love what the Beligian designer Raph Simons has done so far... Didn"t like that much the Galiano era... I didn't know anything about their patronage for Versailles... I'm so addicted to Marie Antoinette... She was so modern for her times...

    2. Faith from Boston.March 5, 2015 at 3:57 PM

      Hi Sophie :-) I love my Dior Addict gloss! Do the nail polishes last? I've always felt Marie Antionette got a bad rap. I think she was an intelligent and enlightened woman who was saddled with an unforunate situation.

    3. Hi Faith, I think they're the best gloss actually!! Yes the nailpolish last all the more if you layer a top coat but I find the brush not as practical as tha Chanel ones. I'm happy you share the same opinion on Marie-Antoinette as I do... She's such a fascinating woman indeed... I've been to Vienna (of course Versailles too) where she was born, following her footsteps... There's still such a feeling you get about her there... Xx


    4. Hello, Sophie! Happy Saturday! :) I went through a nail polish faze three years ago, so I have a ton of OPI and the like, but I have stopped using nail polish because my nails weren't responding well. I have bought Dior's nail polish for my sister and she loves it...I think. :) I agree, about Simons v Galliano. I really became a fan of Dior when Raf presented his first collection. It was so lovely and he has continued to produce the same quality. I don't know if you saw Galliano's collection just yesterday, but I hate when designers stoop to gimmicks like strange walks, or exposed models just to get attention. If your work is truly exceptional, it should be presented in a sophisticated and straightforward manner and receive accolades. So, yes, I guess you could say I really am not a Galliano fan and I think Simons has been great for Dior!

      I love MA. It is in English, but Antonia Fraser's book on her is absolutely excellent.

    5. I love Dior polish, lipstick/gloss, and their perfume, especially Mademoiselle. I have a hard time getting my polish to stay very long and love Deborah Lippmann polish and nail products too. She has a product that you put on first to prep the nail bed and my polish last 5 days, which is amazing for me. I can't do gel products because they dry my nails. But DL's are great and free from all the bad stuff!

    6. Sophie, did you visit Hofburg Palace? I visted Versailles and loved it. Can only imagine how great Vienna must have been.

    7. @Anon 8:40 Thanks for the tip. Gels wreck my nails too so always on the lookout for the longest lasting polish. Five days is pretty good. Chanel seems to last me about four, so I'll give the Lippmann a try.

  4. Jane, I agree with your assessment on every JP gown, including the "moving on". That made me giggle. These colors don't do it for me, but the first *did* remind me of Kate's gunmetal gown, and the train on the second one is just lovely. Imagine that one in a baby blue... Wow. The green isn't very flattering at the waist, in my opinion. Besides, pea soup isn't the first color I'd reach. Lunch, yes. Evening out, no. :)

    And I guess I'm not that old because I think the socks are beyond adorable! Plus, they flatter her more than the official wedding coins. Lol.

  5. Hi, Jane,

    Thank you so much for this look at HRH's favourites from PFW.

    Is it just me or does that Jenny P. evening gown on the far right (the one you weren't so fond of, Jane...) remind anyone of Emma Stone's pale lime green gown from Oscars 2015? Look it up if you're interested.

    There seems to be something going on with that green colourway, not really one I think of for evening wear. Some fashionistas were praising Emma's choice but I just didn't get it. Although the green colour was about the best it was ever going to be on anybody because Emma has red hair.

    I could see that gown on the Duchess in another colour and fabric; although the fit at the waist does seem a bit odd.

    The Kate socks are great fun!

    Have a great weekend, everyone! Spare a kind thought for women everywhere on International Women's Day- March 8.

  6. Here I go...again, re Erdem. I detest the label; to me, it has acquired the stamp of anti-fashion, just plain ugly, and I speak as a Canadian, from which country I understand Erdem arose. Utterly awful. What possesses Kate that she chooses to stuff herself into Erdem shifts (ugly as is when not pregnant) when she would look so much nicer in quality maternity wear?--She wore it when pregnant with George and she is repeating herself this time round.

    The Packham colour palate leaves me cold--is Packham always five years behind the times? Nor have I ever been a fan of Temperly--far too fussy, in general, to be elegant.

    I continue to believe that most British fashion lags well behind French, Italian, and American, and of the three, American (Lela Rose, Michael Kors, DVF, even lower range Ralph Lauren) fits Kate best, is more suited to her age, and to her limited clothing budget.

    Really like those socks, tho. Someone should stick a pair into Kate's Xmas stocking--maybe George? (Correction; why wait? Perfect present for Mothers Day! Get on it George.)



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