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Kate in Kent: The Duchess Visits Margate in Hobbs Dalmatian Print

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It was a breezy morning in Margate as Kate rolled up to the Turner Contemporary today to view the Self: Image and Identity exhibition. 

Margate is a sea-side town in East Kent, and the museum sits along the coast with a sweeping view of the ocean. 

Turner Contemporary Facebook 

During her tour, Kate saw broad range of art including Van Dyck's self-portrait, which she has previously viewed at the National Portrait Gallery:

On the more modern side of the spectrum, Kate viewed a depiction of a contemporary artist as a drowned man. Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English said the Duchess's surprised reaction was priceless. I imagine her internal dialogue was, "Don't bring George to this exhibit." 

Many of the artists were on hand to discuss and interpret their pieces with the Duchess:


After touring the galleries, Kate spent time with students from local schools who come to the museum for continuing education projects.

On her arrival, a sizable crowd had gathered outside the museum, but Kate only threw a few quick waves before she was ushered inside.

The Duchess lunched at the museum before heading to Resort Studios. Graciously, she undertook a brief walkabout before she departed. I will add that report as it is available, but while we wait, let's chat about the fashion. 

Resort Studios describes themselves on their website:
Resort is a collective of creative professionals located in Margate, Kent. When we founded Resort Studios in 2013 our vision was to create a space that encourages experimentation and collaboration in an inspiring and professional environment. We aim to support practitioners at different levels of their careers, providing access to resources that can help reduce costs, generate income and enhance individual practice.
Resort encompasses individual studios, shared facilities, workshop areas and exhibition space. We offer a high quality programme of events and aim to foster a vibrant and dynamic community of like-minded people.
Kate at Resort Studios via
Kate spent time meeting with members of the co-operative and touring the varied spaces in the building, including work-shops, presentation rooms, and more. has a full write up with more photos, which you can enjoy here.
Then, the Duchess waved goodbye and was whisked by her helicopter home to London. Speaking of helicopters, Ted Alling was out for a jog this morning and saw the Duchess on her way out of town. It seems that a certain little prince came to the lawn with his nanny to wave goodbye to Mummy. The humorous Mr. Alling remarked he needed to jog more often.


"Come home quickly!"

Via @TedAlling

If I lived in London I would jog around KP all the time... On to the fashion!

Kate doesn't like to buy maternity clothes. She stepped out today in her second royal recycle of the week. Thankfully, I like recycles, if she switches something up to give the ensemble a new angle. This morning she accomplished that effortlessly by pulling her hair into a ponytail.


The likelihood that anyone has forgotten this coat is slim, but it was her choice for her final official  engagement (not to be confused with public appearance) before Prince George made his entrance. On that occasion, she christened the Royal Princess by smashing 2k of champagne against the hull, and all our hearts broke a little as that fantastic bubbly trickled down the hull and into the ocean.  Party at the Little Mermaid's Palace!

I liked this coat the first time, but it was a divisive piece. A lot of you were most assuredly not pleased with so much animal print. Wearing it today sans hat and with an updo gave all those spots a little more breathing room, and to me, it looked better than ever for it. I was interested to see that the change brought some people around:

Today, in contrast to the white dress she wore under the Hobbs macintosh the first time, she is wearing a black dress. I think it very unlikely, however, that she will remove her coat to give us a better look at it. All in all, this is a win 2.0 for the Hobbs Dalmatian print. Kate's pulled up pony is really defining and slimming her face and without the distraction of the hat, the coat doesn't feel as busy. Lovely ensemble!

A note on the rest of the week and what Kate might wear: I would have confidently predicted that Kate would wear a new ensemble for her visit to Downton Abbey's set tomorrow, but for the fact she has the service at St. Paul's on Friday, which may steal the debut. Nevertheless, she has a beautiful bespoke ensemble perfectly appropriate for a church service, so she may indeed wear a new piece to DA. Still, she has more things she could recycle for Downton Abbey than for St. Paul's and the gravity of the latter event trumps the former. It is anybody's guess. She could debut twice in a row, that would solve the problem! If I had o bet, I would still say tomorrow will be new. Very excited to reconvene at Downton! 


  1. I think it's great that she's wearing another recycle. The baby pink coat she wore yesterday was definitely worth a repeat and so is this one.
    While I have to admit that I don't like animal prints (somehow the dalmatian print always reminds me of cruella de ville from 101 dalmatians ;D), it really suits her. The first time she wore it, I didn't really like it - the hat and the open hair were too much. But this time it looks amazing! Wearing a ponytail was a great idea.

    Do you think we will see more recycles until the birth of the baby?
    I'm so looking forward to her visit to downton abbey - my favourite tv show of all times!


    1. Yes, losing that hat and pulling her hair up did wonders, even though I liked this the first go-round.

      She will recycle at least once, very probably twice more. She might recycle three times, but I think we could get one more new outfit. But, given how much she says away from maternity wear, and how many lovely things she could recycle from the past pregnancy now that we are a little more into spring-time weather, she might recycle the entire time.

    2. Yes...
      I think she will recycle a coat for St Patrick's day, I hope for the light green mulberry one she wore at windsor (I'm not 100% sure...) during her last pregnancy...

      I'm hoping for a great new outfit for tomorrow's visit of the downton abbey set, though ..
      My favourite repeats would be the peach dress and coat she wore at her second wedding anniversary and the black and white polka dot dress ;)

      I agree, now that it's getting warmer and warmer, she is able to recycle more summer/spring-like outfits from the late stages of her last pregnancy.

      Seeing george accompanying his mother to the helicopter is just so cute! Hope he won't be jealous after baby no. 2 is born...


    3. I have to chime in because I too, loved the updated recycle! The ponytail totally modernized it and looked sleek and unfussy. I'm not an animal print fan, but this piece is just beautiful on her, loved the white pearls with it too. The pink McQueen recycle was another complete win. I loved it the first time around, but she made it even better with the smaller, more chic hat. Nobody wears hats like she does. Impeccable. Do we know at all what day in April she is due? Or thereabouts? I can't wait, and I hope it's a girl!!!! :)

  2. I like her better in these clothes. She looks nice again now. Went through a bad spell.

    1. She has had her ups and downs... This was an up, I agree. :)

  3. Simply elegant.
    Just perplexed that anyone would want to do a self portrait drowning.

    1. That I cannot answer. It certainly isn't something that draws me. :)

  4. I love animal prints but have never had the courage to wear one so I've added it to my bucket list or as a prize when I lose 20 lbs, whichever comes first.
    Kate looks great--her pink outfit yesterday and now this wonderful coat--she hit it out of the park. I read today that she will be handing out shamrocks next week and that may be her last appearance before the birth. I can't wait to see what she wears.

    1. Yes, St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Guards is confirmed. I think that must be it for her, but that has not been confirmed. Some are speculating she will recycle the light green Mulberry! :)

    2. She has another engagement on the 18th, visiting Children in Woolwich

  5. Something interesting to point out is that this coat she wore was on exhibition a year ago on the Princess Mary ship in Southern California. My parents went last March to see the special royalty exhibition, and there were numerous outfits from Kate on display, with this being one of them. Just thought it was interesting to see her in it again, knowing that!

    By the way, I'm an animal print fan, and I LOVE it! Especially with that cute ponytail!

    1. She sent it out to be exhibited and then recycled it? That's commitment to recycling!!

      I wish her ponytail wasn't so oddly shaped? But I like it when she pulls it back so I really shouldn't complain. But really...isn't it kind of weirdly angled?

  6. You are a girl after my own heart! :) "..smashing 2k of champagne against the hull, and all our hearts broke a little as that fantastic bubbly trickled down the hull and into the ocean."
    I am loving all these appearances before she has the baby and is on leave for a while. Very exciting time.

    1. Agreed! 'Party at the Little Mermaid's place' indeed...

  7. I would love to see the blue coat she wore in Australia with the large pockets at the side for Downton Abbey. Even if she will not be able to close it. Black skirt underneath and ready to go...

  8. Thanks for the delightful, unexpected picture of George waving to Mummy (and the helicopter)

  9. I love this coat! I also loved it with the hat too. And very happy she pulled her hair back to show off her pretty face. As for tomorrow, Kate has that yellow coat she wore while pregnant for the garden party at BP she has not recycled yet - maybe it will be that one. As for St Pats Day - excited to see what she will wear.

  10. Dear Jane,
    Thank you so much for this ovely articles and all the updates...
    I'm going to stand firm on my position...I wouldn't want the coat for myself (good for my purse!) BUT on the it is a hit minus the hat and with this modern ponytail!!
    Regarding yesterday...oh well... I'm not a fan of that big Peter Pan collar but... again... she does do magic with anything she wears and was glad to see the coat in full as you did too... plus the hat and the Prada satin shoes + clutch make it more modern than the first time sh'd wore it with the jane Corbett hat (if I remember well)...
    Anyway...tomorrow I do hope for new clothes as well...
    I would have like to see her face when she saw the exhibit of the self drowning portrait... Rebecca English quoted it as "priceless" so maybe a new funny expression on the Duchess's face we might not have seen before?
    I don't think she will repeat the Mulberry tweed coat for St Patrick's day as I think it's too springy (and short) for such a quite formal military event... But who knows....
    We sure are spoilt at the moment with seeing her every other day... :-)
    Thanks for your hard delightful work indeed Jane...
    XOXO from France

  11. PS- Forgot to say... the treats from this jogger are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

  12. I liked this coat in 2013, and I like it even better now; maybe the absence of the hat, which I found oddly incongruous with the coat, does it. Her hair looks great, too, and so do the black accessories. Sleek, or as sleek as it gets late in pregnancy.

    I truly liked the art, as well, but then, I am always drawn to seascapes. I wonder how realistic that poor washed up fellow on the floor is; it might give many gallery visitors a bit of a turn.


  13. Faith from BostonMarch 11, 2015 at 3:24 PM

    I like this wearing better than the last too. Looks fresher with the ponytail instead of the hat.

    1. I think so too. It looks more contemporary without the hat.

      And I just loved seeing the photos shared by the jogger. Not your typical mommy goes to work moment, is it? :))

  14. The exhibition was on the Royal Princess and I dont think they were the actual clothes but "replikates". Here is a link.

  15. I'm glad she recycled this because I too like it better than the first time. My favorite maternity recycle, though, is the pink she wore yesterday. She's lovely in that color and we got to see all of it this time. Can't wait until the Downton appearance!


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