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Habemus Nomen: HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana + StyleRocks Winner!

Monday, May 4, 2015

I think we are still all basking in the glow of the royal baby's Saturday arrival. What a beautiful start to the this glorious month of May! After the big reveal on the steps of the Lindo Wing, we had to wait for one other surprise: what would William and Kate choose to name their precious little princess? By now, the whole world knows that they settled on Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Before we get into that, let's pick up where we left off on the last post and discuss how the Cambridges spent their weekend. The couple are said to be "besotted" with their baby daughter, a fact that was evident from the get-go. 

William drove his wife and daughter home to Kensington Palace, where according to KP press office, Prince George had already been put to bed. I am willing to bet that the Cambridges made an early night of it. Kate had likely been in early labor throughout the night of the 1st into the morning of the 2nd before checking into the Lindo Wing, and if you consider how much she had to go through in those ten hours--labor, delivery, hair/make-up, and a public presentation in front of the world's media, she must have been absolutely dying to cuddle with her baby princess and husband, and then fall fast asleep!

Rumors had swirled mid-morning on Saturday that Carole Middleton had been seen entering Kensington Palace. I have no way to verify this report. Perhaps she was, maybe it was a false report. She was back home in Bucklebury by the afternoon, though, as People reported today:
"Carole drove through the village at about 3 p.m. [BST]," a local source tells PEOPLE. "She looked absolutely radiant. I have never seen her looking so happy.  "She was on her own and looked absolutely wonderful. As happy as a bean. She is one very happy granny."
I don't think it is unreasonable that she did not see Kate that first day. The day was absolutely packed with work from physical labor to  mental and emotional in terms of the presentation. On Sunday, however, the family began to arrive. Carole and Pippa pulled up to the palace around 11:30am in their black Range Rover. 

Carole is wearing a blouse from Mint Velvet, the same company that makes Kate's very popular Plimsolls. The blouse was IDed by the lovely Kate's Closet in Australia! the blouse is a fun and flirty flamingo print in polyester. It is retailing at £69. 

Mint Velvet "Flamingo" Blouse
Shortly after, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived, beaming with excitement to meet the little princess. 

Michael Middleotn arrived around 1:30pm, smiling broadly to the snapping cameras.

Also pictured arriving at the Kensington Palace was Kate's very close friend Emilia Jardine-Paterson. If you need a refresher on Emilia, she and Kate have been friends since their early teens. While it is hard to confirm if Emilia did indeed introduce Kate to William, it is certain that Emilia has long been a member of the royal inner circle. She boosted Kate up during the break-up in 2007:

Her friendship and loyalty to Kate has been very firm over the years, including a holiday trip to Ibiza during the big breakup.

Emilia and her husband continue to be spotted with the Cambridges, and Emilia is one of Prince George's godparents. You might remember her arriving at Prince George's birthday party last year, dressed in the the same Beulah London dress that Kate has been seen in. Her arrival at Kensington Palace yesterday is yet more proof of her intimacy with the Duchess.

Today, the Palace announced that William and Kate named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. This name, as I mentioned on Twitter, certainly covers a lot of ground. Charlotte is certainly a feminine form of Charles, but it is also Pippa's middle name, so both the Windsors and the Middletons got a nod not his one, to say nothing of Kate's personal preferences. Charlotte is both traditional and feminine. Elizabeth clearly pays tribute to the little princess's great-granmother, Elizabeth II, in addition to the Queen Mother, after whom many believe Kate is trying to style her royal role.  Elizabeth is also a beautiful nod to the mother herself, since Kate's middle name is Elizabeth. Diana needs no explanation. I don't think anyone should be surprised that William paid tribute to his mother. As I have mentioned before, I think that the Diana situation became so toxic that some have overreacted, thinking no mention of her would be made. It is entirely appropriate for William to include his mother in his daughter's namesakes.

William and Kate are spending this evening at Kensington Palace, and it is expected that The Queen will meet Princess Charlotte tomorrow. Not long after, the family is expected to leave for the Norfolk home to spend a quiet and private summer.

Last week, I announced the StyleRocks Giveaway. Pascale, the founder of StyleRocks, had suggested a number of her beautiful pieces to be featured, and I ultimately settled on the Charlotte Russian Rings necklace, because I love it's symbolism and I love how much it looks like Kate's cartier Trinity necklace. StyleRocks 

The necklace features three circles, or Russian rings. Pascale says, "the three rings are said to represent the Holy Trinity. But they can represent other concepts too: Past, Present, Future. Peace, Love, Harmony. There’s something about the number 3 that is truly magical. And in this ring, they represent a connectedness that can never be broken." It is beautiful symbolism for a Mother's Day gift, or as a personal token. I don't think I am breaking a confidence in saying that Pascale is expecting a little prince or princess of her own this month, and I love this picture of her in a very Duchess of Cambridge inspired dress, wearing the Russian Rings necklace. Pretty gorgeous! 

Well, the giveaway closed on Sunday and we have drawn a winner. Pascale and I were thinking about how exciting it would be if Kate named her daughter Charlotte, since the necklace is named The Charlotte! Lo, and behold, the Cambridges announced today that they had indeed named their little girl Charlotte! Sweet timing. It is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the StyleRocks Russian Rings necklace is:

Melissa T!

If you still need a Mother's Day Gift and want to jump in, StyleRocks will issue you a little certificate to slip to mom on Sunday, promising a special treat to-be-delivered. 

My personal, 100% recommendation is one of StyleRocks' big, rectangular rings. I am obsessed with their color and bold and sassy personalities.   You get a $25 credit if you sign up for the newsletter using the FBTB code! 

Ok, all y'all. I'll be back mid-week to give you the skinny on the William, Kate, Cutie-Pants George, and the adorable Miss Princess Charlotte.


  1. Still so exciting! I'm not a fan of how predictable the names are, but it is a pretty, sentimental name!

    My big burning question is, why have all KP announcements been on only William's stationary? I thought they had a joint monogram. What Kate went through in those hours is still remarkable, and what an adorable family of four.

    Where was James? And if Carole stayed with Pippa, does that mean James has moved in with his girlfriend? Did Michael arrive separately because he's been holding down the fort at Party Pieces?

    I love how Carole seems to really give W&K their space, but balances it with being a "mom". By not forcing herself on them, they thank her by giving her a lot of access

    Can't wait for family photos!!

    Amanda, Canada

    1. I saw that about the stationary too. I thought, good grief, poor Kate gives birth and they don't even use her monogram to announce? Typical .

      I don't think Michael really works at Party Pieces. Remember him mowing the grass right after the wedding? I have loved him ever since then. All those horrible things they say about the Middletons, I can just never see it. They seem like "sturdy stock".:)

    2. Amanda I so agree with you on the space issue. As close as the family is, I do believe W&K's privacy is respected. I suspect privacy and respect are key ingredients in how well they get along and enjoy each other's company (apparently).

      Regarding the stationary, initially I was surprised, but then I realized it was not a joint announcement from W&K. It was made on Kate's behalf (in other words it was about her, and not from her). If that makes sense...

  2. Congratulations Melissa! Enjoy your necklace. Thank you for a great post Jane. Unless we get a quick shot of them as they leave London, I think we've seen the last of the Cambridges for a while. I hope they have a wonderful Spring and Summer in the country. I did hear that the christening will likely take place before the Queen retires to Scotland in July, so perhaps there's that. Thanks for all of your hard work Jane.

  3. I still have to do a double take when I see the princess referred to as Charlotte. After months of talking about the royal baby it is so fun to call her by name! I think Kate and William did a lovely job of naming her, choosing names that are classic, timeless, and full of meaning. I'm so excited that HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is finally here!

  4. Don't forget that Carole is a form of "Charles", and so Charlotte could be a nod to her as well as to Charles. Two birds, one stone!

    They're all lovely names and tributes for the little sleepy princess! So happy for them.

  5. I love the name so much. I even got a little teary eyed when they talked about it on the nightly news. Good grief. :) I think it's just perfect for the Little Princess. The picture of Kate beaming down at her, and William beaming out at the press is just so joyful. Next event I'm looking forward to is her christening photos, or maybe a family photo like the one that Michael took of them and baby George. :)

  6. Where did Emila and Catherine become friends. This is a bit rude but the references to Emila are vague on her family wealth and on her husband,except for saying he is from "landed " something or other from Scotland. Did she go to college with Catherine and Wiliam?

  7. Carmen, The NetherlandsMay 5, 2015 at 2:15 AM

    Did anyone else notice the fact that the name 'Carole' is also hidden in the name 'Charlotte'? Maybe a coincidence, but I like it!

  8. Regarding Emilia, she seems to be a very good friend to Kate, and someone outside of the Middleton clan, yet able to socially interact with them AND with the Royal Family Firm. My understanding is that she probably met William, as a fringe member of the Glosse Posse (uncertain of the spelling, but it was the teenage gang which hung around with William and Harry during their teen years at Highgrove), accepted because of her aristo roots. At the same time, she and Kate became friends at Marlborough. As to which came first, the chicken or the egg, who knows? I suspect that she may have met Kate first--I have seen more than one photo of Emilia and Kate, taken at Marlborough--and almost certainly, she spent more time with Kate, as a teen.

    Then there was that silly teenage *love boat* thing, arranged by Charles and Camilla, who were attempting to bring their respective children together, whilst Camilla was still Charles mistress--and what an immoral example of chaperones that must have set--which included several delectable teenage girls for Williams perusal, Emilia amongst them. Apparently, it didn't work, at least in Emilia's case.

    I am inclined to think that, as aristos go, Emilia may be quite a decent girl. I am unsurprised that she and Kate might have something in common--decency--and might be fast friends indeed. I certainly hope so.


    Yes, I am inclined to think

    1. JC, it's unfair to mention certain topics without links. Only kidding, but OMG I am intrigued. If Google has a melt-down this evening, you know the reason for it! :)

      And I do believe Emilia is a decent and trustworthy friend. Kate appears to be very down to earth and protective of her privacy so I doubt she would be friends with someone who didn't have similar qualities.

  9. Carole's middle name is also Elizabeth. So the Duchess has herself, her majesty & her mother covered with Elizabeth. Charlotte is covering Charles & Pippa. Plus, the name is just beautiful anyway. I saw on the BBC, where they called her Charlie! Love it!

  10. Faith from MassachusettsMay 5, 2015 at 8:03 AM

    Quidem Nos:-) I love the name. I think it suits her well and is perfectly beautiful. I didn't think they would use Charlotte because of Pippa, Charlotte of Monaco and Lady Charlotte Spencer. However,
    obviously they don't mind if the name has been well
    used. I think they like classically modern names and
    this is certainly that. It will be a pleasure to see these two children grow up. Have fun with your new necklace Melissa!

  11. I love the name! I think it might have to grow on me a little bit, but I absolutely love that they added Diana. But hey, its not my child either! :) Congrats to William and Catherine on another adorable baby.

    Question: Jane do you think that Kate loaned Emilia the orange dress? I've always wondered if Kate passes clothes to friends/family.
    Also: Do you think that Kate would ever wear one of Diana's dresses/hats/coats/shoes? Or would she just stick to hand-me-down jewelry? When my Grandma died I got some of her clothes and 3 years later still wear them.

    Sara, USA

  12. Oh, notice the aqua tank top Kate is wearing in the photo with Emilia (presumaly at her uncles place)? It looks like the same one she was pictured wearing while walking George. It was one of those "new" photos that surfaced during the Great Kate Wait, and I think the recent photo was from summer 2014. She has many a designer pieces, but I love how he keeps items in her closet for years& us normal people!

  13. Found the photos of the tank from 2014 and it looks like the same one, v-neck and all! So this would have been at least 7 years old last summer?

    1. George is looking at the photographer. Love his expression!

  14. Sonja from BavariaMay 6, 2015 at 8:38 AM

    Well, when I found out on Twitter that they'd named her charlotte, I wasn't very thrilled at first - I had really wanted a Victoria or mary instead..

    But now that some time has passed and I've heard it more than once, I absolutely love the name. Elizabeth covers the Queen, kate and carole, diana is obivous and charlotte covers pippa and charles. Charlotte is a beautiful old aristocratic name and I think 'George & Charlotte' go well together :)

    And congratulations to Melissa T for winning that beautiful necklace!

  15. DMail claims that Michael arrived after Prince Charles unlike his wife who was there first because he wanted to be more tactful. Supposedly the two, Michael and Carole are quarreling over how involved the family should be at Anmer Hall...While I don't believe that Middleton's marriage is on the rocks at all, I think Michael did the right thing. Carole is becoming more and more unpopular.


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