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Prince William: Birthday Boy + Proud Daddy

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Today is both Father's Day and Prince William's birthday, so we are celebrating the Duke of Cambridge this afternoon. We don't give him a lot of air-time here on From Berkshire to Buckingham, but a princess needs a prince, and Kate is our princess, so William is our prince. I have come to like William very much over the years. I really only ever followed him because he married Kate and since he is her husband, I read the occasional article. I am very impressed by the man he has matured into, evidenced by is quiet confidence and his strong presence. He is very private, but it seems he knows what he wants and isn't afraid to stand up for it. To celebrate his birthday and Father's Day, let's look at a few of William's big daddy moments!

As the whole world knows, William has had a rocky relationship with the press, which I feel has sometimes translated into a dislike of the public. I don't know that this is entirely fair, but sometimes that is how it felt: William doesn't like people. As he fell in love with Kate and began dating her, we began to see a softer side to the prickly prince. He was still frosty, but I think we all thought it was pretty charming, since his hostility was transformed from a latent aggression toward publicity to protective consideration for his girlfriend.

While William's protectiveness usually manifested itself in lawyering-up over pap shots, one of my favorite dating incidents remains the time it seems William chose to deliberately expose a private moment to make a point. In 2009, William and Kate were solidly past their break-up, but there was no engagement and people were still mumbling and grumbling, wondering what was up with the two of them. A News of the World sting operation sent a wired reporter to the Ibiza villa of Carole's brother Gary Goldsmith, and caught him on tape cutting cocaine and offering to procure high dollar prostitutes. Gary also mentioned his friendship with his niece Kate and her royal-boyfriend Prince William. As you can imagine, the Palace was not pleased. Certainly, it was a huge embarrassment for the Middleton family. Although, it wasn't Kate's fault, the press was bad, and some people wanted to claim Kate was tainted by association. Leaving a pub in Wiltshire, William paused in the car park and pulled Kate in for a thorough kiss before the two went on their way. It was captured in still shot and video:

Capturing this intimate display of affection may have been a lucky break, but I believe William deliberately was telegraphing a message to the media, to London society, and the world. Kate was the love of his life, and she was here to stay. Certainly, there are times when you should weather the storm quietly, but I know that this gesture meant so much to Kate and to her family. 

The Cambridges' wedding was the happiest I have ever seen William. The entire day, he beamed a smile that could not be wiped from his face. His obvious elation at marrying Kate was partially displayed by his willingness to allow that happiness and love to spill over and encompass the public, as well. It was (unknowingly) one of his finest PR moments.  

On the balcony, it was Kate who seemed a little shy of the press when William suggested they kiss for the cameras, and it was William who asked her for one more, which he certainly made count. 

His new title and his marriage seemed to mark a turning point for William. His position in the royal family gained an added measure of gravitas and we saw a shift in his public persona, too. He seemed more confident, more measured, and more professional. William went from carefully protecting his girlfriend from the media, to introducing his wife to the world, while proudly watching her navigate her new role with aplomb.  Still, I think we all remember his distress in Southeast Asia. On the day that the news broke that the couple had been invasively photographed on holiday in the Luberon, William held his cool relatively well. But, by the time the couple boarded their flight that evening, fatigue and stress and worn down his calm facade and the prince glowered at the assembled press as he stalked down the red carpet to the waiting plane. Again, his just anger at the distress and pain his wife was so graciously weathering was a sterling moment, and endeared him to me even more.

Time and again, either on tour, or thanks to the more relaxed moments captured by at sports games, we have seen that William is not just a protective guy, but a bit of tease and very much in love with Kate.

As we celebrate Father's Day today, his transition into a daddy has been another window into William's personality. The photos of Kate holding baby George dominated the headlines, but I thought it was sweet and special that William took a turn holding his firstborn. Kate carefully tucked little George in, before William turned for his photo, smiling broadly.

William can't help but smother his little ones in love, and this shot of a stolen kiss Down Under still makes me laugh. It's as if George is thinking, "No more, Dad! No more!""

I don't think it is a secret that some people preferred William and George's little appearance at the Lindo Wing after Charlotte's birth to the actual presentation of the Cambridges' second child, but whichever touched your heart more, there is no denying that William's biggest daddy moment since the Bilbies, was pretty adorable.

I think this was a mixed event for William, because his modus operendi is to protect his child's privacy at all costs, while his natural inclination is also to proudly show-off his treasure. I was glad that the royals didn't sacrifice tradition for privacy. William could not have been more down-to-earth and normal as he toted George from the car and gave him a quick little kiss of reassurance as they turned to move inside.

Watching George with both his parents is indicative of the kind of parents the Cambridges are. We have certainly seen that George loves his mummy, and it has been so, so sweet to see that he shares a similarly strong connection to his daddy. If you can't pick your nose on your dad's shoulder, whose shoulder can you pick your nose on? I mean, really.

William made some comments toward the press and public when he was younger that really soured my opinion of him, but over time I have learned that we can unfairly translate his natural reticence, his need for privacy, and his drive to protect his loved ones as a disdain for his public, which is not the case. I think we have seen, as the years have ticked by, that he is a wonderful husband and now a wonderful dad. Kate has always been very obviously proud of William, and I am happy to say that I am entirely on board.

I can't wait to see him more with George, with his little daughter Charlotte, and hopefully a few more  munchkins in the future! A Happy Birthday and a Happy Father's Day to the love of Kate's life and From Berkshire to Buckingham's favorite prince, HRH the Duke of Cambridge!


  1. Beautiful , and I wish him all the best for his birthday and for his father's day ,with lots of blessings an hugs Nana Kat

  2. Great read!
    Thanks Jane!
    Happy Birthday William and Happy Father's Day!


  3. I don't think William's dislike of the media means he doesn't like people. He always seemed interested and engaged when interacting with the public. That is based on his appearances from when he was a teenager up until now. Considering the phone hacks and invasive photos, he is fully justified in disliking the media.

    1. I too think it is the press he has had a problem with and I also find him engaging in public.

      If you consider Diana's death and the attitude towards the press at the time, well, I assume that was also balanced (in William's mind) with the tremendous outpouring of grief and support from the public. That was a quite a reality check for *everyone* in the RF, but surely it meant a lot to William (and Harry, of course).

  4. Well I watched the clip and now I am a blubbering girl. LOL. I get so choked up with the wedding, the happiness of that day, the tradition. ... and thinking how much more happiness has come along since that great day.
    I am such a sot ~ Nina

  5. You tell a great story, Jane. Along with the images you included, their bond and clossness is almost palpable.
    I imagine Wonder Woman circling them with her magic lasso.Come to think of it-wasn't that the lasso of truth?
    So many pictures new to me-including George's nose-picking one. Maybe I've seen it, but didn't realise what that little
    finger was up to.
    Thank-you for your very enjoyable post.

  6. Gorgeous post Jane .... Just loved it!

  7. Best Wishes, always - Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday as well - More Blessings to all the families!

  8. Cute pics & good read - awww:)

  9. Lovely post. I never had the impression that the Prince disliked the public. As a teenager he seemed rather shy and it must be difficult for a young man who finds that any girl he as much as smiles at, is the immediate target for the press.
    As I am aged almost exactly between HM and the Prince of Wales, it is unlikely that I will see this lovely couple on the throne, but it is nice to know that it will be in safe hands.

  10. It is always very touching and sometimes quite moving to see how they look at each other at almost every event, and how William always sweetly puts his hand on her back when they're walking. They seem to be just so considerate of each other.
    From the outside, it looks as if their bond couldn't be any stronger.

  11. Lovely post, Jane! I was hoping we'd focus on William for his big double day! I agree that Kate has brought out William's warmth and humor, and given him the perfect family platform to grow and flourish within. Her family values and supportive parents/siblings provide William with a comfort he probably hasn't known since his mother passed away. I am so happy for him (and Kate)! I do believe some of his hostility towards the press and the people are due to the incessant sniping of his father, Prince Charles. Charles used to be so petulant, so disdainful of the press, and said horrible things about them and to them, in front of his boys. Thanks to the warm, unpretentious, shining light of Kate William can finally shed the stodgy, isolated, irrelevant culture of the Windsors and connect to the people, and the press, and a full, happy life. Congratulations William and happy birthday!

  12. Sonja from BavariaJune 22, 2015 at 9:18 AM

    Great post! I love especially the photos of william and george in their matching blue sweaters in front of the hospital to visit kate and charlotte - and the one of william kissing george in new zealand ^^

    I would love to see a repeat of Kate's lace dress from south east asia - in my opinion, it remains one of her best outfits!

    I hope that William, Kate and their small family will have lots of time together to be happy :)

    1. One of my favorites, too. And her hair-the pearl hair ornaments. Lovely Also, the teal gown and the aubergine
      coat and hat.

  13. Thanks, Jane, for a great post. I have to agree with other posters that while William dislikes the media at times, he does not dislike the public. In fact, he appears to relish his interactions with the public. He certainly chose an amazing woman in Catherine and, as Diane has beautifully expressed, now has Kate's loving family as his own. IA Diane, with your comment about Prince Charles being disdainful of the press and that affecting his sons. That, and the way they hounded Diana.

  14. These types of articles (reflective, with a balance of your own opinions and facts) is why this is my favorite Kate blog. Thank you!

    1. Sonja from BavariaJune 22, 2015 at 1:27 PM

      Totally agree with you! Your blog is fantastic, Jane (and so are you) ;)

    2. I feel the same way!

  15. Have to agree with that nose-picking comment you made, Jane, and with your take of William on the balcony on his wedding day--he certainly looked like a happy camper. I do wish you had run more pics of the June 14th polo game, tho. In amongst the many I have seen, are the following: 1. William, replete with the most bizarre polo helmet I have ever seen--white polka-dots and white strap against black--supplemented by what appeared to be iridescent goggles, trying to talk to George, who visibly shrinks back into Kate's arms; William, George and Kate once William has taken his goggles off--and George still isn't buying into this alien pretending to be his Daddy; 3.Daddy makes a second approach, devoid of both goggles and bizarre helmet and George virtually launches himself into Daddy's arms.

    My take on the above is that George initially found himself confronted with a very strange creature, half human and half giant bug; once William divested himself of the goggles AND odd helmet, George lunged at Daddy--and no wonder! He wanted protection from THAT CREATURE and Daddy is just as big that THING; Mummy is hopeless, too small and far too easily taken in by a THING pretending to be Daddy!

    P.S. mk, oh ye of little faith! I have the whole $$$ problem solved, legitimately. No need to rob banks...and no desire to discuss it on public forum. And remember, any $$$ spent up front, will be more than covered by our Nobel prize winnings. As for your recent query re whether royalfan and Nina are de-baiters or debaters (good point) they are both. (We need a check on our most outrageous ideas--de-baiters--which could only be achieved by debaters we both respect. Face it: they are both decent people, unlike you and I; we share a deplorable criminal mind-set.)


    1. JC 2:21- forgot about the prize-winnings. Not sure about your secret, alternative plan.
      You are right: there are some first-class de-baiter/debaters on this blog. Jane being numero uno.
      I see we share our attraction to nose-pickers. It's a well-known sign of latent intelligence AND George had to
      learn it somewhere. Please don't say the naughty uncle. (which one, you say?)

    2. Oh as I read this sipping some tea... HOT tea I chuckled and snorted and it came out my nose. Ouch :)

      Let us debate or de-bait on that! Heheheeeee


    3. Nina, @ June 22 at 4:39 PM. Well, you asked for it, so here goes. Snorting any liquid thru your nose is NOT DONE, particularly at press conferences where you will be representing mk and myself. Get a grip, woman, and either give up your sense of humour or your fluid intake at such occasions--and I would suggest that you keep your humour intact.

      mk @ June 22, 4:37 PM. I included Jane in my original list of potential, necessary backers; you zeroed in on royal fan and Nina--eyes giving you problems?

      And talk about baiters--WHICH naughty uncle? I would say that there is a plethora, a virtual smorgasbord. Jane has mentioned Uncle Gary, proven blabbermouth, so much so, and with such an obvious agenda, that I simply dismiss him.

      But she forgot to mention HRH Prince Andrew, his association with unsavoury characters, and HRH Prince Harry, he of Vegas parties, the Playstation Prince, the shoot-em-up cowboy who was employed as a co-pilot gunner in Afghanistan. And James Middleton who would love to grab a piece of the action in the spotlight, and God knows, he's tried.

      Which uncle, mk? Take your pick.

    4. Try to pay attention, JC. We're talking nose-picker teacher. Latently intelligent- that would rule out at least two
      of the candidates. We may have to look closer to home.
      Baiting? Well, if I have the name I might as well play the game. Not to mention my time served.I've earned it. Plus, scroll down. There is a new baiter in town. The old anorexic theme-a bit worn-out, but proven bait, nonetheless.

    5. LOL... As I sit here thoroughly enjoying the debaters vs. de-baiters debate, the vivid description of George's extended family, as well as the sympathy directed at Nina's nasal issues, I do hope you appreciate how difficult it is to sit on my hands and not bite despite all the bait you ladies have provided. :)

    6. royalfan, the ability to sit on your hands is a talent I don't possess; reviewing my life, to date--and I rarely do so, fearing that my wincing might cause a permanent tic, I realize that despite my early material advantages--I married a poor man, much to my fathers despair--and my wonderful education, c/o Daddy, I am and doubtless will ever be inappropriate. Small example: At my brothers wedding to a lovely Jewish girl, I took the opportunity offered to ask the Jewish guests--I ignored everyone else because I was on a fact-finding mission--if they had lost anyone during the Holocaust! Ouch. And that is a true story, one of many. (The really odd thing about that episode was that my brother called me when he returned from his honeymoon, and demanded to know what I had said. Turned out that his new in-laws and their friends had taken a shine to me and that his stock had risen as a result. Still bewildered over that.)

      mk, I am trying, as directed, to figure out whether it was either of William or Kate who taught George the intricacies of nose-picking. I visualize the two of them settling down on their pretty cream couch, with a bowl of potato chips and a smaller one of dip, both kids asleep, watching an episode of Downton Abbey, and casually picking their noses. Call me unimaginative, but IT DOES NOT COMPUTE.

      What does compute are all those trips to farm parks in Bucklebury and Norfolk and all of those normal kids George was exposed to; surely, several of the 3 to 6 year olds he met were inveterate nose-pickers. He no doubt thought that this was something big kids do, and figured he should do it too.


    7. JC 02:58 pm- Ah! well, good to know, then. He learned it from the normal children. Of course.
      Out of curiosity, how long do you think it will be before Jane mentions nose-picking in a post again?
      Perhaps a means of keeping us entertained, whilst waiting for the Cambridge princess's christening.
      Not long now!

    8. JC, I would enjoy crashing a wedding with you. Perhaps the next royal shindig? Hmmm.... The right hat, and no one would notice.

  16. What a lovely tribute to William, Jane. I have always loved William - since he was a little boy like George. His dislike of the press was well earned by them as he watched them hound his mother and make her life a circus. Whatever Diana gave them was never enough for them and I think he has done remarkably well given what he witnessed growing up. I love how he protects Kate and their little family. Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to William! He is a credit to his family!

  17. People magazine has an article about Kate's new private trainer. They talk everyday and meet at least once a week. She started using a personal trainer during her pregnancy. You do not look like that 6 weeks after baby without complete focus and serious limited eating and exercise. Cry foul all you want, that is the truth!

    1. I read the article, Anon. To be honest, it was a subject I had expected and I wonder what took so long. I also believe that "super-discreet" trainer translates into: don't expect the information to be verified.

      Is Kate working with a personal trainer? I don't know. She may be. But clearly Kate does have good genes and she was in great shape throughout both of her pregnancies. It's just as possible that it's a combination of genes and good decisions.

      The speculation will go on, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be happy for her instead of looking upon an article like this as a "gotcha" moment.

    2. My goodness, it was hardly reported as a gotcha moment. But when people have money, power, and prestige, they tend to have much better health and fitness opportunities. Kate doesn't look like that through natural slimming as some on here try to say. She discusses her eating and exercising daily with a professional.

      So, I guess the opposite side of what you are claiming is to say that Kate had A LOT of help getting back into shape. Why would that demean her? Her life is much easier, pampered, etc. than most could even imagine. Why is it so horrible to say that?

      I simply don't understand why talking about Kate as a real person, who has unlimited help and assistance upsets so many?? If we point out any of the truths.... We are pushing a gotcha moment?? What, by telling the truth??

    3. If you think what you say "upsets so many," I would question your motive for saying it on a blog that is meant to
      be fun. Pointing out truths about Catherine, especially when the information available is sketchy at best, sounds like a pointless exercise to me.
      Actually, if anyone is upset, it is
      likely because this is an old, boring topic, with no way of proving one way or another. We have no way of really knowing to whom she speaks on a "daily" basis.
      You stated unequivocally that Kate was speaking with a professional daily. Royalfan uses words such as "she may be," and "it's just possible." You spoke as an authority. Of course, if you are actually that professional, then I
      do apologise for questioning your statement.

    4. Anon 1:50, the original poster did speak as an authority and ended it with "Cry foul all you want, that is the truth!"

      I stated that Kate may or may not be working with a trainer; I never insisted that I was pointing out the truth. So who is upset or invested here?

  18. Oh jane your post is such a treat! I only had time to glance through the photo's but will come back to read cause your writing is so full of humour and still respectful of the cambridges. thanks for now!

  19. I leave for a week and come back to find my favourite baiters/debators have turned to a life of crime. Good thing I'm a lawyer. A Canadian lawyer, so I'm definitely polite. Can I help?

  20. It's complicated, Jane. JC and I were incarcerated for baiting in some foreign jail. Royalfan and Nina heard of our
    think-tank and decided to join us.The Nobel Prize and parts of the royal family have been mentioned.
    We were thinking of asking Mrs. Clooney, due to the international aspect of the case, but I'm sure your help would be
    enormously appreciated. It may take the both of you.

  21. Ah, Mrs. Clooney. Certainly can't compete with her in the style wars, so you're perhaps better off. The Canadian eh? diplomacy might just be a little too vanilla for the kind of crimes you're talking about. Much depends on which of the 5 countries caught you and threw your sorry ****es in jail. But I'm happy to consult with you and Mrs. Clooney. I'll bring the Timbits. Perhaps you can bribe your guards with them.

    1. I'd love to hear Mrs. C's thoughts on some of Kate's hemlines. ;)

  22. hi jane I love these tribute and I comment the duchess in great shape she has a good genes btw I found a lovely pics prince George and grandma

  23. Royalfan: What do you think Mrs. C would say about those hemlines? Personally, comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. Kate does not have the freedom to experiment with style the way Amal does (although I've never met a lawyer who dresses like she does). The Queen is a wonderful person, a perfect head of the Commonwealth and none of us want to see her gone. But the fact that she is still here and has been for so long, means that younger royals are limited in their ability to make change. A perfect example is Charles and Camilla. Charles wanted to marry Camilla but could not because she was divorced. Given the history of King Edward and Wallace Simpson and Princess Margaret, there was no way the Queen could have sanctioned Charles' marriage to Camilla as long as her sister and her mother were alive. Once they both died, she did give her (reluctant) blessing. I truly believe that there are significant changes that Charles and William will bring to bear once Queen Elizabeth is gone. Do you think Kate would love to wear stylish pants and so on to engagements like Princess Mary and Queen Letizia? I'm certain she would. But as long as the Queen is alive, dresses are required as are stockings and closed toe shoes. I have no proof of this other than what I see, but I have no doubt that the dress code is dictated largely by the Queen and while Sophie pushes the boundaries from time to time (and given the Queen's fondness for her, I'm sure its allowed to slide now and then), Kate is a new royal and there is no way Kate is going to rock that boat at this point. Her day will come and I wager right now that Kate's wardrobe will change significantly when Queen Elizabeth is gone. And, in case you missed it up front, I have no wish for the Queen's imminent demise. Long may she live - but lets be honest about how firmly she holds the reins.

    1. Jane, apples and oranges indeed. :)

      For the record, I was not implying anything negative about Kate's hemlines and I regret if my comment came across that way. When Amal Clooney was introduced into the conversation, I smiled to myself as I compared some of her fashion choices with comments I have read about Kate's being "too short." The thought of Amal, as an attorney, chiming in made me giggle.

      And I could not agree more with your comments. I too believe many of the current decisions/actions have much to do with timing and the short(er) term agenda (Charles becoming king with Camilla as his consort).

    2. This is a reply to both Jane in Canada and royal fan, since the two of you seem to mutually agree. First, I agree with your take, Jane, of Kate's limited wardrobe choices, thanks to our current Edwardian Queen. And, as per royal fan, I do think that the Queen rules the roost, as directed by her rather idiotic advisers. (I cannot begin to imagine how William puts up with his grandmother and her constant interference in his personal life. right down to telling him that he WILL wear the Irish Guards dress uniform on his wedding day--no doubt because she intended to promote him as Colonel of the Irish Guards, or had she, after his engagement, already done so? and, of course, all of this was done in order to lay the groundwork for her own tour of Northern Ireland. Talk about an egotist!!)

      It should be clear, by now, that unlike the two of you, I do not admire the Queen. She is just an obstacle that William and Kate have to negotiate. And the sooner she shuffles off this mortal toil, the better, IMO. She is holding up progress, and not just in matters of fashion.

      If King Charles III does nothing more than retire the hangers-on, refusing to take on replacements--eg. Princess Beatrice--and if he sets in place a sensible mechanism for the retirement of future monarchs, then I would say: Well Done!


      If King Charles III does nothing else other than setting

    3. Lol......JC, I just finished cleaning up the coffee I spit out when I read your post. :) You do have a way of capturing one's attention and I enjoy your posts, whether I agree with every point or not.

      I admire the Queen because of what I see as a selfless dedication to duty, but I do agree with the benefits of handing over the reigns to a younger generation, as Queen Beatrix did in 2013 when Willem-Alexander was 46. The united front demonstrated by the Dutch royal family and the apparent affection between Beatrix and Maxima is a pleasure to see. In comparison, the BRF seems to be very compartmentalized.

      But I question just how much modernizing Charles is prepared to do. He is settled in his ways and he does not come across as a man who denies himself. I do believe he will streamline and make changes, but I question his capacity to truly modernize the monarchy; his words have not always been compatible with the example he sets. I also question Camilla's willingness to encourage or go along with cutting back on the trappings of royalty; she likes her carats, and she waited a very long time to have access to them.

    4. I am guessing that few will ever read this, and, since sleep escapes tonite, I might as well reply to your provocative post, royalfan. You see, I think that the inability of Charles to deny himself, coupled with Camillas greed, is a guarantee that Charles will streamline the monarchy. (The Duchy of Lancaster/Lancashire? from which the Queen derives her personal income, isn't anywhere near the personal income Charles currently enjoys from the Duchy of Cornwall--and THAT knowledge must drive Charles up the wall.)

      Charles is a dinosaur in many ways, but he does seem to have a better grip on how to make a buck than his mother ever has had.

      Unfortunately, I agree with your point that, aside from money-making, Charles is no modernizer. Chances are that it will be left to William to put in place a mechanism for retirement.

      You say that you admire the Queen for her *selfless devotion to duty.* Indeed. But selfless denotes a person without self--in the vernacular, a non-person, a thing. And I don't disagree. But I fail to see anything admirable in that description; I have often thought that the best epitaph for HMTQ would be: Elizabeth, the Dull and Dutiful. Basically, I believe that history will judge her as a woman whose main accomplishment was her longevity--and even that will be tainted by the fact that her longevity held up progress and so endangered the monarchy.

      P.S. Speaking of danger, you may well want to re-think your invitation to crash a royal wedding with me in tow; you would almost certainly die either of laughter or some embarrassment I had caused. Best have your funeral plans in place.


    5. I was happy to see another post from you, JC.

      When I refer to HM as selfless, I consider her work ethic and the fact that, despite her wealth and privilege, she does not come across as a woman who thinks of herself as being "grand". I do believe she is happier while out walking her corgis in the rain than wearing a tiara at a state dinner. IMO of course.

      Regarding Charles and Camilla, we do agree on what motivates them.

      And no worries, JC. The possibility of dying of laughter or from embarrassment is a risk worth taking. As far as my "arrangements" go, well, I suspect Camilla would be more than happy to step in and expedite the process. :)

  24. Royal fan. I did not take your comments in any way negatively. I was just changing the subject really. I knew what you were saying. :)


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