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Kate's August Break: Last Year's Pregnancy Announcement

Friday, August 14, 2015

Oh, August. It is the slowest month of the Royal Watching year. January can feel sluggish, and July feels never-ending at times, but nothing beats August when the Queen retreats to her Balmoral Estate in the Scottish Highlands. Most of the royal family follow suit and disappear into hibernation one place or another, and for obvious reasons, this is when many royal reporters and photographers take off, too. We are left with, well, almost nothing. This time of the year always has Kate-fans feeling like this:

It was under the cover of this annual silence that the Duchess of Cambridge was able to conceal her early pregnancy. At he very start of August 2014 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry had very busy schedules. The trio were in Belgium on August 4th for WWI Commemorations with dignitaries from around the world:

The day included a lantern lit ceremony at dusk at the St. Symphorien Military Cemetery:

Kate wore a bespoke McQueen for this event. I loved it at the time and it just continues to grow on me. I think it divided opinion, but I thought she was picture perfect in this. Those pleats!! This gorgeous shot by James Whatling is one of my favorite. It's so serene and I love the blurred purple (lavender?) in the background. 

The very next day, they were back in London visiting the poppy installment at the Tower of London: Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. 

Interestingly, Kate appeared to already be letting her roots go at that time. 

On the 28th of August the couple were spotted on what appeared to be a low-key, but romantic date in Norfolk.

The two seemed to be celebrating something. As they shared some wine, William held Kate's hand at various times during the meal. When the news that Kate was pregnant broke, it was suggested to me that Kate had likely told William right around that time, which I think is a very reasonable theory. 

The couple were alone in Norfolk for a fortnight, putting finishing touches on their Anmer Hall home, and I believe catching a mini-holiday together before they rolled back into the busy season of engagements. If they knew Kate was pregnant, they were probably hoping for the best, but anticipating she would likely be sick sooner rather than later. Which indeed turned out to be the case. They were pictured returning to London for a slew of upcoming engagements, none of which the Duchess was ultimately able to make.

We were due to see Kate (with William) at the opening of the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building on September 8th. This event forced the royals to announce that the Duchess had to withdraw from the highly anticipated event because she was pregnant with her second child! William attended on his own and spent the majority of his time thanking excited well-wishers...and unveiling a plaque that was no longer accurate. :)

The Duchess spent a lot of time resting in Bucklebury during this period. Carole and Mike were doubtless able to give the very energetic George lots of love and attention while his mummy was feeling so ill, and of course Carole was able to take very good care of Kate. As I am sure we all recall, she cancelled a number of engagements throughout September before she was pictured at her doctor's appointment for her 12-week scan.

She was spotted at a pub with William shortly after and we didn't have too long to wait until she made her official comeback when welcoming President and Mrs. Tan of Singapore. (I chose this picture to highlight the cuff on this McQueen sleeve. These details on Sarah Burton pieces are exquisite!)

That was all a year ago! It is a little hard to believe how quickly time has scooted along. A year later, Kate and William can look forward to a much more pleasant September as they enjoy the fruits of last year's suffering in the joys of Charlotte's arrival.

So, when will we see Kate again? As we have chatted about in the past, the Cambridges do not seem to visit Her Majesty in August. While it could be that various extenuating circumstances have changed their pattern, thus far they seem to like to visit her in September. I think they are likely enjoying the last days of summer in Norfolk and that we will see them pick up their public schedule again next month. As mentioned at the start, this is an historic holiday time, and the reporters are getting a break as well.  Look at it this way...we are halfway through August!

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Sonja from BavariaAugust 14, 2015 at 8:36 AM

    I can't believe that we're already halfway through August and school is starting again in a bit more than four weeks! Summer is always passing by so quickly, but unfortunately withouth sightings of Kate or the other royals...

    I absolutely love Kate's outfit - the beautiful hat, her stunning hairstyle and the silhouette of the coat (especially the peter pan collar and the full skirt).

    I think she already let her roots go at that time because they were trying to get pregnant again and she didn't want to risk anything...

    Thank you for this nice recap of last summer/autumn!

    1. Sonja from BavariaAugust 14, 2015 at 8:47 AM

      I wanted to ask if you could do a post about Kate's ex-boyfriends and William's ex-girlfriends? I know this isn't very romantic ;) But having a closer look at someone's former relationships tells you much about this person. I've already tried to find out something about them, but I couldn't really find much so I was wondering if you could do a post about them? I'm really curious and interested in that topic...

      Of course only if you have enough time, I know you are very busy :)

    2. Maybe I'm uneducated but I think hair dye isn't just about when trying to conceive - ideally you wouldn't colour your hair at all while pregnant, just like you ideally wouldn't pain your nails, have fake nails, wear non-natural deodorant. So I think if she care about being natural she wouldn't touch up her roots at all during pregnancies.

    3. All of the theories about hair dye, nail polish, etc., being unsafe during pregnancy are myths. Any OBGYN will tell you that it's fine.

      I love the outfit she wore in Belgium and that hat is one of my favorites. I also love the choice of color for their walk through the poppies at the Tower of London. The blue was just stunning against the sea of red.

      After Diana's death I had several years until Kate came along before I had to relive the long dry days of the royal calendar in August. Having visited Balmoral, however, I can see why The Queen goes there for the hot month. It is so beautiful and green and romantic. I was always surprised that Diana hated it up there but I'm sure she had her reasons.

  2. I loved ghe peach Belgium outfit minus the awkward bust seam, and one of my favs is that grey outfit from the Singapore visit.

  3. I loved those pub photos from Norfolk! The PDA, the curly hair, the relaxed look gives us a glimpse into their Wales life or Berkshire life.

  4. We actually haven't seen much of Kate since the last two weeks of her pregnancy! I've been dying! :) I must say that McQueen in Belgium was one of my all-time favorite looks. I remember my jaw hitting the floor when I first saw it. The sweet silhouette with the nipped in waist, elegant but girlish pleats, peter pan collar, the COLOR, the HAT, the hair! And the shoes...the platform heel really helps her looks I think, gives them a tiny edge that regular pumps just don't have. I find regular pumps a bit mumsy, to be honest. But she just looks perfection in that outfit! And then I adored the McQueen in Singapore too, a similar silhouette, but a little more mature looking, and loooove that gorgeous, subtle grey plaid. (And those details!) So classy!

  5. Loved revisiting theses looks - both exquisite!
    And I'd like an "exes" recap too - kind of fun;)


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