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Launching a New Project...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello, everyone! I know you think I am here to to remind everyone that Paris Fashion Week kicked off today! (That is definitely on my mind, but not the reason I am blogging tonight) I am so pleased to pop in tonight to tell you all that a project that has been in my mind for some months is finally kicking into gear a little more! Today, I am launching the Kate's Clothes Contributors. As you know, a little over a year ago I began the long process of building Kate's Clothes: the Online Encyclopedia of Kate's Fashion!

When I first envisioned the site, I had wanted to build it so other voices could get involved. I wanted to provide a platform for Kate fans to write or contribute pieces or ideas, whether that was as a single submission or as a regular contributor. As someone who has an addiction to writing and producing content, I know how much I want to write, but I also know how much work and expense is involved in maintaining blogs/websites and producing the content that can build a steady, global audience. The Kate's Clothes Contributor project will allow writers without the time (or inclination to be that invested) an audience and a voice--and just the opportunity to write and be read--without having to go the route of a full blog! It is something I would have loved before I started blogging, and I hope others find it enjoyable, too.

Today, I am excited to welcome Amanda Leonor who has written an awesome post about Pantone's new color of the year! She has pulled together some beautiful pieces inspired by one of Kate's favorite colors! I hope you pop over to Kate's Clothes and enjoy the post!!

...and, Happy Shopping! ;) 

New Picture of Princess Charlotte with Nanny Maria & Prince George

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Princess Charlotte marked an (infamous) milestone today as the first paparazzi picture of the little royal was shared by Woman's Day Australia. The adorable Charlotte was photographed tucked into the protecting arms of Nanny Maria on the lawn of Kensington Palace. 

The article says that Nanny Maria, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte were watching a helicopter carrying Princess Anne land on the lawn. I think that George must be a big helicopter fan--as would be natural--because I am not entirely sure why they would be out watching it land if that were not the case. Certainly, sweet George looks pretty intent upon the process, while Charlotte seems to be more interested in enjoying the autumn air. 

I am very excited to see another photo of her, but my gosh, the genes are strong in this family. She looks just like George did around her age...

...and frankly, just like mummy Kate:

I think she looks a lot like Granny Carole, and I suspect as time goes on we will see more Middleton resemblance. George looked a lot like Pippa for some time, although he has started to show Windsor traits since. You can see the Woman's Day article here

I am aware that there are mixed opinions about these photos. When it comes to paparazzi shots, I generally judge on a case by case basis. I found nothing problematic with these shots, although I have expressed significant concern regarding the terrorist issues related to certain tactics used to get some photos. Furthermore, saint or sinner, I cannot stand a hypocrite. I was excited to see these photos, and I "clicked." If I am willing to look, I would feel like an elitist if I made a decision for you, to which I was unwilling to adhere myself. If I am interested enough to look, I will share it with you. I know some of my readers have skipped this post, and I appreciate their right to do so. For myself, I am notoriously lacking in self-control. Do not leave a box of toffee unattended around me, I am not joking. :) For those still reading, all I can say is, isn't she adorable? 

We will be back in a  few days with "regular programming."  

[Updated] Duchess Kate Wears Zara Printed Crops

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good evening to all my favorite Kate fans! As had been hoped--and heavily suspected--Kate was a spectator again at the Rugby World Cup tonight, accompanying William and Harry to watch the match between England and Wales. Do you know the problem with these sports games?

The two princes root for rival teams (Harry for England and Wills for Wales) so we were sure to get fun snaps of the infamously competitive brothers. I am a little surprised that Kate wasn't seated between the guys just to keep the peace, but they seemed to all behave very well.

The majority of Kate's ensemble remains a mystery. From various pictures is appears she is wearing a velvet jacket. Kate doesn't have a ton of velvet in her closet. She has some fancier pieces, known of which match tonight's criterion, and she has a black, velvet blazer from way back in the day, but tonight's ensemble does not match that description. I think it is new, and we will just have to wait and see if better pictures emerge. I expect some will. 

By all accounts it was a really great (i.e. close) match. There were moments when Harry was up and excited, and the Duke & Duchess looked glum:

And then there were times when Prince Harry was miffed and the Cambridges were pretty pleased:

And there were moments when they all looked rather shocked. I think Wills and Kate knew the score on this and Harry is holding his breath wondering if it could be true...

It was true:

But ultimately, Wales ruled the night. They beat England 28 to 25. This was good news for royal fans, because William and Kate got all carried away, à la the Olympics, and we got another--albeit milder--PDA. Cue massive fan meltdown on Twitter and Tumblr.

Harry kind of stood over on the side wondering what Greek god he has offended:

His sweet older brother consoled him, though...I am joking. This looks more like gloating, but I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt. They are an awesome pair:

Kate had brought along Emma Probert as part of her security detail and Emma seems like a pretty enthusiastic fan. Kate was caught smiling at her PPO's enthusiasm on a number of occasions. 

Kate was wearing a red scarf that is likely her Hugo Boss. She debuted new earrings from Catherine Zoraida that feature fern leaves in a gold hoop. I think they are gorgeous! the earrings come in both gold-plated silver and in solid gold. Given Kate's history, I suspect these are the gold-plated, but there is virtually no way to confirm that. Catherine Zoraida confirmed that Kate owns the gold-plated silver version, not the solid gold. 

Catherien Zoraida

[Update] Well, the most exciting element of the evening emerged after this post went to press. As almost all of you know, Kate wore cropped trousers (aka pants, for us Yanks). I know many of you have been agitating for just such a ensemble, so it certainly was your lucky day. I just wish we had better pictures!

The hunt to ID the cropped slacks was a long one, and the majority of Kate bloggers had settled upon Reiss's tapered trousers in their "Perdita" polka dot pattern, when Angela messaged me with an alternate theory. What about Zara? Angela was right--yay From Berkshire to Buckingham community--and the mystery was solved.

I love, love, love this ensemble. It is so, darn cute! This is preppy and put-together/relaxed professional. Kate looks darling. I hope she either recycles this ensemble or that we get better photographs. The jacket is definitely new, and features a velvet trim. This photograph was taken by an obliging gentlemen and placed on Instagram.

In this snap, it seem that the jacket/blazer has an asymmetrical closure:

I suspect this piece will be IDed within the week, but all-around big win for Kate at rugby. She was just picture perfect. The Duchess was carrying a clutch, partially visible in the photo below, but we are not sure exactly which one it is. Emmy London, or possibly her Muse?

Let's switch gears and talk about romance, briefly. Both Pippa and James have been the subject of media attention since Kate married William.  Pippa has dated a number of handsome hotties, but has been with Nico Jackson for over two years now. Below, the pair are pictured attending the British Heart Foundation's Red Ball in February. 

I think that much of the media and even fans had concluded that Pippa and Nico Jackson were completely over, though. The two vacationed in Venice in the spring and had not been photographed together since. He lives in Geneva right now, and Pippa has been biking, swimming, and running all over God's green yard, but still. It's a long time not to be snapped in some foreign local grabbing an espresso together. When Pippa joined her family, including James and his girlfriend Donna Air, in St. Barts, it seemed like the final nail in the coffin. Do not despair, though. While we were all distracted with Kate's appearance at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup on September 18th, Pippa and Nico were looking as loved up as ever on a date in London:

You can read more about the couple's date at People here, but suffice it to say, all seems to be well on this front. Rather, it is the couple we all thought were doing very well that were alleged to have hit the rocks. Rumors have been circulating that James Middleton has called it quits with Donna Air. Below, they are pictured early in their romance leaving a launch party in London.

Sources claim that James "didn't see them going the distance" and I have read some other rather speculative comments that are not confirmed and aren't entirely helpful to a painful split. Whatever the reasons, it does look like James and Donna are no longer an item. [Update: Au contraire  James has now publicly denied the couple have split, and we also have it on good authority that Donna is writing a note to self about Instagram snaps. ;)] Donna posted a picture on her Instagram that seems to confirm the rumors...but apparently, don't:

A photo posted by Donna Air (@airdonna1) on

The stories were gaining so much momentum, the pair put out a joint statement! 
Mark Twain once complained that reports of his death were exaggerated. A few days ago we were equally amazed to read the obituaries of our relationship splashed across the national press. Happily, we can report that our relationship is not over. We are still very much a couple and have not parted ways. These stories are completely untrue and without merit.
props to them for the Mark Twain reference. ;) It is good to hear there is no trouble in paradise. Can you imagine reading that over you morning oatmeal?
Remember that some updates go up on Facebook before I update the blog, so if you want to stay up-to-the-minute, follow From Berkshire to Buckingham on Facebook here. Also, Kate's Clothes gets updated pretty quickly, too, so you can see what's going on there at this link.

xo, Jane 

Duchess Debuts A Dress from The Fold at HMP Send

Friday, September 25, 2015

Kate started everyone's weekend off early today when she made an unannounced visit to HMP (Her Majesty's Prison) Send in Surrey to visit with some of the female prisoners. According to one royal reporter, the inmates were not aware who their celebratory guest was until an hour before the Duchess's arrival.

Kate has been putting in a lot of time into mental health, and she was at the prison today thanks to the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoner's Trust (RAPt, not to be confused with RATP, which is what I keep doing) to meet women who had suffered from drug addictions and mental health issues. This was a powerful visit, because Kate is increasing her focus on children in this area. Visiting the prison highlights where many paths can and do end when these issues are not dealt with early on. I am sure it will fuel her enthusiasm for her work to prevent children from starting down that slippery slope, and will make her a more passionate spokeswoman for the cause. At the same time, it is nice to see her giving attention to initiatives that are jumping in on the other end and helping women put their lives back together!

This ensemble made my week(end). I am so pleased with it, I don't really know where to begin, so let's go from head to toe. The hair! I already liked the bangs before, but here Kate has switched it up a little. Notice that she has pinned her hair back a bit, which gives lift and structure to the crown, and sets those bangs apart from the rest of her hair.  You can see it pretty well below from the side.

In the first few pictures, her hair popped out immediately. It isn't a radically new style, but it added dimension and layers in a relaxed, but still glamorous manner. I loved it!

I love this dress, too! If the Matthew Williamson peplum from African Cats...

...married the oatmeal Sculpted Felt dress from Amanda Wakeley...'s Eaton from The Fold would be their baby. Who was excited that Kate debuted a new brand? I was! It definitely gave a pop to the outing. It is always interesting to see Kate pick from a new source, and it opens up a fun speculation. Is this a one-off, or will we see The Fold occasionally...or, will it become another L.K. Bennett? Or Goat London? Time will tell!

The Fold London

The Eaton is super streamlined, figure-hugging, but with a contemporary edge that the peplum lends it. This dress is reminiscent of some of Kate's wildly successful pieces that first year of her marriage. This style is very circa Canada 2011, and that was--I think we can all agree--a true Golden Era. Kate looked appropriate, too, for a prison. Let's be honest here--she is a princess with a charmed life, visiting women with addictions whose paths have led them to incarceration! You wouldn't want to show up in some bright, flashy ensemble, at the same time, you don't want to come looking like you are going to a funeral. This was polished and professional. She looked very nice and she looked respectful. You dress for yourself, yes, but it is a modern falsehood that we only dress for ourselves. We also dress to show respect to others. This was a carefully chosen ensemble, and I think it hit just the right note.

Almost as if she was going through her closet from the Canada tour, Kate carried her "Somerton" clutch from Hobbs, which we haven't seen in a while, and she wore her "Grace" topaz and diamond stud earrings from Kiki McDonough--those are old faithfuls. Ashley pointed out on Twitter that the Duchess was wearing Jimmy Choo's Aimee pumps in a light grey, not the Harper suede. These are not available anymore, but Kate has another pair of the Aimee in black, which she has worn on a number of occasions. This is a new debut for the grey version.

Verdict: Love it. Every, single element. It was a nice surprise to see here out (in a completely un-jaded comment, it makes me suspect we will see that fall get-away happen). The colors worked, the textures worked, and the accessories were perfect. Kate looks phenomenal in grey to begin with, but this was pretty gorgeous. It is a win for me!   

[Updated] Kate Debuts New Reiss Coat at Rugby World Cup

Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Friday! Kate's comeback continued today as she attended the Rugby World Cup's opening ceremony at Twickenham Stadium. She was joined by her husband, Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry, who also happens to be the honorary president of the England Rugby 2015 Team. 

Let me preface the next remarks by saying I know almost nothing about rugby. It could be Quidditch, for all I know, and something of the aura makes me relate the two. Irrational, I know. I have a rudimentary understanding of the rules, but then again, I am not much of a sport fan outside of tennis anyhow. That being said, I really enjoyed this short "movie" that was played at the beginning of the ceremony. What Anglophile doesn't love a film that opens with such beautfiul cinematography and the inspiring strains of "I Vow to The My Country" swelling through the speakers? It was a talented short that quickly gave some background on the game and was very visually engaging. Prince Harry and a rugby star I would never have known, had a short cameo which was cute. I encourage you to watch:

Ok, we have covered all the sports we are going to in this post, let's move onto the fashion before you worry you've wandered onto another blog. I think we all knew that Kate would wear a coat, since it is a bit nippy in London these autumn days. I suspected she would wear a new piece because she has been gone for so very long. Below is the first grainy shot we got as the Duke and Duchess arrived, and the ripples of excitement at the color were significant:

Twitter @Richard_Parr

Richard Palmer revealed the Duchess was wearing a Reiss coat. This piece is from the AW14 collection and when I saw which one it was I had to laugh a little. Last fall I needed a new coat for work and I browsed the Reiss collection. I ended up buying a second J.Crew coat, but I distinctly remember looking very seriously at the "Emile" in blush. It didn't exactly capture my heart. To me, the curling front was odd--I couldn't imagine how it would look on and I dismissed it as something that was unlikely to end up in Kate's closet. Ha! 

Reiss "Emile" Coat

Today, I was intrigued to examine hi-res shots of Kate and to see if I liked it more on her. Regrettably, the jury is still out. The problem with these sports games is that we never really get great, unimpaired photos of Kate. For instance, other than the fact she looks to be wearing black stockings, it is almost impossible to judge what shoes she is wearing. She may have even been wearing her Aquatalia Rumbas. It's frustrating, but we don't get a complete sense of an ensemble. See, that's sports for you. I know I am in trouble with that remark. ;))

[Update] After yours truly had already drifted off with Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, more pictures of Kate came out. Here is a full shot of the Duchess, showing--as several of you super-fashion fans have already noted--her Stuart Weitzman "Power" pumps and carrying her Muse clutch. Plus, a better look at how well that scarf matches her coat! I have also finally gotten the entry for this event, with all the details on her ensemble, up at Kate's Clothes if you want more info. This photo doesn't markably change my attitude toward the coat. I like it, it isn't making my list of to-die-for coats, but I love the color on Kate and I think it is very elegant in its simplicity. Someone mentioned in the comments, and I agree, that this would be a good candidate for a Christmas morning recycle. It could be amazing if Kate paired this with an up-do and a bold hat. I hope we see it again! (I found a few more pictures I liked, but there isn't really a place for them here, I popped them on the entry on Kate's Clothes, if you want to see more photos I thought were cute.)

It is interesting that Kate chose Reiss. She put the High Street brand on the fashion map for many outside the UK, but she hasn't actually worn that many of their pieces. She wore Reiss early on, though, when Kate-mania was just sweeping the globe in the wake of her breathtaking Royal Wedding. It did not hurt that she chose a Reiss dress from her closet as one of the ensembles for her engagement shoot. The "Nanette" ruffle dress was a sensation!

The Duchess wore it shortly after at the start of her blockbuster tour of Canada, which only served to solidify the brand as a Kate staple. 

Although only a few pictures were released from their brief meeting with the President and First Lady of the United States, the "Schola" bandage dress was an equal hit with the public. 

Finally, she wore their "Peacock" dress to the Epsom Derby and received almost universal rave reviews. 

It was relatively recently, but one of her most iconic coats from her "Kate Middleton" days was IDed as a Reiss piece. This double-breasted white coat is SO iconic to my teenage years. Kate wore this all over the place. It was her signature piece and I think it remains a favorite to many of us who have followed the princess since the old days:

Kate has worn a number of Reiss pieces since, but those early outfits really hit the charts. Any label Kate wore in that first year of her marriage got double or triple the "points" thanks to the euphoria everyone was experiencing. Reiss has gorgeous stock and given we have seen her wear pieces from them in the manner she has, I think it is a safe bet to assume she wears more of the label in private, too. 

Today, Kate arrived holding the Beulah "Shibana" scarf, which both she and her sister Pippa have now been spotted wearing. 

The blue of the heart print is a perfect match to Kate's "Emile" coat. I love scarves and it so much fun when you find a scarf in your closet that fits an ensemble to perfection. It makes a fashionista's heart sing. :)

The couple stayed on to watch a rugby match before taking their leave. I love Kate with or without William. I love seeing her beautiful smile, her gorgeous hair, seeing what she has chosen to wear and how she has styled it...seeing a beautiful friend after an absence. It is a delight every time. What do you love even more than seeing a good friend? Seeing a good friend in love. Joint-enaggements are always so darling and heartwarming. After over ten years, these two seem as enamored with one another as the day they were first caught canoodling on the ski-slopes of Klosters.

Verdict: I am going to side-step judgement on this coat. I didn't love it on the website, but I don't dislike it on Kate. I think we need to see more to have the full effect. Kate looked radiant today. Her big, beautiful eyes seemed larger than ever, and her complexion works so well with this color. Lastly, it is my birthday (someone asked and I never answered, but it's today) and absolutely everything has been sunshine for me...including Kate. I had hoped to reveal a little surprise for you to celebrate, but this was a tough week in other respects. If all goes well, I should have something for you on Monday Funday. Until then... 

Kate Visits Anna Freud Centre in Ralph Lauren

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall is in the air, isn't it? There is a crisp edge to the wind, and that scent of winter coming, to my delight--and to the detriment of my diet--Starbucks has rolled out their pumpkin scones, but most importantly, we have finally arrived at the Great Royal Return! This morning, Kate undertook her first, official, solo engagement since the birth of Princess Charlotte. She arrived at the Anna Freud Centre around 11:30am in a brand new dress from American label Ralph Lauren!

Kate went up on tip-toes to greet the Chair of the Board of trustees. Many were interested to know what precipitated Kate's warm greeting. The Duchess usually shakes hands and reserves the continental kiss for close acquaintances. As it turns out, though, this is Michael Samuels whose wife was a friend of the late Princess of Wales's and who is one of Prince George's godparents! I thought Kate on tiptoes with her lips puckered was pretty cute. Anyway, one mystery solved.

The Princess was at the Anna Freud Centre to see the work they do for children with mental health issues. Kate has been very active in mental health. You probably remember a number of her public engagements that have centered around this topic, including the symposium she attended hosted by Place2Be. While pregnant with Charlotte, HRH appeared in a video highlighting Children's Mental Health Week. It is clearly a cause of great interest to her, and I suspect we will see her do more and more in this particular field.

After her time at the Centre, she headed to the Family School, a campus sponsored by the Anna Freud Centre where they use teaching techniques to "ease behavioural and mental health-related blocks to learning and provide learning opportunities that will keep pace, day-by-day, with the pupil’s renascent ability to learn and achieve." Below, Kate plays a coordination game with Kaionel, a student at the centre.

It was almost instantly confirmed by royal reporter Richard Palmer that Kate was wearing Ralph Lauren. You can imagine my excitement! Kate is quite a fan of the label, but has only worn Lauren to official events once or twice. I am hoping we see more of his clothes at official appearances, and someday maybe an evening gown. Some of the designer's very simple, stream-lined gowns would look amazing on Kate. This was a piece from RL's Black Label collection.

Ralph Lauren

A 100% silk shirtdress in a houndstooth print, it flattered Kate's (pretty much perfect) figure. In a more casual setting, this would like amazing the way it was styled for the product shot, with a popped collar and maybe a button or two more undone. Still, Kate's styling of the dress was chic and crisp, paired with black Stuart Weitzman pumps, and her Mulberry Bayswater. It is a win for me!

More than one person has pointed out that the slit on this dress is pretty high, but I have found high button placement to be par for the course with these sorts of dresses. It is also just the kind of situation where you would put the dress on, tell yourself it's on the edge but fine, and head out the door. By the time you discover that you've changed your mind, it is too late! That being said, I don't think this was a faux pas.  It is a little more leg than I expected Kate to bare this morning, but HRH, and you all, know my position on that score.

Kate accessorized simply. @MeAndMyMumKate tweeted me at my Kate's Clothes handle to point out that Kate is wearing her Cartier watch under that graceful sleeve. Good eye! The Duchess also was wearing her much-loved Annoushka drop earrings. It is proof positive that Kate has been gone far too long, when I had trouble being sure these were in fact the Annoushka Baroque pearl drops! Do these not look huge to you?! Huge in a luscious, luxurious way. I think they are swinging forward in this shot, which is revealing the teardrop bottom more prominently.

Dare we discuss the bangs, or for my friends across the pond, the fringe? I am pretty biased, since I sport bangs myself, but my first thought this morning was how great these look on Kate. I know some felt they looked a little too wispy on Sunday morning, but today there were full and thick and added a great dimension to her face. I thought she looked remarkably well, to phrase it like a Jane Austen character.

Overall: such a great appearance. This really put a smile on my face today. It really is a relief to finally come out of August and have royal outings to look forward to once again! Speaking of...We see Kate again tomorrow, as she joins William and Harry at the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony. If you check Kate's Calendar, you already know this, but for those of you less dedicated fans (I joke) Kate has another addition to her planner. She will attend the world premiere of the new James Bond movie Spectre, on the 26th of October. Not a chance the boys would miss this one, both William and Harry will squire Kate that night, and I am hoping they all really glam it up! Fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow!

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Kate Wears Hobbs for 4th Time as the Cambridges Are Snapped at Crathie Kirk

Sunday, September 13, 2015

There was much speculation last week that the Cambridges would travel to Scotland to celebrate the Queen's milestone as she overtook Queen Victoria as Britain's longest reigning monarch. There were more than a few disappointed fans when it emerged the royal couple were not in Scotland that Sunday. Happily, the family of four boarded a private plane on Tuesday and jetted to the Highlands in time to be with the Queen on Wednesday as Britain, the Commonwealth, and many around the world celebrated the historic occasion. This morning, William and Kate were snapped waving to happy fans as they arrived at Sunday morning services at Crathie Kirk, the church at which Her Majesty worships when she is at Balmoral. 

There has been a fair amount of chatter about the mode of transportation they took north, i.e. private jet. According to The Express, the plane is owned by the Duke of Westminster who is Britain's 9th richest man, clocking in at approximately £8.6 billion net worth. I guess he can afford to shuttle the future kings about every now and again. The story said, 
There were three cars waiting on the Tarmac for them as they landed. William and Kate got in one car with Prince George and then Charlotte, who was carried in a car seat, went in another car with the nanny. They had quite a few bodyguards with them.
It is interesting that the other time William and Kate took a private jet to Scotland was in 2013 when George was around the same age as Charlotte and had had the same limited exposure to the press. On that occasion, he had actually not even been presented to Prince Philip, which was the byline of the visit. I suspect the Cambridges are anxious to keep a very tight hold on pictures of Charlotte just yet. She has only been photographed twice since her birth, and doubtless they want to keep her from the lens for as long as they can. Again, we saw the same pattern with George. I think it likely they will relax a bit when the princess gets little older.

The other relevant element is sickness. Anyone who flies often can tell you that passenger planes are a veritable breeding ground for the common cold. Stuck in an enclosed space with 200+ people is an ideal environment to be exposed, and I often come down with something after commercial flights.  Since Charlotte is still so young, I am sure that Kate wants to avoid that, too.

The Duchess recycled her Hobbs "Celeste" coat, which seems to be a popular coat for her. She first debuted it on Valentine's Day in 2012. At that time, she styled it much the same as she did today, with a black turtlenecked dress from Oasis. 

Today's black turtleneck is not the Oasis. The Oasis was ribbed, but this morning's is quite smooth, much like the one Kate wore while pregnant with George.  From left to right you can see the ribbing on the Oasis (picture form Liverpool) the smooth of her pregnancy turtleneck dress in the middle, and finally this morning's, which although grainy, is not ribbed and seems to have a similar sheen to the mystery piece in the center. 

[Update] One of my awesome readers, Alejandra--a veritable fashion whiz--has suggested that Kate is wearing the Séraphine dress from her trip to NYC. I think this is a significant possibility!

Kate wore the Hobbs again toward the end of that year when she was snapped, looking a little wan, on Christmas morning in Bucklebury. The princess was pregnant with baby George and stayed close to her mother and family for the holiday.

Finally, she wore it again a little later in the same pregnancy when she visited Grimsby in March of 2013. That time paired with the "Great Plains Cezanne" dress, and it is my favorite wear.

It seems Kate is wearing her Kiki McDonough Citrine drops, but I cannot be sure. What jumped out the most was, of course, Kate's new bangs--or, if you prefer, her fringe. The last time Kate did this it was not a huge success. You might recall the night she debuted those bangs. She was at the Natural History Museum in that green Mulberry:

I think they were a bit heavy and she let them grow out quickly. I know this is a divisive issue, but I really like the bangs she has now. They are lighter and give her face a new frame. I don't think Kate will stay with them very long, but it is a cute change-up that speaks to her process of "reintegration" after Charlotte's birth.

Kate will be whisked back to England soon, because she has a busy week ahead. I look forward to seeing you then!