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Kate's Thanksgiving Weekends

Thursday, November 26, 2015

November being the busy month that it is for royals, Kate usually has an engagement on this (American) holiday weekend.  In 2013, we actually got to see the Duchess out and about on Thanksgiving Day, so I was crossing my fingers that it would turn into something of an annual happenstance. Unfortunately, she has nothing scheduled today or this weekend. Instead, we will content ourselves with a collective look-back at the events Kate has attended in close proximity to our autumn gathering.

In 2011 Thanksgiving was the 24th of November, and Kate's closest event was the 28th, so, we are stretching it, but...  Kate joined other members of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace for a media reception in the run-up to the Diamond Jubilee. 

She wore a silk shirtdress from Mulberry, which has received mixed reviews over the years. On that night, as she mingled with the press, we never got a good full shot of her. So, it was not the most satisfying of engagements, but better a glimpse than nothing, eh? 

In 2012, we did a little better. Thanksgiving fell on the 22nd of November and on the 24th, still during the festive weekend, Kate attended a rugby match with William in Wales. Sports games are not the best location for unencumbered photos, but it was progress from the year before.

Kate recycled her popular "Ami" coat from L.K. Bennett and carried a Gucci clutch she has had for some time. We never got to see what was under the coat, but I think I spy a little knit turtleneck peeking out?

2013 was the year we hit the jack-pot with an event on Thanksgiving Day. Kate was the guest of honor at SportsAid's SportsBall. SportsAid is a familiar name to Kate-fans, since she has made several high-profile appearances for the charity. That night the Duchess chose the "Templeton" laser-cut cocktail dress.

The dress was described by Temperley as inspired by Renaissance stained glass and ironwork. I think we were torn on this dress. It was very popular in certain circles, but others felt it was too casual for the evening.

Last year, Thanksgiving was the 27th and with the royal visit to the United States galloping up, the closest event we got to Thanksgiving was on the 24th when Kate headlined the EACH Capital Campaign appeal in Norfolk. 

Kate had one of Katherine Hooker's dresses customized in a bright red, which made her stand out in the crowd, and added a pop of lovely color to the rainy afternoon. 

Currently, we aren't scheduled to see Kate until December, but she and William are booked to attend a fundraising event for ICAP on the 9th of December when they will raise money for several of their charities! You likely remember when Kate opened the ICAP Art Room on Valentine's Day last year (below). Kate also has a second event scheduled for Action on Addiction the following day, the 10th of December. I am sure there will be more before Christmas Day! 

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To my American readers, a very happy and safe Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful day to pause and to give thanks for so many blessings, and this blog and the wonderful international community that we have here is certainly on my mind and in my heart. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, wherever in the world you are! 


  1. The Tempetley templeton lace dress remains one of my favourite dresses she has ever worn, I just LOVE it. I wish she'd repeat it!
    In the picture that shows the back of this dress, is the blonde woman behind Kate wearing the Amoret Lace gown that Kate has worn three times? To me, it looks like that (or pretty similar)

    A very happy and blessed thanksgiving to everyone from the US, I hope you'll enjoy a nice dinner with your familiies.

  2. I know I'm in the minority, but I liked the Mulberry dress-such a pretty color on her. And who could forget the red Hooker dress following the announcement of her pregnancy-great color and shape.

    It's good to see both Kate and William busy ahead of the Christmas season and I'm sure there'll be some great shots of them from the ICAP day. I've also got my heart set on new photos of George and Charlotte being released, perhaps taken by Kate.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US.

    1. Yes, I'm also looking forwatd to them releasing Christmas pictures :) I'm hoping for one of the whole family of 4 (we have only seen 1, from the baptism) and hopepully we'll see Lupo in one of them?? I really hope so, the interaction between him and George in the mothers day photo was so cute! And I love dogs, Lupo reminds me a bit of mine...
      I wonder what Charlotte will look like now...

      Any hints when the christmas photos will be released?

    2. Agree about the Mulberry dress.Beautiful green.
      A family portrait would be very nice. With

    3. I hope everyone who celebrates is enjoying a nice Thanksgiving.

      And I too would like to see a photo or two released before Christmas. A family portrait would be wonderful.

      As I look at the photo of Kate in the Temperley dress, I finally realize what my issue is with some of the lace style dresses. Pleating can alter the pattern vs. a more fitted style. I hope that makes sense. :)

    4. It makes sense to me, royalfan. I love the lace dresses but I don't like a light lining with a dark lace because you can see all the seams and, as you said, if there is any pleating it's very obvious. It's why I love, love, love the DVF black lace gown and I'm not as crazy about the Temperly black lace gown.

  3. It is possible that I have misinterpreted your writing, but just to point out that thanksgiving isn't a holiday in the UK, so will likely only be on the Duchess' radar rather than a conscious celebration/action. Cheers

    1. hmmm, yes, I think you may have missed a middle term. :). I think I did point out it was an American holiday. This post only points out the events around our presumption it was deliberate. I mentioned that it was due to their already busy holiday that we sometimes have a Thanksgiving/Kate appearance. Hope that clarifies, and Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are! :)

    2. I enjoy looking back with you, Jane. Especially pre-wedding, which I

  4. Happy Thanksgiving day Jane and all our US friends and happy Thursday to everyone else.
    Just seen that Catherine is also backing an appeal by St Mary's Hospital (where the children were born) , hoping to provide many more Children's ICU beds
    Nice to look back over her visits around this time, over the last few years. Cheers up a cold rainy day. Thanks Jane

    1. Thank you, Jean. I hope you are staying warm and dry. :)

  5. I love the Temperly and the green Mulberry (I love her in greens). Thanks for this Thanksgiving post, Jane! How you've had a great one!

  6. What a lovely surprise to see a post today! Thank you Jane and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. What a lovely surprise to see a post today. Thank you Jane and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I'm not sure my comments are going through. Sorry if I am doing this multiple times. Happy Thanksgiving Jane! Loved seeing a post today.

  9. Hi, Jane,

    Thank you for this! I hope your school schedule isn't too grueling!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends! May you have a joyous holiday.

    I heard a fun lifestyle item on Canadian radio (our Thanksgiving is in October but we like to chat to the Americans about theirs too) about a new American Thanksgiving dessert from California where three pies are baked into a tiered layer cake: a cherry pie in a vanilla layer cake, an apple pie in a spice layer cake and a pumpkin pie in a yellow layer cake. It's the dessert take on the Turducken where a turkey is stuffed with a duck which is stuffed with a chicken. Both sound like feats of engineering!

    Jane-thanks for reminding me of the dreaded green Mulberry dress-ugh!! Not quite as bad as the Moloh Coat but right up there. I know some people like it and total respect to their opinions. We're all entitled...

    Really anxious to see photos (official) of Charlotte. I hope they come soon.

    Best to all!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving (a little late) to all of my fellow Americans and many thanks for the good wishes from all of you in other countries. I love this international community!

    RMJH, I saw a picture of that pie/cake. I can't even imagine how awful that would be! Of course, I've never wanted to try a Turducken either.

    Thanks for posting this look back, Jane! I add my voice to everyone else's that I am hoping for a family photo for Christmas. We have no idea what Charlotte looks like these days and I would love to see how Kate is dressing her! Baby Dior?

  11. Lovely photos of Princess Charlotte just released; again taken by the Duchess.


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