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The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Pay Tribute to Paris Attack Victims

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

William and Kate drove to the French embassy in London this afternoon and signed a book of condolence, jointly marking Friday's horrific terrorist attack in Paris. 

Kate wore the same polka dot suit she wore when signing a book of condolence after the death of Nelson Mandela. We have seen this on the Duchess on two previous occasions. The first time was in 2007, so this has been in her closet for a while. 

Africa House

Sometimes, people remark that Kate's choice of ensemble was chosen deliberately to keep the focus off of her. I appreciate the point in many cases, but I often frankly disagree, and I think she just chose the dress or coat because she recycles sometimes and she finds the outfit flattering. 

On this occasion, however, I fully agree. This looks like it will be Kate's condolence suit at least for a few years. It is flattering, but very understated and respectful.

France in the UK
William attended the England v. France rugby game this evening, and all of Wembley stood to sing La Marseillaise.

This has been such a grief-filled weekend, and as the details of the horrors that took place in the Bataclan emerge it seems to only grow more overwhelming. The #prayforParis hashtag has been a beautiful mark of solidarity. On Sunday, I watched the livefeed of the Mass at Notre-Dame in the center of Paris. This beautiful picture is from the service. I love the French colors against the medieval stones, and I am struck by how the Pietà behind the altar stands out so starkly in the darkened church. Who better to understand our gut-wrenching heart-break and our horror at the evil just perpetrated against innocent people, than the mother of God himself? I know many of us gather here from diverse faiths, but in times of trouble, mine tells me to turn here. I invite you to do the same if you are finding the darkness is engulfing you. 

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it--la lumière brille dans les ténèbres, et les tenèbres ne l'ont pas arrêtée. John 1:5
To my French friends in Paris and all over the world, I grieve with you. May Paris always remain the City of Light and forever be filled with love. 

French Embassy 
Next post we are back to fashion. Kate had another event today and it will provide a necessary distraction. See you soon.



  1. My heart goes out to the innocent victims of terror and violence everywhere in the world, including Paris. How abominable to target people at school, in church, enjoying their daily life. France has a long and beautiful history and many friends so I understand why they receive so many condolences - and they have mine too - but I can't help but feel it must be difficult for the loved ones and citizens of the murdered in other countries to feel that their losses and grief don't elicit the same response from the world. Prayers to all of them, every time this happens to the innocent.

    It felt very appropriate for Kate and William to acknowledge this passing, how lovely of them to do so.

    1. ^^So well said. I couldn't help but think Facebook's encouragement to use the "French tricolour filter" served to minimize attacks elsewhere in our world.

  2. She also wore this for the order of the garter when she was still william's girlfriend, right? I really like it, the suit is elegant and serious, but it doesn't look too 'hash' bevause of the polka dots I'm very fond of.

    The German Soccer Team should have played against the Netherlands today in Hanover. It was a difficult decision whether or not it should still take place after what happened at the France vs Germany game on Friday. But there was a warning of an attack so they had to evacuate the arena. I just don't get how people can do such cruel things or 'only' threaten to.
    All we can do is pray and stay strong. Glad there was no danger at Wembley Stadium where William is/was.

    1. And what a wonderful service at Notre Dame, I visited this impressive church in 2014. Fully agree about your remarks on the tricolore and Mary, mother of god. Well-said, Jane. It's lovely of William and Kate so shoe their empathy. William laid a wreath at Wembley, just saw it on the news.

  3. Is it me or the DoC looks very different today from what she looked when they signed Mandela condolences book?
    Anyway, I really like this outfit. It's youthful yet respectful. What I like tghe most is the way it fits her body so perfectly!


  4. Quelle horreur.
    Germany even canceled their soccer match today, I hope the one William attends will end safely.
    I am too shocked to make any fashion statements.


  5. The polka dot suit is an appropriate look for this occasion (and suits her). Wonder if she has had it taken in since she first wore it publicly before she was engaged.

  6. Is she wearing those worn suede shoes? Yet in some of the photos, they look OK.

  7. Merci pour ton bel hommage, Jane.
    Myriam from Paris

  8. Sorry, I am looking at an old photo of her wearing the suit at Africa House with worn shoes.

  9. Merci Beaucoup jane... France is recovering very slowly at the moment. I wish there were National Ceremonies going on for the victims but at the moment the focus seems to be to track down the terrorists who have run away and the attacks in Syria as part of our retaliation against the coward attacks on Friday night... Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your next article which I hope will target the DOC sartorial choices with this Saloni dress. I haven't left comments recentely but be assured I am still a keen reader. Hugs and Kisses, Sophie (France)

  10. A timely, lovely post. The Cambridges did just what was needed.
    The singing of La Marseillaise at Wembley was so touching, evocative of the famous scene in 'Casablanca.'

  11. Well done to W&K.

    My thoughts are with the French people. I do admire their strength and courage.

  12. I loved this suit! I'm glad she wore it again, I think she should wear suit like that more often, it makes a good change from the cocktail dresses.

    About the terror attacks in Paris, there is no words, I've been following this story on TV, it's all very scary, to think that in 2015 we are dealing with this level of brutality, I'm afraid how the future generations would judges us. Anyway, I hope now the World leaders do something about those terrorists.

  13. I love this little suit. It fits her well and it fits the somber occasions. What William & Kate wrote was appropriate; terrorism is so awful. France will be strong! They always have been:/

  14. So pleased to see Will and Kate sign that condolence book; wonder if Harry will as well.

    These dreadful terrorists wreak so much harm, altho I really don't think they will ever win their war. What worries me much more is the long-term effect this may have on young children who get caught up in this turmoil. What happens to a child whose father is beheaded or whose mother is gunned down when attending a concert?

    This polka dot suit is one of my favs on Kate, so I was happy to see it again. She looks almost French in it, I think.


  15. You chose the perfect picture to lead with, Jane. mk

  16. The sincere look of sadness on Kate's face in the first picture is very touching. They both looked perfect for the visit. I have been following the news reports daily and am truly not able to wrap my head around what those horrible terrorists have done - again. Jane, I love your tribute, the beautiful photo from the service at Notre Dame, and the scripture you shared from John.


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