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Kate's 2016: The "Best of" List

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I look forward to this post every year. I love the opportunity to review all the wonderful events and milestones Kate has marked, to remember and enjoy again the beautiful clothes and sparkling jewels, and to see the year from the 10,000 foot view. It is always a big job, but this year the task feels more daunting than any of the preceding years. Kate had an absolutely packed 2016, with two full overseas tours and multiple new designers and baubles. At the same time, I felt the year flew by at warp speed and I am excited to slow down and remember all that happened. Keep in mind, this is not a classic year in review, this is my "Best Of" list and as such it only highlights...the highlights. So what are the rules? I make them up every year, but this time I am limiting myself to three "best" slots per month with wiggle room provided by honorable mentions. Kate had two tours this year, and I was at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with them, but I have decided that each tour takes a slot, and there will be subcategory awards within each tour. I always skip reading the rules before games, I assume I'll figure it out as I go along, and so I imagine most of you are already glazing over. You'll figure it out as we go along. Let's jump in!   


January usually starts on the slow and quiet side, but 2016 had an early pop of activity as the Cambridges announced they had enrolled George at Westacre Montessori School near their Anmer Hall home. They released pictures of the little tyke all kitted out to meet the other kids. 2016 was off to a great start and we weren't even a week in!

On January 9th, Kate celebrated her 34th birthday. Surrounded by her family at Anmer Hall, she celebrated privately, but I noted here on the blog that that birthday marked a decade in the spotlight for the one-time Kate Middleton. You can read that post here. With the family gathered at Sandringham and Anmer, though, we still got to see Kate the day after her birthday. On January 10th, the Middletons and the Cambridges joined the Queen at St. Mary Magdalene's

[Updated] George & Charlotte Make Christmas Church Debut

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Today, for the first time in 30 years, the Queen was not well enough to travel to church at Sandringham. According to the Palace, Her Majesty has a heavy cold that has demanded the energetic monarch take it a little easier this year. Over a hundred miles away, in the country village of Bucklebury, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in a motorcade of Range Rovers at St. Mark's (with Kate's family) for Christmas morning services. They brought two very special little royals who were ready for a very big first Christmas in front of the cameras. 

There was a lot of disappointment among fans when the Cambridges announced they would forego a Sandringham Christmas, not because we begrudged them family time with the Middletons (indeed for many, this was an exciting change of pace) but because of the worry we would lose our Christmas morning treat--our annual photo set of Kate decked out for Christmas! Instead, I think the couple calculated their Middleton

Zara Tindall Has Suffered a Miscarriage

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve is not off to a good start. News broke today that Zara Tindall suffered a miscarriage. The Queen's granddaughter was pregnant with her second child and had only announced the happy news a month ago.

At the same time the "news" broke that neither William nor Harry turned up for the annual soccer game at Castle Rising. According to The Express, disappointed villagers dispersed after

Christmas Gifts for Princess Charlotte & Prince George

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Christmas presents are piling up for George and Charlotte. Wills and Kate are taking the little royals to celebrate the holiday with their maternal grandparents in Bucklebury and as anyone who has celebrated Christmas away from home with little ones knows, there are lots of things to organize before heading out the door.

Kate has reportedly ordered special Christmas sacks from Selfridges to make Christmas extra special for her little ones. The customized burlap bags are by Harrow & Green.

[Updated] Kate & William Bring the Kids to BP For Christmas Lunch

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Today extended members of the royal family gathered at Buckingham Palace for the Queen's annual Christmas luncheon. This tradition stemmed from the Queen decision to celebrate the actual holiday at Sandringham with only her immediate family. It is a lovely way to gather the broader family to mark the season despite the more intimate Christmas day arrangements. No photos have ever been released from the party, of course, but we almost always get snaps through the car windows as the royals arrive and leave.

Today, there was a bit of a crisis in the whole "through the window" system, because Kate sat in the back seat! This isn't entirely unusual for the duchess to do and in general is a normal arrangement for mothers. She is in the back with her kiddos, both George and Charlotte accompanied their

Christmas Party at The Mix

Monday, December 19, 2016

It has been a while since William, Kate, and Harry did a joint engagement together, so there was an extra splash of festive excitement today as the Royal Trio reunited to attend the Heads Together Christmas party at The Mix in London. In case you are new to the block, Heads Together is a mental health initiative the trio launched earlier this year. It brings together a number of partner charities under one umbrella to fight the stigma against mental health issues. The majority of the events that Will, Kate, and Harry have done together this year have been for Heads Together.

The Mix is a mental health support help-line. They field phone-calls and connect young people to the support they need in those down times. The Cambridges and Prince Harry toured the offices and met with volunteers and staff members to learn about the

Kate Takes The Kids To Thursford

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thursford has become a relative staple in the Cambridges' Christmas schedule. Just this week, it was revealed that Kate took George and Charlotte to the holiday display to see the fantastic fantasy world that has been created in Thursford, Norfolk.  For royal watchers, Thursford's Christmas Spectacular holds a special place because it was the first public event that Kate attended with William after the couple announced their engagement. On December 18, 2010, Prince William brought his new fiancée Kate Middleton to the Christmas show which was raising money for a Norfolk charity that night. 

Kate dazzled in a mini-dress from Temperley London with her then signature black stockings and suede heels that showed off her stunning legs. With a blazer

Cambridges will Spend Christmas in Bucklebury

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and royal fans are getting excited for the annual walk to St. Mary Magdalene on Christmas day. It is a generally guaranteed royal outing, but there are whispers that we might be disappointed this year. The Telegraph, a very reputable source, is claiming that the Cambridges have decided to spend this Christmas in Bucklebury with the Middletons.

Kate first joined the royals at Christmas in 2011, the year she married William. The couple spent the next Christmas in Bucklebury as Kate recovered from an absolutely crippling bout of hyperemesis gravidarum while pregnant with George. At the time,

Cub Kate Celebrates Cub Scout's 100th Birthday

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Last night the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the Scout and Guide Hut in North Wootton for a Cub Scout Pack Meeting celebrating the Cub Scouts' 100th birthday. Kate has been involved with scouting for years and The Scouting Association is listed under her patronages and activities on the Royal Family's website.

It was a crisp night in Norfolk and as Kate arrived to flashing cameras, it was evident she chose a relaxed ensemble for her evening out, mixing some recycled pieces with a new top. You know how when people are in love (or, I guess when you just spend quite a bit of time together) they can pick up the same physical gestures? In this arrival video from Simon Perry of People, Kate kind of raises and drops her arms in a manner that screams

William Wears Breeches to Buckingham Palace

Friday, December 9, 2016

I thought I'd switch up the headline today. ;) Last night, the Queen hosted the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace. This is an annual event that is usually kept quite private. The date is not released to the public with much advance notice at all and the royals don't release photos from the very formal evening at which the ladies always wear tiaras. We usually get arrival photos taken as the cars arrive at Buckingham Palace. This year for the first time since I began paying attention to the Diplomatic Reception, and possibly for the first time ever, the Palace released a photo of the royals from inside the exclusive event.

As I think most remember, there was exclusive video of the 2015 Diplomatic Reception in the documentary Our Queen at 90, which was the way we got a full-length peek of Kate's absolutely stunning

Kate Wears red Preen at Private Royal Foundation Fundraiser

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Good morning all! Yesterday a very fun Instagram post surfaced that showed Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge at a private fundraiser for the Royal Foundation. 
@navi_ananth Instagram

In this photoset, Kate and Harry are hugging and congratulating Sai Kadirrajah, a Young Minds activists. Young Minds is a charity promoting mental health awareness for young people. Young Minds is one of a number of partner charities working under the

Kate Adds New Event on December 14th

Monday, December 5, 2016

No sooner did Harry's tour wrap up than the Duchess of Cambridge put a new event on her calendar. I told you Harry needed to come home. Our favorite duchess is going to be joining cub scouts in King's Lynn to celebrate 100 years of the scouting program on December 14th. The Scout Association is listed under Kate's charities and she has been volunteering with them for years. 

It has been a while since we have seen Kate at an official scout event. She made a surprise visit to a Beaver troop in December of 2014. The visit included

Kate in Kiki: Christmas Guide to Royal Worthy Jewelry

Thursday, December 1, 2016

On February 24, 2011, blustery winds were buffeting the eastern coast of Wales, and a small, protruding island on the most western coat was covered by grey skies and scuttling clouds. Despite the weather, thousands of excited locals were filling the streets by Trearddur Bay to greet Prince William of Wales and his fiancée Kate Middleton.  It was an historic event. This was the first time that Kate undertook a public engagement, greeting the cheering crowds, working the line of fans on a brief walkabout, and christening the RNLI lifeboat. These were all activities that would soon staples of her life, but on that first cold morning in Anglesey, everything was new and unknown. The beautiful brunette arrived wearing a re-tailored Katherine Hooker coat, snug stockings, cozy Aquatalia booties, a Vivien Sheriff fascinator...and dangling from her ears, glinting in gold and yellow, were citrine drop earrings from Kiki McDonough, 

In terms of the number of wears, these are Kate's most worn earrings. She has sported them at some of the most important milestones of her life, (including presenting her first born on the steps of the Lindo Wing and George's christening) as well as the more mundane moments, like a Sunday morning ride to church and countless

Kate In Custom McQueen For Duke of Westminster Service

Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas came early today. Kate stepped out wearing the custom McQueen coat she first wore on Remembrance Sunday in 2015... That was the year that the super stylish Queen Maxima joined Kate on the balcony, upping the fashion stakes for everyone. We knew the coat would be lovely when we got a full-glimpse, but oh wow, were you expecting this?

The occasion that elicits this Christmas-come-early was not exactly festive.  Kate was attending a service of remembrance for the Duke of Westminster. I mentioned the Duke's death here on the blog some months ago. He was chum and confidante of Prince Charles and a staunch friend of the Crown. Westminster was a multi-billionaire with land and assets in London, across England, and in both Scotland and Spain. He was a philanthropist and patron of

Déjà Vu Debuts: Kate's New Recycles

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I have dubbed them "Déjà Vu Debuts." They are a special subset of Recycles. These are new items that are completely familiar, because although they might be in a fresh print or a new color, they are the same design as a predecessor. 

Kate has been doing this for years. In September of 2011 she wore a simple, but stunning sheath dress by Amanda Wakeley in a creamy "Oatmeal." Some seven months later, in April of 2012, Kate attended a reception at the Imperial War Museum wearing the same dress in a gun-metal grey. She added a McQueen belt to

Duchess's Déjà Vu Dress: Second Preen Finella for Place2Be

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

After an embargoed event at the Natural History Museum, Kate changed and headed to Mansion House for the second annual Wellbeing in Schools Awards for Place2Be. Kate has been royal patron for Place2Be for three years and the charity's focus on children's mental health has made it a charity to which Kate gives increasing attention. Tonight, the princess arrived in an interesting choice. The same Preen Finella dress that she wore with such success in red while on tour in Canada.

The Duchess gave a brief address to assembled guests. I like this picture that captures Kate's speech stance, weight on one hip and the right foot out just a little.

Kate & Dippy The Dinosaur at Natural History Museum

Hello, hello! I should be packing to catch my flight north to Wisconsin for turkey and cranberry stuffing this Thursday, but Kate the Great is out and about and I had to share this snap of our favorite duchess before popping off. She joined primary school students at the Natural History Museum for a party celebrating the famous Dippy the Dinosaur, who is going on tour soon. 

The party included excavation games and a table where guests could decorate faux dinosaur eggs. Kate wore a new dress from L.K. Bennett, the Cersei, which features a blue and black floral pattern interspersed with tufts of velvet. She is wearing her

The Queen Celebrates 69 Years of Marriage

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Today, Elizabeth and Philip celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. After meeting in 1934, when Elizabeth was only eight years old, the two began their romance in 1939 by exchanging letters--a time honored tradition. :) They were secretly engaged in 1946 and once Elizabeth reached her 21st birthday, the two announced their engagement and were married at Westminster on November 20, 1947.

The very popular Netflix series The Crown depicts the ealry years of the couple's marriage. I have really enjoyed the inside peek, even if many scenes are hypothesis of how history may have transpired. I have also enjoyed the debates it has sparked amongst historians regarding the veracity of the series. One altercation which has been acknowledged to be true

Kate's Clothes in Canada: How Did 2016 Measure Up?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's been just over a month since Kate and the Cambridges waved goodbye to British Columbia at the close of their successful tour. Canada 2016 didn't match Down Under 2014 in length, nor did it have the crackling excitement of that first overseas trip five years ago, but it was nevertheless a landmark tour for the Cambridges as a family and for Kate's style evolution.  The duchess presented a carefully curated and lavish display of clothes for her second tour of Canada. The two big questions that hovered in the air in the run up to the tour were, (1) would we see a shift in Kate's style and, (2) how would this tour measure up to Canada 2011?

Canada 2016 was a turning point for tours, certainly, as Kate presented the boldest and most diverse selection of ensembles we have ever seen from her when traveling. Canada 2011 was her first step into royal dressing and she carried over a lot of her own style, choosing many High Street labels and demure designer selections. But even debuting a whole new wardrobe in 2011 didn't pack the same punch as Kate's array of ensembles this time around.

Make-Up Tutorial: Recreate Kate's Wedding Look + Happy Royal Engagement Day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's the 16th of November, which is a red letter day in my calendar of royal holidays. Six years ago today, after years of living out their romance under the watchful eye of press and fans alike, William and Kate finally went public about their secret engagement. Although the two like to keep their private life private, there are special days when it is only natural for them to share their joy with everyone, and the 16th of November certainly qualified as such a day. 

Once the princess of the party circuit, Kate had withdrawn from the night club scene for some months, but this sudden and dramatic exposure was all the better for the long wait.

Somber Kate Marks Remembrance Sunday

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Every year, on the Sunday closest to the 11th of November, the Queen and senior members of her family gather with government leaders at the Cenotaph to pay tribute to the country's fallen. In the often gloomy and grey winter morning, troops line magnificent Whitehall as the Monarch places the first wreath of red poppies at the base of the war monument. From the balcony of the Foreign Office, the spouses of those senior royals partaking in the tribute, watch somberly. Today, for the sixth consecutive year, Kate stood by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall and HRH the Countess of Wessex on the principle balcony.

I have been watching The Crown on Netflix, as I think have all royal fans, so I Googled the Elizabeth's first Remembrance Sunday as queen and this video from 1952 surfaced:

Kate Misses the Mark at Festival of Remembrance

Saturday, November 12, 2016

You know what a Pinterest fail is, don't you? BuzzFeed has a whole subcategory of posts that feature side-by-side photos of the perfect craft project on Pinterest and the less than perfect results when crafters try the project at home. Regrettably, Kate's ensemble tonight at the Royal Albert Hall was an analogous fashion fail.

The couple were joining the Queen for the annual Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall. Senior members of the BRF attend, as well as government dignitaries. New Prime Minister Theresa May is visible on the left of this picture. The performance is always a moving tribute to the fallen, so it is quite a somber evening and all the ladies wear black.

Pippa & Carole Middleton Spotted with Wedding Dress Designer?

Friday, November 11, 2016

For some reason, I always get the bug to blog 24-48 hours before Kate has a scheduled event. So here we are on the cusp of back-to-back events, and I feel like blogging now. Meghan Markle took a week away from filming Suits and is in London with Harry, probably mapping out a strategy to keep some peace in her personal life. She was snapped shopping at Whole Foods in Kensington before heading back to Kensington Palace. 

Daily Mail Online
But, that isn't what I came to chat about today. Let's talk about Carole and Pippa! Everyone's favorite bride-to-be is still busy planning her fast approaching wedding. It was reported last month that Pippa will marry in May in her Bucklebury church with a reception to follow at her parents' home.

It's Official! Kensington Palace Confirms Prince Harry is Dating Meghan Markle

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

While the papers and tabloids have run multiple stories now about Prince Harry's alleged relationship with Meghan Markle, the Palace has been silent...until this morning. This morning, Kensington Palace issued a long press release objecting to the treatment Ms. Markle has received since the news broke and in the process, of course, confirming their relationship.  

Meghan Markle Instagram

Regrettably, it sounds like Meghan and some family members have been subject to a little more than the usual paparazzi attention. In the press release, the Palace refers to some disturbing behavior, including what sounds like attempted home invasions!

Kate's Embargoed Visit to HMP Eastwood Park & The Nelson Trust

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Duchess of Cambridge had no scheduled events today, but it turns out she had an embargoed event! The princess arrived at The Nelson Trust in Gloucester this morning to learn about the organizations work with vulnerable woman who have experienced abuse, as well as the support The Nelson Trust provides for mental health issues, alcohol addiction, and drug dependency. 

According to Kensington Palace, Kate first visited HMP Eastwood Park. She met with
female prisoners to hear their stories and learn about the support they are offered. At the moment, I have found no pictures of that stop, which appears to have been very private. This is not the first time that Kate has made an unannounced visit to a prison. You doubtless remember her surprise engagement at HMP Send last year, in that drop-dead gorgeous The Fold dress.

Duchess Kate's Night at the Movies for Action on Addiction

Thursday, November 3, 2016

As we crossed into November and approach Remembrance Day, we really have rounded the corner from the slower days of the late summer and fall and into the busy and often glitzy days of winter. What better way to kick the season off than a red-carpet charity event? The Duchess of Cambridge joined the stars of A Street Cat Named Bob last night as a guest of honor for Action on Addiction, one of her patronages.

A Street Cat Named Bob is the story of a struggling musician (and recovering drug addict) and a stray cat, who form an unlikely
friendship. Joanne Froggatt, of Anna Bates fame, also had a leading role.  

It was announced a little earlier in the day that Kate had a planned stop before the premiere, but that it was embargoed. Once she arrived, it was revealed to be a meeting with recovered addicts who have gotten involved in film.

Is Prince Harry Dating Suits' Meghan Markle?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Royal watching circles have been buzzing with a story that is gaining momentum by the day, it seems. The word is that Prince Harry is dating Suits star Meghan Markle. I am always slow to lend credence to stories about Harry's purported romances, but by now more than one respected royal reporter has taken up the story, so I think it is time to give it a peek.

Markle is an American by birth, but lives in Toronto, Canada, where Suits is, apparently, filmed. A lot of the details about the romance are currently in conflict.

Is Prince Andrew Angling for York Girls' Royal Status?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good morning all! This past weekend, Camilla Tominey had a piece in the Express reporting that Prince Andrew and Prince Charles are at odds again over the status of the York sisters. 

Andrew, according to Tominey, wrote the Queen insisting that his girls be given full-time royal status. 
The row escalated after Andrew, 56, wrote to his mother demanding that Beatrice and Eugenie carry out full-time royal duties supported by the Sovereign Grant – the public purse which funds the Royals’ work. The letter, originally drafted by the Duke’s private secretary and “gatekeeper” Amanda Thirsk, complained that the princesses were in danger of being overshadowed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry when Charles becomes king.
Families being what they are

Kate & William Host BBC Radio 1 Teen Heroes

Saturday, October 22, 2016

As the royals are sometimes wont to do, they slipped in an extra event last Tuesday before the reception at Buckingham Palace for Team GB. The couple were the surprise special guests at an event for BBC Radio 1's Teen Heroes. The event was held at Kensington Palace.

When I first saw the pictures a day or so after the BP reception, I immediately assumed that the couple had done what they like to do on occasion,

Kate at Evening Palace Reception

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kate came to Buckingham Palace in her bathrobe. That's the bad news, but the good news is that we can only go up from here. This dress just left me so perplexed. Kate was attending a reception honoring Great Britain's Olympic teams, an event that straddled day and night when it came to dress code. That is never a fun middle ground to hit, and as it happened, Kate missed it.

I blame McQueen, I mean really. This pattern looks the result of a creative brainstorming session after a working lunch with a few cocktails. I don't

Princess Kate Pens Foreword to Cipher Book

Monday, October 17, 2016

This weekend, the Heads Together campaign announced that the Duchess of Cambridge has written the foreword to a puzzle book. Although Kate doesn't often refer to family in, in this foreword Kate tapped into her own family history.

Kensington Palace
The princess warmly remembered her grandmother Valerie Glassborrow and her work at Bletchley Park, noting how stressful it can be to carry on such a sensitive job that requires such discretion.

Away Day in Manchester Wearing Erdem

Friday, October 14, 2016

Kate and William travelled to Manchester today for a number of engagements on what we term an "Away Day." The parade of coats we will get throughout the winter has begun, and Kate chose a new coat today from Canadian label Erdem. 

The two started their day with sport at the National Football Museum. William is quite a sport enthusiast, as is Kate, although the duchess tends more toward field hockey and tennis. Here William is holding the ball from the 1966 World Cup:

Full Post: Duchess of a Cambridge's Day in the Netherlands

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good evening all. Kate the Great popped on a plane this morning and flew across the North Sea to the Netherlands for her first solo trip abroad as a royal. As you doubtless remember, she was meant to mark this milestone in 2014, with a visit to Malta, but Princess Charlotte put a stop to that. She was worth the two-year delay, but certainly this visit is warmly welcomed.

Kate started her day with a visit with King Willem-Alexander at the family's private residence, Villa Eikenhorst. Unfortunately, Queen Maxima was out of town, but Kate posed with her royal colleague and the two had lunch together. The home is on a woodland estate outside The Hague.  Most of the European royals are a little more relaxed than the British royals and apparently King Willem and Queen Maxima do occasionally host foreign dignitaries and fellow royals at their home.

Duchess Kate Dons Kate Spade for World Mental Health Day

Monday, October 10, 2016

Good morning all. Today starts a busy week of engagements for the Duchess of Cambridge. Today she marked World Mental Health Day 2016 with William and Harry at the London Eye. The couple arrived at the County Hall where Kate revealed a new designer debut: Kate Spade!

The flowers that a royal lady receives are supposed to complement her ensemble, or at least not clash, and today's posies couldn't have been more perfect. 
Fans will be pleased to see that Kate had a speaking role today. The royal trio each took a turn giving their remarks, much the way they did when launching Heads Together. William always has a funny smirk on his face when Kate is speaking. He always look proud as a peacock and also amused. It's cute.  
They took a trip in a London Eye pod, which was a great photo op with beautiful London spread out below them.

I love when we get pictures of children looking at Kate with big, wide eyes--a real live princess. This little girl on the left wins cutest snap of the day:

Kate's dress is by Kate Spade New York and features a floral design "inspired by the flowers thrown on a stage at the end of a show." I agree with the general comments that the dress has some design flaws. It's very hard to pull this kind of a dress off well, I think, because if it pulls in the wrong way, it can look cheap. This dress isn't cheap, but it suffers from a drooping waistline. 

In every other respect, I liked it very much. I am excited for this bow-tie trend. Kate has sported it on a number of occasions and I have seen it a lot in fall collections. The pinky purple shade is gorgeous on Kate, especially with her dark hair. Speaking of her her hair today, it was like its own show. This picture hardly does it justice, but the volume was absolutely circa 2011. As much as a liked her shorter straighter cut, I like to see the hair back to its old volume, too. 

Kate wore her Morganite drops, carried her Nina clutch, and wore her Gianvito Rossi pumps.  I was most excited about the label debut, and although I would not have chosen this dress myself, I thought it looked really lovely on Kate, despite some of the design defects. It wasn't a home-run, but it was a solid base hit.

Kate's week at a glance:

5 Favorite Kate Coats for Fall

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Saturday! I took a little hike this morning in the woods and I can say that fall has most definitely arrived. It wasn't just brisk, it was cold. Cold, but beautiful. It got me thinking about Kate and her coats and now that I have gotten some coffee and my fingers have thawed enough to type, I thought we'd look over Kate's five best coats from the past five years as a royal. I am excluding casual/private coats. As you know, the duchess has a lot of coats, so this was a very hard list to narrow down, and ultimately is only a selection of my favorite and not the top five.  

The Anglesey Katherine Hooker Coat

This is cheating just a little, because Kate wasn't yet a royal when she wore this on February 24, 2011. She was, however, a royal fiancée, planning her fast approaching wedding, and beginning a tour of the United Kingdom with Prince William to meet the British people who were anxious to see and interact with their future Queen. 

The down-to-earth (almost) duchess picked a coat from her closet and had it shortened for her hem preference at the time. It is interesting that five years later

Goodbye Canada 2016: Cambridges Leave By Sea Plane

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Every tour must come to end. As bittersweet as the farewell always is, the final appearance is always special, and today it also meant we would again see Charlotte and George who were booked with their parents on a sea plane for an aerial tour before heading home. It couldn’t have been a more perfect goodbye to this stunning second tour of the north.

Headlines have claimed that George stole the show, and it isn’t far from the truth. When the little three-year old got out of the car, any sensitivity the tyke had felt on the day of the children's party had vanished. George was bubbly, excited, and ready to

Final Day of Engagements in Victoria

The Cambridges closed their second tour of Canada focusing on the issues that they will continue to champion this year: mental health and family support groups. Kate and William arrived at the Cridge Centre for the Family in Victoria close to noon local time, where many Canadians had turned out for one of the last chances to wave to the royals before they zoomed back across the Atlantic.   

William and Kate took a lot of time to visit with the fans, many of whom were young families and children.

Cambridges Arrive by Canoe in Haida Gwaii

Friday, September 30, 2016

There are all sorts of ways a royal can make an entrance. On tour they often emerge from planes or trains waving to the waiting fans, or at home from helicopters and Range Rovers. On the final full day of the Canada 2016 tour, William and Kate arrived at Haida Gwai by canoe. Nothing like getting places on your own steam. 

For some reason seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paddling toward the waiting press in a war canoe makes me laugh.

Prince George & Princess Charlotte's Children's Party

Thursday, September 29, 2016

We finally met Princess Charlotte, and it was such a delightful pleasure. As I have mentioned before, released pictures of Charlotte don't really give us the same sense of personality and temperament that live video does. To me, she has been a bit of an enigma, and the fleeting glimpses we have gotten, like the Buckingham Palace balcony, have not really fully introduced us. Today, as she ran around the lawn at Government House in Victoria, interacting with her parents and her brother, we finally, properly met Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  She is an absolute doll and seems to have just the precocious, zesty personality I'd expect from Kate's daughter.

Charlotte had no sooner arrived at the party than she struggled out of her mother's arms to rush to a display of balloons, reportedly saying with purpose, "pop!" I have the sense that

Kate the Cowgirl: Princess Chic in Yukon

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What in the world have William and Kate been up to? When I logged onto my picture account the first images in found were of Kate climbing about on a steam engine. Dressed in cowboy boots and appearing to cling precariously to the side of a train, it looked like she was in the climatic finale shoot-out of an old Western. This wasn't a scene from a shoot 'em up, the couple traveled to Carcross and they were inspecting the engine of a steam train that runs on the White Pass and Yukon route.

This train runs from Whitehorse to Carcross to Skagway and apparently Kate couldn't resist an impromptu look. It isn't hard to see that this girl is George's mom. Kate is like, "It is so awesome up here!" While William is replying, "Sweetheart, we paid almost $1,000 for that Sentaler coat...let's not end up in the water!"

Kate: "Wills, we're in movie."
William: "We're really not...but ok."

Carcross used to be called Caribou Crossing and has an interesting history. More on that from Triposo:
Caribou Crossing was a fishing and hunting camp for Inland Tlingit and Tagish people. 4,500-year-old artifacts from First Nations people living in the area have been found in the region. Caribou Crossing was named after the migration of huge numbers of caribou across the natural land bridge between Lake Bennett and Nares Lake. That caribou herd was decimated during the Klondike Gold Rush, but a recovery program raised the number of animals to about 450. The modern village began in 1896, during the Klondike Gold Rush. At the time, Caribou Crossing was a popular stopping place for prospectors going to and from the gold fields of Dawson City. Caribou Crossing was also a station for the Royal Mail and the Dominion Telegraph Line, and it served as a communications point on the Yukon River. In 1904, Caribou Crossing was renamed Carcross as a result of some mail mix-ups with the Cariboo Regional District in nearby British Columbia.
Kate changed from her Carolina Herrera for this stop and the result was a smashing, smashing success. She scored on a number of levels. In terms of pure style, she couldn't be cuter, and for those who had been waiting for her to wear a Canadian label, she finally came through. The Duchess created a chic, modern cowboy look with this soft grey sweater/coat from Sentaler, a Canadian brand. She paired it with skinnies and what I think are her cowboy boots from Calgary, which was a great nod to her first, fabulous trip to Canada. 

The earrings were a very thoughtful addition. They are by a local designer and thought to have been purchased in Whitehorse for Kate to wear. The designer, Shelly MacDonald sells her work on Easy and you can pick up a pair at her e-store here.

In India the couple painted elephants and on this trip they have been painting totem poles. 

The couple met with local members of the indigenous tribes and chatted wth members of a mountain biking organization Single Track to Success.

Kensington Palace
The project "gets youths back on the land" by creating bike trails and biking programs.

Crown in Canada
The verdict on this event is success all around. I loved the ensemble. The Sentaler coat is so soft and feminine, it looks like a cozy sweater while keeping her warm and comfortable. The cowboy boots were the perfect addition for this final Yukon stop and fit perfectly with her detour to explore the steam engine. The climate was perfect camera weather. there is something about the clarity of that fresh, cold air. Kate was glowing. This is my favorite event of the week. I love cold air and mountains and trees. I am already looking for a good getaway in the Yukon.

Meanwhile, George and Charlotte have been shown a great time. The two were spotted at Beacon Hill Children's Farm while their parents were out on tour. I wish we had pictures of that! I'll poke around and see if any are available.


I do apologize for how late this post is. Kate's Clothes isn't updated yet, either, but that will have to wait since I am about to rush to the airport. Can't wait to see George and Charlotte!