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Queen Gives Kate a New Patronage + Happy Birthday Carole!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I think that for many of us, Kate has been Queen of Wimbledon for some time. From the moment the new Duchess made her first appearance at the match as a princess, there has been speculation that someday Kate would have an official role.

Today, Roya Nikkhah broke the news in The London Times that the Queen will divest herself of some of her duties as she hits 90, including her patronage of the All England Club:
After 64 years as patron of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, which hosts the Wimbledon championships, the Queen will this year pass the role to the Duchess, a keen tennis player and fan of the game.
Kate follows the matches with close concentration and her smiles and grimaces are always headline news after a match. 

Kate has been at Wimbledon every year but 2013, when George's birth coincided too closely with the world famous Grand Slam event. As a talented and competitive player herself, Kate is the perfect choice to take on this role. William once admitted Kate's proficiency: “We are both very competitive. She beats me at tennis and skiing but I am better at the rest." Their flirtatious rivalry has been a reoccurring theme across a number of public engagements.  

I have a theory about this announcement. Kate goes to Wimbledon every year, and sometimes to more than one match. It has been the cause of tension over the past few years as people complained that Kate didn't have time to "work" but that she could take time for a tennis game. This ignores the obvious fact that as the Duchess of Cambridge in the royal box, it is both work and play for Kate. As a princess of the United Kingdom, her job is to highlight Britain! Wimbledon is an international event in London and by being present Kate supports the All England Club, supports the British competitors, and draws attention to the event and the host country. She also enjoys it, but there is no law against loving your life. Regrettably, these fun appearances have become a source of scrutiny and angst. I think it is very wise for the Queen to pass on this position to Kate so that she may continue to do what she has been doing all along, but moving forward she will do it with a certain "official sanction" which should silence the critics. It's a brilliant move.

Finally, today is Carole Middleton's birthday! While she is holidaying in Mustique, it looks like William and Kate were not able to make it to the get-away. They were spotted in London on the 27th and I do not think they could have gotten to Mustique without being spotted. As you know, they have been able to sneak away to other locales at different times of the year, but given this is an annual event and there are only so many ways to get to the island, I think they'd have to be airlifted in to escape detection...and even then. :)  I know someone in the comments mentioned that the Cambridges might be holding off for a winter holiday. I think George might be getting toward the age that he can begin on the little bunny slope. It will be interesting to see if they take a family ski holiday this year, as they have given it a miss these past few years! 

Kate's Sparkling Debuts from 2015

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Well good evening, and Happy Wednesday! The truth is, that against all odds I am still checking my phone to see if Kate has whisked away to Mustique. I admit hope is waning. She almost always left by now, and with Carole's birthday just days away, the clock is ticking. Call me a dreamer, but I haven't given up! They could fly out Friday and settle in for a weekend of revelry. Anyway, while we wait on the final verdict on that holiday I thought we'd chat about jewelry tonight.

Kate debuted a number of new pieces in 2015, and they represented a range of prices and historical gravitas. She began on January 16, 2015 when she made a visit to The Fostering Network wearing new earrings!

The connecting hoop earrings were quickly identified as Mirabelle's Lolita hoops. They are gold-plated, battered metal and retailed for a reasonable £20. 

Several months later, on March 9th, she debuted another pair of earrings. Although they glittered almost white in the sun, but are actually a pale pink:

These Morganite and Diamond drops by Kiki McDonough matched her amethyst drops by the same designer. In contrast to the £20 pieces she wore in January, these retail at £3,400. 

While many of us felt a little dazzled with these delicate earrings, just four days later, Kate again presented new sparklers, and these were show-stoppers. At the service commemorating the service members in the Afghanistan conflict, Kate wore brand new and large pear-cut tanzanite earrings and matching necklace. 

These really divided fans. It is a bold set both in color, size, and design. The earrings and necklace feature large, pear-shaped tanzanites surrounded by diamonds. They were made by G. Collins & Sons, the Crown Jeweler. The necklace retailed at around £8,000. Although we don't know the exact price of the earrings, given the price tag on the necklace, we can surmise they were equally expensive. These must have been a gift for a very special occasion. I liked them, although I agree that in general she probably shouldn't wear them as a set. 

Kate was busy for a large part of the summer, as she had Princess Charlotte and spent a lot of time in Norfolk with her family. It was September 26th, at the Rugby World Cup, that we saw another new item. 

These lovely hoops featuring a circled fern and were made by a label Kate likes very much: Catherine Zoraida. In an 18-carat gold plate they retail at £150. Kate loved them, too, and wore them several more times in 2015.

On October 10th, Kate again had new earrings! At first, we thought these heart-shaped pieces were little diamond studded leaves. 

Instead, they are hearts from Kiki McDonough's Lauren collection that launched in the summer of 2015, named after the British ballerina Lauren Cuthbertson, the collection celebrated her role as Alice in Alice in Wonderland.  They retail at £2,200. I have to say that these aren't my favorite, but Kate must like them!

With just a few months before the close of the year, you would have been justified in thinking that Kate was about done with big jewelry debuts, but with a number of high-profile events on her holiday calendar, she had a few really big surprises left. On the 27th of October, she arrived at the Victoria & Albert Museum wearing new, striking earrings:

These earrings feature large sapphires and diamonds and once belonged to the Queen Mother. Now they belong to the Queen, who presumably loaned them to Kate for the evening. They certainly set a buzz, and interestingly, just the next night Kate wore earring borrowed not from the Queen, but from her own mother. These were equally breathtaking:

Carole had these earrings made by Robinson Pelham to wear to Kate's wedding to William in April of 2011. They feature large blue topazes in a chandelier setting. Carole was pictured wearing them on her way to the reception at Buckingham Palace. They cost an estimated £14,000!

Kate debuted what might have been her most exciting piece of jewelry since her wedding morning just before the year called it a day. The Duchess wore the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara made iconic by her mother-in-law, the late Princess of Wales to the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace on December 8th. We didn't get a perfect view of this stunning tiara, but now she has worn it once, I think it will be in her rotation. It certainly was evocative for those who lived through the Diana era and loved her so much, and for Kate it is doubtless a piece saturated in meaning and sentiment. 

I think, that that was it. Oh no! She debuted new bracelets at the China State Visit Dinner! Voila! If I missed something, definitely let me know in the comments. This list is based on my memory and not necessarily exhaustive!

2015 showcased an interesting range of jewelry debuts. We saw all facets of Kate's personality, if you will. We saw her classic, thrifty (but always elegant) side with the pieces in the lower price point, but we also saw her penchant for luxury items in some of the more expensive pieces, like the morganite drops from Kiki McDonough. Finally, more than any other year, I think we saw the royal Kate as she presented more historical pieces than she ever has before. I think she covered a lot of different elements in this category alone. Many people think that Kate is using the Queen Mother's example as a pattern for her own role. I think the sapphire earrings were a nod to that theory. At the same time, Kate is the future Princess of Wales, we all but assume, and she is following in Diana's footprints. I think (perhaps more than others) that Kate really does look up to Diana and that she has taken her as a role model in certain respects--the successful aspects of Diana's life. I think we saw a nod to that in the iconic tiara she wore. Lastly, I love that she wore Carole's earrings to such a big event, reminding us how important her family is to her...always. It was a great year of royal jewelry. I hope we see Diana's tiara again soon!!

Sarah Burton to Head Dior? Is the Duchess of Cambridge's Designer Taking a Leap?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stop the presses, Fashionista is reporting that Sarah Burton may be moving to Dior. Some of you follow Kate for the romance, others for the fashion, still others follow both. With that in mind, let me back up, way up, and start from the beginning. In 2011 Dior's creative director John Galliano got into a dust up in a Paris bar. I won't go into the nasty details, but he hurled some anti-semitic slurs in addition to some other things, and he lost his job, as well he should have. Dior needed a new creative director, and they made a rather unusual choice when they tapped Raf Simons in 2012. Simons was absolutely marvelous. If you haven't seen Dior and I, I highly recommend it. Simons whipped up his first show in just a few months, and he presented it in July 2012. At the time, an article in Vogue remarked:
One of the most talked-about debuts in fashion history, Simons' offering mixed his signature minimal, aesthetic with the pretty, femininity of Dior - signifying that the future of this iconic brand lays in very safe hands.
It was stunning. Flowers everywhere, gorgeous dresses that were both contemporary yet channeled Dior's incredible history for feminine and classic design. It was a magnificent collection. 

As Simons was debuting his first collection I was spending my first long summer in France. I wasn't in Paris at the show, though. I was off spending some long (and incredibly hot hours) wandering Versailles all by myself...and falling completely in love with it. Versailles is one of my favorite historical "homes," if you can term something so precious and palatial a place a home. :) In 2013, Dior announced they would renovate Le Hameau de la Reine, (The Queen's Hamlet) which is the village Marie-Antoinette built to escape to a more rural and, I believe, visceral reality. For me it was the perfect marriage between a wonderful French brand and a historical site I love and that has deep history for the French people. I always buy Dior now.  

It is a very, very special place and I love to wander Marie-Antoinette's sanctuary as she might have. To wonder what she thought and what she felt when she was there. It's wonderful, and I am so thrilled by Dior's continuing support. The collaboration resulted in stunning photoshoots, too, since Dior featured the Palace and grounds in a number of campaigns and often themed their make-up lines around Versailles. 

Dior, Simons, and Versailles. It was perfect. Then, just a few months ago, Simons announced he was leaving Dior. It was an amicable split (at least publicly) but it really rocked the label and the fashion world. It had widely been believed that Simons would helm the brand for many years. Ultimately, I suspect he found the intense schedule taxing on his creativity. I think his short stint will still be viewed by history as an extraordinary tenure. Nevertheless, it has left Dior without a creative director. Which leaves us now hopping over the English Channel to where this story crosses paths with that of a certain Duchess of Cambridge. 

It is April 2011, Galliano has just had his public eruption, but no one is thinking about that in London. Instead, all eyes are on Westminster Abbey and on Kate Middleton. It feels like the entire world is holding its breath to find out who designed the wedding dress of the decade. Hours before the wedding, a car pulls up to The Goring where Kate and her family spent the night and where the princess-to-be is preparing to head to the Abbey. As pictures of the hooded figure exiting the car circle, many fashionistas instantly know who had designed the dress. 

The woman getting out of the car was Sarah Burton, and so the dress would be Alexander McQueen. This first collaboration with Sarah and with McQueen was a milestone. Her wedding dress was the gown in which Kate walked the bridge from Kate Middleton to a princess of the United Kingdom, but the relationship did not end there. Not only did Kate wear a second McQueen to her reception that evening, she has worked with Burton to make some of her most iconic royal ensembles. 

Documenting the many McQueen ensembles that Kate has worn could take me literally half the night. Kate turned to McQueen often in the first year of her marriage, from public family events like Trooping the Colour: high fashion-stakes events like the BAFTA evening in LA:

Kate has continued to work closely with Sarah Burton over the years. Clearly, she trusts her personally and creatively. Sarah has designed a multitude of bespoke pieces, including the ensembles Kate wore to both her children's baptisms, and one-offs for big events like Easter Sunday in Australia:

Many believe that some of Kate's UFO pieces are actually personal gifts from Burton, including this coat which bears a number of resemblances to Burton's tailoring style:

Most recently, Kate wore McQueen on Remembrance Day:

Fashionista just reported via Fashion Weekly Daily, that Sarah Burton is in talks with Dior regarding the open position of creative director. As high-profile as Alexander McQueen is, Dior holds an entirely other level of history and prestige. (No offense, but seriously. Dior? Big. Very big.) If this rumor is true I would be very pleased. The only question is, of course, would Kate follow Sarah Burton to Dior? Would our favorite princess begin sporting the iconic French label? She has started to branch out to other designers, including Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, but given the very British events to which Kate wears McQueen I don't know if we can guess:

The exact quote from Fashion Weekly Daily:
According to high-level sources in Paris, Sarah Burton is reportedly in talks to take over the creative reins at Dior after Raf Simons’ unexpected departure after three years in the role. A representative for Dior declined to comment. Burton, currently the creative director at Alexander McQueen, has been working for the brand for the past 19 years, and took over the top spot in May 2010 following the death of the brand’s founder. Several industry insiders had speculated that Alber Elbaz was a top candidate for the role, but we hear that the designer has other plans. Meanwhile, Lanvin is said to be courting London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu. Watch this space for developments.
And yes, that final line has to do with another Kate favorite, but let's cross that bridge on a later night. To close, would Dior be a step too far? Or simply too foreign for the state occasions Kate usually taps McQueen for? I would be thrilled if Burton moved to Dior...and if Kate continued to work with Burton. It could all be a rumor, or Burton may be in negotiations that will end in nothing. Or, we might see Burton helm Dior. Time will tell! 

Did Biking Bring Them Together? Pippa's Romance with James Matthews

Monday, January 18, 2016

The song says that love is lovelier the second time around, and it looks like that might be the case for Pippa as it appears she has rekindled her romance with James Matthews. Apparently, the two briefly dated in 2012 before Pippa began her relationship with Nico Jackson. Pippa kept up with James and in 2014, the two were part of the group that raced across America in support of the Michael Matthews Foundation. Pippa described the foundations he was racing for at the time:
The other charity we're supporting is the Michael Matthews Foundation. Mike tragically died descending the summit of Mount Everest. The Foundation helps to provide education to children all over the world. Mike's brother James, is part of our team.
The pair were pictured socializing on that trip:

Pippa, James Middleton, and James Matthews all took part in the British Heart Foundation's ride from London to Brighton and when Pippa undertook a race across 47 miles in Sweden in September of last year, she partnered with Swede Jons Bartholdson and James Middleton partnered with James Matthews:

Shortly after her split from Nico in (we believe) October of 2015, Pippa was seen at a sidewalk cafe with James. It seems their friendship has blossomed back into romance. He joined the Middletons in the Caribbean in August of 2015. He was at the St. Luke's carol service, and he joined Pippa, James Middleton, Donna Air, and other friends in St. Barts to ring in the New Year. Just this week, the new couple were spotted at Rasoi in London with Carole Middleton.

The relationship has been moving very quickly, probably due to the fact they have dated before and have been good friends in the intervening years. Not to fuel speculation, but it is impossible not to wonder if it will progress quickly to an engagement?

On to William and Kate! More than a few of you have messaged me expressing your hope that we will see the Duchess of Cambridge out and about soon. I think that Kate is ensconced at Anmer Hall right now, probably enjoying the lingering vestiges of the holiday season and soaking up time with her children. Prince William has been working with the East Anglian Air Ambulance and recently surprised school children by stopping into their cafeteria for lunch. Apparently the school, John Henry Newman Catholic, has a large field in which the crew often lands their helicopter and they are always welcome to pop in for a complimentary meal in the school cafeteria. 

These photos sparked what can only loosely be termed an editorial in the Daily Mail. The paper ran an absolutely bizarre piece in which some woman, who once idolized William, mused on how the prince hasn't aged well, I believe citing his thinning hair and glasses as the reason for her sudden disenchantment.  I would have thought maturity and reality would have taken the bloom off the rose for her, takes all kinds. Frankly, I can see in retrospect that Prince William was a handsome teen, although at the time I didn't find him anything unusual. In contrast to the Mail editorial (can we seriously call this an editorial?) I think William has grown more handsome with every passing year. 

Sometime after his marriage to Kate, as he took on new duties as a royal and particularly when he became a father, William's naturally serious personality really started to hit its stride and his added gravitas has just made him all the more handsome. I do not lie when I say that William has never been more attractive. Way to pick 'em, Kate. 

I was unimpressed with the piece, and I am just not sure how it should have a place in a real newspaper. The Daily Mail writer cited Prince William's glasses as one of his faults--I think they look great--and ran a photo taken in a split second as the Duke rubbed his nose:

But, I think that most will see this as an unfortunate angle, a hazard that can make even the most glamorous supermodel look silly, and dismiss this for foolishness. Anyway, proof that it is a slow news season!

While we have not seen Kate for a bit, it has been announced that she will play the role of guest-editor for the Huffington Post UK next month. I think the first question is, what in the world does a guest editor do? I think the answer is that Kate will take point in choosing editorial content, framing the issues she wishes to highlight, and creating a cohesive whole on the topic of her choice. Her focus continues to be Mental Health and so it should be interesting to see what she decides to highlight in her role as guest-editor. 

Kate Pictured Shopping with George + Video at Berry Bros. & Rudd

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We love official engagements, but there is something special about the candids. Today I have two to share. Woman's Day Australia publishes a lot of candid photos of Kate, and perhaps more controversially, of George. They have released a new set. In these photos, Kate is shopping with George in a bit of a new ensemble.

A photo posted by @theladywallace on

Kate was wearing a new coat by Katherine Hooker. This is the Hendre coat and features a longer length, fitted at the waist and flared at the hips. It has reversible cuffs and small belt detail at the back. Kate's version is in Navy with Chocolate Alcantara trim and a mushroom lining. With Thanks to Susan at What Kate Wore for this ID and the for spotting Kate's new shoes! 

Katherine Hooker
As you can see in the snap, Kate was wearing new shoes. These are the "Chester" tassel loafers from Russell & Bromley. Kate's pair appear to have a lighter sole, which suggests they are in navy, not black, as they appear in the photo. This would make sense given she was wearing a navy coat. 

I think the most surprising thing about this ensemble is that Kate wore socks with her loafers!! Very frankly, it is a fashion faux pas to me, but I think that is also what makes this photo so special. Kate is a normal girl, a normal mom, and...she is cold in chilly weather! Sometimes, she puts comfort over fashion--as we all do on occasion! It is fun to see her just wearing what is comfortable. 

I don't like the shoes themselves. I think the heel is too chunky. Kate is very comfortable with these thicker soles, but I just can't get on board with them. Her Half 'n Half boots (above) have the same problem. Footwear made for rough, outdoor terrain, like heavy duty riding boots, or the like, might call for this, but I don't like it for a city shoe. Soles or no soles, this was just a charming little candid. I love that Kate is out shopping and spending time with George. Remember that for every candid we see of Kate, there are multiple outings that never surface. She is one dedicated mummy soaking up time with her son. 

Onto our next candid! Last week, an "New Old" sighting of Kate surfaced. Ashley, purveyor of many wonderful royal stories, found this video on Instagram. The video shows William and Kate leaving Berry Bros. & Rudd, an expensive restaurant in London.

Berry Bros. & Rudd has a very impressive lineage, and describes their history thus:
We are Britain's oldest wine and spirit merchant, established in the 17th century. Our flagship store has been located at No. 3 St James's Street, London since 1698 when it was founded by the Widow Bourne. A supplier to the royal family since the reign of King George III, historic customers have included Lord Byron, William Pitt the Younger and the Aga Khan. We created the Cutty Sark whisky, and pioneered the vintage concept for The Glenrothes single malt Scotch whisky. Today members of the Berry and Rudd families continue to own and manage the family-run wine merchant.
It's swanky. Supposedly, this video is from August, but in June the couple celebrated with the Queen at the exclusive establishment. The Mirror reported on it at the time:
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed their first night out together since the arrival of Princess Charlotte – with the Queen in a wine bar. Wills and Kate left their baby daughter and her big brother Prince George with the nanny to celebrate the Queen’s 89th birthday with Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family. The couple arrived at exclusive private dining club Berry Brothers & Rudd in London’s Kensington just after 8pm and stayed until 10.45pm.
I think this video is from that event, not from an August outing. It is not that I think the Cambridges never go out on their own, but my guess is, this is a video from June. First of all, Kate is wearing a very light and airy dress. Based upon her dressing habits, I think she would have likely been wearing a coat or some jacket by August. I know, but, hey, it is London! There are a few other reasons I think this was the June outing, not an August date, but I could be wrong. Whatever the case, it is lovely to see Kate out and about, and in a new dress!

The Duchess is wearing the "Madison" Chiffon Print dress from L.K. Bennett London. The dress is 100% silk and features a multicolored animal print. It manifests Kate's more playful side, and continues her trend for the midi-length. I need to get shopping to get in line! The dress initially retailed at $525 and was last on the market for the sale price of $367. I have no idea when Kate purchased it, but if you are into tracking these things, likely she bought it full price. Oh, to be a princess! :) 

Several of you have already commented on this outing. I know there have been a few remarks that this doesn't look like Kate, so let me quickly address those. First, all circumstances surrounding should prove it is Kate. William's presence, Mr. Security keeping a watchful, etc. But, this is very Kate in and of itself. I don't know how many live videos everyone watches, since we follow much of Kate's activity via still shots, but I watch a lot, and this is her gait. It's kind off a lateral walk, where she moves very deliberately from one foot to the other. In this videos she seems to hesitate on one foot for a split second as she anticipates the move of the security guard opening her door. This might distort her walk just a little, but it is most definitely the Duchess. 

Well, all, that is the scoop for the moment. The big question still looms. Will the Cambridges escape the London chill for Mustique at the end of the month. I am desperately hoping they will. Life is a shifting thing, and sometimes you have to let go of old customs, but I hope they hold onto this one. For everyone's sake! 

The Middletons Join Kate to Celebrate Her 34th

Sunday, January 10, 2016

When Kate was photographed at St. Mary Magdalene the Sunday after Christmas she was wearing a new Michael Kors ensemble that we only got to see from the side and the back. Many hoped we would get a second look at the ensemble, but I was secretly dubious as to what event this would be a proper recycle. It seems 2016 is already off to a lucky start. Today the Duchess recycled the ensemble almost to a T as she attended a service at St. Mary Magdalene this morning. 

The entire Middleton family joined the royals this morning as the Queen marked the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli. Surrounded by her family, Her Majesty presented a commemorative wreath as those gathered mark a respectful moment of silence. 

The Gallipoli campaign actually launched in April of 1915 and ended on the 9th of January 1916. You might recall that William and Kate closed their tour of Australia and New Zealand commemorating ANZAC Day, whose origins lie in the Gallipoli campaign. I think it is interesting that the only other Michael Kors ensemble that Kate has worn was to that event:

The pair placed poppies on the Wall of Remembrance and then bouquets at the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier:

I like the connection in the fashion. Today, Kate's recycle of her Lock & Co. Fairytale hat has to make it her favorite hat to-date. 

In fairness, I suppose it cannot be assumed it is her favorite, but certainly one she feels is versatile and flattering. By my count, today marked the 7th wear for the structured beret. These are its other six wears. I think the angle of this hat really makes or breaks it.  

To my absolute delight, the Middletons joined the party this morning. Doubtless, they were all up to celebrate Kate's 34th yesterday. According to Emily Andrews, Kate spent the day shooting with William and I am sure, the Middletons and some assembled friends. I very truly believe that both Pippa and Carole are wearing Kate's hats. Here is a picture of Pippa. Does the hat look familiar?

In 2006, Kate Middleton wore a sumptuous mink hat to Cheltenham. This is one of my favorite hats of all time. It makes me think of Anna Karenina and Christmas balls at the Winter Palace, and basically everything that is nostalgic and gorgeous about "back in the day" winters. Pippa also has a big fur hat, but hers is smooth. Given the Middleton ladies penchant to borrow, I think she could very well be wearing this hat.

Speaking of shooting and fur hats, I am not entirely sure these are the same, but they re very similar. In 2008 Kate, William, Harry, and a mystery blond. Chelsy was also on this hunting trip,w which took place at Sandringham, so this woman must have just been a friend. 

Carole, too, I think might be wearing one of Kate's toppers. Can you guess which one? 

I think it is another Cheltenham piece. The "Betty Boop" from Lock & Co.!

Kate has actually worn this four times, but one of those wears was to Cheltenham. I cannot be sure if Carole is wearing this hat, but I think she might be wearing it with the bow at the back, rather than on the side. I imagine that packing hats is kind of a bother and they may have felt it was easier to rifle Kate's ample closet.

I could be wrong, but I think all the Middleton women (Kate included) are wearing Aquatalia's Rhumba boots. This is my favorite family. It is always a treat to see the Middletons with Kate and I revel in any situation where the Middletons hang out with the royals. 

The only thing Kate changed in her ensemble today was her hair. This morning she opted for a more pulled together up-do:

Verdict: This is a special outfit. It is very specialized. I love it. But it wouldn't work walking into a church in the middle of London. It is very particularly British country. As we have discussed before, it conjures up Downton Abbey, and solid British heritage. I really liked how she switched up her hair, and I prefer this outfit with an updo. I really like it. 

Kate pulls of this look to perfection. She sets a standard, she creates a fantasy, she reminds us of traditional and history. Incidentally, that is exactly what the Monarchy is built on, so all in all a very successful outfit. All the Middleton women looked glamorous and gorgeous. This made up for the Cambridges missing the communion service on Christmas morning. :) One final thing. William cut his hair and it is causing quite the ruckus. I didn't really notice until someone pointed it out. Thoughts?