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Did Biking Bring Them Together? Pippa's Romance with James Matthews

Monday, January 18, 2016

The song says that love is lovelier the second time around, and it looks like that might be the case for Pippa as it appears she has rekindled her romance with James Matthews. Apparently, the two briefly dated in 2012 before Pippa began her relationship with Nico Jackson. Pippa kept up with James and in 2014, the two were part of the group that raced across America in support of the Michael Matthews Foundation. Pippa described the foundations he was racing for at the time:
The other charity we're supporting is the Michael Matthews Foundation. Mike tragically died descending the summit of Mount Everest. The Foundation helps to provide education to children all over the world. Mike's brother James, is part of our team.
The pair were pictured socializing on that trip:

Pippa, James Middleton, and James Matthews all took part in the British Heart Foundation's ride from London to Brighton and when Pippa undertook a race across 47 miles in Sweden in September of last year, she partnered with Swede Jons Bartholdson and James Middleton partnered with James Matthews:

Shortly after her split from Nico in (we believe) October of 2015, Pippa was seen at a sidewalk cafe with James. It seems their friendship has blossomed back into romance. He joined the Middletons in the Caribbean in August of 2015. He was at the St. Luke's carol service, and he joined Pippa, James Middleton, Donna Air, and other friends in St. Barts to ring in the New Year. Just this week, the new couple were spotted at Rasoi in London with Carole Middleton.

The relationship has been moving very quickly, probably due to the fact they have dated before and have been good friends in the intervening years. Not to fuel speculation, but it is impossible not to wonder if it will progress quickly to an engagement?

On to William and Kate! More than a few of you have messaged me expressing your hope that we will see the Duchess of Cambridge out and about soon. I think that Kate is ensconced at Anmer Hall right now, probably enjoying the lingering vestiges of the holiday season and soaking up time with her children. Prince William has been working with the East Anglian Air Ambulance and recently surprised school children by stopping into their cafeteria for lunch. Apparently the school, John Henry Newman Catholic, has a large field in which the crew often lands their helicopter and they are always welcome to pop in for a complimentary meal in the school cafeteria. 

These photos sparked what can only loosely be termed an editorial in the Daily Mail. The paper ran an absolutely bizarre piece in which some woman, who once idolized William, mused on how the prince hasn't aged well, I believe citing his thinning hair and glasses as the reason for her sudden disenchantment.  I would have thought maturity and reality would have taken the bloom off the rose for her, takes all kinds. Frankly, I can see in retrospect that Prince William was a handsome teen, although at the time I didn't find him anything unusual. In contrast to the Mail editorial (can we seriously call this an editorial?) I think William has grown more handsome with every passing year. 

Sometime after his marriage to Kate, as he took on new duties as a royal and particularly when he became a father, William's naturally serious personality really started to hit its stride and his added gravitas has just made him all the more handsome. I do not lie when I say that William has never been more attractive. Way to pick 'em, Kate. 

I was unimpressed with the piece, and I am just not sure how it should have a place in a real newspaper. The Daily Mail writer cited Prince William's glasses as one of his faults--I think they look great--and ran a photo taken in a split second as the Duke rubbed his nose:

But, I think that most will see this as an unfortunate angle, a hazard that can make even the most glamorous supermodel look silly, and dismiss this for foolishness. Anyway, proof that it is a slow news season!

While we have not seen Kate for a bit, it has been announced that she will play the role of guest-editor for the Huffington Post UK next month. I think the first question is, what in the world does a guest editor do? I think the answer is that Kate will take point in choosing editorial content, framing the issues she wishes to highlight, and creating a cohesive whole on the topic of her choice. Her focus continues to be Mental Health and so it should be interesting to see what she decides to highlight in her role as guest-editor. 


  1. So happy you brought up Pippa! I have also hear it reported that they are living together. I believe at least that she is spending many nights there. I too wondered if this could expedite to a quick engagement. She's in her 30s, and he's older than she. He seems to know the family quite well, and they have been friends. I think love takes priority, but when I heard he paid 17 million GBP for his home in 2014, I had to laugh and think "good job, Pippa!". LOL.

    The William article was cruel and unnecessary. I have mixed feelings on Kate's editor for a day role. While it is for a great cause, and past royals have done so, they have a shaky relationship with the press. I think choosing one paper, let alone one that isn't solidly respected/reputable, was a bit of a mistake. I'd rather see her out and about.

    I'm hoping for a trip to Mustique in the near future, and paparazzi shots of the family (Cambridges and Middletons)! Yep, I'll shamelessly admit it ;-)

    ~ A

    1. Exactly what I thought when I read the €17 price! If I were going to spend that much on a house it would have to be more like Anmer Hall!!! Not in the city!

  2. Thank you, Jane, for commenting on that awful piece about William in the DM. I read it too - a bit like watching a train wreck - I have no other excuse for reading the whole thing. I thought it was crass and beneath the dignity of any credible reporting entity. But then, its not the first time for the DM. I agree, William is more attractive than ever and his more serious side bodes well for his future position as monarch. Harry can be the clown (said in the most complimentary way possible), but it wouldn't sit as well if William were to be like that as well. They make the best pair actually. Looking forward to Kate's participation in the Huffington Post initiative.

  3. Oh, and I do hope Pippa finds the happiness she deserves. It strikes me that she's had a bit of the same problem Harry has - without the perks he receives as a royal. Some love interests simply don't want to be in the public spotlight all the time. Pippa has to deal with that simply because her sister married William. It must be hard for her....

    1. Hard for her!??? Excuse me....she has whole world at her feet.

    2. I agree, Jane. I think certain things have been difficult Pippa and James. If it is the right situation for her, I hope it works out. She's expressed that she would love to have a family, so I hope she gets a chance to do just that.

    3. I so agree!!! She is pedalling her way around the world for charity.

      Pippa is using her skills and interests, as well as her time to earn support for
      multiple causes.Personally, I'd rather stay home watching movies and eating
      bob bons..and commenting on blogs.

    4. Anon 4pm perhaps you are looking for a debate. If it was that easy she wouldn't be trying to establish her career or find Mr. Right....after almost 5 years in the spotlight. She hasn't had luck with either since the Royal Wedding. Paparazzi photograph her when her car gets towed. She publicly had a failed flop as an attempted Today Show correspondent in the US. Her book flopped. She was publicly criticized for eating whale in Scandinavia. Like Harry, it is hard enough to find yourself, let alone do it publicly with older siblings who are doing exceedingly well. Same goes for James.

    5. anon 6:35- it is a puzzle to me- are you supporting Pippa or reciting all the popular negative gossip? I really don't understand your what you are trying to say.

    6. Anon 7:07 I support Pippa and those things that happened publicly are hard for a person. Having "the world at her feet" doesn't guarantee success or happiness. All the opportunity in the world doesn't guarantee a fabulous outcome. You seem to be wanting to poke a bear so that is where I am leaving it and opting out from further response :-)

    7. Wow.. Princess Diana also "has the world at her feet " and look how unhappy she was.. I think Pippa has had a rough time and wish her and (both) James the best! It's a slow news cycle so we can expect these stories however unfair they may be..

      I use to think Prince William was very handsome (ie the Princess Diaries movie) but not so much any more. I think he looks a lot like Prince Edward.. I do think Prince Harry is better looking than Prince William now, where I didn't before.. Prince William looks fine with a hat on and cute with glasses but ..All in my opinion.. -Val

  4. I love seeing pictures of Pippa with James Matthews! I realized after a few that she looks palpably more relaxed and happier with him than she seemed to with Nico. Maybe that's just because their relationship was on the downturn (or for any of a thousand other reasons that I don't know of), but it's really, really good to see her looking so happy. Things certainly seem to be going well for them - it's awesome! Anyway, I'm openly rooting for an engagement and a big fancy wedding that we get lots of pictures of, and babies, because why the heck not. Happy Monday, everyone!

  5. I suspect the article about Prince William was published in anger, because they had not thought to invite Catherine to do the editor bit.It was certainly a rather catty piece. I think the glasses add gravitas--which is what we want in a future king, and he has more sense than to be bothered by the loss of his hair.
    It will be interesting to see what Catherine does on Huffington Post, as she has to avoid getting involved in politics and in the UK, anything to do with health, becomes political dynamite.

    1. I'm very interested in how Kate will handle the guest editing spot as well, Jean. Done well, I think it could be a great forum for the issues she wants to develop and gain exposure.

  6. William reminds me so much of a young Phillip in that last photo.
    May I offer my guesses for the meaning of the "HH" on his jacket-
    His Highness? Handsome Hottie?
    (this has probably been done to death on other blogs-the HH thing. )
    One thing you can say about the DM story-it sure took the focus off Kate and her
    planned HP work. I imagine she is busy working on that and other projects right now.

    I don't think I have an opinion on Pippa's boyfriends, except to wish her happiness.

    1. Anon 1:41pm, as funny as your guesses at HH are :-), do you really know what it stands for? Since it's a Kate fashion blog, I'll insert some Working William Fashion info - it's Helly Hansen:

    2. I like my interpretation better.
      I just hope Jane or William get a little
      appreciation from the company.What's next? Izod? Ask your Mum about that one, folks.

  7. Sonja from BavariaJanuary 18, 2016 at 3:48 PM

    I really hope Pips will get her happily ever after. What does James Matthews work? It must be hard for Pippa as she knows that no future husband of hers will ever be able to compete with Prince William, the future king. (But of course he will be approved and cherished!)

    I think those articles or comments about William are really mean. He's in his 30s, he's not 20 yrs old anymore. Also, he is a Windsor and that unfortunately means that his hair wis getting less and thinner. And I like those glasses on him!

    I think it was really nasty that the Daily Mail published that photo of him touching his nose! This probably was not even half a second, but spreading such a photo all over the globe via social media and newspapers is impolite and mean, IMO. I really like William and I guess nobody, either royal or commoner, would not want such a photo of oneself to be published.
    It is really nice that he ate with the pupils at this school. And he looks very handsome in his pilot clothes :) and Williams new shorter haircut is great - maybe an idea of Kate's?

    1. Sonja I think he is the CEO of a hedgefund type company (manages money). He also went to Eton, which is the boarding school William and Harry attended. His parents own a resort on the expensive island of St. Barts. It seems he comes from money, but is also working hard as an adult. As well as being very athletic. Seems he has a lot of discipline in his life.

      ~ A

  8. I do think William seems at his best when he is with Kate.

    That selfie the little school girl took that captured William is probably plastered all over the internet by now.
    (I haven't checked) I wonder what her parents must be thinking? Good argument for
    limiting a child's cellphone use perhaps.

    One of the children's charities Kate supports spoke of her making quiet visits to
    facilities. Part of the prep, I guess.

  9. I am happy for Pippa. I hope this is 'the one' for her because she needs some of that happiness that comes from feeling secure in a relationship.

    As for the photos of Prince William, I think the student(s) should be reprimanded. The school allows the the air ambulance crew the usage of their field and cafeteria as a service and now that has been compromised. If I were William I wouldn't ever go in there again. As his fellow employees seem to be very discreet about working with William, I can't imagine that they are overly thrilled about this breech of privacy either. To the Daily Mail - nice way to make sure you're never invited for an exclusive.

    I'm not in love with this idea of Kate being the guest editor at the Huffington Post. They have a dubious reputation at best and she is leaving herself out there and vulnerable to a great deal of speculative criticism.

  10. A further thought regarding Pippa and James. Was James possibly present for Kate's birthday weekend, but stayed back at Anmer to avoid the media? I don't think we ever saw Nico out with the royals (i.e. Kate, William, etc). However, W&K had friends attend church with them. Donna tends to stay away from the Middletons for the most part, it seems. Once again, I can't recall seeing Donna ever around W&K.

    James seems close to the family - we've seen him out more than once with Carole. The Middletons have vacationed in St. Barts where his parents own a resort. And James has been involved in sport events with James. Given his friendliness with the Middletons, I wonder if he was there...

    Mike Middleton must stay in Berkshire a lot, hey?? I have long suspected he holds down the Party Pieces fort while Carole is the face of the company. We've seen Carole out and about a lot with Pippa recently (and James Matthews); however, we haven't seen Dad Middleton out with the family.

    ~ A

  11. I too hope that this is "the one" for Pippa. But whoever she ends up with, the most important thing is that he loves HER, and not the Middleton's association with the royal family. With Nico, I always had the impression that he enjoyed the attention a bit too much. My opinion, anyway.

    And I am shocked that any picture taking is allowed in William's work environment. And the article does speak for itself. Cruel and petty, but shocking? No. Some of the journalists are acting rather childish and I am not sure where it gets them in the end. Can anyone imagine Arthur Edwards behaving this way?

    Regarding the Huffington Post, well, Kate is stepping out of the box so I hope it will be recognized, and that the outcome will be a positive one.

  12. hmm im happy too see pipps middleton happy with james mattews really think nico seems really wants the middleton association with the royal family I do hope that james will love pippa what she is not just a the sister of the future king England im beyond expecting these prince will eat in cafeteria in the school I think students must be starstruck with his present im looking forward huffington post that duchess will do

  13. I think this may be the "one" for Pippa.. They do seem to have a lot in common. Nico seemed cold.. I am probably wrong but still.

    I think it will be interesting to see what Kate will do with her guest spot.. I think a guest writer would have been easier and better but she can do more as the editor. I really hope she does another taped message for her anti bullying campaign! We so rarely get to hear her speak..

    As far as Prince William.... He's not as good looking to me now.. (eek I know) I like the glasses but can't imagine what he WOULD look like with hair now.. He's gorgeous with a hat on but no so much without.. The DM should know better! That article was just hateful. I definitely see the need for the anti bullying campaign!


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