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Happy Mother's Day to the Duchess of Cambridge!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Today is Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom. Yet another Mother's Day has come around and Kate is celebrating doubly this year as it is her first Mother's Day with a baby daughter. For fans it was a special year, because we seemed to see Kate more fully in her capacity as a mother. 

This time last year, Kate was entering her final and seemingly busiest month of pregnancy. The Duchess had a number of engagements in March of 2015. She kicked the month off with a private visit to the Goring Hotel on the occasion of the grand establishment's re-opening.

Just a week later, on the 9th of March, she was in a delicate pink ensemble for the Commonwealth Day Observance Service at Westminster. As it happens, Kate will be at this event again on the 14th of this month, just a short week away. I don't think that Kate was signaling to us that her baby was a little girl, but this ensemble did turn out to be appropriate in color just a month and a half later. 

Kate travelled to Margate to promote the arts on the 11th...

And she made a very popular visit to Downton Abbey on the 12th. The Christmas special, and absolute final episode of the beloved television series airs today here in the United States, so we have some more fantastic timing.

Kate followed this event up with the Afghanistan Service at St. Paul's...

A very cute St. Patrick's Day appearance on the 17th:

A mental health event at Brookhill school...

...and a final, farewell event on March 27th with Prince William.

We got a peek at a sweet "mummy moment" in March, too, as Kate was snapped with Prince George at the Snettisham play park. It was one of several we got to see over the course of the past year. 

Kate was also pictured driving Prince George herself around London before Charlotte's birth. In this snap, you can just see the little prince looking out the back window from his carseat. Kate looks just like any ordinary mum running her errands, although this one has a second Range Rover with security personnel trailing her. :)  

On May 2nd, Kate finally got to meet her daughter as she gave birth to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. She astounded us with her resilience by appearing perfectly coiffed on the steps of the Lindo Wing less than 12 hours after the baby's birth:

It was a directed summer for Kate, who put her focus firmly on being a mom. When she brought Prince George to Beaufort for one of William's polo games, the sweet photos of the two stole hearts around the world. Kate was snapped watching with amusement as George displayed a dirtied knee to his Aunt Zara:

We even saw Kate undertaking one of the tougher jobs of being a mother, disciplining her child:

Kate spent her summer lavishing George and Charlotte with attention, and the occasional paparazzi snap made its way to the papers, including these super cute photos of Kate playing with George on play tractors.   

On July 5th, we saw Kate again with Princess Charlotte as the beautiful baby was christened at St. Mary Magdalene's on Sandringham Estate. It was a pretty special moment to see the young family together, and there were even some tears (quickly dried) from little Prince George. 

Kate was pictured with Prince George in October, showing her son around the Natural History Museum, of which she is patron. It was yet another special moment between the mother and son as they spent quality time together. It was also lovely to see Kate, like any mother, obviously keen to pass on one of her passions to her child. 

We have seen Kate as a student:

...a royal girlfriend: a young socialite:

...a working girl:

...a feted fiancée:

...a royal bride:

 ...a glamorous newlywed:

 ...a professional royal:

But, I think my favorite role by far has been Kate as a mother. 

I think she enjoys that role best, too. There has been a bit of a hoopla over the younger royals and their working schedules, but Kate has been very straight forward from the get-go about where she plans to pour her energy first. She was raised in a culture that put an emphasis on family and clearly that resonated with her. I suspect it was one of the qualities that attracted William to her. Thankfully, there are many, many hours in the day, particularly for the organized and efficient, and Kate has given a lot of attention to her charities and shone the spotlight on many wonderful causes while balancing her family life. But, it is important not to forget the hierarchy in Kate's life, because for her, it starts, not with being a princess or a duchess or a royal, but in being a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day, Kate! 


  1. What a beautiful tribute, Jane! I love your choice of pictures, especially the one of George and Kate at the bottom of your post. It is a sweat picture of Kate - with her titles and tiaras off - simply a loving mother with her child. I am so happy that William and Kate have been able to find love and have such a beautiful family, despite the often daunting life and future they have.

    Thanks for such a lovely post. Because you are not a mother, I can't wish you happy Mothers day. Instead, google says its National Oreo cookie day. So happy Oreo cookie day. :)

  2. Really enjoyed this lovely post! Happy Mother's Day Kate!

  3. Hello Jane:

    This article, in my humble opinion, is the piece de resistance of all articles you have penned thus far of our lovely Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I am in full agreement with all the points you made about her attention to detail in everything she does but especially as a mother; that she has not lost focus of what her role truly is and most importantly that her husband, William, must have foreseen those qualities in her. Thank you also for the walk down memory lane of the final weeks before the birth of Charlotte: she truly had that pregnancy glow!

    Once again, thank you for this most enjoyable and dignified tribute to Catherine, wife, mother, and Duchess.

    Make it a great day.


  4. Alejandra RamírezMarch 6, 2016 at 4:56 PM

    Excellent post! Love the tribute as MeAndMyMumKate wrote.
    Really like the ending, about her priorities.
    Good job!

  5. Did you see that Clarence house released footage of the queen with Charles when he was young? I feel KP missed a prime opportunity for some good PR by not releasing a video of Charlotte Kate and George

    1. It's a deliberate strategy. The BRF work as a unit so they all know and strategize what each one is doing. All focus is going to be on the Queen and Charles now and that is where the PR is going to be. Anything released by KP today would have overshadowed the video released by CH.

    2. I don't think it would have over shadowed it and based on what I've heard from many royal reporters Buckingham palace, Clarence house and KP don't really work together well enough to coordinate everything

    3. Exactly, Anon 5:36. This wasn't so much about Mother's Day as it was about the Queen and Charles. The grainiest pap photo of George and Charlotte would have trumped CH.

  6. I hope Kate had a very pleasant Mother's Day. The photo of George pointing to his knee and sharing it with Zara is just adorable! And I do hope to see a new photo of George and Charlotte in the near future. Perhaps around Easter? Or before the tour?

    Regarding fashion ... I am happy to see two of my favorite looks here: head to toe navy for the Afghanistan Service at St Paul's, and brown for St Patrick's Day, with the Betty Boop hat at its best! :)

    1. Well your wish is well and truly answered---beautiful photographs of them all, taken on a long weekend in the French Alps.
      Lovely Mother's day treat. Photos on DM.

    2. Yes, Jean, my wish was well and truly answered. :) Beautiful doesn't begin to cover it.

  7. Jane thank you for this great post. Kate knows where her focus needs to be, wife and mother. I love love the fact that William is totally supports her. You can tell her love for her family. So wishing our girl a very Happy Mothers Day. Hope William and the kids treated you well.

  8. Beautiful post! I agree that Kate should be spending time as a mother first and foremost. Her children will only be young once and they really need a happy and secure home life as they prepare to spend more and more time in the spotlight.

    So excited about Downton tonight!!!

  9. Of course being a parent is the more important job-not just for Catherine and William,but for anyone who is a parent and has to work.I agree with that part of the post.
    However,I disagree with "she gives her charities a lot of attention".I'm not saying that the amount of work she does for them is inadequate,but rather I mean to say that to say that she pays them a lot of attention is something we can't properly form a judgement on.I know that there is supposed to be behinds the scenes involvement,but we don't know how much involvement is there from Catherine(in quantitative terms.

  10. Great post Jane! Lovely and extremely thoughtful on our dear Kate. I am sure she also spent part of her day with Grandma Carole. Your pictures are fantastic and I am hoping this next year is great for all of us watching Kate grow in her role as mum and royal wife. My only comment is I want to see more of her! Can't wait for the royal tour when I can indulge my princess watching!!!

  11. Sonja from BavariaMarch 7, 2016 at 10:09 AM

    Wow, I've actually never seen this photo of Kate as a student! Her hair is amazing, the volume and those natural curls!
    And again, I'm stunned by how long her legs are in the photo of her partying, they seem endless!

    I agree with you Jane, Kate as a mother is also my favourite role of hers. I hope that we'll see Kate bringing George AND Charlotte to polo this year, however, this might be too exhausting... I wouldn't mind seeing a new photo of her/them & Lupo, you forget her role as a dog mommy! ;)

    March 2015 was really great, fashion-wise. I hope Kate will repeat some of these garments in case there will be a royal baby no. 3 :)


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