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Kate and William Focus on Suicide Prevention

Thursday, March 10, 2016

William and Kate continued to keep the focus on mental health today by dialing in on suicide prevention. Perhaps because of the delicate subject matter, media coverage was a little sparser than usual. The day was certainly a somber one, but there was also much joy. The focus on early prevention is certainly a hopeful one. 

The royal couple's first stop of the day was private, and only revealed to have been at Maytree after the event took place. Maytree is a suicide prevention center that actual offers a four-day stay to those struggling. The charity shared a few snaps on Twitter from the Cambridges' visit. This group shot kind of has me chuckling, because Kate looks natural and glamorous, and William looks like he is too tall for the couch. It's a great picture, though, and hopefully will further this organization's mission.

William and Kate's more public event was with a gentleman named Jonny Benjamin who almost jumped off the Waterloo Bridge in January of 2008. He was talked down from committing suicide by a good samaritan whom Jonny tracked down in 2014. Since then, the young man has become an active campaigner for mental health awareness. Wills and Kate met Jonny and his human Guardian Angel, Neil Laybourn.

Kate recycled her Erdem "Allie" coat today. The coat got its first outing in April of 2014 when the Duchess wore it for her stops in Hamilton and in Cambridge, New Zealand. She wore it again to kick off the Tour de France in July of 2015. 

On both occasions the coat got mixed reviews. Some of you loved the stark structuring and others found it too boxy. I really enjoy recycles, especially when Kate switches up the styling in a significant manner, but even when she doesn't, we often get new angles and a bit of a "fresh perspective."  [Side note: William looked pretty darn spiffy today. They are such a handsome couple!]

I still love this coat. I like the straight-line silhouette, and I think the Kelly-green is certainly appropriate for this month of March. :) I liked this shot because it highlights that the fastenings on the side which nip the waist in just a bit and give a little shape to the coat.

Kate wasn't just recycling today, though. We could see just a hint of skirt peeking out from beneath the Allie coat, and to everyone's delight, Kate revealed a new dress! 

This bird print piece is from Jonathan Saunders' diffusion line, which was sold at Debenhams.  Kate has worn several ensembles from Jonathan Saunders, so it was with sincere disappointment that I read late last year that Saunders was closing his label. Interestingly, his business partner, Bharti Pastiche, has also invested in Roksanda, the label of another designer Kate has occasionally favored. Anyway, fun connections. These are the Saunders pieces Kate has worn:

This dress was £60 when Debenhams sold in 2012, so Kate has had it for a while. She seems to have a penchant for bird prints. Perhaps we should name this the "less famous bird print" since her Issa became iconic when she wore it the day before her wedding. Kate also seems to like ruffled hems...This dress is such an inserting contrast to the coat. Where the Erdem is simple and streamlined, this dress is busy-busy, featuring a button down front, a large print, and a ruffled hemline. Is anyone having flashbacks to the ruffled Erdem?

I wasn't sure if I liked it this morning when I caught a fleeting glimpse, but now I have had time to look at it in better resolution and more detail, I think it is a lovely dress that is flirty without going overboard and certainly flatters Kate's lovely frame. (Those are Kate's emerald and diamond drops peeking out.)

I think perhaps the star of the show today was Kate's hair. Am I the only one who thinks Kate is maintaining the layers? I think these tresses have been trimmed, which might not be great news for those of you objecting to bangs, but I thought today's coiffure was wonderful.

As always, it is fun to see William and Kate out together. The couple closed their day with a chat at Kensington Palace with local school children discussing mental health. Although Kate has been particularly championing the cause recently, William certainly has a bit of a background in emotional turmoil, and it is clear he is keen to be active in this area, too, Roya Nikkhah, the royal correspondent for The London Times, reported this month that William, Kate, and Harry will launch a "year-long campaign" focusing on mental health. Because of his focus on the military and vets, Harry will be addressing the "invisible wounds" that impact mental health. William will be working particularly on young men from teenagers to men his own age. Finally, Kate will continue to support children and encourage early prevention.  The full article is here:

That about wraps up today's coverage. Kate and William are out again tomorrow and Monday, so we have a fantastic few days of royal watching ahead of us! I thought today was very successful and a fashion win to boot. The green "Allie" coat and the sharp, black accessories (black Muse clutch and Stuart Weitzman Power pumps) looked very smart and the sweet Saunders dress was a very interesting contrast, in addition to looking very pretty on Kate. It is a style she gravitates toward, although I am a little hard pressed to describe it. Funky is too strong. I am thinking of the green Suzannah, today's dress, the Titan Temperley, or the modified Esmerelda... I am out of time and have to move onto study good criminal homicide, so I can't put my finger on what unites these pieces, but they are a grouping and Kate is drawn to whatever that common factor is. Maybe one of you will find the right adjective?  I'll see you all tomorrow for the XLP event!!

Love from,

Jane...and these two:


  1. There was a 4th engagment today. After the showing of the film and discussion with young people, William and Catherine met with a group of adults who had been bereaved through suicide. The source is the Court Circular.

    This must have been an emotional day for them. I know myself and must admit this last meeting would have been too much for me. They seem to have strong emotional intelligence, plus being resilient. I think they are choosing difficult subjects but will handle them well.

    But this are not great "photo ops" or "fun events" so won't make front pages but that doesn't matter. It is great that they are taking these issues on.

    They both looked great, but today I have to say that didn't really matter.

  2. Alejandra RamírezMarch 10, 2016 at 7:17 PM

    Great post!
    I really like this new idea of three-pronged bid for mental health.
    Wonder if they will include it in India?

    1. Perhaps they could, and I am sure there are resources there working to help with mental illness. I just watched an HBO documentary today on honor point being that mental health problems there stem from similar, and very different, sources than the UK/Western World. Your comment just makes me curious how those discussions are or are not taking place in India, so yes it may be nice to have W&K start a conversation there.
      ~ A

  3. Sarah Maryland USAMarch 10, 2016 at 7:30 PM

    I have to disagree with you on the outfit and hair Jane. I'm not a fan of the coat at all. It has no shape.
    And I'm not a fan of her hair either. Compared to the way it was done in 2011 and 2012 it looked messy...I don't know why she ever stopped using Richard pryce because the lady she has been using has been no bueno

    1. I think you are referring to either Richard Ward or James Pryce. Rumours ae she left Richard Ward Salon after James Pryce quit post wedding. He tried to make a career banking on her wedding hair and it somewhat fizzled. Kate does not reward people who discuss who to the media and both Richard and James did. Now, it seems she "may" be back at Richard Ward but I am not sure this has been confirmed.

  4. Love her hair! I noticed that while it's still shorter than the pre-haircut days it has grown enough to make bouncy curls again. Her fringe looks more natural and blended. It looks just about perfect, maybe one or two more inches and voila! The Duchess is back. :)

  5. Great cause and the duo looks so sweet together!
    I'm not the biggest fan of this coat, but I love Kate in green and it's growing on me. Adorable dress but the belt seems too high up, but Kate's fabulous mane sidetracked me in most of the photos:)

  6. I'm curious about the black sleeves showing beneath the Erdem. It's strange to think she had a cardigan over the new Saunders dress that then disappeared, right? With 3/4 sleeves it wouldn't be visible.

  7. I think Kate's hair looks very good this length for most indoor activities. Outside with any slight breeze it will still be all over her face I'm afraid. Of course anyone's hair can be affected by climate, but since much of her job is to be photographed promoting events it's a bigger issue. I don't know if this fringed style would work if she needed to

  8. My last comment was accidentally sent before I finished...hope it made some sense! Anyway not so sure about Kate's fringe if she needs to read a speech but it looked good today.

    I don't think Will looked all that great though. His pants look a little too short something I've noticed before. Not much but about 1/3-1/2 inch too short. And they sure do look awfully wrinkled. Isn't it possible to buy expensive slacks that don't wrinkle so easily? Or is that a feature that only comes on cheaper ones? This isn't the first time I've noticed this.

    1. I totally agree about the length of his trousers. He seems to like to have them shorter, even when he is wearing a suit/tails. You can really see the difference when Will and Harry are similarly dressed and in the same photo!

  9. Once again the greatest coverage of this outing comes from you !!! Great article!
    Thank you for taking the time to write it, inform and entertain us!!!

  10. Is it just me, or does it almost look like Kate skipped the stockings today? Especially in the bird dress pic... Or maybe she just got a few to many bruises snowfighting with Wills and chasing down a ski-clad Georgie. :D

  11. oh I love the coat and I love their supporting mental issues they discuss maybe those man has been bring back the feeling back

  12. I love Catherine's hair at any length, and today's "do" looks pretty. I think that now she's in her 30's, she is dressing and doing her hair more modestly than in her 20's. We might as well let her age lol.

    I love their focus on mental health. My father was in the Korean war (the one where captured soldiers were tortured within earshot of allied forces). He returned from that war a different person. It was like he couldn't drink enough to make it all go away. Back then you didn't dare talk to anyone about your "shell-shock", so he suffered, and our family suffered as a result. I'm so glad that times have changed that stigma for our men and women in service. Maybe the US will adopt the same Place2Be program for our children as well.


  13. Oh how I miss her old hair. It was so long and glamorous. Today it's better - at least there's still bouncy layers - but it feels 0% glamorous to me and that's my own selfish version of the type of Princess I want to follow. Also: bird prints? Nooooo. Leave them in 2012! It's not TERRIBLE but it's just enough out of style that I wouldn't be running to buy this dress even if it was still available.

    That said, bravo to them both for taking on mental health issues. I think they have a great chance of inviting discussion of a subject that sorely needs it and making a very beneficial impact.

    1. The swallow has special meaning in multiple cultures. We should know by now that
      Catherine puts a great deal of thought into her message, both verbal and nonverbal.

  14. I'm not sure I would have ever put this dress and coat together but somehow they just work! I have never liked this coat but I think a bit more of it today.. The dress is a great surprise for me.... 2012? That's a long time to have something and just now getting around to wearing it, publicly anyway.. I do like it though. I'm also loving her hair again! I'm with you, it does look trimmed but now it blends better and looks fuller than lately. I also thought Will looked more dashing than normal. I think it's the khaki pants? Not as much blue as usual? Not really sure?? Great post Jane!! Valerie from the US.

  15. Sonja from BavariaMarch 11, 2016 at 12:12 AM

    When I saw the first photo, I was stunned by how amazing her hair looked! It always has much volume, but today, it was picture perfect.

    Honestly, I never was a big fin of the Allie coat and still don't really like it that much. But her Jonathan Saunders dress us so pretty, I wish it would still be available! I love it when Kate wears print dresses.

    I'd say it was a successful day for the Cambridges :)

    And William looked great in those trousers!

  16. Maybe bohemian, Jane. Is that the word you're looking for?

    I still like this coat a lot. The color is magnificent, and the zippers and unique seaming are interesting and lend a sleekness to the piece. I'm not as crazy about the dress. Just not a fan of the all over bird
    pattern, nor the neck hugging neckline. However, the silhouette of the dress is a nice variation on a shirtdress. It would be nice if she had a bigger pair of emerald earrings.

    This was an iinspirational set of engagements. It has been interesting to see how they have been building this multi layered approach to mental health issues awareness.

    1. I'm curious how long this set of engagements was in the works.Wasn't the Spanish State visit supposed to be this week? That would have made a very full schedule. Surely this week's activities weren't scheduled after the fairly recent postponement of the
      visit of the Spanish monarchs.
      I agree, Faith. It is a well-thought out, meaningful approach. Such a contrast to just lending a name and title to a cause, without any appreciable personal involvement-
      although the later approach certainly gives the impression of hard work and
      involvement because it allows many patronages,it requires little or no effort by the royal.
      William and Catherine are truly one with the times. Let's hope the rest of the
      rooyals learn from their example in the future.

    2. Exactly anon. I think this may become the new way to execute platforms among the younger royals. It certainly appears to be a really effective way to make the greatest impact in the least amount of time while allowing the royals the opportunity to actually sink their teeth into an issue and make an actual

  17. The colour is particularly flattering on her.I don't have a problem with the coat's shape,as for the dress its ordinary.

  18. William looks stunning! And Kate's hair is fantastic, too.
    I wonder if anyone knows if Kate usually wears sone kind of stockings under these dresses? I'm not sure I could pull that dress in March without any.


  19. This must have been a stressful day, for all concerned. The Duke and Duchess have certainly not chosen an easy subject, but it was great to see, that though they listened intently, they were not afraid to smile and laugh.
    The "Telegraph" has a video on its web page, were they both are talking.
    I liked this coat when Catherine first wore it---the half belt gives it shape and the zip is different. Liked it even more today---green is the colour of hope; good for today's subject. Like that Catherine took off her coat at the second public visit to reveal the pretty dress and make identifying two separate engagements.
    Hair looked lovely---altogether pretty and elegant. William looked pretty good too.
    Great too, that the private events were recorded. A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes. The overseas trip involves one of their staff going out to the countries to be visited (see book by Diana's secretary). Then for Catherine there is deciding what to wear for each engagement and ensuring everything needed goes. Packing for a holiday is bad enough---for these tours must be a nightmare.

    1. I think I read that Charles had an advance team of 20-30 staff before the last visit to Australia.Probably a number of them involved in security.
      It does seem like a hetic schedule. I have mixed feelings about this tour, especially
      about Catherine's going.

    2. Anon. 1:27, why are you concerned about Kate going on this upcoming tour. Health? Security? Just curious. I'm glad they're not bringing the kids.

  20. I must say that I have not been a huge fan of this coat in the past, but today I really like it. Her hair was her best accessory. It was perfection. She's just so darn beautiful! And how about that handsome husband of hers?

  21. I always think of the word "eclectic" when I see her pairing these items together. They somehow go together, even though they oughtn't!

    I feel I must be a minority in this, but I am not a huge fan of the coat, dress, or hair. However, this opinion certainly does not mean this was a bad look in my books, just not my favorite. And let's be real: she still looked better than the rest of us, ha!

    The cause today was the star. It is evident that William, Kate, and Harry are genuine in their pursuit here, and it's safe to say that they have become the heart of the royal family. I love them all!

    And Jane, you've gotta help me out: what is "good" criminal homicide??

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Confused about the long black sleeves that are peeking out from under the coat... the dress is 3/4 sleeved. She must have had a sweater layered on top at one point??

  24. Love the dress and the coat, her hair is getting there, but still looks a little undecided. What stood out for me today as her make up though - there seemed to be a lot less eyeliner than before and a slightly stronger lip colour, maybe to balance out the strong colour of the coat and then the dark dress? Either way it was a much softer and more flattering look than she has sported recently (the RAF cadets event mostly)

  25. IMO, Kates two best accessories on this occasion were her very pretty face and her lovely hair--just love it at this length, and also love the way her bangs have grown out to frame her face; wish she would keep it as is!

    I like the coat and the inexpensive dress is okay, but her face and hair carried the show.

    Regarding the engagement itself, well...this is subjective, but my impression was that the set-up at St. Thomas Hospital, where W&K first met Jonny and Neil, was perhaps, a tad too formal--everyone seemed a bit stiff; certainly, Kate was not at her best and had it not been for Neil, the most relaxed, the whole thing might've fallen flat; understandable given the gravity of the subject, William and Kate's probable first exposure to someone with such a serious mental illness, and what looked to be Jonny's ill-ease. Nevertheless, a start, and necessary if W&K really want to tackle mental illness as opposed to character disorders.


  26. The color of the coat is wonderful on Kate, even if the style isn't my personal favorite. Your comparison to the Erdem, Jane, is spot on for me. Just like that "other one" I love the fabric of this dress but I do not like the ruffle at the hem. I also wonder about the black cuffs showing from under the coat that are not part of the dress. William look very dashing!

  27. Jane, I am LOVING Kate's hair lately! I was a fan of the shorter cut a few months back, but now that the cut has grown out just a touch the layers and length are absolutely perfect for her. I hope Kate keeps this cut for awhile!


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