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"Our Queen at 90" Featuring Kate et Al.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday! I think most of you have already seen this link which I posted both on Twitter and on the blog's Facebook page, but for those who don't wade into social media quite as much, below is the link to watch the highly anticipated documentary "Our Queen at 90" which aired on Easter Sunday. 

Royal fans in general were excited to watch the program celebrating the extraordinary life (to-date) of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but for Kate fans it was particularly exciting to see Kate interviewed and to enjoy the little glimpses she gave us into her royal life and her relationship with the Queen and Prince William's family.

I am disappointed to say that I have yet to find a moment to sit and watch this, but I have been enjoying all the excitement and comments from those of you who have. I am sure I will comment when I do sit down and view it.


  1. It was delightful! Several bits from Kate, William, Harry, Beatriz, Eugenie, and Sophie. A few from Charles, one each from Andrew and Camilla, and none from Edward or Anne which I thought strange. It's clear the younger generation are the focus of the family now. I thought Sophie was just lovely and she is quickly becoming a favorite. Kate was very poised but I could hear a bit of nervousness in her voice. In comparison to the others who spoke, her five years of public speaking are such a small bit so it's completely understandable.

  2. I have to say just putting up the YouTube picture for the Documentary say it all Jane. The portrait of the queen on the spot where she was crowned in Westminster Abbey is so moving in and of its self. Add to that the frames of her looking so reflectively at the portrait brought tears to my eyes. No better way to sum up 90 years of life and how she has preformed her duties over the last 65 years awe inspiring.

    1. Lovely thoughts, Eva B. (11:53).The best image of the film, to me. I imagined what she was thinking and feeling.

  3. I thought HM was 89. It seems odd to release this documentary ahead of time, so I am probably wrong about her age :)
    Kate looked very nervous and I could barely understand her at times. William put his foot in his mouth when he talked about the diplomatic reception and people in "fancy dress." I felt that that comment and others made him appear flippant and arrogant.
    The other interviews were interesting. I liked the old footage best. It was lovely to see HM as a girl, especially in the black and white footage.

    1. Her birthday is April 21st, and Apr 21/16 is when she turns 90. I too thought it was a bit premature, so I'm uncertain of the logic.

    2. Agree with the William comment. He often comes across as arrogant, unlike Harry, Kate, Zara or younger members of the family. Charles appears completely clueless ("I've known you for 68 years....") and never seems to know what to say. I thought it odd that there was just one comment from Peter Phillips, one from Andrew, and none from the Princess Royal.

    3. Anon 8:20pm I feel that I saw Peter more than once...twice, maybe...and Andrew once but maybe twice(?). In terms of Anne, I guess we can say Peter represented their family, but also keeping in mind her children didn't inherit titles (if that means anything for a tribute for granny). With Andrew, his popularity is low, and we can say his daughters represented their family well and were featured many times. Sophie represented Edward's family brilliantly. All four of the Queen's children were represented by someone in their family.

      I think we have to understand they are people. Kate was nervous. Charles isn't clueless, in my opinion - rather he is intelligent, but that is his personality/sense of humor you are seeing. I think it is fair if you don't like Charles :-)

    4. I hope I get some credit here (lol) but Charles is not clueless. He does have an interesting sense of humor. Sometimes it comes off okay and sometimes not, but I understood the reference to 68 years and thought it was funny.

  4. I enjoyed the documentary. What struck me the most was that this was a consolidation of HM's legacy as well as a pivot towards those who would carry on that legacy and contribute in their own ways to it and to the monarchy itself. Interestingly, the documentary makes clear that William and Kate are the ones that will be the main focus of the monarchy going forward.

    On one hand it makes me feel bad for the actual heir, Charles. His reign, should he outlive his mother, will be a transitory one in my opinion. On the other hand, he has made the role of Prince of Wales uniquely and remarkably his own, and that is a legacy as admirable as that of his mother. Whatever happens, William has tremendous predecessors and models for the roles that are his birthright. I hope that he and Kate make valuable use of the vast resources available to them in this "waiting period."

    The other thing that was clear to me is that the current, and I suspect long-lasting, star of the Windsor family is Harry. He impressed me with his charisma; his awe of the scope of his grandmother's leadership; and his desire and, more importantly, willingness to do right by the legacy she created. I loved that he has repeatedly asked her to reveal the secrets of her success. Harry seems to have combined his father's devotion to duty with his mother's communication skills. What a star.

    In other observations, Sophie is charming and clearly close to the Queen. The York princesses were very moving in their obvious love for their grandparents. And Charles' quirky sense of humor is ever present.

    1. Agreed, Harry stole the show!

    2. I agree 100%. Harry is the star of the family. I cannot wait to see who wins his heart and what he will be doing in the next 5 years. He is amazing.

  5. Catherine did sound a little nervous--but who would't be, when commenting on their Grandmother-in-law? All of them , except the Duchess of Cornwall, have known her all their lives and even Camilla has known her for years.
    I thought the Duchess looked particularly lovely and we got a glimpse of the back of the blue dress; very graceful, and of the gentlemen's knee breeches.
    The itinerary for the visit to India is on the Prince of Wales site. Quit a mixture of engagements.

  6. It was a nice documentary. I agree Kate still seems nervous in front of the camera, but her respect for the Queen is evident. I remember a time when Harry seemed a bit nervous in front of tv cameras too, and now he seems confident and relaxed. I especially enjoyed the York women's interviews since we hear so little from them. I agree it would be great to hear from Anne and Edward. I too like Sophie and I understand she and the Queen have become close.

  7. What a contrast in comments. Charles has a quirky sense of humor, yet William puts his foot in
    it with his humor. Harry compares himself to the Queen and is praised for devotion to duty? Kate's efforts to emulate the Queen bring accusations in some forums of self-centeredness
    and straying from her royal niche.
    Harry is not the heir and has been allowed to follow his intincts. At times, he demonstated
    anything but a willingness to "do right." Whatever and whoever William is, it seems to me ,
    there is a constant pull between Diana's wish for his freedom to be himself and the Queen's need to insure her legacy.

    1. I enjoyed your comment, 3:17. Interesting food for thought there! For the record, I have always believed that the William vs. Harry comparisons are unfair and unrealistic. Harry's position gives him the freedom to be himself and make decisions William cannot. But in no way am I criticizing Harry. I happen to believe that both men are in the right role in the Firm. :)

    2. Thank-you, royalfan. It helps me balance my viewpoint of William. Agree comparisons
      are often unfair.
      I do see a royal younger/older sibling type comparison between Margaret Rose/Elizabeth and Harry/William. The outcome, hopefully, will be a happier one for
      Harry if HM continues to apply lessons learned.
      This documentary, undoubtedly closely scrutinised by the Queen and her staff, seems to say-"This is a different world; let's live in it, not in the past. Remember and
      at times treasure the past, but let's move on." Not bad for a nearly ninty-year-old.
      anon 3:17

    3. Not bad indeed, 3:17. I think the Queen, more than anyone, learned from the public's response to Diana's death.

    4. royalfan 8:02 pm- case in point, illustrating Harry's comparative freedom-his reported extension of his current out of England visit for another week. Can you
      imagine what uproar would follow if W&C said, "We've decided to stay in Bhutan
      another week."
      Yes, the Cambridges have children to get back to. Harry doesn't. Another reason for his freedom to choose activities.

      Of course, it is possible Harry was directed to stay there by BP. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Those pictures of Harry hugging the children are priceless in terms of
      royal PR.

    5. Agree Anon 11:22 that Harry and William are in vastly different situations. KP announced Harry was extending his stay to help rebuild a school damaged by an earthquake. It also said “Harry will camp with a group of volunteers in a remote village in central Nepal.’ Forget the press---I think we’d ALL freak out if there was a similar announcement for a similar purpose from W&K.

      Harry has also said this visit is a "personal" one.

    6. Anon 11:22, no I cannot imagine! :) It would set off the internet equivalent of smoke detectors.

      And kudos to Harry on this one. Seriously.

    7. I wonder if Harry had to cancel any engagements/appointments back home to indulge his
      Royalfan-I kind of agree with you, but there is something off about the last-minute
      prolonged stay. I wonder how much time he has spent outside England this past
      year.But yes- if truly initiated by Harry, and I hope it is, what a wonderful opportunity for him.
      His presence can't help but cause some disruption to daily
      life. Some of his fellow soldiers commented on this, I believe. Not his fault, of course. I suspect he'd much rather go about his work without fuss, as William
      likely would.
      Can't wait to see pictures of Harry at lunch and hear debates about his ignoring his home responsibilities and whether or not he was actually more help than distraction.
      Sorry. The mean-spirited attacks on William must be catching.

    8. 9:05, my guess is that Harry didn't have anything scheduled and, therefore, the opportunity was there. Travel isn't an issue (he was already there), and likewise for the team he had with him. And while I recognize that his presence would cause the disruption you speak of, I cannot see him walking around in a three-piece suit. ;) I imagine he works hard and doesn't complain. I happen to think that both William and Harry get pleasure from helping others, but their roles determine HOW they can go about it. Thanks to William (and George and Charlotte) Harry can be a bit of a free spirit. William, on the other hand, is always held up against very different expectations.

      If William did this, it would be the equivalent of another gap year! :)

    9. royalfan 7:41-It certainly would cause a ruckus. I am just weary of hearing comments
      from those who are unable or simply refuse to see the contrast.William is held accountable for duties owed due to his position, but rarely credited for the personal
      opportunities and experiences he misses due to his position. They are of the same cloth.
      Yes, I know-Kate knew yadda yada and William could "resign," yadda yadda.

      By the way, re:the got the t-shirt and fancy dress remarks William made-I thought they were
      hilarious, and purposefully left in the interview.. It's not as though he went up to a diplomat and asked if he were stopping
      by a fancy dress party on the way home. Charles' humor.
      I wonder how much of the so-called perfect interviews were the result of creative
      editing. Obviously absent in W&C's choped up remarks. We were allowed to see a whole
      thought with nearly all the others interviewed.Kate sometimes wasn't even allowed to finish a sentence. Perhaps an effort to distribute her comments throughout the entire
      program. Something like when a program dangles a popular segment of a tv news magazine:"...coming right up..."and the segment in question appears at the end, thus forcing viewers to wade through less interesting parts. We know the Cambridge
      interview pieces were used to promote the film. Didn't notice Peter's or Eugenie's being used for promotion.
      However, giving thought to other alternatives and possibilities ruins the fun of
      unbridled criticism seen on some sites.

    10. 7:36, oh yes, the "she knew/he could" argument. Well, of course she knew, and of course he can, but it doesn't change the reality of their circumstances. I'd like to believe that this argument is indicative of a lack of understanding, but it seems to go a wee bit beyond that. Perhaps a lack of empathy...mixed with a dash of resentment. At least in my eyes.

      And I absolutely agree that William's statements were along the lines of Charles' humor. Just think of some of the comments Philip has made over the years (some being rather insensitive). PP gets a "atta boy!", meanwhile William is "arrogant and doesn't get it" and people are ready to stuff an apple in his mouth. :))

      It's a similar situation when you consider the criticism directed at William for trying to protect his family from the photographers/press. At no time has he spoken to them in the rude manner that other senior royals have done so. At no time! However.....

      Regarding Kate's comments, I hadn't thought of that but you are correct. Great point! They DID distribute her comments throughout the program. Therefore, Kate is judged by her sentences rather than complete thoughts.

    11. royalfan-agree beyond lack of understanding. Maybe not lack of empathy so much as selective empathy. (can empathy be turned on and off at will?)
      I forgot about Phillip. He started it.ha!

  8. Such an inspiring documentary. One I would like to watch over and over. Great admiration for Her Majesty was evident by all family and friends (acquaintances). She is revered. I could understand almost nothing of what Kate said but I choose to believe she was just nervous and not that I can't understand proper English.

  9. I know what I'm doing tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this, Jane!

  10. What a lovely documentary! Thank you so much for posting it, Jane! I particularly enjoyed the little video clip of the young Queen in Malta; she looked so relaxed, and was such a lovely young woman. It was also lovely to see footage of her wedding and her coronation.

    I was not expecting the young royals to be so articulate. They all spoke so well, so clearly, and I was very touched by Princess Beatrice's great love for her grandparents. I especially enjoyed listening to Prince Harry, who is a real charmer, and handsome as well.

    I could barely understand Kate either, but I put that down to nervousness. In time she will be as well-spoken as her husband's family.

  11. The documentary was OK.I wonder why Princess Anne and Prince Edward were not featured in it.Personally,I would have liked Prince Phillip to say something as well.
    The Duchess of Cambridge was definitely nervous and rather repetitive with her choice of words.She needs to practice and take lessons in order to improve.

  12. Thanks for posting, I have watched it twice! The Queen reminds me so much of my late mother, who passed at age 90.

    The Queen comes from a very different place in time, when the Royal Family were widely accepted in the UK--in spite of the abdication scandal. In spite of the repeated attempts to cut and abolish the Monarchy over the years, she has continued on with her promise to a Commonwealth that does not in its entirety show the same loyalty to her.

    Prince Charles will not begin his reign as King with the same adoration The Queen enjoyed at the start. She continues to be celebrated. He has never been. Time and a rabid media have really changed the people of the UK.

    By the time William takes the Throne, there will likely be more public acceptance than Prince Charles, but the Monarchy will be a very different environment, stripped down and almost out, rather than flourishing.


  13. There are reports that William and Catherine took the children to Windsor on Monday,where birthday photos of HM with the children were taken.
    Hopefully they will be released for the birthday.

    1. Thank-you, Jean. I hadn't seen that.

  14. I have also watched the documentary more than once this week! It is one of the best documentaries out there and I particularly liked the older footage of the queen as a young wife and young girl- footage I had not seen before. As others have said, the focus is on the younger generation now and it is evident that to them that Gan-Gan may not live forever. I found it very poignant and loving, and I am sure the Queen enjoyed seeing this before she died. The best performances were by far Harry and Beatrice. Harry has inherited his mother's charisma and demonstrative personality. There's more of Charles in William than I suspected.... Kate was nervous but had nice little family tidbits to share. Can't wait to see new photos of HM with the great-grandchildren!

  15. The documentary was lovely. I feel that HM would be too modest to accept all the praise but she very much deserves it.
    After watching this documentary on youtube, another one popped up as a suggestion, which was a four part documentary about HM - each part deals with each decade from the start of her reign in the 1950s. The link to part 1 is - the other parts follow. I am up to the '1970s' myself -all parts include fantastic colour footage of HM and family from the early 1950s, her outfits from that era are drool-worthy. A highly recommended documentary series if anyone is inclined to watch a comprehensive recap of her life up to now.

    1. Sherry 1:55- Thanks for the link! Sounds worth checking out.

    2. Great link, Sherry. This 4-part doc weaves events of the period with events in HM's life and reign. Some footage of the BRF is new to me, so it was especially enjoyable. Thx.

    3. No worries anon 11.26am and anon 6.38pm :) i really enjoyed it also, some of the footage was also new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Queen's wardrobe over the years. She was and is a very stylish woman.


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