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Kate Recycles White McQueen for Bhutan Departure

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The tour came to a close today was William and Kate waved goodbye to Bhutan  and flew back to India for one final and important stop. But, first Bhutan! It was lightly raining when the two made their way to the their plane:

The extremely hospitable Bhutanese weren't done giving, and several children waited at the red carpet with gifts for the departing royals:

Kate recycled her white McQueen first worn in Singapore in 2012. This was a hugely popular ensemble at the time. The Duchess modified the look a little from her first wear. She wore it without the belt today, but she has also had the plunge reduced just a little bit. 

She was carrying her Natalie clutch and wearing her Fern heels, both from LK Bennett. Kate was sporting a new, delicate diamond necklace. This was a gift from Queen Jetsun and is a pendant symbolizing wisdom and compassion. I am sure the Queen put great thought into this gift and in deciding to highlight these traits in Kate, she chose well, as all fans of the Duchess are aware.  

The earrings appear to be her Lauren leaf earrings from Kiki McDonough:

I loved, loved, loved this ensemble the first time she wore it, and it was a win again today. I prefer it with the belt, which really highlighted the snug structure of the top and beautiful peplum.  I also preferred the deeper plunge, I will admit. So, this wear was not as successful as the first, but these were small details that only the very invested would likely notice.  It was a smart move to recycle both for her arrival and departure. It was fun for us to see these again, and it cut down on the shopping she had to do. A win win!

This tour was planned with a very special Indian farewell. As the couple flew back to India their last stop was a visit to the Taj Mahal, iconic in its own right, but thanks to an incident with Diana, infamous for royal reasons as well. That's the next post! 


  1. She looked just lovely and they both appear to have enjoyed their time in Bhutan immensely. What a very thoughtful gesture to wear the beautiful gift from Queen Jetsun as she leaves the country. They will have so many memories to share of their time on this tour.

  2. Sonja from BavariaApril 16, 2016 at 1:59 PM

    I am so glad she recycled this outfit, I already loved the 1st wear! And this time I like it even better because of the higher neckline (even though Kate can definitely wear the deeper one, too!) The nude accessoires looked better with this dress than the navy ones in my opinion. But I missed the belt :)

    What a thoughtful gift from the queen! It is great that Kate wore it for the farewell. The necklace is so beautiful and I'm sure she will wear it again...
    I wonder if William and Kate had also brought gifts for Jigme and Jetsun?

  3. I may end up in the minority but I think this dress looks better the second time around without the belt. I do wonder though about the pre-planning/coordination as full skirts were worn both on arrival and on departure. And tarmacs, flight stairs, etc are often windy places as is Bhutan in general at this time of yr. Thankfully no malfunctions!

    I actually like Kate's hair straight here.

    1. I like it better this time around too, lizzie. I think the nude accessories look much better and I prefer it without the belt - or at least the belt she wore last time. I'm guessing the fuller skirts are far more comfortable for sitting on the airplane but that's just a speculation.

      I wonder if the flight out is as harrowing as the flight in. Straight up, I would guess, with all those mountains surrounding them. I'm not even crazy about flying in and out of Glacier International Airport in Montana so I can only imagine what this must be like!

    2. The two scariest take-offs to me are out of San Francisco Int'l over the ocean and John Wayne in
      Orange County, Ca., which was straight up due to noise abatement issues. I was
      literally glued to the back of my seat by the acceleration.Actually, it's the landing in SF, come to think of it. You think the plane is going to taxi straight into
      the ocean.

    3. Flying into St Bart's is the most frightening landing in my book. Very few pilots are certified for that landing. I literally need a stiff drink to handle it all. Five times now and ithen doesn't get any easier.

      Flying in smaller planes into the mountains in Colorado can also be frightening due to the wind.

      I would still be up to a flight into Bhutan. On my bucket list.

    4. Alejandra RamírezApril 20, 2016 at 11:51 PM

      I agree with you lizzie! I like this second wear more than the first one! :)

  4. I so wanted to see this dress again-especially on this tour. I do like the accessories
    better this time.
    I have a thoery, probably wrong. I wonder if the yellow Wickstead and this dress may be hanging better because of weights in the hems?

  5. Lovely recycle!

  6. The second wearing of this outfit doesn't seem quite as good. It looked fresher before, somehow.

  7. I think the whole look was good. I don't mind the outfit without the belt. The necklace was a lovely thought and it will be interesting to see if Kate chooses to wear it again. It would be nice to think she will, even in private.


  8. Kate looks really tired in these shots. I wonder why? lol.

  9. I concur with Jane. The outfit definitely better first wearing. Kate is not much of a jewelry person. Queen Jetson chose wisely as the necklace is very simple dainty but exquistely beautiful. I hope Kate will wear it wherever she desires. Thank you for some unseen photos.

  10. "Small details only the very invested would notice."
    You do come up with the best phrases!
    What a tactful way to describe our collective intense scrutiny.
    Thank you for all the entertaining and insightful posts during your especially busy end of term time.

  11. What an amazing tour, and what amazing coverage by you Jane! Thank you! Loved every outfit on this tour, and most of all loved Kate and Will's beautiful attitude, friendliness and curiosity, respect and sweet humor. They really are the best! It must have been very tiring even exhausting, travelling in the heat and crowds, so different from what they are used to even if they do get the Royal Treatment. They never lost their affable smiles and participated fully in everything from feeding elephants and drawing with children to hiking to the monastery AND sparkling in gala gowns at night. I'm so impressed!!!! Loved all of Kate's recycles, especially that McQueen two piece which I have long-loved. Loved the last dress at the Taj, what a perfect choice, and the earrings were the cherry on top! She is a wonderful lady, our Kate. So generous and unpretentious. I wish we had some view of their return home, I'm sure they are soaking up the relief of being back with the children.

  12. William; Catherine and Harry are to host dinner for President and Mrs Obama on Friday.

    1. Probably not white tie. No tiara!

      I remember much was made of their missing the State dinner in the President's
      honor earlier in their marriage. There was a rather stilted photo op at some point,
      perhaps in response to criticism-having to do with the President being one of the few heads of state not invited to W&C's wedding. I have no idea what that really was all about, but I think hosting this dinner speaks to HM's confidence in their diplomatic
      abilities and the Cambridge's apparent efforts to build bridges-
      two major diplmatic responsibilities so close together-The tour and now this dinner. Grooming has escalated.
      Perhaps the Obamas are honoring the Queen?

      As I remember, the Cambridges weren't attending any State banquets at that time.
      The State diner hosted by HM was, I believe, an attempt to salvage what was seen
      as a significant slight to the US.
      I thought it strange at the time. If all the 3000? guests had been personal friends
      of the couple it might have been understandable.
      If I have managed to jumble this history all up, someone (Jean?) please enlighten me!


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