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William & Kate Hike to Tiger's Nest + Evening Poppy Dress

Friday, April 15, 2016

If I had to guess which day of this tour will stick in William and Kate's minds as the years tick by, my money is on today. As memorable as their welcome to Bhutan was yesterday, the sheer beauty of this hike had to leave the couple speechless. The trek was six hours through the Bhutanese mountains to the famous Tiger's Nest monastery.

Royal reporters and the couples' aides walked the trail to the historic monastery perched on the cliffs in the mountains, too, and by all accounts it was extraordinary:

The climb is not for the faint of heart, but the two were enthused to walk the whole way:

The hike included little refreshment stations:

Simon Vigar

The loveliest part of this day was the manner in which the Cambridges abandoned any preoccupation with the press and enjoyed the hike as they would have a private outing: holding hands. I think couples can be separated into those who hold hands and those who do not, and these two have long been hand holders. From walking the beaches of Anglesey... the park at Holyrood... Government House in Australia, the Duke and Duchess are strongly on the "hand-holders" side:

These photo-sets are some of the more relaxed we have seen of the couple with the press:

Emily Andrews

Kate's ensemble fluctuated, changing from her full ensemble, which included her Really Wild waistcoat and scarf...

To simply her blouse and sunnies:

Emily Andrews

Kate wore boots she has been sporting for over a decade. It is remarkable that the Duchess wore these for a six hour hike rather than hiking boots and it suggests she has thoroughly worn them in over the years. I don't know why, but I don't love the waistcoat. It has never been my favorite piece, but today in particular I didn't like how it was working with everything else. Kate pulls it off, but I would have left it at home. The boots and the gilet felt too much. Perhaps had she worn a different color blouse, or a patterned blouse it would have looked more like an ensemble and less like a uniform.

The two stopped to give an interview with the press, which was fun. They chatted briefly about missing George and Charlotte and William mentioned they are "in good hands" to which Kate responded with a big, big smile. I am sure Carole Middleton has been having a ball with them this past week.

The stunning surroundings and William's and Kate's relaxed moods made for a really fantastic morning. Special props to Kate's incredible hair which she left down throughout the hike!

The couple returned to Thimphu to rest and get ready for their evening event, which was a dinner with British residents of Bhutan. Kate turned to Beulah London for this event, choosing a red dress decorated with Bhutan's national flower, the poppy. 

If this dress looks familiar, it is in a similar vein to the red Beulah Kate wore to a Hundred Women in Hedge Funds dinner several years ago. I don't love this dress. The printed floral wasn't enough to jump out as floral, but stood out as something on the dress. I appreciate the nod to Bhutan, but I wish it had been accomplished in another manner. The design of the dress was otherwise lovely. Beulah's soft silhouettes always flatter Kate to perfection, I just want to erase those prints! 


  1. They had to give an interview with press as there was a row earlier on with press and KP about lack of access to monestary. Bhutan had given approval for press to see the beautiful site, but KP said no, couple wanted private time on the taxpayer tour. Just an fyi, not being mean. But couple was told to stop for press on way down.

    1. Which is completely ridiculous when you are on a tour and represent a country and spend their money, don't you think?

    2. Guess you missed the part where Jason Knape ( sp) came to the media's rescuer when Indian security wanted to kick them out.

  2. Sonja from BavariaApril 16, 2016 at 6:44 AM

    The pictures from the walk to tigers nest were breathtaking. The scenery looks picturesque and William and Kate looked so relaxed! The pda and holding hands during the walk and while posing for photos was just too cute.
    Kate looked great and I even like the waistcoat even though I agree with you Jane that it gives her a kinda 'park ranger' look if you know what I mean :) do we know the exact style which her sunglasses are? I love ray ban and these have a great shape.

    Whereas I am no big fan of the beulah dress. I like the colour and pattern on kate, and the not to bhutan because of the poppies. But I never liked the neckline and the arms of her beulah evening gowns. The cut at the arms just looks unflattering to me.

    But this was a very memorable day of their tour. I really admire William and kate for attending a receprion late in the evening after an exhausting 6 hrs walk!

  3. I agree on all counts about the vest. She looked much better without it. Does anyone know what the weather was like? I heard Bhutan was much chillier, but William was in linen and sweating. I also expected hiking boots and think these look clunky. However, they look like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And the minute they spent talking to press is SO EASY and I wish they would do it here and there in the UK or on other engagements. It doesn't have to be every time, but here and there would go a long way.

    As for the Beulah dress, I love it! Her hair first of all, looks amazing. So bouncy and reminiscent of "old Kate." I think she looks radiant and ethereal. In my top 3 of the entire tour.

    1. Sonja from BavariaApril 16, 2016 at 2:41 PM

      I agree, it would really improve the media - royals relationship and their public image if they talked to the press more frequently in the UK, even just a few sentences.

  4. For me this day was a great success. Kate must have known her trusty boots would get the job done since she's been wearing them for so long. The vest didn't bother me and was probably suitable in the early morning chill until the hiking and the sun caught up to them.

    I thought she looked stunning in the Beulah dress. It appears as if she had the lining underneath done without the slits and left only the poppy fabric with slits. This is an alteration from the original but, again, she's going for more modesty, which I respect.

  5. anon 6:34- this information is quite similar to a tweet by a journalist. Its spin that the gracious interview was forced upon W&K by KP may have been picked up by other sites but is not varified, as far as I know.
    This same journalist went on to grouse about William and Catherine's wish to have some private time in paying respects to Williiam's Mum at the Taj Mahal - because it is"tax-payer funded" you know. Well, news-flash- correspondents are also taxpayer-funded in a way; does that mean he should give up all rights to private moments?

    Can't really blame his objecting to the possibility of missing out on the money shot- W&C on the bench in front of the Taj Mahal.

    1. Some people have to stir the pot no matter what.

    2. Speaking of...some sources are saying the PDA was staged for photo ops. Considering that some of the sweetest pictures were taken when the media were supposedly
      being kept away-long range lenses? I'd say not. I'm so glad Jane did the hand-holding perspective.
      It is one thing to have different opinions, but to take a well-documented fact
      and twist it requires an equally twisted mind, in my opinion.

    3. I am so with you Robin. Why can they not have a little part of this tour to themselves. I also picked up that the reporters and photographer were have a disagreement with in themselves. Just because the royals security are funded by the taxpayer, they do not OWN them. It seams like the media want to dictate every thing and maybe this is why William puts his foot down occasionally. I thought the tour was going well until the reporters started getting tired and started whining (again).

    4. Agree RobinfromCA!

      There is nothing wrong with asking for some private time here. I am growing weary of the whining press. Already today there is ano article circulating about the tour and the dull Cambridges yadda yadda... not even home 24 hours and it begins. The press is really getting to be ridiculous.

      As to the hike and the PDA and the clothes? Gorgeous views! Beautiful! Love the outfit even the vest! And if anyone thinks the PDA was 'a show'? They are completely blind to the depth of love between these two. It oozes from them.

      The Beulah dress? I adored it! All of it! I love the color of orange and poppies are a favorite! She looked gorgeous.

      Great tour !!

  6. I loved the looks today, and I love the affectionate couple time we got a glimpse of. Kate's physical fitness is amazing! The red dress was beautiful, I felt, and, as a hiker, those vests are helpful to use as a layering piece (and their pockets can come in handy) so I didn't mind it. Lucky royals! I hope to visit this magical place someday.

  7. Actually really liked this look. Boots looked rugged enough. Maybe the waistcoat was too much but I loved the Jaeger white linen shirt. It looked so soft and perfect for summer so I've ordered mine!!

  8. Kate look amazing hiking - everything really worked. Those boots are probably super comphie and flexible. The leather vest - perfect & kept her warm. As for Beulah dress - stunning! The colour, the poppies - wow. And she let the dress speak for itself not clutter it with many jewellery. This princess really know how to dress.

  9. Two observations:
    1. I love seeing the PDA between these two. After two children they still hold hands and put their arms around each other. It is so cute.

    2. Hopefully people won't get offended by this but does everything they do have to be a tribute to Diana? I know William dearly loved his mother. I followed Diana also when she was alive so this comment is not because I didn't like her. I know her picture sitting alone at the Taj Mahal was iconic, but we find out later that it was deliberately posed to make a dig at Charles. I suspect similar pictures are taken by thousands of tourists every year. Can't they just do something because they want to, or because it might be fun to have the photo for their own album? If Kate wears polka dots, it is to honor Diana. If she takes George to school herself, it is because Diana did with William. If Kate wears red it is because Diana did. She wears the ring and gave her daughter Diana's name as one of hers. How long will it be before Kate can just do something without it having to be a tribute to Diana?

    1. You do have a point Kathy. I don't think everything they do is in memory of Diana but I do think that this somehow helps people find some resolution.

      I think the world is still grieving for Diana and desperately want to keep her alive through the Cambridges. I think it's just normal for people to try to read Diana into all things. It's a coping mechanism even after 18 years.

      At the same time I do believe that William and Harry will continue to spend their lifes honoring their Mother as much as they can. I think Kate ring is one example and I find it very sweet. I also think naming your daughter after your Mother is common. Most people name their children with family names. All 3 of my children have a family name in their names. It is to remember them. So this is not odd to me.

      I think the press pushes this to the extreme. What she wore leaving hospital with George...Diana tribute. Etc etc. That sells newspapers. Diana still sells when the Cambridges are not giving them news. Attach Diana to it and it's big news. There was an article today that said that the press would lover for the Cambridges to be like the Wales as in 'drama'. There isn't drama they find ways to stir that up...ergo... Diana Diana Diana. Maybe I am wrong here.

      I don't think Kate sits up plotting how to be just like Diana. I do think Kate does like the sense of tradition and family is important. Some say putting George in Williams old clothes was for Diana. I don't know about that? I put my children in clothes that belonged to their father and a dress that belonged to me because I liked the style. It was a memory of US a children not that our Mothers put us in those clothes.

      Anyway I think they do want they want most of time and it's not always about Diana.

      I think I droned on. I am coming off a 20 episode binge watching of Game of Thrones before the new season. Bit loopy 😉

  10. On the one hand, totally get them wanting some privacy. And I think they deserve it. On the other hand, while home in Britain, I think they do need to give the press more access. William is (understandably) very wary of the media, but he does need to remember that he'll be King of England someday. Does that mean the press needs all access, all the time? Definitely not. But I feel like they do get shut out much more so than in other countries. There does need to be more of a balance in order to keep in people's good graces.

    Loved Kate's casual outfit (wonder if the boots really are 10 yrs old or she just keeps buying the same style - you'd think the inner support/heels would be destroyed after such a long time).

    The poppy dress? I don't know. Reminds me of the polyester photographic floral prints that were everywhere when I was in middle school. Not a fan.

    Also, is it just me, or do the poppies look a bit blood stain-y? Would have been better in different colors. Also find it odd that the only front-facing poppy on the front is placed right over the crotch. Odd design.

  11. It's a shame there aren't more photos of Kate in the Beulah gown. I've seen other photos elsewhere and, in my opinion, she looked absolutely stunning. In fact, I’d say this is one of my all-time favorite looks. I love everything about it: the simplicity of the dress, the subtle floral print, Kate's hair (so glossy and bouncy)... I could go on and on. I always liked the red Beulah dress that Kate wore a few years ago and I wished we would see it again. But this dress is even lovelier.

  12. I love this event. I LOVE it when they get to be relaxed and comfortable with each other. The hand-holding is so sweet, and it gives us a glimpse of what they must be like when they are at home together, without the glare of the camera. I love them!

  13. Alejandra RamírezApril 20, 2016 at 11:48 PM

    Great post! :)


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