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Kate Wears New Great Plains Dress While Out With George

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Duchess of Cambridge loves her C├ęzanne Great Plains dress and just a week after the company released the dress in a new ebony/navy print, Kate has been spotted wearing the frock while out and about with Prince George. These photos were taken by a photographer on Twitter under the handle: @PolticalPics


The Duchess was snapped smiling as police officers near her London home showed Prince George their motorbikes. The little prince was doubtless delighted to get to sit on the motorcycles, although since Kate won't let him ride a horse yet, I think motorbikes are ways off for him yet. 

The sighting took place after Kate and George had watched the helicopter leave KP. I imagine the exciting comings and goings of the heli are a favorite past-time of the little prince. The photographer described the event:
I was walking to Notting Hill from Kensington to go to the gym when I saw a helicopter taking off at the back of Kensington Palace. I noticed George and his mother watching Princess Anne take off. The Princess was wearing a Navy uniform. After the helicopter took off, the prince had a go on a policeman's motorbike for quite a while. Kate was really smiley. There were about three or four hundred people watching. It was so lovely.
As discussed last week, the Duchess first wore the dress in a red colorway while visiting Grimsby. The dress complemented her rusty Hobbs coat perfectly on that occasion, although she never took the coat off to give us a better view of the dress. 

It is always great when you have a print that really works well with other pieces in your closet, and this dress is something of a staple for Kate. The Duchess bought the dress in "pine" and wore it at Christmas of this year, but one of my eagle-eyed readers pointed out that Kate might have worn it under her Reiss "Angel" coat in 2012 on a visit to St. George's Park. I searched around for a photo and sure enough, Kate is wearing the Cezanne here:

So, when Kate wore it again on Christmas morning, it was not the first time after all, but it certainly looked gorgeous with that SportMax coat.

Great Plains rereleased the dress just last week in this new blue and grey print. Although Kate has been pictured wearing the dress casually and on its own, I am not surprised Kate snapped this up. 

The print will work very well with many of Kate's cream coats as well as several of her blue pieces, thanks to the dress's navy hues. It would be lovely styled with a grey coat, as suggested on the Great Plains website. 

Happily for fans of the Duchess's style, this versatile dress is still available at Great Plains. You can purchase it for £75 here. The Duchess attended the Queen's final garden party of the season today, and that post is up next!



  1. If I'm not mistaken, Jane, you predicted Kate would snap this up the day it was released! I wonder what shoes she was wearing and if she wears dresses around the "house" on a regular basis. This certainly wasn't a public appearance but she looked fantastic!

  2. I never tire of seeing that Christmas photo-everything about it.

    That dress is a staple. I could wear it.
    Thanks for the fun post, Jane.

    Robin, I imagine her go outside in public at-home attire at KP and her hang about the apartment
    clothes differ. She knows once she steps outside the door she will be snapped. She can't even blow her nose in private. She likely dresses down in the country,too, I would think.

    1. Oh, I hope so, anon 1! Can you imagine having to be dressed up all the time?

    2. June Cleaver managed. Ha!

    3. June Cleaver and Donna Reed - vacuuming in dresses, heals, and pearls. It's a good thing Laura Petrie came along!

    4. Who are June Cleaver and Donna Reed?

    5. And Laura Petrie?

    6. Old TV shows from the 50s and 60s. June Cleaver was the wife/mom on Leave It To Beaver; Donna Reed was the wife/mom on The Donna Reed Show; Laura Petrie was the wife/mom on The Dick Van Dyke Show. The first two were always vacuuming and dusting in dresses with high heels and pearls. Laura Petrie (played by Mary Tyler Moore) always wore slacks and cute flats while cleaning. I grew up on these reruns!

    7. Ooohhhh :-) Thanks Robin!

  3. Kate was papped a lot in her early days in London. She seemed to wear both skirts/dresses and jeans on a regular basis.

  4. The polyester dress is something that an elderly person might wear...

    1. Why would she wear an expensive dress when out with two young children. They could never touch mommy. Get off your high horse already.

    2. She probably had a meeting at KP with charity staff and/or Anne, who was seen leaving
      and being waved off by the family.
      Wearing a dress can be a sign of respect.

      Leave the high horses to the Queen. (polyester-high horse?)
      Gosh, the Kate critics are stretching it. Not much credible material to work with.

    3. Anon 1 I was just going to say the same thing. There are lots of times she is out and about with jeans/leggings (shopping, etc.). She probably did have a meeting with Princess or a charity.

    4. Anon 9:28
      One can always have clothes cleaned :), second the dress she is wearing is far from being expensive, it is pretty inexpensive for any of us. I agree that she was probably fitting in some play time with the kids between other meetings etc. ali

  5. I love seeing pictures of them out and about. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  6. I have so enjoyed seeing the Cambridges out doing their thing for Queen and Country this spring. They have really spoiled us since the beginning of April with all of their appearances. Kate has really struck the right notes sartorially, and she looks so relaxed when chatting with the public. I think she is really hitting her stride and I believe the mental health endeavor is something she can really effect change with for many years to come. If only we could have one more evening event where she could don a new gown, I would be content. Sigh.....

  7. I really love this dress!! I always wanted to get a good look at the green and red versions (minus Kate's coats). The ebony/navy print also looks nice. I think this dress is classic but stylish, youthful looking and I like the fact that it could be dressed up or down. I wish Kate would gravitate to this kind of style more often. IMHO, she looks better in simple lines/prints rather than the more fussy styles she’s been wearing lately.

  8. All this and a new wedding anniversary photo too?? Loving this!!


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