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Kate Recycles Roksanda for Day at Wimbledon

Thursday, July 7, 2016

As promised, Kate attended Wimbledon today to watch Serena Williams and Elena Vesnina on centre court. The shift we saw in Kate's style, approach, and public engagements after the birth of Princess Charlotte continues with this appearance at the All England Club. It was such an annual "ordinary" appearance, but today it had a whole new color.

Kate flew solo. Prince William was in Scotland at the Order of the Thistle ceremony and rather than bring Pip or Carole, Kate made a far more formal appearance. The rumors (leaked by Andy Murray's mother) that Kate will take on Wimbledon soon, are likely true if today is a worthy bellwether.  She arrived early enough to meet players and staff. During a chat with Gordon Reid, whom she watched compete later in the day, Kate revealed that the Anmer hall tennis court is getting lots of use. She said she plays tennis with William, but that the fact he is a lefty can be frustrating. ;) She also told those gathered that Prince George has already started to play and seems to enjoy the sport. 

via Wimbledon Twitter

The Duchess was seated with Philip and Gill Brook, the Chairman of AELTC and his wife. Also in the royal box was Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and other celebrities. Kate was a keen observer of the match, per usual, but rather than whispering intimately with Pippa or exchanging smiling glances with William, the air of "public engagement" was strengthened as the Duchess amiably chatted to her seat-mate. 

Several weeks ago we talked about how Kate likes to return to tour wardrobes to pull for Wimbledon. I thought she might go all the way back to the Canada 2011 tour, possibly choosing one of her first Erdems. Kate pulled from a tour collection, but from 2014. She recycled another favorite we have been itching to see again: the yellow and white Roksanda from her sunny arrival in Sydney. 

This dress was the perfect choice. The yellow pops against the green of the grass and the royal box's furniture, and the geometry of the dress fits the sporty nature of the event. The colors actually reminded me of a tennis ball. This is just the kind of slimming sheath dress that looks picture perfect on Kate. I am a huge fan and this is certainly a grand slam for me. 

Kate's earrings were IDed! These Baroque Pearl Double Sided earrings are by Soru Jewelry and feature Barqoue pearls set in 18k gold and sterling silver and studded with Swarovski crystals. They retailed for £130 and quickly sold out. I have to say that they are the kinds of earrings that would never attract me in a store, but Kate has transformed them.

The day was full of fun little details. Serena Williams got Kate into the first Snapchat we have seen the royal in. The short but charming clip features the tennis champ introducing her famous friend before Kate pulls Sophie into the screen, too. It's cute to see these two royals interacting a little. 

The most exciting fashion element for me today was Kate's bag. Usually carrying a clutch, Kate arrived with a sizable tote by none other than Victoria Beckham. I have been hoping and waiting for Kate to wear something by Victoria Beckham. This is the Quincy bag from Posh's accessories line.

The erstwhile Spice Girl remade herself when she stepped into the world of design and her venture, that many thought would fail, has proved to be a stupendous success. The Cambridges and the Beckhams aren't super intimate, but they have been reported to be friendly. The stylish couple were guests at William and Kate's wedding and I have always thought that Victoria's streamlined and clever designs would be magnificent on Kate. I have honestly been surprised that Kate has held out so long, and finally seeing Kate with something from Victoria's line really excited me. I hope there is more to come! 

Kate did retreat to the balcony for refreshments and enjoyed a few more casual and relaxed moments with her family (Sophie) and her staff while she watched Gordon Reid play. I love seeing Kate so obviously enjoying time with Rebecca Deacon. Despite the difference in their stations, so to speak, I think it is impossible that these two women not be good chums. 

Rebecca and the royal household have had a rocky year by some reports. According to Sebastian Shakespeare at the Daily Mail Rebecca's ex-boyfrined and fellow royal staffer Nick Loughran is leaving the royals' employ for the private sector:
Palace officials announced yesterday that Nick Loughran, media adviser to Kate as well as to Princes William and Harry, is to leave his position to take up a new job in public relations. The announcement came three months after I disclosed that Loughran had dumped Kate’s cherished ‘Girl Friday’, Rebecca Deacon, and begun courting Clara Madden, a blonde bombshell who works as Prince Harry’s assistant. . . Loughran split up with Rebecca in 2015 after a two-year relationship. He has worked for Kate, William and Harry for five years after three more spent representing other royals.
Although I am sure Loughran made the decision for professional reasons, it can't help but ease some of the inevitable tension in the royal household. I am happy for Rebecca who got to kick back and breathe a little easier this afternoon while enjoying her boss's company. It was a win all around today.


  1. Kate looked gorgeous but I am not a fan of yellow:) Not a fan of the bag:) The bag is lovely but nothing much. I do not think she and Rebecca Deacon are all that close, I actually find Rebecca odd in her job, she needs to master the straight face. Loved seeing Kate and Sophie interact, and how fun was that snapchat with Serena. The earrings I love because they are different for Kate but I am not a fan of costume jewelry especially if you can afford better:) But Kate goes for that inexpensive jewelry much of the time which drives me nuts:) FWIW I actually think Rebecca will not be employed in a year.

    1. I think if Kate and Rebecca were not close, she'd have found a new personal assistant. I think William and Kate have set a clear precedent for employing people who are not only excellent and their jobs, but also people they enjoy being with. She does virtually no engagements without her. Today was proof of that since this was not technically an official function. If she did not like her, why have her along?

    2. Kailaa I think having Rebecca there initially has more to do with it being a "secret" unofficial work event leading up to Kate taking over. However I think she turned Rebecca into her +1 and allowed her to enjoy the day alongside her. I think they have to keep their relationship work driven mostly but I do agree Kate must enjoy her company and appreciate her. It would be impossible after all these years, IMO, for them to not enjoy each other for how intimate their work is.
      ~ A

    3. I've never seen photos of RD at Wimbledon with Catherine before. Doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't there, though why just show her now and not before? If they were truly friends I think RD would have appeared in photos of private, unofficial events.
      Polo matches, museums,restaurants, parks, petting zoos etc. She hasn't.She only seems to appear in official types of events.

      I agree with A. Her being there is probably as an employee. I am sure Kate is
      friendly and cordial with all her staff-: with nearly everyone she meets that we see in
      photographs. Staff are often present when other royals are around, but I've never seen Kate entertaining a close friend outside the RF in the presence of a RF member-
      other than christenings and such. Even then, one never sees a friend as close physically
      as RD is to Sophie Wessex. A staff member, yes.

      Jane, appreciate knowing the source of the rumor-gives it credibility. I think it
      may have been a planned leak.I don't know why this news is being handled this way, even if it is true. Perhaps RD's ex had something to do with the Emily Andrews
      premature announcement.

    4. I admit that sometimes Rebecca's facial expressions make me wonder about her thoughts, but I do believe that if she and Kate did not have a good working relationship, a replacement would have been found. As far as this day was concerned, I do think her attendance had more to do with business than pleasure.

  2. The third picture is reversed. So odd. I love everything about today.

    1. Yes, what is with the third picture? :) It shows the DoC wearing her watch and rings on the right hand, and in the rest of the pictures they are on the left hand.

    2. Sometimes photos get reversed when they're uploaded. It's on the photographer to make sure that doesn't happen. Or the photog liked the perspective better.

  3. I love the photos you choose, Jane! Some that I hadn't seen yet in other places. I'm so glad to see the Roskanda again because she looks great in it. I love the bag and the earrings - although I (as a shorter person) cannot pull off earrings that size. My favorite thing about today was the cute relationship between Kate and Sophie. Hopefully it put to rest all of the tabloid claims that they don't get along. What rubbish.

    On a sad note, sending prayers to Dallas tonight for the fallen officers, their families, and their brother officers from around the country. My heart is heavy.

  4. Kailaa3, I hear you, it is just my sense over the years of watching the two of them interact. I noticed a shift a year ago...and still seeing a shift. In my opinion Rebecca and Archer may both not be long for their jobs. Seven years is the typical turnover. When they are in their late forties then those they employ may stay for the next forty years.

  5. I'm glad to see Kate in this dress again. She looks happy and relaxed. Her hair looks lovely. No cute "Wimbledon faces"/expressions have been caught on camera it seems :)

    I like Rebecca's dress too, but her dresses are too short to look professional imo.

  6. I love the dress today, much more so than when it was first worn in Sydney.

  7. Ok..a few things to say...I don't personally wear yellow but this looked splendid on Kate. It also reminded me again that I must get a Roksanda dress in my closet. I particularly liked the colors of the one she wore to the Patrons recognition event. In terms of VB ,,,while I am thrilled to see her carry a "real" purse and not just a "clutch"...this one is so-so for me. Nothing unique about it. Lots of other mid priced brands out there that would have something very similar.

    But I was encouraged by the sign of something VB as I have often thought that VB would suit Kate very much. Clean elegant lines with just one unqiue design feature. But all that reminded me of something I had read in a book I have on Kate's fashions. I had to go pull it out again...but it said back in 2012 Kate had a bunch of VB pieces sent to her to try and they all got sent back for what ever reason. I will say that I have tried on VB pieces (wishful thinking given the price tag...but hey ...doesn't cost anything to try them on!) and I found the sizing to be very strange.

    The book I have goes on to say that Will and Kate have a policy that they will not accept gifts unless they have met and or know the giver personally. So designers sending pieces as "gifts" to Kate is not accepted. Apparently Kate has sent a number of pieces that have arrived un requested..back to designers. If she happens to see something in the gifts" that she likes then she will perhaps purchase it but everything she wears has been paid for. She is not wearing "freebies".

    Not sure how much truth is to that but it makes perfect sense to me.

    Anyways...great day for Kate and a good recycle. Look forward to tomorrow.

  8. A big yes to the clean structure and the smart color blocking.Roksanda Illincic has yet to disappoint me.Loving the yellow.

  9. Thoughts and prayers with the people of Dallas for the tragedy unfolding.
    Since I retired I always watch Wimbledon on TV and yesterday I saw Catherine arriving and there was definitely a different slant. She was there well before play started and as Jane reports, she met a long line of people who help with the smooth running of the tournament. Rebecca did not sit with her.
    It certainly seemed more like an official engagement than just an afternoon wt the tennis.
    As usual she looked lovely and a huge crowd greeted her enthusiastically.
    We will see her again today, with William, but I suspect we may not see too much more of her, as both the Nanny and the housekeeper will have their holidays and William and kate will doubtless go to Balmoral in August.
    I hope when they get a new PR man or woman, he/she can be timely in entering their engagements on the British Monarchy site---they are often not entered for weeks.

    1. Thank you for your lovely thoughts, Jean. Our whole country is in a little bit of shock this morning.

      I saw footage of Kate at Wimbledon yesterday and it did seem different than just a visit to see a tennis match. There definitely seemed to be a more "formal visit" feeling to it. I hope they announce soon that she will be patron. She would be perfect for them!

      I agree about the updating on the website. It's hard to know what's coming up without turing to rumors.

  10. Hats off to Rebecca Deacon's chevron print. It was spot on for tennis. Am not a fan of bright colours at Wimbledon- it's inappropriate. I get that Kate is taking over as patron wants to be easily visible, but I still find the bright yellow (as well as the red LK Bennett) inappropriate...

    1. anon 3:32- The wife of the AELTC chairman, sitting next to Kate, was wearing a bright brilliant blue dress. Who would know better what is appropriate for Wimbledon?

    2. During 30 years of watching the occupants of the Royal Box at Wimbledon, I have seen royals dressed in every shade under the sun. From white to bright red with polka dots. It appears to be more about overall tone (as in appropriate) than color.

    3. The all white rule at the AELTC only applies to players - not spectators.

    4. Hi everyone,

      Please calm down.

      Correct - women wear a variety of colours. I personally don't think a bright colour is appropriate - whether worn by the wife of the chairman of AELC, any spectator, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

      There is an unwritten dress code...and the brights don't fit in. For me, the bright yellows and bright reds are inappropriate for Wimbledon.

      I am not saying she should be in whites. Her sister has fabulously appropriate tennis outfits and doesn't wear whites.

      All this said - Kate knocked it out of the park with her outfit for the finals today!

  11. Kate looks lovely. She seems to be a pro in walking on turf in heels. I don't know how she does it.
    It is great to see her so relaxed appearing.

  12. It's not a dress I am overly crazy about - canary yellow is a hard one to pull off even for Kate - but's it's cheerful and fun in this setting - she looks delighted to be back at Wimbledon - hoping for something new from her in the coming days or a nice recycle ..

  13. Omgoodness they took George to the air show today! Adorable.

  14. "The colors actually reminded me of a tennis ball." = Brilliant, Jane!

  15. Yellow, in moderate doses, is nice. It’s not an easy color for most people to wear, but I think it looks really good on Kate. It goes well with her dark hair. I’ve always liked sheath dresses. I can’t say that I’m crazy about this particular dress. It’s certainly not something I would wear, but it’s appropriate for the occasion—not too casual and not too dressy—and the sleek style shows off Kate’s trim physique. I like the bag—a welcome change from the small clutches she usually carries. And her hair looks gorgeous! Over the past year or so, Kate has often appeared pale and strained at various events. It’s nice to see her looking so happy and relaxed here.

  16. With her Somme involvement, I wondered if she was going to make it to Wimbledon. That she was able to skip The Garter to be there alone without William, indicates that indeed something big may be coming in the future.

    I agree that Catherine seems more confident, open, and gregarious now than she has in the past. In that Snapchat she is adorable!


  17. Alejandra RamírezJuly 8, 2016 at 12:43 PM

    Excellent post! Love the color in the background! The color is so vivid and bright, but without being weird! Excellent choice!
    As for the Patronage, I read in another Royal page that on May it was announced that she became the Patron.
    Thanks for the hard work and your views, they are the best!
    And I agree with your comment about the situation with Rebecca. :(

  18. This is probably one of my least favorite dresses. Added to that she's wearing the dreaded nude pumps. Sorry to be such a downer but I think the earrings are horrendous.

  19. Not a fan of the earrings (twice!!), the saturated yellow or the color blocking, but the sleeve length and tailoring of that dress is so flattering.


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