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Day 3: Brollys Up! Bella Bella & Great Bear Rainforest

Monday, September 26, 2016

The weather hasn't behaved for the Cambridges recently. At the start of September, their day trip to the Scilly Isles was rearranged because of heavy fog. Today, (Monday, Day 3) the schedule was supposed to start with a float plane tour of the Great Bear Rainforest, but it was cancelled due to torrential rain. Instead, the first event of the day was the Traditional First Nations Welcome. The Cambridges arrived in Bella Bella dressed down and carrying clear umbrellas as they made their way to community centre where a large crowd had gathered to say hello.

Upon arrival, the couple proved that even royals can go to the wrong door.

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kate shed her coat inside the hall, which was absolutely packed. A good move on her part, since she was shortly after gifted ceremonial shawl. According to Emily Andrews, these are "dancing shawls." 

I didn't follow this event live, so I am a bit foggy on the timeline, but subsequently (I think) she ended up with a vest, instead.

One of your compatriots here on the blog was at the community centre and got to watch the royal duo interact and even got a chance to chat with Kate and gift her a children's book toward the end of their stop. This was Haley Hooyenga, the same Haley who saw them at Jack Poole on Sunday. We all need to ask Haley to sprinkle some of her lucky pixie dust on us, because seeing Kate live two days in a row? Who gets to do that? Haley, you are one lucky lady, thank you for sharing your snaps with us!

Haley Hooyenga

I know we like first hand accounts. This was Haley's message to me:
I had an invite to the event at the Bella Bella Community Center today. It was amazing to be in Catherine and Williams presence for so long. So much better than yesterday (which was fun, but really they just zoomed by, although we were close!).
Today I got to watch them interact etc. I also made a beeline for Kate when they were leaving the Community Center and was able to give her my second book (for the kids) and have a quick exchange with her. I spoke to Catherine!! 
Next on the agenda was a stop at Elders Lodge where Prince William gave a brief address to mark the introduction of the Great Bear Rainforest into the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, a conservation initiative that spans 53 nations! The couple unveiled a plaque within the forest:

Crown in Canada
William and Kate took a stroll down the boardwalk, which reminded me of their trip to the Sabah rainforest on tour in 2012. Both were September tours, although today's rainforest boasts a different climate and certainly the weather was a little chillier than the humidity of Southeast Asia.

Kensington Palace Twitter
In Australia we were introduced to glamping (glamorous camping) and I just want to know what glamorous hiking would be... Whatever the word, these two have it nailed.

Rhianna Schmunk Twitter

Fashion! This tour the Cambridge uniform appears to be blue sweaters over buttoned shirts in complementing hues. George kicked it off at the airport on Saturday, and William and Kate continued the trend today. I love it. I am entirely onboard with this look. It is preppy and polished.

The Duchess paired a gingham Topshop blouse with an unidentified sweater. From hi-res images, the sweater looks like a light weight cashmere to me. Kate put a Holland & Holland "Multi-Pocket Safari" jacket over the sweater and blouse and completed the outfit with Penelope Chilvers boots and new earrings.

The earrings are by a new designer in Kate's closet, Pippa Small. Kate's "Kite" earrings are of Bolivian 18k gold and retail at £1,200. Net-a-Porter describes the brand:
Canadian-born jewelry designer Pippa Small has established a cult following with her striking organic necklaces, rings and earrings. Each covetable piece is designed in London and crafted in Rajasthan, India, by a team of highly skilled goldsmiths and stonecutters.
Fashion verdict: I love casual Kate, as you all know. I didn't love the safari jacket. She is slim enough and it hit her waist at the right place, but I think the safari style is really limited and don't love it. To me, there are very few scenarios in which you can wear this without looking like you are playing dress up or channeling Teddy Roosevelt. Kate pulled it off, but I don't think we'll see this again and that will be ok with me. The rest was perfect. She looked fit and glowing. It was a hit for me.

Crown in Canada

A very interesting fashion update today. It has been confirmed that the lace dress Kate wore to the Somme commemorations was in fact Jenny Packham, not Sarah Burton and McQueen. When you compare that lace dress to Saturday's arrival dress it is obviously a uniform style scheme. Both here dresses are really out of Jenny Packham usual design profile for Kate. It is very interesting to see these two collaborating on new structures and silhouettes.

The Duke and Duchess had one more event, an evening reception. Find that update here.


  1. How exciting for Haley! It's like FBTB had their own representative there yesterday! On to fashion: Kate does casual so very well! I'm not crazy about the Safari jacket either but I wonder if it was a last minute add on because of the weather. It certainly seemed to be essential and IMO looked far better than RD's puffy jacket. The rest of the look was fantastic and the earrings were a surprise little touch of glam. No matter how my mind tried to come up with a combo of glam and hiking it just wasn't working. ;-)

  2. Haley, How Exciting! Such a Thrill to Hear from Someone Who Has Met, Observed & Chatted with Kate! :) So Happy for You! :)

  3. I love the photo of Kate as she opens the umbrella, with her smiling husband behind her. Team Cambridge taking it in their stride. :) Also cannot help but notice the significance of her exiting ahead of William.

  4. I thought the overall outfit was fine. I didn't personally like the jacket though. Seemed awfully expensive for what it was and I've never been a fan of "safari" jackets (the obvious symbolism maybe-- hunting parties in Africa) But I also thought this one looked a bit too much like a chopped-off trench coat and so would have liked it more in a different color. But while I'd never wear it, the jacket wasn't awful in any way. I thought Kate's hair looked great. More "grown up" than the  simple pin-back we sometimes see at UK events. And it was nice to see Kate without a clutch purse!

  5. Well the pin back is back in Whitehorse Lizzie! I personally dislike the style but assumed it was something Kate could easily do herself. Why she would pay Amanda Tucker the sums she does to do that to her hair is beyond me. It looked so gorgeous earlier today!

    1. Yikes! I spoke too soon. I'm with you--I don't understand either why a fulltime personal hairdresser would create the pin back "style" on tour.

    2. And it wasn't even pinned! Just clipped in place with little butterfly clips.

  6. I think it's a lightweight cashmere too, and I think it's this one from another blog:

    That safari jacket is SUCH a miss! Out of place on a rainy Canadian day, not on trend in any way, and a dreadful color. Love casual Kate, and all the other pieces!


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