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5 Favorite Kate Coats for Fall

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Saturday! I took a little hike this morning in the woods and I can say that fall has most definitely arrived. It wasn't just brisk, it was cold. Cold, but beautiful. It got me thinking about Kate and her coats and now that I have gotten some coffee and my fingers have thawed enough to type, I thought we'd look over Kate's five best coats from the past five years as a royal. I am excluding casual/private coats. As you know, the duchess has a lot of coats, so this was a very hard list to narrow down, and ultimately is only a selection of my favorite and not the top five.  

The Anglesey Katherine Hooker Coat

This is cheating just a little, because Kate wasn't yet a royal when she wore this on February 24, 2011. She was, however, a royal fiancĂ©e, planning her fast approaching wedding, and beginning a tour of the United Kingdom with Prince William to meet the British people who were anxious to see and interact with their future Queen. 

The down-to-earth (almost) duchess picked a coat from her closet and had it shortened for her hem preference at the time. It is interesting that five years later
, Kate has reverted to a general preference for longer coats again, and this Katherine Hooker, as originally cut, would fit right into her current style profile. At either length, this has always been one of my favorite Kate coats. 

The Angel "Fit 'n Flare" 

This coat makes so many of my lists. It was featured on the "5 Pieces that Need a Royal Recycle" which I wrote in September of 2014. Since that time, it got at least one, if not two recycles! I love how this coat fits Kate and its graceful features, like the shawl neck that can be worn wide open or buttoned up. It also goes so well with Kate's cozy fall boots. Kate recycled this coat on November 20, 2015 in Wales with her Aquatalia Rumbas. 

I don't know if there is consensus or not on whether Kate was wearing this coat with the Queen in Scotland just last month. If you have a theory, let me know!

Bespoke Blue Christopher Kane

Kate wore this stunning ensemble on October 23, 2015 while visiting Dundee, Scotland. I was absolutely wowed by the sharp tailoring and graceful features, like the funnel neck. The coat's color was drop dead gorgeous on the duchess. It is actually a very fine houndstooth check in black and electric blue, two of Kate's favorite colors to pair together. 

I hope this coat gets a recycle this winter. 

Velvet Patchwork Coat

Although so many of Kate's Remembrance Day coats look fantastic, because we only get a half view, they often don't make my favorite lists until we get a better view. This striking McQueen coat is an exception. I love the unusual use of velvet to create a patchwork pattern on across the bodice. Even in half view, it is a Super Star look. 

Even more than the Blue Christopher Kane, I hope we get a complete look at this coat very soon. 

The Long Belted SportMax

We just saw the green Persephone from Hobbs, which is such a favorite of mine, and this green coat from SportMax is in the same category. Kate debuted it on Christmas morning in 2015 and wore it again in February of this year. In one of Kate's best colors, it uses classic elements well to create a subtle and polished look. It's clearly a thick coat, but doesn't swamp the princess, instead it uses the tailoring and angled pockets to create a streamlined silhouette. 

The belt was the perfect finishing touch for one of Kate's best Christmas looks to-date.

As we enter October, we have a lot of coats coming up in our Kate watching future. I think we will see lots of new coats this winter, but she will certainly sprinkle in a few recycles. Let's see if one of these catches her eye! 


  1. I immediately thought of the Angel coat when Kate rode with the Queen, but the button placement seemed off. However, it could have just been due to the fold of the collar (not to mention the photo is blurry in the first place).

    Would love to see the Remembrance Day coat again!! Happy weekend!!

  2. Jane, I very much like the new "read more" option after past post headings. It's a real improvement and makes your blog even better ~ thank you!

    1. Oh, good! Yes, I was scrolling through the blog and I thought, gosh, this is annoying! So, I shortened them up for better navigation. It's a prospective change.

    2. Yes! I really like the new format, too. I don't have to click on the comments. It's so nice.

      I love your blog. :)

  3. You are a braver woman than I, Jane. I can't begin to narrow down to just five. Although, you chose some of my favorites. That Hobbs Persephone....Wow!
    The Blackwatch and the tweed with burnt orange accents and lining from Christmas 2014 also
    come to mind. I think a lot of the appeal is the styling-hats, boots, scarves, gloves-
    she has added.

    1. I love the Christmas walk because it's such a great opportunity to see cold weather accessories

  4. I love Kate in coats and the blue above is one of my absolute favourites :) I personally really love the McQueen tartan coat and hope we see that again soon. On a coat note, I also wonder if perhaps the red Carolina Herrera will be Kate's Christmas coat this year...

    1. I kind of hope it isn't. I think it is a nice enough coat but I would love to see a repeat of that Catherine Walker with a nice scarf

  5. Really, is there any color she can't/shouldn't wear??
    She looks great in all of them.

  6. What a great read on a lovely fall day! I can't say that I agree with all your selections, Jane, though I agree with some of them. That Angel fit and flare coat is really dowdy and dull and the blah colour and weird collar do nothing for lovely Catherine.

    I suspect you are hoping us readers will weigh in with our own choices, so I will :)

    1. Cream/beige Burberry 'trench' coat worn on her engagement tour of the UK back in 2011 (too bad she hasn't worn it since)
    2. McQueen black velvet patchwork coat from November 2015
    3. Cream Catherine Walker coat worn last week when departing from Victoria (superb cut and terrific with the maple leaf brooch and darling toddler on her hip!)
    4. Red military-style coat worn when arriving in New Zealand in 2014
    5. Reiss black and white houndstooth coat worn last fall (worn with the belt)

    That's my list. Such fun on a Saturday night :)

  7. You picked only five.That would have been tough for me.But I suppose coat dresses aren't counted.
    Btw when William becomes King,will Catherine be called Queen?I ask because Queen Elizabeth's husband is not called King.

    1. Prince Phillip married Elizabeth when she was already a Queen (I think). Prince William married a non-royal, so by her marrying a King, she wil be Queen Catherine. King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden have the exact same situation.

    2. Catherine will be queen consort bur called Queen Catherine in the same way that the Queen Mother was known as Queen Elizabeth while her husband was King. Philip is not known as King because a King always out ranks a Queen. There is a lot of debate about whether Camilla will be crowned Queen or take the title princess consort.Even if that happens I think Catherine's title will be Queen.

    3. Elizabeth became Queen 5 years after marrying to Philip..
      In most coubtries of Europe the spouse is only consort as England, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark,Sweden, Norway, Monaco, Luxemburg...

    4. No she was still Princess Elizabeth when they married in 1047,
      When William becomes king she will (DV) become Queen, but William will be the monarch, though in Britain we do crown the Queen Consort.

    5. Philip married the queen when she was still princess Elizabeth. A male consort will only ever be a prince rather than king consort because a king always out ranks a queen.

    6. If the consort is a man, never will be King, only Prince...

    7. Lol Jean!!! She is ancient! Thanks for the giggle. I needed that today:-)

    8. The situation with Phillip-he was a prince in his own right, but had to renounce his foreign title to become a prince of England.. A similar situation existed with Victoria's consort, Prince Albert She became queen at a time when there were fears
      of foreign manipulation if a consort were given the title of king. Apparently making a consort queen wasn't quite as threatening. The only time in British history that a consort was king was during the reigns of William of Orange and Mary-both rightful, equal heirs, as I recall my English history.
      I believe Queen Beatrix's husband was known as Prince. She is now Princess Beatrix of
      the Netherlands since her abdication.
      I doubt CP Victoria's husband will be called king, although queen consort Silvia is, of course, called queen.
      Prince Phillip is in good company.

    9. 1047!!!??? Before the discovery of America!!!

    10. Also, Jean, I believe there are anointed crowned queen consorts, as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and the possibility of a crowned but not anointed queen consort-in which group I think Camilla will find herself, due to her marital status. Of course, Charles is also divorced, but his former spouse is not still living-a major sticking point in
      Camilla's situation.

    11. I do not think Camilla she become queen. She is a divorced woman who cheated on her husband with a married man. And info not think Chsrles should become king all for the same reason. It should not matter if Diana is alive or dead. He still carried on a long term relationship with Camilla as a married man. Camilla should have backed away from Charles when he married Diana. But no she did not. So she is part to blame for the divorce and I hold her in part for her death along with Charles. Diana was not perfect either but when you live in a loveless married with a cheating husband and a 3rd person in your marriage you would do anything to make yourself happy.

    12. From what I understand,I don't think that she will ever technically become Queen because Britain has only one sovereign and that is either a King or a Queen.

  8. I was wondering if you know why she seems to have opted for longer coats now? With those magnificent legs, it seems strange- maybe it is for her more 'serious' role now and in the future?

    1. Boomer, I wonder if it is a combination of her age, changes in fashion, and her increased prominence in the royal family.

  9. Too many fabulous coats. The Reiss houndstooth comes to mind. The green tartan fit and flare. The off white shorter coat with a Peter Pan collar worn with black tights. The coat worn in New York while watching basketball.

  10. I check the blog every day and rarely comment because you typically say everything I'm thing, but today I had to comment because you chose some of my least favorites. Ha! Our beloved duchess certainly does have a lovely collection and really can't go wrong, and I'm just having a bit of but, but here are my favorites.
    1) McQueen Black Watch Tartan
    2) Michael Kors Indigo Twill Swing
    3) McQueen Cream Ruffled Pique
    4) Catherine Walker Russian Greatcoat
    5) McQueen Grey Checkered Coatdress

    In all seriousness, I enjoyed the post, even if I didn't agree with all your choices. It's just fun to discuss our favorites!

  11. I love the red coat she wore on the NZ tour with the pill box hat.
    The cream coat that she wore last week departing Canada.
    The blue coat on your list Jane is stunning on Kate too.

  12. Love love loved this post. It got me thinking about which ones were my favorite and then I wound up going down the rabbit hole of the the Kate's Clothes coat archive. So many great coats that I had forgotten about - she truly has possibly the best coat collection of anyone on the planet. Here are my current top 5 (interestingly most of them are ones that didn't jump to mind immediately but have really grown on my over time). This was FUN - thanks Jane!!
    1) Cornflower blue McQueen military styled coat from Australia 2014 (its a lot of details but the sensational tailoring makes it so chic)
    2) Teal Malene Birger coat with black jet bead trim from Bakeloo Tube station engagement when she was pregnant with George in 2013. Love the slightl Anna Karenina design feel but its quite short so doubt we will see this again :(
    3) Mulberry Cerise coat first worn in NYC in 2014 - the pop of saturated colour is SO good and such a departure from her usual more muted palette. Would love to see her in more bright brights!
    4) Emerald green Erdem Allie coat first worn in ANZ 2014 - this one is very polarising but im in the minority that loves the colour and lovely seam details, and Kate must feel the same way as shes already recycled it twice!
    5) Reiss Rubik houndstooth coat - brilliantly versatile basic and much more fun than a standard black or cream coat.

  13. Kate has so many beautiful coats but I found it quite easy to pick my five stand out favourites:

    Cream McQueen from 2011 Trooping
    Black watch McQueen
    Dove grey McQueen from Australia
    Yellow Wickstead from 2013 garden party
    Brown Seraphina NYC arrival

    The cream McQueen from her first Trooping is my absolute favourite. I love the tailoring and it suits her so well. The Seraphina from NYC stands out too, it was perfect for the winter evening with those cute little boots.

    1. I was going to post my favorites but you already have. I agree. These are some of the best coats she has worn. The Seraphina was purple though, wasn't it?

    2. That cream McQueen and the dove gray-perfect- with the perfect hats. The styling of that yellow Wickstead
      with that white hat put it over the top.All those so ladylike and princessy.

    3. Faith, you could be right. From the photographs I saw I thought it was brown but Google shows other shots where it looks very purple. I still love it though.

    4. Anon 1 - completely agree with you about that hat but I still loved the coat.

    5. Yes, totally agree on the cream McQueen! That was the best. My second best is probably the dove grey McQueen from Australia, and am surprised it isn't mentioned by more people! Love that every person here has a very unique top 5 so far :)

  14. For those intersted, there is an interesting 4 part series on YouTube called Future of the British Monarchy which explains the accession and who will be called what

  15. I love your choices Jane. The blue Christopher Kane is one of my favorites. The color and cut is just beautiful on Kate. Also one I don't think I will ever forget is the Diane Von Furstenberg coat she wore on Remembrance Day 2011. The complete outfit was just stunning.


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