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Christmas Gifts for Princess Charlotte & Prince George

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Christmas presents are piling up for George and Charlotte. Wills and Kate are taking the little royals to celebrate the holiday with their maternal grandparents in Bucklebury and as anyone who has celebrated Christmas away from home with little ones knows, there are lots of things to organize before heading out the door.

Kate has reportedly ordered special Christmas sacks from Selfridges to make Christmas extra special for her little ones. The customized burlap bags are by Harrow & Green.

The company's website describes the Christmas sack:
Designed and printed by Harrow & Green in our studio in London, the sack is large enough to cater for even the most generous amount of Christmas presents as it measures a spacious 80cm x 50cm, and is finished with a high quality grosgrain ribbon and name label.
The sack also includes a high-quality cotton ticking trim integrated into the top six-inches. The ticking material is produced by Susie Watson designs, the renowned UK fabric designer and manufacturer.
Whatever Kate plans to put in the bags, Charlotte is due a gift from her security team, too. Apparently, the KP security team gifted Prince George a personalized "Day You Were Born" poster and have ordered one for Charlotte for this Christmas. The poster will include a number of little tidbits of info, according to The Express:
[P]oints of interest include the cost of a first class stamp (62p) who was Prime Minister (David Cameron) and what was number one in the charts (‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa). The gift was designed by Devon-based artist Lucy Tapper, 35, who told The Sun: “We can’t quite say it’s by royal appointment but it’s pretty close.
“We received an order from the security team at Kensington Palace for a Day You Were Born print as a gift for Princess Charlotte. “We sent the print, along with a card and we received a letter of thanks from the office of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”
I am sure that Carole is putting together a massive pile of gifts for her grandchildren. The Cambridges already have gifts under the tree, and Prince William revealed recently that Prince George has cheekily opened a number of gifts already.

As you all likely know, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were scheduled to travel to Sandringham by train yesterday, as is their custom, but their trip was unexpectedly canceled at the last minute as the Palace announced that the duo were both down with heavy colds. This morning, however, the couple departed Buckingham Palace for King's Lynn via helicopter. 

Hopefully, the couple feel better, since they will shortly host immediate family for the holiday, despite the absence of the Cambridges. 


  1. Am I right but it sounds like they do not alternate Christmas at all? Only they stay in Bucklebury.

  2. I am so thrilled for them to be spending Christmas with the Middletons! Although, selfishly, I will miss the photos we get at Sandringham. Those burlap bags look fun, and would make a great keepsake!

    My guess/belief is that Nanny Maria is being given Christmas off. Perhaps she is flying home to Spain to be with her mom? Since the Middletons raised 3 kids on their own, I'm sure with the parents/grandparents/aunt/uncle there are enough resources to help with George and Charlotte. It also lends to a more family-focused, normal Christmas. If the kids go to bed early, parents listen on a monitor and interrupt visiting/games, if needed, to go check on children. I think they will all enjoy this Christmas very much. And it will be a Christmas that William has never experienced in his life. He doesn't even have this experience as a frame of reference in his own life from when he was a child.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    ~ A

    1. Amen. I couldn't agree more.

      Merry Christmas :-)

    2. Me too! Merry Christmas to Jane and to all.

  3. What a fun thing for all of the Cambridges to have a family Christmas in which nobody is expected to dress for dinner and they can sit around the tree opening gifts in their pjs if they want to. No formalities. If I'm correct, this is only their second Christmas in Bucklebury. Best to get out of Dodge anyway with PC's ill advised comments on the radio. Yikes! HMTQ needs to live forever.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Catherine won't have to do her makeup or hair till they go to church. I'm sure she has to have breakfast on Christmas Day all made up and dressed up when at Sandringham.

      Yes, it's their second Christmas in Bucklebury. The first Christmas was when she was early in her pregnancy with George.

      I don't think the Windors/Charles will get along with Trump nearly as well as they did with the Obamas (ties into your comments about the radio). Let's enjoy the holidays and not worry about the future just yet :-)

      ~ A

    2. I agree it probably will be an informal day. But if I were Pippa's fiance I'm not sure I'd want to sit around in my pjs with all my future in-laws! :) 

      I do hope Nanny Maria has time off.

    3. Robin, to add to my 12/23 @2:27 pm reply to your 12:05 comment (my reply got lost below)
      I enjoyed your image of a casual Middleton Christmas.

      Since no official press statement has been released stating the Cambridges will completely miss the Royal Christmas, other than the luncheon in London, I am holding out hope that they will spend Christmas Eve at Sandringham and attend church before making their way to the Middleton home. This would preclude, most likely, the Ms attending church with the royals, which seems to upset some folks.
      That's my idea,anyway. It would allow Andrew and daughters more attention at the
      Christmas luncheon, so that's a plus, too.
      I think your picture of a relaxing time around the tree,with Charlotte plowing her way through her gifts and George painstakingly removing wrappings can still take place Christmas evening, after listening to the Queen's speech, of course. Ha!

    4. With today's sad news,there may not be a traditional walk-I can't imagine there would be. I wouldn't be surprised to see a very low-key arrival of the Queen at church, however. With C&C, perhaps.
      It would be part of her nature and sense of duty and a most appropriate place to be at this time.

  4. Robin,I usually agree with your thoughts. I thought Prince Charles's warning that the growth of religious intolerance and persecution has roots n 1930's Nazi Germany was an honest and brave thing to say. His remarks were quickly spun by palace reps to assure that no reference to any particular group or individual was meant.
    I think he did have someone in mind and I think it is about time someone in the public eye
    outside the USA calls attention to it.
    I think at the back of this could be lingering memories in the public eye of several
    references by members of the BRF to swastikas and Nazi salute home movies and clandestine support during the run-up to WWII. He needed to let people know where he as monarch will stand.

    1. It's not the content of Charles's remarks that could be worrisome, it's that he made them in the first place. Tradition holds that the monarch is apolitical. The Queen may have her strong leanings in a personal way but she never lets anyone see or hear her viewpoints. She views her role as a constitutional monarch in very strict ways and leaves the political aspects to the PM and Parliament. It appears that Charles will have his hands in the political pie which could really hurt the monarchy.

  5. Sweet mother and daughter picture.
    After seeing Charlotte attack those balloons in Canada I have worries for the Queen's keepsakes and antiques. She's a spirited one, for sure. Charlotte.
    Well, the Queen, too.

  6. Hate to get political but I loved Prince Charles' comments, he has risen in my regard for making them. Thanks for this blog!

    1. Yes and yes, emily. Thanks to Jane for allowing us to express this.Goodness knows
      I have criticised Charles, but this was brave and he deserves our admiration.
      Now, if we could just whisper in his ear about equal rights for women in some countries...the shameful treatment of women in some of those countries experiencing religious intolerance is at least equally deplorable.

    2. I missed it. What did he say? I know he was against giving girls the birth right to the crown and spoke out against it publicly.

  7. I agree with Robin that Prince Charles' political comments can only cause divisiveness and strain. I pray that he'll gain wisdom.

    1. He spoke out against religious intolerance and persecution.
      President Lincoln's stand on the slavery issue in the US caused a great deal of
      divisiveness and strain. Sometimes one has to make a stand.
      I think Charles has a great deal of wisdom in many areas. He just needs to work on his delivery. I think a number of habits and traditions may evolve or be phased out.
      There may be political aspects to religious persecution but I would think it might also come under his future as Defender of the Faith.
      I think his message was appropriate, but I would like to hear from Jean and other
      UK/Commonwealth citizens.


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