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Virtual Coffee Date with Jane

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Good evening all! I am so excited for tomorrow I am having trouble focusing on other stuff, like work, and so I wandered back to the blog to see what is up with the royal watching world as we get all primed for tomorrow. I have been thinking for a while that I should get to know my readers a little better, at least for those who care to share, and tonight I am presenting you with a little questionnaire that I hope many of you will fill out! As you will see, it contains a mix of questions, some obviously geared toward giving me insight to make the blog better, and some just random fun fact queries, like...what is your favorite book?

The questionnaire is anonymous. It doesn't require a sign in, so just like when I see the little towns checking in around the world I don't know who you are, I won't know who you are from this either, but it will give me a better idea of who I am talking to each time I sit in front of my keyboard and start tapping away. I hope you participate, and can't wait to see you tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day and PARIS!

Follow this link to the questionnaire. 


  1. Dee from ColoradoMarch 16, 2017 at 8:59 PM

    Hi Jane
    I love your blog
    Im from Denver Colorado

  2. Thank you! That was fun.

  3. Jane I skimmed it quickly and will be happy to do in morning! It's close to bedtime Zzzz...

    I do love how quickly you update the comments, it's great to feel like you're having live conversations with everyone. (Ps the previous post is still stuck in "loading" when I hit load more) But I often am too intimidated to join in depending on how rowdy some people are!

    I think you do a lovely job and seem like a lovely person and I really thought you handled yourself well and were so gracious (as usual) this week when some ugliness was directed your way. I hope you could shake it off!!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for this blog. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks in advance for the Paris posts.

  4. Hello. I just took the questionnaire. This is my first (and probably only) time commenting, but I wanted to let you know again how much I enjoy your blog, Jane.

  5. Hello. I just took the questionnaire. This is my first (and probably only) time commenting, but I just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your blog, Jane.

  6. Kaiti, thank you so much. :) I am really enjoying (and benefiting) from the many wonderful responses. Someone asked at the end of the their survey if I was actually reading the answers...yes, I am. :)
    Have a great weekend!!

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  8. Mary in Nebraska, USAMarch 16, 2017 at 11:59 PM

    Loved the survey! What a great way to pass the time waiting for St. Patrick's Day and the Paris trip. Will we get to see any of the responses to the survey or will you give us an overview of how they turned out?

  9. Mary in Nebraska, USAMarch 17, 2017 at 12:00 AM

    Loved the survey! What a great way to pass the time waiting for St. Patrick's Day and the Paris trip. Will we get to see any of the responses to the survey or will you give us an overview of how they turned out?

  10. Thank you Jane for keeping us entertained! :-x
    best regards from Zurich (Switzerland)

  11. Dear Jane and ladies, this is my first time commenting on the internet, as I am normally happy just reading. I feel encouraged today to share with you my thoughts.

    I would like to share with you the story about why I started following Kate. I come from a country where Kate wasn't followed before the marriage (Czech Republic - lets see the map :D), so I first noticed Kate around the wedding (I was 20 then), when she really became an international figure. I remember reading about her in magazines during the half a year before wedding and I realized she was inspiring me and I started then to search information about her - I realized what a refreshingly beautiful and natural this woman was. I thought oh my God, this girl is just so amazingly normal (among all those celebrity figures all around)! Her dignity, normalcy, no skeletons in the closet, beautiful feminine fashion. I was really blown away. It was wonderful to realize that a type of a beautiful educated country girl next door, could really make it and see that her dream came true. So I started following her because she really stood out from the crowd of other people in the papers, on the internet, etc.

    The outfit that made me follow her fashion was probably the blue crochet top and white pleated skirt from Whistles from the first Canadian tour. Again, I realized that this was exactly what has been missing here, natural beauty in flattering normal clothes. No fake lashes or exaggerated make-up, no fake blond. I think she transformed the way I was dressing myself, without me actually realizing it. I started buying dresses and skirts and made that a fundamental part of my wardrobe.

    To this day, nothing can beat her first Canadian tour for me. I loved every outfit and just everything. The Kate items I own are mainly those from that tour. I am happy there are still some things available today. I like to buy her not so much known or highlighted items. Recently I purchased her Vinnie Day leaf earrings. Of course my budget is corresponding to a girl in her mid-twenties, I started my full-time job a year ago after uni, so I only buy something from time to time, or I set my eyes on something, save money and then buy it as an investment piece. Here, Kate really put the British fashion on the map for me. I love Reiss, for example.
    Just a note, I was so frustrated by their winter collection. I am dying to buy a sharply cut coat in a bold colour, something typically Reiss, but their coats this season were just awful. I want something like her purple Emile coat from the Rugby world cup, but Reiss knows only black-grey-beige palett this season. So disappointed. I think I could maybe do with a forest green, but no. Its all fifty shades of beige there...This is actually the only place in the world where I can share this feeling about some English fashion house not selling colourful coats this season :D

    And the thing why am I sharing this with you, is that I just cant get enough of Kate in 2017. I always keep my opinion to myself when I read - she should wear longer hemline, she should wear her hair tied back, its not professional, its this and that, but I just want to say. She is a young woman (mother and royal yes), but young. I think you should enjoy wearing clothes of certain type while you can. In a few years some of her clothes will really become too much perhaps, but not now. When I saw her wear that Erdem dress in January with that hair... It felt like new blood in my veins. So please, who ever prefers her hemlines longer and her hair in chignon all the time, please just wait your turn, she will get there.

    I think I will get there too actually, but now, I really love when she wears her old Paule Ka or anything similar to her 2011 and 2012 fashion. The outfit that I didnt like the most was probably her grey Erdem coat with the big grey hat. I remember watching the online footage and thinking oh how nice her mother is attending before I realized it wasnt Carole but Kate! The hat swallowed her. Sorry for the long post! Have a lovely time :) Kate from Prague

    1. Hello Kate from Prague! I enjoyed your comment, especially learning how you became interested in Duchess Kate. I am not a frequent commenter and I TRY to only say positive things, but once in awhile I break my rule and complain about something.

      I am MUCH older than you so I was first a Diana fan. It is nice to know that someone your age appreciates Kate because she is natural rather than all of the false beauty that most celebrities project.

      I hope you will comment more in the future!

    2. Kate from Prague, you wrote exactly how I felt too when I "discovered" Kate on the wedding day. Refreshingly normal and natural!she didn't pretend she wasn't thrilled, and she dressed to look pretty, not to make a fashion statement. I think she still does!

  12. Kate's hat this morning is FANTASTIC

  13. I love Catherine Walker but this seems more like a costume than a beautiful outfit. Disappointed. At least it was new?:( That's as posiiive as I can be.

  14. I just completed the questionnaire. Thanks Jane for making this such a fun place to visit. You are terrific.

  15. Thank you Jane for the survey. I completed the questionnaire last night. I should have slept on it because of course, today I am thinking of additional thoughts to share. Most are not that important. But I would like to say that one of the things that bothers me is when commenters minimize Carole Middleton's work ethic. This is a woman who started out as an employee and then through her own labours became the head of a very successful business. She instilled hard work and discipline in her children albeit it may manifest itself in non traditional ways and not in a 9-5 job. Pippa for example is extremely disciplined in her athletic training enabling her to complete marathons, bicycle across the US and other competitions while raising money for charity. She's always up to some project, not just shopping and lunching.

  16. Amy, Detroit MichiganMarch 17, 2017 at 3:30 PM

    Hi All!

    This is my first time commenting but have been a reader for years. Love the blog, and it was fun to fill out the questionnaire.

    This will definitely not be my last post.
    Off to watch March Madness. Happy St Patty's Day everyone!

  17. This was fun! Now, post your answers to the questions!


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