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Meghan Markle Jets to Africa with Harry

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Yesterday, August 4, was Meghan Markle's birthday and to celebrate, Harry has whisked her away to Africa for a little vacation time. The Sun had the scoop yesterday, revealing a number of pictures of the two deplaning looking super in love, per usual. They really make a handsome couple.  

The Sun 
According to Emily Andrews' exclusive, Meghan wrapped filming the latest season of Suits in Toronto and then flew to London, where she presumably met Harry, and the two continued on to Africa from there. Meghan was in London just last week accompanied by her mom, and although I am sure she was showing her mom all her favorite places, I also wonder if her mom was also scoping out the area for a move of her own.

The Sun

I was talking to a girlfriend recently about how tough it is to make an international relationship work. It's all great in theory, but at some point (as you start thinking more about the sparkler) you have to decide where you will spend the majority of your time, where will you spend the majority of your life. Flights are easy, and you can always shuttle back and forth across the Atlantic (or the Pacific, if that's your preference) but realistically one continent is going to be the primary continent. 

Remember when Pippa was toying with the idea of joining NBC? She did an interview with them and she was also spotted filming a segment in Wyoming which never ended up airing. That was back in 2014, so George was still a little under a year, and as we know now, Kate and William were obviously open to adding a second pretty soon. I am sure there were a number of reasons Pippa decided not to make the leap, one of which was likely the fact it wasn't a great career move for her, but I think another factor was that it would have taken her too far from her family. The Middletons are very close--Kate and William were hitting a particularly exciting time as they began to grow their family--and Pippa would have missed out on a lot of very special family time.

For all her jet-setting ways, Meghan Markle has to do the math like everyone else in her situation. But, since Harry isn't exactly free to expatriate, it isn't a decision she has to ponder over too long. As Harry's wife, Meghan will be a senior member of the British Royal Family, a princess and likely other titles, and she will take on charity work of her own, just as Kate has. It would be a big move. Since it seems she is pretty close to her mom, I suspect that if Meghan and Harry get married her mom may very well follow her daughter to the U.K. 

I am with those who think we will see a proposal sooner rather than later...and I am getting pretty excited for it. I don't think Harry would not propose to Meghan in Africa just because that's where William proposed to Kate. It's a big continent and both brothers love it. Harry, in fact, might be more enamored with Africa even than William, and it offers that complete detachment from the rest of the world that is pretty romantic. I don't see why Harry should be deterred just because William found his princess a little earlier than Harry found his. Since everyone is predicting it, Harry might decide to throw a curve ball and propose elsewhere, but ultimately, the guy should dance to his own drumbeat. The couple have taken other exotic vacations, so they could follow this up with a getaway elsewhere...and a proposal there. No one really knows, but it is fun to wonder. I do think it is coming, though, so one of these days the headlines will be right. 

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