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Kate's Casual Ensemble for Scilly Isles Marked Turning Point

Saturday, September 2, 2017

It is a rainy Saturday morning where I am, and a year ago today it was a rainy morning in Cornwall, too, where the elements were conspiring to stop William and Kate from traveling to the Scilly Isles on the second day of their two-day visit to Cornwall. Happily, after the couple postponed their morning events, the weather lifted and the royals were able to make the trip and the majority of their planned stops.

This public engagement stands out because it marked a turning point in Kate's casual wear. She wore these patterned ankle-trousers from Gap, and paired them with a fitted top from H&M and her favorite Smythe blazer. Throughout the day she switched between her wedges and flats depending on the terrain:

In the year since this event, we have seen a succession of casual ensembles from Kate, both at home and abroad, and the Duchess appears to have made a concerted effort to continue to add variety to what many had termed her "work uniform" for casual occasions: navy skinny jeans, a Breton top, and a navy blazer. 

The turning point was this Scilly ensemble and it remains a favorite of mine. I loved the spectrum of blue in all the pieces employed, and how beautifully those colors played with the green of the grass and blues of the sea and the sky that day. 

I don't think the skies will clear today as they did for Kate last year, but that's the fun of escaping to the blog-world while it rains. Hope you have a great matter the weather! 


  1. I love that outfit too. Happy weekend!

  2. A change in weather today in my neck of the woods---the sun has shone.
    I have been watching a film this evening covering William and Catherine and the children and have come to the conclusion she can wear just about anything and look good.
    Hope the rain stops where you are and you enjoy the weekend.

  3. Loved that look and love this post! I always learn from your insights!

  4. I'm not sure if you would like it, but I took a few pictures of Kensington Palace gates and the Garden Kate opened this past week. It was moving to see the tributes to Diana.

  5. Mary in Nebraska, USASeptember 3, 2017 at 9:05 AM

    Thanks, Jane! I loved this, especially the retrospective of Kate's more casual working clothes from last year. I knew she was switching it up, but I think this proves it was intentional. she looks modern, young and appropriate (or getting closer, depending on your opinion). Here's to a new year of beautiful clothes from our lovely Duchess as she begins full-time Royal duties.

  6. The casual look is very difficult even for plain folk! You have to walk a fine line of professional and comfortable. It's something that will continue to evolve.

  7. Thanks! Now I have the perfect outfit for monday!!! 😊

  8. Kate inspired me to buy not one but three different pairs of patterned pants. I love them so much!

  9. Loved that outfit so much! I was offline for about a month and literally on my first day back I open Facebook and see that the RF had just released an announcement that Kate's going to have baby no. 3! Guess I've been wrong all this time when I insisted they wouldn't have another child!


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