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Kate is Back in London & the Queen Wants Charles to Lead the Commonwealth

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Good morning, all! I thought I'd pop in briefly to send a signal of life from my end and update you on the obvious: no royal baby yet!  Cheers to those of you who went with a later date on Baby Bookie! The Duchess hasn't been slowing down in her private life. She was spotted in Hungerford last weekend shopping with her brother James for home decor items! The Daily Mail reports:
My spies spotted James dragging the heavily pregnant Kate – wearing a poncho to shield her from the rain outside – round a shopping complex called Barrs Yard, an ‘artisans collective’, in Hungerford.

He told an assistant at the tills that they were buying things for his new country home.
This week, Kate returned to Kensington Palace in London, signaling that her due-date is probably coming up. Emily Andrews reported some time ago that April 23rd is the date, and Emily often has the inside scoop! Speaking of which, if you haven't tuned in to her new podcast, you absolutely need to do that. It is titled "On Heir!" and is available here or on iTunes. It will make this Great Kate Wait go by faster, and you will be a well-informed royal watcher!

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth leaders are supposedly deciding today whether or not Prince Charles will, upon the Queen's death, succeed her as head of the Commonwealth. Contrary to popular assumption, there is no guarantee that he will get the nod. Richard Palmer pointed out that the Queen's remarks today are the first we have seen her straight-forwardly lobbying on Charles' behalf:

The fact she has spoken out might suggest she already has word her son will be selected. I am not sure if it is absolutely confirmed that we will know today, but keep your eyes peeled for news on this.  Remember to follow me on Instagram for timely updates and royal watching in this waiting period. 

Duchess Kate Snapped Unloading Range Rover at Windsor On Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

There were reports that the Cambridges spent Easter in Bucklebury, but photos that surfaced recently suggest the family came to Windsor for Easter Sunday. These photos were taken by a couple visiting the State Apartments at Windsor Castle on Easter Sunday, but they got to see more than just the antiques as a view out of one of the windows revealed a very famous family of four arriving.

Although I only see Kate and George in these four snaps, the man who shared them said all four of the Cambridges were unloading the car, and William and Charlotte were both there. 

I wonder if the family spent Holy Week with the Middletons and then the day/night at Windsor on Sunday before heading to Norfolk? 

TeaTimeWithTheCambridges spoke to the man who took the photos, and apparently, Charlotte is the child Kate is holding. William got out of the car first with Lupo and George, and George waited by the door while Kate got Charlotte out of the car. George does love to stick close to mom. :) [I think the child in her arms looks like George...] It is always fun to see sweet photos of Kate being a normal mom. 

This Tuesday has seen a spate of candids of the Cambridges. After their Windsor Easter, it seems the Cambridges decided to decamp to Anmer for more time in the country, and Kate was photographed by a fan at her local Waitrose shopping on Easter Monday. The DailyMail has a whole bunch of snaps, and you can see them here. I love the guys in the back watching her from a distance. Talk about a celebrity in the house. 

The parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing go up on the 10th and the media can set up on the 11th, so I agree with those speculating Baby Cambridge is due mid-month. Let the Great Kate Wait continue... 

Kate is Late for Easter at Windsor (William, too ;))

Sunday, April 1, 2018

It happens to the best of us. This morning, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were late to the Easter morning service at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, turning up by chauffeured driven Bentley after the other royals and the Queen had arrived.

When the couple was absent from the usual line of royals walking to the chapel, it seemed they were skipping the annual gathering, but Emily Andrews shared Richard Palmer's video from Windsor and pointed out that the couple may have just hit traffic on their drive over from Bucklebury, where they are spending Easter with the Middletons.

Before the couple arrived, the royals lined up to greet the Queen--who is supposed to arrive last. Emily pointed out in this video that the Queen hesitated and looked around, seemingly questioning where William and Kate were. Awkward. 

It was an Easter full of excitement for the Windsors, as Eugenie brought her fiancé Jack with her to the family event:

And someone on Twitter (maybe Gert?) pointed out that Lady Louise is wearing heels for the first time. This is not a detail I would know on my own, but she certainly is looking grown up and sophisticated. My recollection is that, at this age, Easter is such a fun day, because you get to dress up in a hat, and a fancy ensemble, and feel super glamorous. I know that's not the point of Easter, but when I was 14 that was a big component. ;) 

I was particularly delighted to see Zara looking absolutely radiant as she is expecting a little one of her own, soon.

Kate chose to recycle the brown Catherine Walker she wore to St. Patrick's Day while pregnant with Princess Charlotte. I am honestly surprised this still fits Kate, but she looks fantastic in it. I love the choice of the Praline accessories. Kate is carrying her Loeffler-Randall clutch and wearing her Praline pumps by Gianvito Rossi. The Betty Boop hat is, of course, an old favorite, and Kate finished the look off with her faux pearl set from Balenciaga.

Last year, there was a shift in William and Kate's duties. They kicked into new gear and took another step in a continuum of increasing seniority. I think that included starting to attend Easter at Windsor, and I was not surprised to see them on hand this morning. I loved this ensemble on Kate. It fit her well and really flattered her--she looked so tiny! The accessories were the perfect color to lighten the look, too. Big success all around! 

Don't forget to place your bet on Baby Cambridge's birthday. April 10th looks pretty popular, and April 21st is way out in front. As I mention in the intro, the 18th is not the due date, it is just the random number I had to choose for the program.

A blessed and Happy Easter to you all and to your families. 

Guess Baby Cambridge's Birthday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A week or so ago I got an email from one of you suggesting I host a friendly guessing game of when the next little Cambridge will make his or her appearance. I thought it was a cute idea to keep us busy while we wait, and should be fun for those of you with a bit of a competitive streak (you know who you are ;)).  So, I Googled around a little and found this "Baby Bookie" program to host our blog pool. A few things to know before you place your bet (no money involved). No due date has ever been mentioned by the Palace. We only know that Kate is due in April. The 18th listed as the due date on the Baby Bookie is just the random middle of the month I chose because I couldn't leave the option blank. So, feel free to choose any day of the month! May the best intuition win...

Hope you enjoy! Access the Baby Bookie here or at the link above.

Kate's Final Engagement As She Goes On Maternity Leave

Saturday, March 24, 2018

On Thursday, Kate undertook her final engagement before the birth of Baby Cambridge #3. The Duke and Duchess joined SportsAid athletes at the Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park, to meet with young people hoping to compete in the Olympic, Paralympics, and Commonwealth Games.

This is actually a video of Kate and William leaving the Copper Box Arena, but I like the perspective on the Duchess's ensemble:

Kate has clearly worked much closer to her due-date than she has the past two pregnancies, and she didn't partake in any of the games, but Prince William enjoyed some time with the wheelchair basketball players. 

The Cambridges have been supporting SportsAid for years, and I really enjoyed that they undertook this event together as Kate's farewell engagement.

The second stop of the day was at St. Luke's Trust community centre. According to KP, "St Luke's Community Centre provides services and activities for locals, including a fully-equipped cookery school, which runs community classes on healthy, home cooking & avoiding good waste." I assume KP meant food waste not good waste. I have a warm fondness for whatever staff member or intern writes KP's tweets. They have almost as many typos and errors as yours truly. ;) 

The two took part in prepping for a Commonwealth Big Lunch, a meal which includes recipes from all over the Commonwealth. Kate told attendees that George and Charlotte love getting their hands dirty, so making pizza is a favorite for the little royals. 

I always enjoy events where William ends up in an apron or chef's hat. Somehow he makes the unusual on him look super chill. In still shots he looks like he is using careful precision and thought... 

But, in reality it was a pretty indiscriminate game plan:

Kate seemed a little more in here element:

Rebecca English of the Daily Mail shared a number of fun videos from this event, including this one that gives us a nice shot of Kate's blouse:

In 2013, Kate's official farewell engagement was to christen the Royal Princess cruise ship wearing her Dalmatian print coat from Hobbs, although she subsequently attended Trooping the Colour before George arrived on July 22. 

Kate wore the magenta Mulberry to wave goodbye before Princess Charlotte said hello in 2015.

For third maternity leave, Kate chose skinny jeans that haven't been IDed, a floral printed blouse from Hobbs, and the original GOAT Coat (aka the label's Redgrave). She paired these bigger pieces with her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps, Mulberry Bayswater clutch, and her Annoushka pearl earrings. 

Meghan Markle and the excitement of the upcoming royal wedding are on everyone's mind right now, so there was the inevitable comment that Kate took a cue from Meghan when selecting trousers for this event, rather than her usual skirt or dress. I understand why many of us might leap to that connection, but Kate has been wearing skinnies to sporty events since she married William. This was not an unusual or out of character look for Kate. 

Today's look was a win for me. It wasn't a smash hit. I think the ensemble worked, and when you look at it, it feels like "it works" was the attitude Kate had, too, when she put it together. No judgment there--Kate has clearly pushed her public engagements much closer to her due date than she has in the past, and I imagine she wants to sit back and rest, rather than trying to plan out the perfect maternity ensemble.  

Kate's Spring Green Jenny Packham for Mental Health Symposium

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation, hosted a symposium on mental health and early intervention at the Royal Society of Medicine. It was snowing here on the East Coast, but in sunny London Kate popped out of her Range Rover absolutely glowing in a fresh, spring green ensemble by Jenny Packham.  

According to KP, the event gathered together mental health researchers, practitioners, and academics to discuss the importance of early intervention. And Kate announced a new steering committee that will head up a collaboration between these various parties to forge new mental health resources for parents and schools. 

Here is Kate full speech, which is actually relatively long, and one which she delivers beautifully.

I love this green one Kate, she looked so, so cute! She has some Kiki McDonough drops sparkling at her ears if you can see them behind her hair. 

Heads Together Twitter
This custom ensemble by Jenny Packham is obviously based on the same general design as the blue ensemble with white piping she wore in early March. 

I know the blue was a hit for many of you, and although it was a miss for me, I can see the alternative viewpoint. The difference in this mint green (for me) comes down to the slightly softer tailoring of the jacket, the fabric that seemed to fall a little better, and frankly, no more piping. It is still borderline. I think the seaming along the top is odd and still comes across as a little boxy, but the bow helped soften that, in addition to the fact it was monochrome. The color was an absolute home run. I think the color makes the ensemble a win. 

This event was extra special because (as someone mentioned in an earlier post) Kate's confidence is booming and she has such a comfortable presence. I loved seeing her out and about in a new shade, presenting beautifully, and ready to be a mom to a third little Cambridge very soon!

Duchess Kate's Two Days of Engagements

Good morning all, and Happy Thursday! We've had two Kate events in the past forty-eight hours, as I am sure you all know. :) I will be blogging about both of them both later today.

Yesterday, Kate was out in a fresh, minty ensemble by Jenny Packham (above), and this morning she undertook an engagement with William on behalf of SportsAid (below). I think these trousers are going to spark some chatter.

I'll see you all later today for the full round-up!

Kate's Catherine Walker Recycle for St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

St. Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday for so many reasons, not the least of which is that Kate and William have their (almost always annual) visit with the Irish Guards. Despite the cold, they were out at the parade ground on Saturday. 

As the wife of the Colonel of the Irish Guards (William!), Kate presents the shamrocks.

The trickiest moment of the morning for Kate is probably pinning a sprig of shamrocks onto Domnall.

He is a pretty well-behaved guy, and she didn't have too much trouble this year:

Kate is always in good spirits at public events, but there also seems to be a particular air of festivity on St. Patrick's Day. I love this shot of her sharing a laugh with one of the soldiers.

The Army in London
The royals also got a chance to meet the cadets! You can see Kate holding a clutch here. From the side it looks like her Mulberry Bayswater. 

TM 2 (NI)
And, of course, the two join the party at the barracks where Kate has sometimes partaken in the toast with something on the strong side. This year, the princess stuck with water. :) 

The Army in London
I don't know if this event is popular for the same general reason St. Patrick's Day is so wildly popular in the U.S., or if it's a mixture of the holiday and the traditions at this particular event. I know that I love it partially for the beautiful combination of colors. Kate always looks so spectacular in green (or brown) in the sea of striking red uniforms worn by the Irish Guards. It's a visually beautiful event.

There was a lot of speculation before St. Patrick's Day about what Kate would wear. Several of you mentioned she might choose the green D&G she debuted recently in Sunderland. I didn't love this coat, and was hoping she'd choose something else, but it is green and it was possible the front had an extended panel she could have used. 

The brown Catherine Walker from St. Patrick's Day in 2015 was also a possibility, although when I saw Kate on the 17th, she looked like she has outgrown that coat already. Also...brown on St. Patrick's Day? It was a fun experiment, but I definitely prefer green. 

For whatever reason, this more recent Catherine Walker didn't even cross my mind! The Duchess debuted this coat in Sweden just a few months ago, and you can see she wore the same Troy London fur accessories that day, that she wore today, as well as the Kiki earrings. She wore her Tod's heels in Stockholm, too, but she had changed for this walkabout into boots. 

I remember when we saw the Catherine Walker in Stockholm I felt it was unusually loose for Kate's preference, and now I wonder if this was planned, and the cut of the coat was deliberately generous to accommodate a March recycle. She is certainly filling it out now.

Kate also brought back her Gina Foster beret hat, first worn in 2013 for Christmas morning at Sandringham! I love structured berets on Kate, and this was a brilliant choice for the morning paired with this elegant and intricate up-do. She added a little sparkle at her ears with her bespoke Kiki McDonough earrings of green tourmalines and amethysts. According to Susan at WKW, Rebecca English confirmed with the jeweler that these were a special order to celebrate Princess Charlotte's birth!

This was a big, big win. I have no idea how I forgot this coat, but it was just the right cut and color for the event (and her advanced pregnancy!). It's a big, big win! Three cheers for the Duchess of Cambridge on this one!

The Army in London

Kate Recycles Beulah for Commonwealth Service

Monday, March 12, 2018

Today the British Royals marked Commonwealth Day with the annual service at Westminster Abbey. It was a particularly exciting year as Meghan Markle made her debut at a formal royal family event. This was the first really hat-worthy event for Meghan, and her first public engagement with the Queen! 

William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan arrived in two Range Rovers at the same time, and walked into the Abbey as a group:

Kate and Meghan went with opposite shades of the color spectrum, which complemented each other nicely. Meghan's ensemble was Amanda Wakeley. 

I thought Kate might choose something new for today, but she dusted off her Chiara coat from Beulah London for the service, pairing it with the Lock & Co. Tiffany hat she wore to the dedication of the Afghanistan Memorial just last year. It's an elegant pairing and a great recycle on both counts. 

Kate's shoes are her Mallory pumps from Rupert Sanderson and the clutch is Jimmy Choo's Celeste. The Duchess once again wore these earrings she debuted last month, but continue to stymie the style sleuths. She added a matching brooch, which I think helped clarify that this is not the jewelry given to the Queen in the 40s, as formally hypothesized. Since these pieces haven't been paired with anything in the vaults, I think it is more likely they are modern additions to her personal collection. Hopefully time (and someone's research!) will tell. :) 

Kate looked magnificent today. This Beulah coat is a color that suits HRH so well and I love the graceful flare of the silhouette. I know some feel this hat is too big, but I think it balances her pregnant figure well and adds a punch of glamour. Her hair was beautifully styled this afternoon, and she added her own glow to look absolutely magnificent. A big win!

Kate Brings Back SĂ©raphine Marlene Dress for Place2Be

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kate has been busy expanding her networks and strengthening her ties in mental health. On Tuesday she spent her morning getting to know Family Links at Pegasus Primary School in Oxford, and on Wednesday she was out on behalf of Place2Be, an organization she has worked with for years now.


The Duchess was officially opening the new headquarters, but she also spent time meeting with counselors, parents, and students who benefit from Place2Be's programs.

Local school children were at the centre to tell Kate about the programs implemented in their classrooms by Place2Be.


Victoria Murphy shared this clip of Kate's speech before unveiling a plaque commemorating the launch of the Centre of Excellence. 
Kate brought back SĂ©raphine's Marlene dress, which she just debuted while on tour in Sweden. The dress is almost custom made for Kate, in that it hits most of her current style preferences, including the high collar, ruffled cuffs, lace and chiffon. Although reasonable people can disagree ;), I think this dress is incredibly flattering on Kate. The girl in the background clearly thinks so, too.

Kate was carrying her Bayswater from Mulberry and those are her popular Power pumps by Stuart Weitzman. Sparkling at her ears are her sapphire and diamond drops which pair so beautifully with her sapphire ring;

This recycle is a huge win. I loved this dress when she wore it in Sweden and was hoping it would get a repeat. I am frankly surprised that she didn't wear this to the Royal Foundation Forum, given how high profile that event was. But, certainly launching this new centre for one of her longtime patronages is also a big ticket event, and I am just happy it got a second show.