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Kate in Pink Mulberry for Arrival in Sweden

Monday, January 29, 2018

Royal Visit Sweden doesn't technically kick off until tomorrow, but this evening the Duke and Duchess flew to Stockholm by private jet so they will be able to start the morning fresh and prepared. The couple were pictured deplaning and heading to the British Ambassador's residence, where they will be staying while in Sweden.

Kate was wearing her pink Mulberry, but not much else was identifiable. 

Royal reporter Richard Palmer tweeted that the couple stayed in London today until Princess Charlotte and Prince George had gotten back from school before they left for their trip. Being present for their kids is clearly so important to these two, and I think it is very sweet they stayed to say goodbye so the time would seem just that much shorter for their little ones. 

Ok, see you shortly for Royal Visit Sweden! 


  1. I love this coat but I love it more that they waited for their kids to get home from school before they left. Wonderful!

  2. Swenden of course good trip Royal Highness.Sasha

  3. I found this photograph interesting. She looks tired and tentative which is to be understood considering. I just feel like we get a different perspective when she doesn't realize she's being photographed.

  4. I think to get that photo at night a photographer would need a flash and was probably quite close to the car. And likely not the only one present. I think she probably knew she would be photographed. I do think Kate has learned to live with being photographed whenever she steps out the door and may just reflect that now; I agree-she and likely most other public persons have a public and a private persona. I do and I'm not even famous. I've noticed that after years in the public eye, some just go about their business, unselfconsciously. Photographers become part of the background, like trees.
    It had probably been a long day. And it is always difficult to part from one's babies, whether for a few hours or a few days.
    Faith, for some reason, I did think the train station photos were taken without her awareness. I think her expression was similar then.

    1. Yes, perhaps, she was aware of the photographers. Maybe she didn't realize they could get her inside the foyer though. I'm not trying to find fault. Just found it interesting as we rarely see her not "on". Agree that we all have dual personas. Sorry this is so succinct. I've been trying to get done today what I need to do while watching the tour. Stretched thin at this point but wanted to reply:)

    2. Thanks for the reply, Faith. Hope you get some down-time soon.


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