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Kate's Spring Green Jenny Packham for Mental Health Symposium

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation, hosted a symposium on mental health and early intervention at the Royal Society of Medicine. It was snowing here on the East Coast, but in sunny London Kate popped out of her Range Rover absolutely glowing in a fresh, spring green ensemble by Jenny Packham.  

According to KP, the event gathered together mental health researchers, practitioners, and academics to discuss the importance of early intervention. And Kate announced a new steering committee that will head up a collaboration between these various parties to forge new mental health resources for parents and schools. 

Here is Kate full speech, which is actually relatively long, and one which she delivers beautifully.

I love this green one Kate, she looked so, so cute! She has some Kiki McDonough drops sparkling at her ears if you can see them behind her hair. 

Heads Together Twitter
This custom ensemble by Jenny Packham is obviously based on the same general design as the blue ensemble with white piping she wore in early March. 

I know the blue was a hit for many of you, and although it was a miss for me, I can see the alternative viewpoint. The difference in this mint green (for me) comes down to the slightly softer tailoring of the jacket, the fabric that seemed to fall a little better, and frankly, no more piping. It is still borderline. I think the seaming along the top is odd and still comes across as a little boxy, but the bow helped soften that, in addition to the fact it was monochrome. The color was an absolute home run. I think the color makes the ensemble a win. 

This event was extra special because (as someone mentioned in an earlier post) Kate's confidence is booming and she has such a comfortable presence. I loved seeing her out and about in a new shade, presenting beautifully, and ready to be a mom to a third little Cambridge very soon!


  1. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures Jane. I'm so glad you love the colour because I loved it as soon as I saw it; however, I began to get swayed against it by other online commentary. Looking at the photographs above, Kate looks a vision, and what's more, the colour works with her hair and complexion beautifully. I actually love the bow too - very sweet. The only thing I thought was below par was the dress underneath. I think with this colour coat, the dress colour needs to match exactly. If it doesn't, the dress should be in a contrast colour, a neutral or a print. I read a comment on another blog that suggested that instead of this colour scheme, it might have have worked better if the coat was navy and the dress was in hot pink. I think that idea has merit.

    I also wondered whether this may have been purchased privately for another reason - a Mums' school lunch, bridal shower... Just supposing...

  2. Oh love the fresh spring-like green. Absolutely hate hate the bow.

  3. Loved the color, Kate did glow and looked confident and poised, but the little bow at the neckline was a terrible addition to an otherwise lovely ensemble, it was just so unnecessary and detracted from the elegance that could have been present without it. The color looks so becoming on Kate and so appropriate for the season. Loving the solid colors recently chosen, so flattering and photograph so nicely.

  4. Am I naive? Because, to be honest, I believe she is gorgeous in everything she wears. She is a beautiful woman who married the man she loves, who happens to be a royal in line to be King. She is a young mother who loves & takes care of her children personally & shows it publicly in a natural fashion. Kate doesn't flaunt her status in her clothing as some have done in the past, actually recycling some in her unique style.
    Forgive me, I'm so impressed with this young lady in her capacity as a very public person with her responsbility, all the while expressing a humble personality. Credit has to be given to William in loving her as well.
    Really enjoy your blog, wishing you the best in all you do..

  5. Like Evalyne I too am so beyond impressed with this woman.

    Regarding the bow: I was not bothered by it, however after reading many comments I looked at the photos again and did my best to visualize this outfit without the bow. My sense is that the bow balances the baby bump. It draws our attention upwards. Without it all focus would be on a much magnified bump. That is my also sense of what the piping is attempting to do in the blue and white ensemble.

    Having grown quite large with all of my pregnancies I came to understand the use of something - anything! - to keep full attention off of my baby bulge.

  6. Love this look-definitely think she’s due a few weeks earlier than she was with Charlotte. It’s very fresh and oozes spring-which we all love!

  7. Beautiful green yes (Green is my favorite color, and it goes with her delicious brown hair). I love the late 60s, early 70s vibe this outfit portrays. She always has healthy, beautiful pregnancies. This little one seems to be moving a lot (hence hand on tummy), he (or she) is ready to come out!

  8. I thought Kate looked very nice but it wasn't a home run for me. I liked the coat's shade of green but unfortunately it didn't go very well with the dress shade...also light green but in a whole different color wheelhouse, at least in my mind. I think the coat would have looked really pretty over a coordinating small print dress.

  9. Kate has done so many engagements since January we've been completely spoiled. This maternity leave is going to seem like forever!!

  10. Does anyone besides me get this hint at the gender? Her last engagement with George was black and white.. As in it's clear as black and white it's a boy which everyone was betting on.. When pregnant with Charlotte she wore pink to her last engagement, again like everyone was betting and hoping etc.. This time black and white again.. As everyone is saying girl as it's clear as black and white bc every saying and thinking and betting on a girl etc. Then it's a girl.. But who knows besides her Drs.!? Also, had she not slowed way down wearing JP until she got pregnant again, or is it just me? Seems like she was turning to McQueen for all of her BIG events but she use to wear lots more JP and almost split the two for BIG events etc.. It may just be my memory..

  11. Blur. Not a fan of the color or style of this ensemble. She's been on such a great roll, and then this and the super tight, skinny maternity jeans with heels no less. Didn't that look go out of style 10 years ago. Bummer. -J

  12. I'm not a fan of this look. It's just like something her grandmother-in-law would wear. And the color is like hospital scrubs. She is looking great though and doing so well for this stage of her pregnancy.

  13. I adore this outfit i love green its fresh she looks adorable! I adore Catherine so much!! It’s my understanding she wants to have this baby at home yes???


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