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Prince Louis Arthur Charles!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Kensington Palace has released the name of William and Kate's third child. The little prince is Louis Arthur Charles and will go by HRH Prince Louis of Cambridge! 

I rewatched the royal wedding several weeks ago, and of course love the part where William and Kate exchange vows. I think you tend to love things about your loved one, so my bet is that Kate probably likes all of William's middle names. So, Louis was on my possibility list, but it wasn't the top. I thought she'd go for Alexander. Louis was my third option. I am surprised--not shocked, but surprised.

Interestingly, Louis was also the name of Lord Mountbatten, who was a close mentor to Prince Charles. He was murdered by the IRA on his yacht in 1979, a tragedy generally, but particularly devastating to Charles.  I am excited to hear what you all think of the name! 

No Name For Royal Baby Yet

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Usually, today would be the day the Cambridges reveal the name of their little one. However, today is also ANZAC Day, which seems to have bumped the announcement (understandably!). It wouldn't do to have the baby's name claiming the headlines. Harry and Meghan attended a dawn commemoration this morning, before the later service at Westminster Abbey. Prince William chose to join the couple, which was a nice last minute addition.

William Greeting Meghan Outside Westminster 

I first heard on Twitter that William had initiated a joke that the baby's name was Alexander, but it turns out, when actually watching the video, it is the gentleman who brings up the name Alexander. He said, "I have a good name, Alexander," to which William replied, "it's funny you say that..." 

We should know tomorrow if the baby's name is Alexander...or Jerry. ;) Meanwhile, Carole Middleton was spotted with Prince George in her car after picking up the new big brother from school today. It sounds like Carole is staying with the Cambridges at Kensington Palace to lend a trusted, helping hand to Kate in this transition. 

[Full Post] A St. George's Day Prince is Born!

Monday, April 23, 2018

It isn't everyday a new prince is born into the British Royal Family! And on St. George's Day, no less! Kate was admitted to the Lindo Wing today in the wee hours of the morning. According to the Palace and Emily Andrews, Kate arrived with Prince William by car "long before 6am." The Duchess delivered her third child, and second son, at 11:01 am. I am going to jump right in and say, I think Kate was induced, and I will delve into that just a little more later in the post. 

When George was born, we got the parade of grandparents, which was delightful. Charles and Camilla, and Carole and Michael, made public entrances at the Lindo Wing and waved to the gathered fans, the press, and the world. 

With the birth of the Cambridges' second child, though, the grandparents changed gears and drove to Kensington Palace in the afternoon to meet the little princess in more privacy. In their place, another special person took center stage on the Lindo Wing steps. I remember when Charlotte was born I was most excited to see Kate, but honestly seeing George almost stole the show. He was such a wide-eyed sweetie that morning, staring at the cameras that were furiously clicking, while he gave a perplexed wave from the safety of his daddy's arms. 

Today, we got both George and Charlotte, and as George stole the show in 2015, little Charlotte stole the show today. She really is a firecracker. I think it was the Queen who told someone on a walkabout recently that Charlotte rules the roost at home, and bosses George around. It seemed the Queen said that with some pride. ;) [See post with pictures and video of the kids arrival here]

Baby George is definitely not a baby anymore. It's crazy how fast he has grown. He was shy today, but still smiling. Apparently, George went to school today, but Charlotte stayed home (does she have this week off? She might), which is why he is in his uniform, but she is not. 

Today was a high-speed day. Kate delivered, William went and got the kids, and after they arrived Kate was out on the steps in less than an hour. This family was on a mission to get home! Kate delivered Charlotte at 8:34am after being admitted at 6am, and I believe she left the hospital later (if memory serves). This time, she delivered at 11:01am and left the hospital earlier (again, I think she left earlier). I agree with those who say she looked a little tired. Half the shots show a quasi blank face, before she rallies and gives the cameras a smile. She seemed tired, but genuinely seems pretty natural. 
Kate again chose a bespoke Jenny Packham. We kind of knew she'd go JP, and that is both because Jenny Packham is that Tier I headline label for Kate, but I also think that Kate has been very intentional in maintaining continuity for each of her children. For each child, Kate has chosen the same designer for her own dress and wrapped her newborn in the same style G.H. Hurt & Son blanket. George didn't get more hoopla in that respect than Charlotte, nor did those first two get something other this third. At the same time, Kate made each day unique by wearing a color that will instantly stick out and identify which Lindo Wing appearance it is. George will always be the blue polka dots, and Charlotte the sweet buttercups, and this little prince the St. George's Day red and white. It's nice how each appearance has been equal, but also unique.

Ok, so here is my theory. I am sure Kate is more comfortable in the privacy of her own palace, as is entirely understandable, and does not want to spend the night at the Lindo Wing. Plus, the inconvenience to the hospital with the security that accompanies such a world-famous mother and child must be considerable. But to get everything done (announcement, kids arrival, her appearance, etc.) takes time. You need to get started early. And she did. Kate arrived in the pre-dawn hours "long before 6am," according to royal reporters, and she delivered at 11:01am. I think she absolutely scheduled this.  When trusted royal correspondents claim they have a scoop, they generally have an actual scoop, not because they are telepathic or just incredibly lucky with their guessing game, but because they have an actual source. Emily Andrews said over a month ago that Baby Cambridge was due on April 23rd. And here he is, over a month later, arriving just on schedule, early enough to get George and Charlotte over for their appearance, and get Kate dressed (in St. George's Day red and white, no less) and on her way home before sunset.

I don't have any problem at all with Kate inducing, I am just explaining why, when I look everything over, I think that's what happened here. I don't know--maybe Kate has exceptional luck and Emily Andrews should chuck her reporting job to be a wonder woman on the stock market, but I think this was not entirely unplanned. Seeing her in St. George's red and white really sealed the deal. Kate does love those little tributes. I say well done to her. She certainly looked ready to deliver a month ago, so if she planned April 23rd as the drop-dead date, more power to her!

Kate looks absolutely fantastic in red. I loved this dress and she looked magnificent this afternoon. Every Lindo Wing presentation is special, filled with that natural fatigue and exuberant joy. I join several readers who have already expressed the comment...bring on a fourth! :) In the meantime, I hope all of you (checking your phones in the early hours for the Lindo Wing status) get a restful sleep tonight. 

William and Kate Appear on the Lindo Wing Steps

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge presented their little prince on the steps of the Lindo Wing just moments ago, and then transferred him to carseat and headed home to Kensington Palace.  Per usual, Kate wore Jenny Packham. 

I am going to review all the pictures and video and update this post in full in a few hours.

Prince William Brings Charlotte and George to the Lindo Wing

What a morning! As he did when Charlotte was born, the Duke Cambridge left the Lindo Wing this afternoon by the front door. Waving to photographers, he popped in a waiting Range Rover to zip back to KP to pick up George and Charlotte for a visit to their mother and new brother.

He returned shortly with the little ones. Not too much has changed since we saw these two last. George is still a little more reserved, and Charlotte is happy as a clam to interact with the press:

James Whatling captured this precious moment as Charlotte turned for a smile for the photographers. She is a natural. Apparently, the press was calling "Turn, turn!" and only Charlotte did so. I have to say, I am a huge fan of William, but it takes patience sometimes when he bungles obvious big moments like this one. Well, now the history books will have the spotlight on Charlotte for this moment. 

This is a classic case of women understanding what's necessary at the proper moment. ;) Charlotte's half turn and final wave absolutely made this arrival. 

I am not great at seeing these little details, but Christin Zi pointed out that once inside, Charlotte tries to take George's hand, and he puts his arm around her shoulder. I think Kate is intentionally raising her children to be very close to each other, which is so, so lovely. 

The Palace has announced Kate will leave the hospital today. Sunset is around 8pm London time, so we are looking at a departure in the next few hours. Update: Richard Palmer says the next 15 minutes to half hour! 

Watch Live: Duchess Kate Has Had a Baby Boy

Update: It's a boy!!

Good Morning and Happy St. George's Day! This has been predicted as Kate's due-date for over a month this morning, and it looks like everyone who trusted Emily Andrews' source is in luck. The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in London this morning in early hours of the morning, before dawn. You can watch the excitement live here:

The media has gathered at the Lindo Wing and royal reporters think we could get news quite soon that a new prince or princess has arrived! Although Kate seems like a woman who is very focused on natural methods, this Monday arrival on the predicted due-date does make me wonder if she chose to be induced?

Kate is Back in London & the Queen Wants Charles to Lead the Commonwealth

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Good morning, all! I thought I'd pop in briefly to send a signal of life from my end and update you on the obvious: no royal baby yet!  Cheers to those of you who went with a later date on Baby Bookie! The Duchess hasn't been slowing down in her private life. She was spotted in Hungerford last weekend shopping with her brother James for home decor items! The Daily Mail reports:
My spies spotted James dragging the heavily pregnant Kate – wearing a poncho to shield her from the rain outside – round a shopping complex called Barrs Yard, an ‘artisans collective’, in Hungerford.

He told an assistant at the tills that they were buying things for his new country home.
This week, Kate returned to Kensington Palace in London, signaling that her due-date is probably coming up. Emily Andrews reported some time ago that April 23rd is the date, and Emily often has the inside scoop! Speaking of which, if you haven't tuned in to her new podcast, you absolutely need to do that. It is titled "On Heir!" and is available here or on iTunes. It will make this Great Kate Wait go by faster, and you will be a well-informed royal watcher!

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth leaders are supposedly deciding today whether or not Prince Charles will, upon the Queen's death, succeed her as head of the Commonwealth. Contrary to popular assumption, there is no guarantee that he will get the nod. Richard Palmer pointed out that the Queen's remarks today are the first we have seen her straight-forwardly lobbying on Charles' behalf:

The fact she has spoken out might suggest she already has word her son will be selected. I am not sure if it is absolutely confirmed that we will know today, but keep your eyes peeled for news on this.  Remember to follow me on Instagram for timely updates and royal watching in this waiting period. 

Duchess Kate Snapped Unloading Range Rover at Windsor On Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

There were reports that the Cambridges spent Easter in Bucklebury, but photos that surfaced recently suggest the family came to Windsor for Easter Sunday. These photos were taken by a couple visiting the State Apartments at Windsor Castle on Easter Sunday, but they got to see more than just the antiques as a view out of one of the windows revealed a very famous family of four arriving.

Although I only see Kate and George in these four snaps, the man who shared them said all four of the Cambridges were unloading the car, and William and Charlotte were both there. 

I wonder if the family spent Holy Week with the Middletons and then the day/night at Windsor on Sunday before heading to Norfolk? 

TeaTimeWithTheCambridges spoke to the man who took the photos, and apparently, Charlotte is the child Kate is holding. William got out of the car first with Lupo and George, and George waited by the door while Kate got Charlotte out of the car. George does love to stick close to mom. :) [I think the child in her arms looks like George...] It is always fun to see sweet photos of Kate being a normal mom. 

This Tuesday has seen a spate of candids of the Cambridges. After their Windsor Easter, it seems the Cambridges decided to decamp to Anmer for more time in the country, and Kate was photographed by a fan at her local Waitrose shopping on Easter Monday. The DailyMail has a whole bunch of snaps, and you can see them here. I love the guys in the back watching her from a distance. Talk about a celebrity in the house. 

The parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing go up on the 10th and the media can set up on the 11th, so I agree with those speculating Baby Cambridge is due mid-month. Let the Great Kate Wait continue... 

Kate is Late for Easter at Windsor (William, too ;))

Sunday, April 1, 2018

It happens to the best of us. This morning, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were late to the Easter morning service at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, turning up by chauffeured driven Bentley after the other royals and the Queen had arrived.

When the couple was absent from the usual line of royals walking to the chapel, it seemed they were skipping the annual gathering, but Emily Andrews shared Richard Palmer's video from Windsor and pointed out that the couple may have just hit traffic on their drive over from Bucklebury, where they are spending Easter with the Middletons.

Before the couple arrived, the royals lined up to greet the Queen--who is supposed to arrive last. Emily pointed out in this video that the Queen hesitated and looked around, seemingly questioning where William and Kate were. Awkward. 

It was an Easter full of excitement for the Windsors, as Eugenie brought her fiancรฉ Jack with her to the family event:

And someone on Twitter (maybe Gert?) pointed out that Lady Louise is wearing heels for the first time. This is not a detail I would know on my own, but she certainly is looking grown up and sophisticated. My recollection is that, at this age, Easter is such a fun day, because you get to dress up in a hat, and a fancy ensemble, and feel super glamorous. I know that's not the point of Easter, but when I was 14 that was a big component. ;) 

I was particularly delighted to see Zara looking absolutely radiant as she is expecting a little one of her own, soon.

Kate chose to recycle the brown Catherine Walker she wore to St. Patrick's Day while pregnant with Princess Charlotte. I am honestly surprised this still fits Kate, but she looks fantastic in it. I love the choice of the Praline accessories. Kate is carrying her Loeffler-Randall clutch and wearing her Praline pumps by Gianvito Rossi. The Betty Boop hat is, of course, an old favorite, and Kate finished the look off with her faux pearl set from Balenciaga.

Last year, there was a shift in William and Kate's duties. They kicked into new gear and took another step in a continuum of increasing seniority. I think that included starting to attend Easter at Windsor, and I was not surprised to see them on hand this morning. I loved this ensemble on Kate. It fit her well and really flattered her--she looked so tiny! The accessories were the perfect color to lighten the look, too. Big success all around! 

Don't forget to place your bet on Baby Cambridge's birthday. April 10th looks pretty popular, and April 21st is way out in front. As I mention in the intro, the 18th is not the due date, it is just the random number I had to choose for the program.

A blessed and Happy Easter to you all and to your families.