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Kate is Back in London & the Queen Wants Charles to Lead the Commonwealth

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Good morning, all! I thought I'd pop in briefly to send a signal of life from my end and update you on the obvious: no royal baby yet!  Cheers to those of you who went with a later date on Baby Bookie! The Duchess hasn't been slowing down in her private life. She was spotted in Hungerford last weekend shopping with her brother James for home decor items! The Daily Mail reports:
My spies spotted James dragging the heavily pregnant Kate – wearing a poncho to shield her from the rain outside – round a shopping complex called Barrs Yard, an ‘artisans collective’, in Hungerford.

He told an assistant at the tills that they were buying things for his new country home.
This week, Kate returned to Kensington Palace in London, signaling that her due-date is probably coming up. Emily Andrews reported some time ago that April 23rd is the date, and Emily often has the inside scoop! Speaking of which, if you haven't tuned in to her new podcast, you absolutely need to do that. It is titled "On Heir!" and is available here or on iTunes. It will make this Great Kate Wait go by faster, and you will be a well-informed royal watcher!

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth leaders are supposedly deciding today whether or not Prince Charles will, upon the Queen's death, succeed her as head of the Commonwealth. Contrary to popular assumption, there is no guarantee that he will get the nod. Richard Palmer pointed out that the Queen's remarks today are the first we have seen her straight-forwardly lobbying on Charles' behalf:

The fact she has spoken out might suggest she already has word her son will be selected. I am not sure if it is absolutely confirmed that we will know today, but keep your eyes peeled for news on this.  Remember to follow me on Instagram for timely updates and royal watching in this waiting period. 


  1. The Prime Minister of Malta, who spoke before HM appeared to be saying the same thing and he has been President(or some such title) for the last three yeas, because the head of Government of the country which held the last meeting, gets to be in charge until the next meeting,
    At least members of the Royal family tend to be known everywhere. Looking at the pictures, I only recognized a few heads of government, which made me wonder if many of them knew each other.
    The meetings seem to have been going on all week, but then it was opened this morning--very odd.
    State dinner to night

  2. Good to hear from you :). I totally agree that Emily Andrews must have gotten the correct due date. Hopefully baby won't be several weeks late. Guess the media wants to be prepared just in case since they set up so early.

  3. Is there a reason you didn’t mention Harry and Meghan’s outing today? I know you like Meghan too and I hope you are not avoiding mentioning her name bc past commentators have been negative towards her. I’d love to know what you think of Meghan’s black Jackie O dress.

    1. I decided not to cover Harry and Meghan unless they are doing something with the Cambridges, although I probably will cover the wedding. It's just personal preference and respect for this space as a blog about Kate and not a blog about all royal ladies, or even a blog just about two royal ladies.
      I loved the Jackie O dress; it really wowed me! Meghan also has such delicate ankles, she can really pull off the strappy-shoe look. The entire ensemble was a massive success.

    2. Thanks for your reply Jane. That makes sense to cover them when they are with Will and Kate, as the blog might otherwise delve from its focus. I wish you could start a blog about Meghan too! But I know you are quite busy already :)
      - Anon 5:07

  4. I would be mightily surprised if Prince Charles doesn’t succeed as Head of Commonwealth... if you’re part of the commonwealth then you’re generally happy (as a nation) to support the next in royal succession for that position. I believe there are a few who think the role should go to an elected rep, but’s a ceremonial role so what would be the point? Despite the current Aus PM being a staunch republican, he has already made his vote to support Charles very clear. The 16 member nations with the queen as head of state (like Aus) will all support Charles... I’d be surprised if there were many dissenters. Always happy to be wrong though haha!

  5. It seems it is official: the Prince of Wales is going to succeed the Queen as head of the commonwealth.

  6. Thank you so much for this nice upadate.
    have a nice week-end

  7. Yes, that's my understanding, too, Anonymous.


  8. That's my understanding, too, Anonymous.

  9. Jane - have you heard the rumour that Pippa is pregnant?
    So many happy events!
    I don't think it has been confirmed though...

  10. And it's been announced that Pippa is expecting this fall! I suspected those swing coats and conveniently placed purses were serving a purpose. It would seem Pippa is lucky and does not have to contend with the severe HG Kate has. Two royal babies, two royal weddings, and another Middleton baby all happening this year!

  11. Jane, "we are" in the middle of labour!

  12. Catherine in hospital--suspect the child is already born.


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