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Coffee & Kate: The Cambridges are Vacationing on Mustique

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Good morning and happy Saturday! Hope you've had your coffee or are just starting to enjoy it as we sit down to chat about Kate. [I am drinking mocha flavored coffee, which is my current favorite!] The big news this week is, of course, that the Cambridges were spotted at Saint Lucia airport, which can only mean one thing--a vacation on Mustique! 

Since then, it has been confirmed that the Cambridges did travel to the private island on Monday, as rumored, and the family are enjoying their favorite island paradise, just in July instead of January. According to The Sun, one reason might be that Mustique celebrated fifty years as the private retreat of royalty and celebs. Apparently there was a star-studded bash that the Middletons and Cambridges attended. 

Other outlets have been reporting on this get-away, too. Katie Nicholl wrote in Vanity Fair that Kate has been dying for a vacation:
[O]ne source close to the duchess said that Kate has been desperate for a vacation
“Kate hasn’t had a proper holiday for a long time she was saying only recently she is desperate to go back to Mustique,” the source said. “It’s very likely they have gone with Kate’s family for a nice long break.”
It has been several years since Kate visited Mustique. The family was last there in 2015 when George was still essentially a toddler. 

In 2016 the Cambridges gave Mustique a miss, and instead slipped away to a snowy ski holiday at Courcheval in the French Alps. Later in that year, the family visited Biarritz and although there were no pictures, I believe they slipped away to spend some days in the Provence/Luberon region. 

I am trying to remember if they vacationed in 2017, but I don't think they did.  Kate jumped right back into royal engagements at the start of that year. William and Kate had a number of red letter events, like the London Marathon and Pippa's wedding, as well as quick trips to Europe, such as their visit to Paris and Kate's trip to Luxembourg, and larger tours, like their trip to Germany and Poland. It was a very, very busy year. Kate and William did both take ski holidays--Kate with Pippa and friends for the latter's pre-wedding party, and William with Guy Pelly et al. for a guys weekend since the private jet was chartered, so why not! And, of course, the family visited the Queen at Balmoral during the August recess, as they do every year. But, we didn't get any news of a beach holiday, so Kate is overdue. 

Of course, this getaway also comes as the royals begin to disappear for the annual August vacation. This often seems a point of confusion, but the royals annual disappearing act in August is both planned and welcomed by all. The Queen departed for Balmoral on Thursday and will likely remain there until early October. The others will retreat from the public eye, many to their country homes, and enjoy all of August before resuming regular programming in September. This annual break gives royal correspondents the opportunity to plan their own family holidays and get a bit of a summer vacation, so it is a great arrangement in my mind. 

When the Middletons and the Cambridges vacation in Mustique there are almost always pictures. So keep an eye out because if this isn't a completely false story, we should see grainy beach snaps, but certainly airport departures sometime next week. Fingers crossed--everyone knows I love the candid paparazzi shots. 

Finally, the 22nd is George's birthday, so check back in for a post on that tomorrow! 


  1. I hope they are there. The Mustique trip is a very nice family tradition that deserves to be perpetuated. In years to come, I hope Kate, Pippa and, hopefully, James continue to bring their children, and so on and so on. Also, selfishly hoping for some candid photos to come out of this trip.

  2. Wow... I absolutely love the photo of the island at the top of the screen. It's beautiful!! Makes me wish I could hop on a plane and travel to Mustique.

  3. They deserve some time off. It’s been a wild ride to say the least!

  4. Ahh to be rich or famous or both. I can only dream about this kind of place. Whether they "deserve" a holiday based on how "hard" they work... Don't most of us work hard, raising a family, working full time, trying to make ends meet? All without a staff of people helping us out.
    All I can say is that they are lucky. It's wonderful they have the resources but I really don't like hearing how "desperate" they are to go on holiday. Aren't we all?
    On the flip side, I hope we do get some paparazzi photos. I agree with Jane about this issue. When in public they should expect it. Anyone can take a photo of us at anytime...say grocery shopping or school runs, etc. But, nobody would bother...most of us aren't famous.

  5. I just can't believe they didn't vaca at all in 2017.😒 I really think they did, we are just unaware of it happening. With their history, that just doesn't pass the smell test.

    I'm a royal watcher since Diana. All of William's life, he has vacationed several times a year. So, no. I just don't believe that.

    1. They were in France in 2017, at the Pyrenees and they visited Biarritz too.

    2. Anglophile (in Ohio)July 24, 2018 at 8:20 PM

      I think Jane mentioned those trips in her post- they were in 2016.


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