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What Do Kate & the Cambridges Do During the Summer?

Friday, August 17, 2018

What do the Cambridges get up to during these lazy, hazy days of summer? As you know, the Cambridges did spend a fortnight in Mustique soaking up the sunshine. On their return, the family of five headed to their country house. Anmer Hall is nestled in the Norfolk countryside just by the Queen's Sandringham estate. William and Kate gave it a complete overhaul before moving in, and it is now the perfect royal retreat where they can indulge in quiet living and spend their days in privacy. They have a number of favorite pastimes. We know that Kate enjoys swimming, and takes George and Charlotte to the Buckingham Palace pool when the family is in London, but at Anmer they have a pool right in their backyard. 

An obvious requirement for Kate's dream country house is a tennis court, and Anmer has one of those, too. When they moved in, the original court was apparently dilapidated, though. So, in 2015 the Cambridges applied to their local planning board for permission to replace the old court with a new Astro-turf one. Kate told Judy Murray in 2017 that George was learning to play, but generally just whacked at the ball. The tennis super-mom gave Kate some tips on drills she could use to begin to hone George's skills. I am sure the Duchess is spending time getting both George and Charlotte handy with their rackets, but she also enjoys a competitive game with her husband William.  

The Cambridges venture beyond their own property line, of course, and Anmer Hall is not very far from the coast. Although the kids might have beach-fatigue after their fortnight in Mustique, it probably won't be long before they want to get back to the sand. George has been pictured in the past enjoying the chillier Norfolk beach with Carole Middleton. These pictures were taken on the morning of George's birthday (July!) in 2015. Carole was likely keeping him busy while Kate prepped a party at home. I am sure the Cambridges enjoy the beach as a family throughout the summer. 

Kate also loves to take her kids to farm-parks. When she heads to her parents' home in Bucklebury, Kate can take the little ones to the Bucklebury Farm Park. Happily, they have an option in Norfolk, too, where she has been pictured enjoying the play-sets at Snettisham Park. Bucklebury Farm Park banned guests from photographing other guests, and apparently Kate's PPOs are actually rather aggressive about cameras. 

I don't know if we haven't seen recent snaps of Kate at Snettisham because the Palace has successfully volleyed amateur photographers, or if with three children, it is easier for Kate to just stick to her own backyard and the private homes of her friends in the area. My suspicion is that she doesn't go to these local play parks as much anymore. That brings up the point that Kate and William have a very nice social set in Norfolk. The Meades are in the area, among others, and I am sure that the families gather at the various homes throughout the summer. Below Kate greets James Meade at polo just this summer:

Kate's 2016 appearance at the Houghton Horse Trials was with the Meades and was hosted on the estate of the Cholmondeleys, Houghton Hall.

The Cholmondeleys are friends, too, of course, and in 2016 they hosted the Taste of Norfolk fundraiser for EACH at their Houghton Hall home. 

So, the Cambridges have plenty of social outlets while in Norfolk, and opportunities to introduce their children to the children of their friends. I am sure these are very, very happy days for them.

Finally, in late August, the Cambridges will head from Norfolk north to Scotland to visit the Queen at her Scottish estate. The family visits Balmoral every year, although this year we might see them a little earlier than usual if they accommodate school schedules. Balmoral provides even more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and picnics by the river that are staples of their summer holidays. There are always pictures of William and Kate headed to church on Sunday, but when we are lucky we also get shots of them driving around the estate:

Come September, we should see the Cambridges return to London and enjoy the start of the red-carpet season. :) 


  1. Thanks Jane! I was wondering what they might do on their summer breaks! It's been such a long summer without our Kate! Did you ever find out about the mugs your ordered and if the artist is offering another reording date?

  2. Enjoyed reading this! :) Wouldn't mind spending the summer at a place like Anmer Hall myself 😂

  3. Fantastic! Loads of photos I'd never seen before too. Great work!

  4. Great post about the summer doings of the Cambridge family. I’d never seen the pictures of Carole and George. Looked cold to me. Am looking forward to Kate’s return and more lovely posts by you.

  5. Thanks, Jane. Enjoyed reading this. Love your slice of life posts.

  6. Ugh, September can't get here fast enough. I hope Kate comes back with a splash!!!

  7. Wishing I had a country retreat as wonderful as Anmer. Definitely ready for Kate to come back to work though!

  8. Excellent post, Jane! It's always interesting to see what our Catherine is up to on her time with her family-without being to intrusive of course. :)

  9. Jane did you see the Daily Mail story with Megan Sussex's brother speaking about their family per the Middletons? Not a very hopeful posture.

    1. I hadn't, but I just looked it up when I read your comment. These people are really extraordinary. The obvious answer, of course, is that the Middletons are a very tight-knit family, while Meghan is very clearly estranged from hers and has been for years. What a mess.

    2. People who come from estranged families deserve happiness too.

    3. I don't think anyone would argue that. But, this man wonders why the Markles haven't been welcomed in the way the Middletons were/are. The reason is that Kate is close to her family and Meghan is not.

    4. The difference is that the Middletons don't run to the press with family secrets.
      Cannot imagine what it must be like to speak to a family member and find what you have said on newspapers throughout the world.
      The problem would be even greater if The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex have children, the poor little mites will have no privacy.

  10. I'm hopeful that the Duchess of Sussex can outrun the comments from her estranged family. Certainly the Markle's change from being focused on themselves to turning the ire towards the Duchess of Cambridge's family is not a positive. It seems to indicate a more sophisticated outside influence advising them on where to point their comments next. Certainly the Middleton's have endured their share of unkind exposure. It's nice they have each other to turn their shoulders together to this too. The Royal family will certainly not speak out on any of this. It will be difficult for the Duke of Sussex's family that every milestone they celebrate will include another spate of input from her estranged family- births, baptisms, the birthdays of any possible children, their school days etc. This is a headache for sure and relevant insofar as they make the extended family of the Cambridges targets as well.

  11. Daily mail has photo of Catherine with the Queen on the way to church at Balmoral.
    Presume William was either walking or possibly baby sitting.

  12. More pictures show that William was sitting next to the driver.


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