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Kate Repeats Her Red Preen at Royal Foundation Dinner

Friday, November 16, 2018

Last night was the annual Royal Foundation dinner, and although we generally don't get pictures from this swanky event, the singer who performed as the guest of honor posted several snaps featuring our favorite royals! 

I am not familiar with Tom Walker, but he is apparently a Scottish singer/songwriter, and he was the headliner at the event last night:

Kate recycled her red Preen. This is the dress's third wear, I believe. She seems to like to wear it to private charity functions. The first wear was obviously very public--to an evening reception during her last tour in Canada. Note that last night she was carrying the same bespoke Casa clutch by Jenny Packham, that she carried in Canada:

Kate wore the Finella in black for a November 2016 Place2Be event:

Then in December of 2016, she recycled the red Finella at a private fundraising party:

Kate likes this dress, and I think we are all on the same page with her on that score. Her Preen dresses are very popular, and although she looks stunning in both the black and the red, I like the red better, because the beautiful folds of the bodice or more visible, and the color really pops with her complexion.  She looked drop-dead gorgeous last night. This is an easy win. 

Harry and Meghan were also at last night's dinner. The Duchess of Sussex was wearing a black evening dress--I expect there will be an ID on that shortly. 

Samantha Salazar has IDed the dress as a Roland Mouret!

I will update when I have an ID on Kate's new earrings and Meghan's dress!

[Full Post] William and Kate Mark Anti-Bullying Week at BBC

Thursday, November 15, 2018

William and Kate surprised fans this morning as they undertook a surprise engagement at Portland Place. It is Anti-Bullying Week, and the couple were at the BBC to highlight the fight against cyber bullying. 

You have doubtless seen reports about William's speech, but before his keynote, the couple met with parents and children who have been instrumental contributors to BBC's anti-bullying initiates, induing a new app that will launch next year and is meant to help children and cope with everything from bullying to mood swings. In this video, William and Kate are shown the app:

William gave a speech that is getting a lot of press. Hailed as his hardest hitting speech to-date, the Prince took social media giants to task for not addressing the negative consequences that have grown from these new forms of communication and information sharing.
I believe, as William and Kate do, that we have a cyber bullying problem. The United Kingdom has hate speech laws. In America, hate speech laws are unconstitutional and I would forcefully protest any kind of erosion of our cherished First Amendment rights.  The anti-majoritarian protections within our system are some of our greatest bulwarks in support of liberty. We have always had free speech, we haven't always had this problem, so I think we should look for the source rather than limiting a cornerstone of our Bill of Rights. As a result, I am very uncomfortable with the notion that the tech companies would decide and monitor speech or content on their platforms. Obviously, this is a huge legal and policy debate that we can't unpack here, but because it touches on an area I feel so strongly about, I had to at least throw my personal caveat out there. I agree with William's broader points and I think we share a common goal. Most of all, it was interesting to see William give an edgier speech--again, we are really seeing him begin to step into his role and he is clearly ready to follow in the footsteps of his father. You can read William's full speech here.

William's point about social media creating an echo chamber is very well taken. Most people now get a lot of their news from Twitter and Facebook, social media platforms that tailor your feed to your specific interests. While that seemed a fabulous thing when first introduced (and still has legitimate value in many respects), I do think it has resulted in less information. Less knowledge. I get a paper newspaper delivered to my place every morning. Just the other day I reflected that by getting the paper newspaper and reading through at least the first section, I am exposed to so many topics in the news that would never pop up on any of the social media platforms catering to my particle interests, and that is a really great thing! I read about and learn about and think about all sorts of important issues that would have never crossed my radar screen. So, my small piece of advice is, subscribe to a newspaper. Let's keep tangible print in business!

I think my final comment would simply be that I am skeptical of the app. I don't think that more tech will dig us out of the hole we have fallen into thanks to the rise of smartphones and lives lived on social media. I suspect that the answer is less technology for children whose minds are still being formed and who are still trying to figure out their emotions and the world around them. Less computer time more play outside, fewer apps and more escape into the magical world of books and literature. More real face time with people who love them, less time with algorithms and AI trying to navigate them through difficult moods. Obviously we have a mental health crisis that is continuing to grow, and I applaud the Cambridges for looking to tackle it. I hope they trend more toward Heads Together type projects where they encourage real world connections and meaningful conversations with people who care, rather than more tech for a problem created by tech.

To fashion! Kate recycled a favorite Emilia Wickstead that she debuted in New Zealand on Palm Sunday in 2014, and wore again at least once if not twice. She has the same dress in a light pink, which has also gotten two wears. The dress certainly adds a pop of color on an overcast day in London.

I really like this dress, even though I agree that the visible stitching (not the good kind of visible tailoring) is always a little jarring on what should be an immaculate dress. I have no idea why Emilia Wickstead designed it this way (I assume it was intentional??), but obviously Kate doesn't have a huge problem with it. For myself, I overlook it because I just love the design overall. 

Kate is wearing her Asprey leaf earrings, which we have seen before, and her Cartier watch (Susan at WKW is suggesting the watch might have a new band??). Finally, Kate finished this ensemble off with her black suede Gianvito Rossi pumps.

It looks like I will be relaunching the FBTB newsletter. Keep an eye out for that this week. :) 

[Thurs. Update] Drop Dead Divine: Duchess Kate Attends Prince Charles's Birthday Party

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I give you Kate the Great.  Mic drop.

Tonight, the Duchess of Cambridge was a guest at Prince Charles's black-tie 70th birthday party. She was photographed leaving Kensington Palace and heading to

William and Kate in South Yorkshire

It is always fun when William and Kate do joint a engagement. Today, the couple zipped up to South Yorkshire for events that highlighted British industry and one of their patronages. The couple's first stop was at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre. William and Kate joined the Crown Prince of Bahrain to officially open the £50million production facility.

McLaren Automative
This is a little video of the couple

Charles' 70th Birthday Portraits Feature the Whole Family

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Clarence House has released two new pictures to celebrate Prince Charles' 70th birthday (November 14th). As royal watchers have been hoping for some months now, he chose to release portraits of his family, rather than just a solo picture or of the Wales couple. An obvious, but no less great, choice. It's been a banner year for the Wales + Cambridge + Sussex family.

Emily Andrews reports that these photos were taken by Chris Jackson in the garden at Clarence House on September 5th. We have already seen one image from the photo-shoot. A picture of the Prince of Wales, Prince Louis, and Kate was included in a

[Full Post] The Royals at Whitehall's Cenotaph

Sunday, November 11, 2018

This was certainly a Remembrance Sunday for the history books. As everyone knows, today was the 100th anniversary of Armistice--the end of World War I. The Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen and Camilla on the balcony of the Foreign Office to watch the ceremony at the Cenotaph along Whitehall.

Placement on the balcony is according to rank, and because Philip was not able to make today's ceremony, and Charles was taking the Queen's place along Whitehall, Kate and Camilla were the next senior royals to join Her Majesty. I had a lovely chat with

Festival of Remembrance 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Tonight, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen, the Sussexes, and other members of the royal family to attend the annual Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall. Although a fixture in the Remembrance Sunday weekend, this year's event was particularly poignant, because tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. 

This was Meghan's first time at the Festival of Remembrance. She recycled a Stella McCartney coat she has worn before and carried a clutch by the same label. There is a poppy brooch on her left shoulder and she completed her ensemble

New Picture of Prince Louis with Kate & Grandfather Charles

Thursday, November 8, 2018

If Kate's glamorous appearance at the Tusk Conservation Awards were not enough, the Cambridges are releasing a sweet new photo of Prince Louis with his mother and grandfather! Charles is celebrating his 70th birthday this month and commemorative events and tv programs have been in full swing. This celebratory series is sure to be a huge success.  

Laura has already IDed Kate's dress as an Alessandra Rich piece.

I have to scoot. More when I get the Tusk post published, and maybe when we see the rest of the photos.

"Sneak Peek" Kate Wears Favorite JP at Tusk Conservation Awards

I think if I could pick one evening gown to see Kate recycle, this would be it. This stunning dress has been my favorite evening gown since Kate debuted it in her show-stopping first year or so as a royal. Yes, tonight at the Tusk Conservation Awards, Kate has recycled the turquoise Jenny Packham gown she first debuted at "Our Greatest Team Rises" Olympic gala evening in 2012. 

Kate is looking so super fabulous. Several of you have mentioned it, but taking that extra time this summer certainly has suited her. 

This is a picture the back of the back of her dress from the first wear. That was back when Kate almost never wore her hair up! :)

I will do a full post later tonight, but what a thrill to see this old favorite get a second run. I might squeeze in some Pilates before my event tonight. Good heavens, it's like 2012 again. ;) 

Duchess Kate's Stunning Visit to the Imperial War Museum

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Is it time to finally cover Kate's Wednesday (Oct. 31st) event at the Imperial War Museum? I know, it is. Let's jump in. This year we (as a world) are marking the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day, the end of World War I. World War I was one of the deadliest conflicts in human history, with some estimating a high death toll of over 16 million. In the run-up to the anniversary next Sunday (Nov. 11th), Kate made an unannounced visit to Imperial War Museum on Wednesday. 

The first few pictures that filtered in featured Kate outside viewing the poppy installation. I don't know if these were prevalent before the incredible Tower of London installation