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For Auld Lang Syne....

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I did not write a "Best of" 2018 post (although I did put one together on Instagram Stories). Some posts are easier to start than others, and this is one of the harder ones. In legal writing you are supposed to start with the conclusion and then work through the reasoning, so I will begin with the heart of the matter, which is that I am hanging up my blogging hat. I will no longer cover the royals here on From Berkshire to Buckingham

When I started this blog, I never imagined it would grow to this size, and certainly never anticipated the creative satisfaction I would get from writing FBTB, or the many wonderful people with whom I would be privileged to royal watch. I have been very proud to write this blog, and its success is due to all of you who have come to the blog, enjoyed the content, and kept coming back.

I can't think of a worse time to quit blogging about royals. The Cambridge children just get cuter by the day, Kate is about to expand her charitable endeavors, Meghan has injected a new dynamic into the BRF, a baby Sussex is on the way, and the transition of the old order to the new is providing a continuing, fascinating saga to watch and chat about--in short, the blog is booming and royal-watching is more fast-paced  and fascinating than ever. 

But, the blog is a significant investment in time, and I always wondered at what point I would no longer be able to devote that time to this space. I was in prayer toward the beginning of the month and I was struck with a thought that sat in my heart for a few days, and that thought ripened into the very clear realization that it is time to transition to a new chapter. I love this blog, but I want to spend more time reading, thinking, and writing about the law and policy. As bittersweet as it is to stop blogging here, I am excited for my new horizons, and I know that by depriving myself of this creative outlet, that energy will be redirected toward these other areas. 

I can't quite cut myself off entirely, so for the moment, I will try to continue on with my Instagram, account, and I do plan to update and continue to operate Kate's Clothes ( I am not foreclosing the possibility that I will circle back to royal blogging in the future, and if and when I decide to start the blog again, or launch a new royal initiative, I will be in touch here and on Instagram

I will miss this space tremendously, and miss all of you--those who comment and those who have silently, but faithfully, followed over the years. You all have enriched me by your participation and I am grateful for the fun we have enjoyed together, but also for the serious and thought-provoking discussions we have all engaged in via the comment section. I feel very blessed to have listened and thought about the perspectives on life, motherhood, culture, and much more, that so many contributed from so many varied backgrounds and positions. 

I will think of you all often, and pray God's blessings are on you always,

Jane Barr 

P.S. I can't write a final post without a YouTube video to accompany it, right? I think the theme song of this holiday sums up my mood pretty well. Also, if you need to know more about the origin of this song, this is an great video explanation. Ok. I think that's it from this end. I am signing off. Be well, all y'all. ;)