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Easter Sunday at Windsor 2019

Sunday, April 21, 2019

It was an interesting Easter morning at Windsor. At midnight London time last night, the Times's Sunday edition went live online, and it included not one, but two different articles about the significant tensions that are currently cleaving the senior British royals.  Roya Nikkhah's exclusive was the featured article on my Times app, and it discussed how the Palace has been attempting to formulate a plan to ease the tension between Harry and William. According to the reports, the Palace is now kicking around the idea of sending Harry and Meghan to live in Africa for a few years.  They are trying to find something for Harry and Meghan to do that will keep them happy, while also maintaining some order within the BRF. I intend to opine on these articles at a later date, but for the moment, both articles served to underscore just how uncomfortable the relationship between the Cambridges and the Sussexes has clearly become.

This morning, Kate was all smiles, but I think she was compensating a little for a subdued William and a distant Prince Harry, neither of whom spoke or interacted with one another in any of the public videos we saw. Harry didn't walk to church with the Cambridges, instead walking with his cousins Peter and Autumn Phillips. William and Kate walked at the front of a second cluster of the family, as you can see in this clip from Rebecca English:

Although this arrival might have just been happenstance (I doubt it, but for the sake of argument), Harry certainly chose to stand further down the line by the church door, leaving the Tindalls to stand between him and the Cambridges. You can see the shuffling in this video from Richard Palmer:
It wasn't a complete freeze-out, though. At one point, Harry leaned past the Tindalls and made a joke that sent Kate into gales of laughter. William cracked an awkward smile. I do think there is a limit to the usefulness of analyzing videos of people in situations like this. For example, Harry wasn't at Easter last year or the year before, so today was a bit of a debut for him, and he may have been uncertain where to stand. Nevertheless, it was obvious that he was avoiding William. William, Kate, and Harry generally clump together at these family events, partially because they are in order of hierarchy, but obviously mostly because of their close relationship. So, it is impossible to ignore today's different behavior. The royals always have a celebratory drink with the dean, after which we get the pictures and videos of them leaving. Again, Harry was quite separated from his brother and sister-in-law, as you can see in this second video from Rebecca English:

As I say, more about the African plans and the Kesnignton split on a later post, but let's chat about the fashion quickly before I head to decorate Easter cupcake! I loved this McQueen recycle. As most of you know, Kate first wore it for Easter Sunday in 2014, as she toured Australia and New Zealand with William and George. I wondered if Kate would wear a new hat with this coat, but she did a full recycle, pairing the McQueen coat and dress with the same beautiful Jane Taylor hat from the ensemble's debut.

The Duchess of Cambridge at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, April 20, 2014

Kate did wear her "family jewelry" today, choosing her Oak/Acorn earrings commissioned for her wedding, and a complementing oak leaf brooch that features little acorns. Finally, she paired it all with Emmy London clutch and heels. This coat really is perfection in my mind. The funnel neck is so elegant and refined, and the color is stunning on Kate. I haven't loved all of her recent recycles from the early days, but this was certainly a smash hit in my book.

A Happy Easter to you all!