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Kate & Papa Middleton at the Royal Wedding

Monday, April 29, 2019

I loved every bit of the Royal Wedding. I loved the splendor of Westminster Abbey, the breathtaking bridal gown by Sarah Burton, the profusion of greenery and flowers that brought the church to life, and soaring, traditional music carefully selected to celebrate the best of Britain. One of my favorite parts of the day, though, had to have been watching Michael Middleton give his daughter away. There were so many moments where the camera caught him watching her, and I still think about what was going through his mind.

All the memories of her as a child and teenager, long before royalty changed their lives forever. The years she was dating William, and his daddy's heart was probably bracing for break-up and heart-break. Michael once said in an off-handed manner that Kate wouldn’t end up marrying William. And, of course, when Kate started dating the prince, the odds that the two would go the distance and she would actually become a princess, a duchess, and a queen, was unlikely.

Kate was dating not just a royal, but the son of Princess Diana, the most photographed woman of the 20th century. If Kate’s relationship worked out, she would one day step into Diana’s shoes as the Princess of Wales, and go beyond Diana, fulfilling the role William's mother knew she’d never reach—queen. It’s an extraordinary destiny to imagine for your little girl.

The moment they walked up that aisle must have been absolutely surreal.

I think most broadcasts of the wedding cut away when Micahel lifted her veil, which is too bad, because it was such a lovely and traditional moment. 

I also haven't seen a version of the wedding that captures this sweet moment when Michael reached out to tweak Kate's veil. Making sure his princess was picture perfect as she became everyone's princess. :) 

When William and Kate got married, one of the things that was so exciting was that we were at the happily ever after moment when the movie usually cuts...but for royal watchers, the fun was just beginning. It's been an exciting and joyful eight years, with countless wonderful royal moments, impressive successes in charitable efforts, and three beautiful children. Happy Anniversary, Wills and Kate. Many, many more.