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Kate & Meghan Will Attend Wimbledon Together + Kate's Visit in Suzannah

Friday, July 12, 2019

On Tuesday, July 2, Kensington Palace announced Kate would attend Wimbledon later that day. The Duchess was scheduled to sit in the Royal Box to watch Serena Williams play on centre court, but she arrived early and slipped into the stands at Court 14 to watch Christina McHale (US) and Harriet Dart (UK).  I think when Kate comes to Wimbledon she likes to get in as much tennis as she can. It must be quite an experience to occasionally be back in the stands where she used to watch the play, after eight years watching from the Royal Box.

Kate debuted a new dress for her day out. This was a bespoke Suzannah from the latest collection. Kate has worn the label before, but I am surprisd she chose to go with a custom piece. I think of this as more of an off-the-rack label for Kate, but Pippa really loves Suzannah, so perhaps we are seeing some sister influence. Whatever the case may be, a custom piece for Wimbledon does underscore that Kate is putting real thought into her style choices and that she is looking to wear specifically styled clothes. I know some people think of the expense, but as I have noted over the years, clothes are part of her job description, and I am always pleased to see Kate developing her style and presenting creative ensembles at her various events. [Update: It's not bespoke! When she first appeared, the thought was it was customized, but apparently the consensus now is that it is indeed off-the-rack. So, I guess my initial thought was correct, this is till not a label Kate customizes. ;)]

I liked a lot about this dress, but it wasn’t my absolute favorite. I loved the crisp white for Wimbledon, and the use of lapels on a dress. I am personally not drawn to the double-breasted look in dresses, or at least here it didn't sell me. I’d generally prefer a wrap style with lapels, but the double-breasting was not so bold as to be overwhelming. The buttoned sleeves definitely weren’t a huge win for me, either. It’s just a little too frou-frou. But, fashion is fashion, and these are the types of embellishments that keep life interesting. Although the dress didn't tick all my favorite boxes, I did like it. The dress reminded me a lot of a Gal Meets Glam piece; it was very Julia Engal.

Kate finished the look with a McQueen belt (loved it!), a McQueen bag (also loved it, and very trendy), and her Catherine Zoraida Fern earrings, which have gotten a lot of wear recently. Finally, she was wearing her Gianvito Rossi Piper 85 heels.

A lot of you asked if Kate would appear at Wimbledon with Meghan, and as you probably heard this morning, she will! I think this was a damned if they did, damned if they didn't situation. I do not think that their first time at Wimbledon was a successful joint-engagement. Although there were certainly smiley photos, the overall vibe was one of awkwardness. Kate trying to be serene and warm, Meghan trying to look calm and comfortable. They each ended up looking stiff and awkward. I think they have very little in common, at best, and given the way in which they have been pitted against each other, they know every glance and interaction will be scrutinized. Hopefully after a year as in-laws, though, and weathering the various stories, they will have a more natural rapport with one another. We shall see.