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The Cambridges Stayed at Villa Antilles in Mustique

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Emily Andrews at the Sun is reporting that William, Kate, their children, and Michael and Carole Middleton returned to the United Kingdon yesterday after two weeks on the idyllic luxury island Mustique. 

The Middletons and the Cambridges have been vacationing on Mustique for years now. The Middletons used to go every year at the end of January to celebrate Carole's birthday, but in the past few years they seemed to have made the shift to July. Although January is generally when one craves an island escape more than in July, William and Kate in the past two or three years have jumped back into royal duties in January and February, which has precluded them from joining the family holiday. The Middletons still slip away in the early part of the year, but it looks like they have shifted their Mustique get-away to better accommodate the Cambridges. The families went to Mustique in July of last year, too.

Emily Andrews can now tell us that they rented a new villa this year, Antilles, which was apparently built by a friend of Prince William's who is a property developer. This video of the villa gives you a sense of the fabulous accommodation and stunning views the royal party enjoyed these past two weeks. 

No pictures of the royals have emerged. It is possible they just weren't photographed this year, or it could be there are photos that will take some time to surface. We will have to wait and see. Emily has more details about the Cambridges vacation and great still-shots of their villa here