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King's Cup Regatta

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge competed in the highly anticipated King's Cup Regatta off the coast of Cowes, Isle of Wight. The regatta benefited a fleet of the couple's Royal Foundation charities. William and Kate brought their whole family to the Isle of Wight, and Carole and Michael Middleton were with George and Charlotte on a boat that tracked the race and permitted them all to enjoy the action from the sea. Louis came to the Isle of Wight, too, but he didn't come to the regatta. He must have been with Nanny Maria. The Isle of Wight is famous for being, among others things, a holiday retreat for Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their family. Osborne House is now a museum, but certainly lots of royal history in the air.

Kate arrived at the regatta wearing a new striped top from Sandro Paris that featured a busy peplum at the sleeves and hem. She was wearing her Parker trousers from L.K. Bennett that have such a nautical style, and her trusty Supergas. She completed her look with her delicate Lauren leaf earrings from Kiki McDonough. 

I loved the pop of color, and Kate's long, beachy waves, and at first that was my only focus. I do agree with those who feel that the peplum is ultimately too much for an already busy print. Paired with the voluminous trousers, the look just didn't come together for me. I don't think it was a disaster, but it wasn't a huge win. Still, her fresh tan from Mustique made it hard to focus on anything other than how healthy and glowing she looked.

She changed into more sporty pieces for the race. Those are New Balance 611 cross-trainers, and she was wearing a branded jacket and hat. Her shorts look like they are J.Crew to me, but that is based purely on the way they photograph. I have several pairs of J.Crew shorts, and they photograph a little oddly--almost as if the hem is coming in. It gives the shorts a barely discernible balloon shape when you are standing "at attention." They are great shorts, but that part annoys me just a little, and I think I see it in Kate's shorts. The star of the show, and indeed the focus of the day, became Kate's incredible legs. We know she has near perfect pins, but today certainly accentuated how toned she is. I agree with one of you who remarked that Kate's appearance today was single-handedly getting you back to the gym. Same.

Kate's legs were the star of the show for me, but Charlotte did almost steal the limelight. You have probably seen this video below where Kate and Catherine Quinn are encouraging Charlotte to wave at someone, and she ultimately stuck her tongue out rather cheekily. Kate's reaction was hilarious as she realized what her daughter was up to, and cast a look and an embarrassed laugh toward the audience as she shooed her little princess along. For her part, Charlotte clearly knew she had been naughty, and the gleam in her eye tells me she is one of those four year olds who doesn't let life get dull or slow for her parents. ;)

Some people find this behavior more charming than others. The key is that this can be both bad behavior and cute at the same time--in fact, it is cute because it is bad behavior. I am sure that Kate will tell Charlotte later that she isn't to stick her tongue out at people, which Kate should do. As Charlotte's parent, she should teach her about polite manners and how to behave with decorum, etc. At the same time, Charlotte is four years old, and she still has some years in which she can work on her grown-up manners. I am surprised by how many people were worked up about this. She is a child, children do naughty things. This wasn't terribly egregious, and her youth and saucy attitude elicited understandable delight from her elders. As with all children, she will have to be told to moderate her behavior many, many, many times before she is all polished up and ready to be an adult.

I love events that put Kate on the water. She is always in her element in these sporty environments, and today was particular special because of the inclusion of the children and Kate's parents. A wonderful day all around!