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First Day of School: Shy Charlotte & Kate's New Cut

Sunday, September 8, 2019

You never know what will strike people on Kate's public engagements. At Charlotte's first day of school at Thomas's Battersea, the Duchess new "do" stole the show. I received a deluge of comments on the cut, color, and possible message of a change up in her style! So, we'll chat about that this morning, among other things.

As you all know, when George began school two years ago Kate was still sick with hyperemesis gravidarum. She was gutted to miss out on the milestone, and of course, fans were pretty disappointed, too. That made Charlotte's big day even more exciting. The Cambridge family--sans Louis--made quite a pretty picture arriving in the morning sunshine at Thomas's Battersea.

I was struck by how obviously shy Charlotte was feeling. Certainly she knew the day was about her and that she was starting a new school, etc. I am also sure that William and Kate would have discussed with her the media presence and attention. Hiding behind Kate and then twisting her ponytail at a furious speed are both signs of nervousness we haven't seen from the usually spunky Charlotte, but she still stared down the photographers as she entered the building. It was interesting to see her channel her nervous energy outward and into action, while George seems to choose the more introverted path.

Kate appears to have gotten a trim since we saw her last, although this honey-colored brown is a color she has had for a while now. She may have lightened it up just a tad, but she was pretty honey-brown at the King's Cup, it just wasn't as obvious because her hair was curlier and up in a pony. Straightening her hair, as she did for this morning, can also make the light color stand out more. It also gives hair the beautiful movement so many noted as she walked and the wind played with it. I definitely don't want Kate to slide into blond, but I don't mind when she lightens her color up on occasion. I think it worked beautiful with her still dark summer tan and she looked absolutely glowing. 

Some people wonder if this change signals another little Cambridge will soon be on the way. I believe this thinking stems from the general agreement that women change hairstyles around the time they make big changes in their personal lives, and more particularly because Kate made her first major hairstyle move in 2012 right before she announced she was pregnant with George (see below). Kate has switched up her hair a number of times since, and with increasing regularity, but in 2012 making a move from her signature style was very unexpected, so I think the memory stuck for royal-watchers.  For myself, I don't think Kate's cut is linked to an impending announcement, or if there is a forthcoming announcement, it is pure coincidence. Of course, I'd be thrilled to be wrong, and I do think that I have more hope/expectation for a fourth Cambridge than many. We shall see. 

Kate's dress, as you know, is Michael Kors. We first got a little peak at in in 2018 when Kate was pictured in a car on her way to Windsor Castle for Harry and Meghan's wedding reception. We never got a full length shot of her in the dress, and based just on the shot of her in the car, I wasn't enthusiastic about how I'd like it on her if I ever saw the "full picture." So, I was very surprised on Thursday to find that I absolutely loved it. The small print, which was one of the drawbacks for me, is so small that it almost blends, and the feminine sleeves with the slight balloon are one of my favorite current trends, and one that is also a favorite of many of Kate's favorite labels, like Beulah London and L.K. Bennett. 

Kate accessorized with her Asprey London oak leaf earrings and wore her blue suede Prada heels. The belt she is wearing has still not been IDed, it may be custom, as some have speculated. It was such fun to see Kate's first "first day of school" photo. Can you imagine the fun when Louis is up to bat and all five of them troop in? 

I am hoping to get a post up with thoughts on Meghan soon. I am traveling this coming week and will probably write it on the plane, so look for it Friday or over the weekend.