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Kate In Autumnal Hues for Natural History Museum Visit

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

If you remember my comments on Kate's ensemble for her visit to Evelina, you know that I don't love the type of cropped trousers loosely termed "culottes" these days. This morning when I peeked at the early videos of Kate arriving at the Natural History Museum, I wasn't thrilled to spy what appeared to be another pair of culottes, but once I saw more pictures and videos, I actually ended loving this ensemble.

So what's different? A few things. These trousers are so "wide-legged" they almost look like a skirt, and as a result they have a beautiful motion that the Zara trousers didn't. More importantly, they are just long enough to be truly cropped pants, rather than culottes. My primary complaint with the culotte style is the where the trousers end. If you look like a sailor in the Royal Navy circa 1840, I am not thrilled. Although it is very slight, today's Jigsaw trousers have just a little more length than the Zara's from Evelina. They look like genuine cropped trousers, even when she is in motion, and that has made all the difference for me. 

I also loved how Kate has color-coordinated the Warehouse scalloped sweater-top with her Chanel purse and everyone's favorite Tod's heels, and paired them with the olive color of the trousers. The gold of the Asprey Oak leaf earrings, matched the gold of the Chanel handle, and even the buckles of her shoes. This ensemble just looks very fresh and thought through. The top is feminine and interesting, and the accessories are certainly some of her best. It seemed like a fashion-statement moment, and I really liked that. When your pieces coordinate this well and your ensemble looks like you put it together with purpose, it gives the entire ensemble a real pizazz. 

So, I loved it! It helped that she looks absolutely radiant. I want to know what her current routine is, because she was just glowing. That being said, I hope she doesn't make this look a new staple. I think it is nice for a change of pace, but it still is not my preferred look. I'd love to see her try full-length trousers--which would make her legs look model long--and, of course, more beautiful dresses. But, for today, it was a super win.