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Kate Picks Christmas Trees with the Kiddies; Carole Decorates at Party Pieces; NATO Reception

Friday, December 6, 2019

I thought these were patterned pants when I saw the image previews.  They are not patterned pants.

On Wednesday, the Queen passed along one of her longtime charities to her grand-daughter-in-law and future Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge. HM had been patron of Family Action for 65 years, and had inherited the role form Queen Mary, so it is quite the premier-royal-woman charity. 

Kate does themed dressing to perfection, and she looked the part of a stylish elf in a gorgeous green emerald sweater from Really Wild and her Perfect Moment Mini Duvet coat we’ve seen a number of times. Kate completed the look with her Berghaus Supalite II boots and simple gold hoop earrings she has worn a number of times, but for which there is no ID as of yet.   

This was such a festive and fun ensemble for an afternoon crouching down with near-toddlers and man-handling Christmas trees!  I love that Kate doesn't shy away from the obvious Christmas colors--she just dressed up as a Christmas tree.  I don’t mind a pretty snug skinny jean, as you all know, but it might have been the lighter wash of the jeans coupled with the short cut of the sweater, but I did find the fit a little distracting. I think most of us tend toward darker washes for more formal outings, and lighter, more worn jeans for these dressed down affairs, but I think a darker wash, or a longer coat would have made this a little more of a win in my book.

The same day, Party Pieces (the Middleton family business) posted a picture of Carole decorating a tree at the Party Pieces office in Berkshire. I loved the timing (Kate out picking Christmas trees/Carole decorating one), and that Carole featured herself.  I think the Middletons should feel comfortable being a little more active in public. Kate has been a royal for almost a decade and her family has the right to maintain a public profile.  I hope Carole's earlier feature in the Telegraph and this post are signs of more to come. 

Finally, just the night before, Kate attended the reception the Queen hosted at Buckingham Palace for leaders of NATO nations. It is always fun to see Kate, but these BP receptions are often disappointmenting in terms of pictures. We only got a few snaps of Kate, and she is obscured by the crush of the crowd in all of them.

We did get a bit of peek, though, at her Alexander McQueen dress, which featured (from what can be seen) a high neckline, tailored waist, and buttoned sleeves—maybe sleeves with a bit of a bell? I have seen a view of the dress from farther away, and it appears to go at least mid-calf. So for me, a lot depends on the length and movement. We will have to wait for a good recycle to get a proper look.

This week was my mom's second round of chemo.  I came to town to be with her through it. It was a rough go, and she has been pretty miserable; it has been very hard to watch. She has an aggressive and very resistant cancer, and we won't know until mid-December if the chemo is working. We continue to pray to God, through the intercession of his Blessed Mother, that He will heal her--that the cancer will respond to the chemo.  I always think of the Wedding Feast at Cana, when Jesus was not ready to begin His ministry, but one word from His mother and He changed the water to wine.  We just need one word from her. :)  Thank you for praying with us and for us.  I really struggled the first few weeks, but I have felt your prayer lately.  Sometimes, when I am lying in bed at night worrying, I remember how many of you are praying, and it gives me courage.  Thank you.