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The Cambridges Kick Off 2020 in Yorkshire

Saturday, January 25, 2020

This morning I wanted to do a quick post about fashion to get us caught up on Kate. But, I ended up writing an op-ed about the Cambridges, so I broke out our fashion facts to share on a separate post here.  The Cambridges were in Yorkshire last Wednesday, and Kate was looking great.

She debuted a bespoke McQueen coat in a forest green.  Kate sure loves her forest green. :)  This ankle-skimming coat length seems to be making a real splash.  I am surprised, but I really love the length of this coat. It is a streamlined silhouette, and the length gives it a very elegant and stately appearance. My only quibble with this coat is that the fastenings at the neck are visible and the closure in the front didn't seem to stay flat in all the pictures.  That made it look just a little sloppy in a few shots. Emilia Wickstead, as we've discussed, sometimes has these types of tailoring issues, but it is very unusual to see it from Alexander McQueen.

Underneath the coat, Kate was wearing a houndstooth dress from ZARA.  She loves houndstooth and she loves pussy bows these days, but this dress just was not a win for me. I love pussy bows in certain scenarios, generally in the most classic context of a pencil skirt and white silk blouse with a bow. I am less enthused about them with a patterned dress.  I just don't love this.  If the bow were contrasting--all black or all white--that might help, but tip to toe  I might be tiring  of the pussybows on Kate generally. I don't know, but I know this dress is not a win.

Although the dress isn't really scoring for me, the coat, paired with her beautiful Aspinal bag and those Zeen earrings she debuted in the run-up to (and then during) the tour of Pakistan, is a big win!  She looked super gorgeous, and she and William exuded the best of royalty.  More on that in the op-ed here.

Finally, Mr. Security was on the job, which made my day. :)