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Exclusive 15% Off Catherine Zoraida Earrings for FBTB Readers

Friday, March 27, 2020

Catherine Zoraida's team reached out to me this week and asked if I thought you all would be interested in a little discount on one of Kate's pieces to brighten the weekend after all this coronavirus craziness.  Obviously I said "yes, please!" I was told to pick which piece to feature for the discount code.  All three of Kate's earrings from Catherine Zoraida are beautiful and much loved, and I didn't know which one you all would prefer.  But, I had to make a choice and make a choice I did. You might be able to guess which pair I picked to get the discount, but read to the end to find out and get the code!  Let's refresh our memories really quickly on all three of Kate's Catherine Zoraida earrings.  

Catherine Zoraida has been a steady staple in Kate's closet since almost the very start of her royal life. The Duchess only has four pieces from Zoraida, yet the brand is well-known and loved by royal fashion fans because Kate consistently wears her pieces to events both large and small, and has throughout her years in the spotlight. 

In 2012, Kate debuted Catherine Zoraida's Double-Leaf earrings on the royal visit to South East Asia.  She paired the earrings with the beautiful gold "Spread Your Wings" scale bracelet.  We haven't seen the bracelet since, but Kate continued to wear her Double-Leaf earrings on that trip, again at home in the U.K., and then featured them heavily while on tour Down Under in 2014.

In 2014, William and Kate (and Harry!) attended the Rugby World Cup in London. Eagle-eyed fans spotted that the Duchess was sporting new earrings.  They were quickly ID'd as Catherine Zoraida's Fern Hoop earrings. I fell in love with them, and they have been some of my favorite earrings in her collection since. 

Kate loves them, too, wearing them to a wide variety of events like evening fundraisers, sunny afternoons at sporting events, and private days at the polo field, as well as wearing them often to everyday public engagements. 

Finally, just last month, Kate debuted a new pair of golden leaf earrings while in Ireland to launch her 5 Big Questions survey.  They were Catherine Zoraida's brand new Fern Leaf earrings.  These are part of the same collection as Kate's Fern Hoop earrings.  She loves her leaf-themed jewelry, doesn't she?  I think these became instant fan favorites, too.  They are large and distinctive without being overwhelming and I suspect these will get a lot of wear with Kate. 

So, I love all three of these pairs of earrings, but you probably know that I chose the Fern Hoops to get the discount code. Given how much Kate is loving the fern theme right now, I thought one of those would be better than the Double-Leaf earrings, and between the Fern Hoops and the newly debuted Fern earrings I think the hoops are probably a little more versatile and more broadly appealing. They can be dressed up or down, as Kate has so beautifully demonstrated, and at the end of the day...I love them, so I hoped most of you would, too. 

The 15% off code is: FBTB15 and is valid on the Fern Hoops in gold or silver plate. The code is good through Monday, March 30th. 

This is an ad. I think the product is quite good, and I could spend some time persuading you my opinion is unbiased, but instead I will just point to Kate the Great's obvious endorsement. :)