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Hello, and welcome to From Berkshire to Buckingham!

My interest in the British Royal Family stemmed from my passion for medieval British history and my interest in Princess Diana. When William introduced his striking brunette girlfriend on the ski slopes of Klosters I was instantly intrigued by the possibility of a "Princess Diana" from my own generation.  

Kate was a remarkable example of poise and strength as she navigated the extremely stressful waters of royal dating, including several rocky patches, and most prominently and painful, the 2007 split.  The media was often almost vicious to a woman many called a calculating social climber, but was in fact simply the object of envy.

When Kate's real steel went on public display in 2007 after William broke up with her, I was transformed from an interested observer to a life-long admirer. 

I followed several blogs that generally discussed the royal family, but for the most part Kate fans had to rely on the tabloids for news and snaps.  When the media frenzy burst after the engagement and in the run-up to the wedding, (in conjunction with my favorite royal blog closing--bad timing!) I decided to start my own blog to share my enthusiasm for Kate, which I knew was shared by many.  I try to write the kind of blog I would have loved to have found when I was searching for news about Kate, and I hope you enjoy my space.

April 29th was a day of such joy as we finally got to see Kate get her happily ever after. Unlike the fairytales, and thankfully for all of us, the story was just beginning.  Ultimately, for me, the magic still has its roots in the incredible historical patrimony of which Kate is now a custodian. That she is young and stylish, a modern woman carrying forward a thousand years of powerful history, makes for an intoxicating combo.

I am so happy you have stopped by the blog, a constant work in progress, and look forward to having you back many times in the future as we watch this story continue to unfold!


Jane Barr

P.S. Feel free to get in touch with me, or on Twitter!!