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Kate's Workout

Kate is renowned for her trim figure, but she got to that figure with some hard work. When she broke up with William in 2007, Kate started training for a charity boat race and really kicked up her fitness routine. Her figure changed markedly, due to action.

Let's be honest, Kate obviously is starting with some good genes. She is naturally very athletic, she runs, plays tennis, skis, bicycles, and of course spends plenty of time in the water when on holiday.

To recreate Kate's workout in your own gym a key piece is a row machine and elliptical! Kate allegedly works out more than an hour a day, so there is plenty of time to mix the cardio and resistance.

Kate's sister Pippa is a dedicated fan of Pilates, and it has been rumored that Kate would head to the Pilates studio with her sister to stay fit while pregnant. 

To get Kate's workout, the best way is to mix in all the different components. Cardio several times a week via nice relaxing long runs, Pilates for definition and lengthening, and lastly an active lifestyle: the kind of activity that Kate likes that is more engaging than just inside a building at a gym such as a bike ride, or a competitive game of tennis.

Don't look at working out as a chore, see activity as a lifestyle, where you take care of your body and love using it!