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FAQ's with Jane 

Q: What got you so interested in Kate?
A: My passion for history led me to the British Royal Family, and from there to Kate and whether she would get her happily ever after. History got me started, but when Kate and William split in 2007, I saw a part of Kate's personality that resonated very much with me. Her quiet, controlled strength won me over from a broader royal watcher to a very dedicated fan. See my About page here.

Q: Kate does an awful lot of vacationing and not a lot of work. Don't you think she seems a little lazy?
A: I don't. I think she is doing her primary job quite well, maintaining a stable 3rd generation that will be healthy and strong when the time comes to take the throne. I have argued my position on her work ethic and her job in detail in two posts:

Does Kate Really Work...Enough?

Can Kate Put George Ahead of Job?

Q: Do you think paparazzi photos of Kate are ethical?
A: Absolutely. I love Kate, but when she is out in public, she is fair game. In return, you will never hear me complain about a single expensive getaway. Her money is hers to spend, both for recreation and as a means to find privacy from the long lens. An old post I wrote lays this theory out in more detail. Paparazzi Pictures: Harassment or a Right?

Q. What is the symbolism of the acorn that pops up across the blog?
A. The acorn features prominently in the Middleton coat of arms. The oak tree is prevalent in Berkshire, where the Middletons raised their three children, and three acorns on the Middleton family coat of arms represent Kate, Pippa, and James. On her wedding day, Kate wore earrings of oak leaves and drop diamond acorns, and every member of the family wore the acorn motif. Carole often sports an acorn necklace and Kate sometimes can be seen wearing her Asprey charms, featuring a golden acorn. The acorn is a tribute to Kate Middleton and to Kate’s wonderful family.

Q: What are the rules on commenting?
A: I welcome all comments and enjoy hearing from all my readers. I consider this very much a community and am happy to get lots of input. That being said, I ask that your comments refrain from personal attacks against any member of the royal family or the Middleton family, as well as your fellow readers. Constructive criticism or valid arguments that might include some negative aspects are allowed, but no random, "I hate Camilla" posts, you know? Let's let the past stay in the past...  Please be polite, even when disagreeing. I do monitor all comments and really let almost everything go live, so jump in and express yourself!

NB: Comments on whether Kate works enough are discouraged because the issue has been dealt with already. While you may submit a comment on this topic, it will be approved on a case by case basis and may not go live. The blog is not meant to become a forum for what is a volatile topic, or to be hijacked by individuals who are far from fans of the Duchess. If you think your comment was respectful and had a broader point, but it was not approved, please email

Q. How can I get my product featured on Dress Like the Duchess?
A. I am always excited to discover fun items that would be of interest to From Berkshire to Buckingham readers, but of course, I cannot promise that I will feature your item on the blog. Send me an email and we can chat about it.

Sponsored Content: Some posts on the blog are sponsored in one way or another. When a brand reaches out to me, I only work with those that present acceptable quality and a germane topic. I only present those products that I want to write about, and I think you will want to read. All opinions are always authentically mine, and I stand behind them. I hope you enjoy learning and/or shopping with me!

If you are a brand, please inquire for a Media Kit.

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