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Need to Relive the Royal Wedding?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

If you loved Kate's wedding and want to watch all those wonderful moments again you are in luck.  Ella Kay is having a drawing to give away the BBC's DVD of the wedding.  Head over to Royalty with Ella Kay to read rules and get in the drawing! 
DVD Giveaway at Ella Kay's Blog

The Increasing Issue of Kate's Decreasing Weight

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kate in Reiss meeting Michelle Obama. Daily Mail Photo

Freshly back from their honeymoon in the Seychelles', The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge granted President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, a brief meeting at Buckingham Palace.  As usual, Kate was stunning in a tan/nude colored dress from Reiss.  The dress sold out immediately and crashed the company's site as Kate fashion enthusiasts rushed to snatch the dress up. (I was not among the eager buyers, but I wish I had been!)  Although Kate's lovely and simple ensemble was hailed far and wide, the perpetual complaint was raised yet again.  The media immediately took up the question of her weight...

Kate is undoubtedly thin, but the pictures that people often refer to when arguing this striking transformation, are sometimes almost ten years old!  In the early college photos of Kate she hadn't fully lost her "baby weight" it seemed.  College is not always the best environment to stay slim and slender, even for the best of us, and it is so common for women to drop weight once they leave college and hit the working environment.  If Kate is eating healthy foods, and indulging her passion for staying active, this is a perfectly fine weight, AND one she has maintained for years in the public spotlight.  Kate dropped weight over her St. Andrew's years and again in the early post grad days, but most of all she dropped and hit her present physique back in 2007 when she joined the crew team that was training to cross the channel. This was a healthy body change!  It came about from good physical activity and it was reported at the time that Kate felt healthier and better after the many training sessions.  As a runner myself, I know how much healthier and better you feel when you are physically fit.

Meanwhile, Pippa has been out and about in London two days in a row.  Both yesterday and the day before she was spotted strolling the streets of the capital and both outfits were great spring inspirations. (see all photos at
On May 25th Pippa was wearing a multi-tiered/colored dress with a light sweater, white peep toed wedges, and finished off with what appears to be a slightly off-white handbag.
Pippa in London on May 25th. Photo from Celebuzz

The next day, on the 26th, she was again out shopping, but this time in skinny jeans, a fuchsia colored pink top and black blazer, and boot like shoes.
Pippa on May 26th. Photo from Celebuzz

Kate and William still on honeymoon...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Well the funniest news to report on today is that an Australian couple allegedly landed on Kate and William's private island thinking, I suppose, they had finally found some secluded space.  They weren't wrong in their instincts--it might be the most fiercely secluded section of beach in the Seychelles, but another happy couple already had claimed it. Apparently, private beaches are very sought after and the couple were escorted off by royal protection officers.

Harry, Kate, and Duchess of Cornwall at the Garter Ceremony 2008

The Daily Star reports that William has been kitesurfing while Kate stays on shore lounging with a book. They have been on honeymoon ten days or so and I don't think there will be any really substantial stories to get excited about until their return.   The Official Website of the British Monarchy has not been updated in the Court Circular to reflect the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but I think that Wills and Kate will be in London for the Trooping of the Colour in early June. Also, June 13th is the Order of the Garter ceremony at Windsor Castle and William is a Knight of the Garter so presumably they will attend this as well.  I am excited for this event since everyone remembers when Kate was a guest at the ceremony in 2008.  At the time it sparked more of the never-ending wedding speculation, especially because of how well she looked and how comfortable with her surroundings. (see above photo) Looking forward to her return as the Duchess of Cambridge.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I am on vacation right now, so there haven't been many updates, but since the Cambridges are still staying in the sun, it seems the perfect time for a  royal blogger to take a break.

Kate is Still a DIY Girl and Pippa Loves Pilates.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kate will be heading to Canada next month sans Pippa as a Lady-in-Waiting.  It was widely speculated before the wedding that not long after acting as Maid of Honor to her sister, Pippa would take up the role of Lady-in-Waiting to the new Princess.  The generic role of lady in waiting dates back many centuries throughout the great courts of Europe- generic because different styles accompany different levels of seniority within the lady-in-waiting "genus".  They were appointed help to the queen, but certainly not servants.  They performed many tasks and served as companions and confidantes.  The position was fairly sought after and like anything else in a court held specific hierarchy.

Today in the UK a lady-in-waiting helps senior female members of the royal family, those helping the Queen hold different titles.  Diana, when she became The Princess of Wales, asked her sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, to fill the role initially.  Because the Middletons are such a tight knit family, it was thought that Pippa would take this intimate role, but this is not to be the case. Not only will Pippa not be taking the role up, it is reported that no one will be assigned to the post for the time being.  Kate wants to keep her life as low key as possible right now.  I can fully see how Pippa wouldn't want to take the position. She needs to have a life of her own, even if you couldn't exactly say she is living in Kate's shadow these days!

Apparently, Pippa is a pilates fan. She posted a testimonial on the website of the studio she attends.  As a pilates fan myself this is just further proof to me that it is the finest form of exercise! Read the whole article and Pippa's comments here.

Getting very excited for Will and Kate's tour of Canada next month!

Pippa Middleton: Party Princess or Problem Child? Topless Pippa Photos Take the Web by Storm.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well the media storm last week for Pippa was the release of further compromising photos, but instead of purple bra, she wasn't wearing a top at all!  The photos, taken on a slight angle from behind, certainly showed enough to warrant censoring in most papers, and the proximity of then Prince William, made the shots even more titillating.  There really isn't any excuse for Pippa this time.  Taking your bikini top off in the middle of the ocean is risky and to do so with the surrounding company is just tacky.  Reportedly, the photos were taken by a friend and presumably sold for a significant sum.  Although the Middletons are justifiably angered at the betrayal, the best form of protection is to never put yourself in such an incredibly compromising situation! You can judge for yourself looking here, but I think this can't really be defended.

Pippa and friends in Madrid.  Photo from Daily Mail.

Meanwhile Pippa headed to Madrid, Spain for a holiday with a few girlfriends and George Percy. There seems to be a fair amount of dispute over whether or not he is her ex or just a good friend.  I was under the distinct impression they had been in a relationship, but ultimately it isn't that important. She looks happy, relaxed, and fabulous enjoying some post wedding fun in a sunny location.  Good to see Kate isn't having all the tan time!

I love Pippa, if nothing else because she is Kate's sister, but she looks fun and has the spicy version of Kate's style.  Her sister's rise to fame and fortune has effected the entire family and there are plenty of people who can point out to you the many benefits, but the drawback is the constant scrutiny Pippa now faces, even though Kate was the one who married the royal.  Pippa has always been in and out of the press, but she took the world by storm on April 29th and she will feature in a whole new way. As popular as Kate is and always will be, her lifestyle will be less tabloid type and more photo-call and official press release genre.  Pippa, the wild single girl, is prime fodder for us to see her partying, holidaying, and the endless speculation on her relationship status!  Hopefully she will continue to be the party princess, but not cross that line to problem child anymore.

Daily Mail Article on Pippa's Spain Trip

William Whisked his Beautiful Duchess off to the Seychelles for Honeymoon...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Most news sources are now reporting that the couple are holidaying on a private island in the Seychelles.  Maybe the royal favorite, Mustique, was too obvious a destination, but the couple's love of warm sandy beaches and bikini's is well documented and apparently the Seychelles won the honeymoon location. You can easily understand the alure.

The Seychelles is an island country comprised of some 115 islands northeast of Madagascar and Africa in the Indian Ocean.  It easily affords the privacy that the ducal couple crave and plenty of natural beauty on the side. 
The Seychelles.  Photo from 

Kate and William have a history with the Seychelles.  It is on an island in the Seychelles that they relaxed after their high profile and painful split in 2007, and allegedly when they made the "pact" that they would one day marry. If the pact story is true, then it is so very appropriate for them to return to the place they really committed deeply to each other those years ago.  Even if the pact story is just a story, it is undeniable that the two were closer than ever after their split and never wavered from that day forward.  That reunion was very special and signaled the start of a stronger bond that ended at the altar in Westminster Abbey two weeks ago.  Returning to the same location would hold so many emotional ties and have special continuity. 

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New Pictures of Bikini Clad Princess Kate and Pippa Middleton.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loyal Kate watchers will recognize this as the vacation from from several years ago when a few surfaced from her holiday with Wills on the Tapeka Point yacht.  Now, due I imagine to Pippa's rising popularity, more photos have been found featuring the younger sister.  The difference in the bikini choices alone is very telling of their personalities.  I love how the two are so alike, while still manifesting their subtle differences. Both are wearing white, but Pippa chose a flirty string style with a bow like tie on the top and a bottom with ties as well, while Kate opts for the more sporty and streamlined look with no frills. I love this sister duo more and more!

Pippa and Kate Vacation with Family and William.  Daily Mail Photo.

In the other pictures posted on the Mail's website, I do not get the impression that Kate is paying the slightest attention to William's belly flop since she is still staring intently into the distance as the bubbles rise from the sinking prince.  Haha, ah well William, just as well she was intent elsewhere given the seeming failure of the jump!  See the article and pictures at the Daily Mail here.

The candid picture of William with his arms around Kate is unusual, since the couple rarely embraced when cameras could be lurking.  Obviously, these are photos from a long lens and are an intimate look into the couples holiday.

Pippa Middleton's Unfortunate Photo

Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, Pippa craze is in full swing, but this time instead of excitement over what she is wearing it is all about what she is NOT wearing.  Photographs have surfaced of her looking a little worse for wear with an unnamed man in only a skirt and purple bra.  It is clear that there was plenty of alcohol involved-- if you can't tell from the two in the photo, then look to the glasses in the background.  Pippa has been described as the more vivacious Middleton sister and she is certainly more of the party princess than Kate.   I am not going to post the photo, since here we are all about what you are wearing, but let us just say if you want to find it, Google is a click away.  Everyone makes judgment errors, I guess Pippa is finding that now she is the hottest singleton on earth, errors in judgment will be made public. 

Daily Mail Reports on Pippa.  The British press is refraining from printing the photos of Pippa, which I think is thoughtful so close after the wedding. The article does include other photos from Pippa's partying university days.

Instead, let's have a flashback to a classier moment for Pippa leaving The Goring Hotel after the wedding.  She was wearing a smart Zara blazer, white skinny jeans, and flats.  I like the whole look, especially the blue against the white skinny jeans. Most of all, love the happy smile!  I hope some of this wedding high is carrying through on the picture embarrassment.  See the report from the Daily Mail here with this photo and more from last week.

Pippa Middleton leave The Goring from Daily Mail

Quick note on the many links to the Daily Mail.  The DM has a huge photo budget, so they are by far the best newspaper to see good snaps of our favorite royals.

Kate Update: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting California in July right after their tour of Canada!

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First pictures of Princess Kate in Anglesey after the Wedding

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge was snapped shopping at Waitrose in Anglesey.  Kate looked very comfortable and happy, and in one of the pictures published by the Daily Mail, both her feet are litterally off the ground as she pushes her shopping cart with a little smile on her face.

Princess Kate shops at Waitrose in Wales

The skinny jeans are a fairly new development for Kate.  In the past she has stuck primarily to boot cut silhouettes unless she is wearing boots.  I wonder if she has fazed the boots out all together and is just going with the skinny look. :-(  Hopefully, next fall we will see a resurgence of everyone's favorite Kate style staple.  All around this is a different look for The Princess. I guess her style has to change with her position.  This is a very similar look to the one the day before her wedding when she arrived in London in skinny jeans as well with a cowl neck long sweater.
Kate Middleton before her wedding. Photo from Daily Mail

I am not jumping on the bus that cries that Kate is too thin, but my gosh both these photos display how tiny she is.  In an earlier post there was speculation that Kate is a US size 6, but I am inclined to think she is in the US4/6 range.  The UK 8 comes out to around a US 4 or 6 sometimes, and Kate certainly looks small enough to be a US4 or 6.  Any rumors that she is smaller, however, would be ridiculous.  Kate is 5'9"-5'10" according to reports and any skinnier would leave her unhealthily thin, which I do not believe there is any evidence of.

Anyway, I love looking at that huge sapphire ring on her finger and seeing just barely the slimmer wedding band snuggled behind it.  Still majorly on the wedding high here!

See full Daily Mail report of Kate shopping here. 

The question of what Kate will be called in the media still lingers.  Many news outlets continue to refer to her as Kate Middleton, which although understandable, is a little odd.  Obviously, we are all used to calling her Kate Middleton, but it seems we should change to something along the lines of Princess Kate, Kate Cambridge, or Duchess Kate/Catherine.  She is FINALLY married, after all, and taking on the royal names is very exciting and meaningful.  

Also, a heads up that iTunes is now full of different video and audios related to the Royal Wedding for purchase, so if you too are in withdrawal, get over there and stock up!

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Cambridge!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kate Middleton is now HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.  I stayed up all night to watch the wedding here in the States and when Kate stepped out of the Goring Hotel and into the waiting car I gasped--along with a third of the world--as I got a glimpse of THE Dress.  From what we could see through the windows, the bodice looked like a twist off of Grace Kelly's iconic gown, but when she stepped out of the car at 11:00am London time we finally saw the whole dress in all its glory.  It was all Kate, traditional but sexy, stunning and regal, in short, absolutely perfect.
Still Kate Middleton for a little while longer...

Clarence House released details of the dress.  The fabric of the dress itself was of ivory and white satin gazar, which is a silk organza--light but durable and an ivory satin bodice with French Chantilly and English Cluny lace.  Clarence House stated that the skirt was made to "echo an opening flower."  Whatever the intent may have been, I thought it was very reminiscent of the look of a medieval era skirt, and as a British history enthusiast I was very struck by its beauty.   Read Clarence House's full statement on the dress design and fabrics here.

She wore a lovely tiara and the light and airy veil, delicately embroidered along the edges, gave just the needed finishing touch to the wedding dress that is suddenly the most sought after design in the world.  Most of all, the glowing bride who wore the dress set the ensemble off to the best advantage.  The new Duchess of Cambridge can really only be described as luminously beautiful on her wedding day. 

Pippa also made a splash in a dress that just barely walked the line between provocatively seductive and royal wedding appropriate, which is seems to be just her personality- and why we LOVE her. Again, the dress was striking, particularly the draped cowl neck, and the fit of the dress when in motion blew men around the world away.  The Middleton sisters were both in top togetherness form.  Pippa in no way outshown Kate, but she wasn't overshadowed either.  They both sparkled in their chosen attire and roles.

Pippa Middleton

Both Kate and Pippa changed into different dresses for the evening reception hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.  Kate stayed with Sarah Burton wearing an appropriately bridal floor length gown with a stunningly small waist and a bolero style jacket.  The Daily Mail had a story that Daniella Issa felt snubbed that Kate didn't wear a creation of hers for either the morning or evening, but I think that sounds a little unlikely.  It is was not surprising that Kate chose Alexander McQueen rather than Issa to make her dress, however much I would have been thrilled to see an Issa dress, and that she would stay with McQueen for the evening is not that shocking. 

When Clarence House announced the titles for Kate and William at 8am on the 29th some may have been disappointed that Kate is now a Duchess and not a Princess, but do not despair!  Just like Camilla is indeed the Princess of Wales, but goes by Duchess of Cornwall because of the close affinity the former name has to the late Princess of Wales, so Kate is in fact Princess William of Wales even though she will be styled Duchess of Cambridge.  Kate, as William's spouse may use the female version of all his titles.  I am interested to see what name settles with the press and people.  Princess Catherine? Princess Kate?  Duchess Kate? I love to think of her as a Princess and am excited to call her so, but I have to say that Duchess of Cambridge really hit it off with me and I am already very fond of it.  I guess we'll wait and see what ultimately wins the title war.